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15 Signs of a Promiscuous Woman (and Ways to Deal)

A promiscuous woman is not easy to find, but she sure is attractive and hard to resist. She knows her way with men. When you date one, you give her more than a second chance, even if you catch her cheating.Featured Image of Sign of a Promiscuous Woman

Faith, trust, belief, learning, unlearning, and relearning are vital elements of a relationship. However, when you bring a promiscuous woman into the picture, these words lose their essence.

In this blog post, I'll help you figure out the signs to tell if a woman is promiscuous and eventually discuss ways to deal with it. Happy reading!

Promiscuous woman meaning

A promiscuous woman, refers to someone who engages in casual sexual relationships or has multiple partners without commitment. This term is subjective and can carry negative connotations, as it is often used to imply immoral behavior or lack of discretion.


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What are the signs of a promiscuous woman?

You would feel that you don't deserve her; she is that irresistible. A promiscuous woman would get herself what she wanted. She won't blink an eye when she is looking at you. 

Though some are tricky, there are many ways that will help you tell if a woman is promiscuous. Keep reading to find out more.

#1 Analyze her friend circle 

Their friend circle can analyze a person’s moral behavior and character. Pay close attention to the people they keep in their lives. In this case, finding out whether the woman has a balanced number of friends or more male friends and scarcely any female friends will give you an idea.

It does not imply that a woman cannot have more male friends than female friends. Hence, when you find out who their male friends are, you must scan through them. The guy's profile will give you an idea of who they are, where they belong, and their relationship with her.

#2 She is never paying attention 

If the woman gets pissed off when she is not paid attention, it implies she is used to gaining attention. She might come across as needy if she seeks approval through a constant nod, a touching of arms, a sly smile, or simply a constant acceptance of her bearing.

However, you must test her memory to understand whether she is needy or promiscuous. A needy woman, while seeking attention,  would also give considerable weight to your words. She would remember all the little things about you. Moreover, she will observe you keenly. She would have a faint idea about your likes and dislikes. A promiscuous woman won’t.  

#3 She is flirtatious 

If the woman flirts aggressively, she is the one who starts it; if she does her hair before you, looks at you from the corner of her eyes, does things that indicate she is hitting on you, and possibly switches to your friend if you don't give her the attention she deserves, she is promiscuous. 

A promiscuous woman likes to secure attention. While she might not worry about what the world thinks or how society estimates her, she likes to have full control over the guy she has on her mind. She would often address you as “Hey there, naughty!” “Now, may I ask what a hot man like you is doing here alone?” “I like to serve drinks, whichever you might like.” Most of the time, guys won’t be able to help themselves but laugh, and if the guy turns out to be an aggressive flirt himself, there’s no coming back. They are sure to make out that night.

#4 She likes to begin the conversation 

Even if she is out with her partner and notices a reasonably attractive man in front of her, a promiscuous woman will not hesitate to strike up a conversation. More so, her partner might be familiar with and accustomed to this behavior. 

She might make you so uncomfortable that you have to throw off your garb and have a tongue-to-tongue battle. She likes hSheously. When you don’t do it, she won’t think t when you don't do twice before spitting fire on you. You will watch her roar. You will be enticed. 

#5 She is outgoing 

If the word that comes to mind when you think of her is outgoing and not something such as homely or affectionate, she might be promiscuous. This happens when the girl is ready to go out with you at any time but doesn’t like to stay home with you

If the girl can spend the night with you outdoors or in your room but won’t stay for a sleepover, she fears attachment. A person might fear attachment for various reasons. But her reason would be that she doesn’t want to get all mushy with you first thing in the morning as she might have trouble recalling your name. 

#6 She is not shy 

She does not shy away when you aggressively flirt with her or give her a drooping look. She will not blush or turn away; she will come towards you and hold you. She might take you to a corner and grab you. 

A promiscuous woman likes to break stereotypes. Her instincts dictate to her, but she is not emotional. She is cunning enough to get what she wants without frightening or overwhelming the other person. Her priority will be to make you comfortable and make you believe that things are taking place the way you want them.

#7 Her profession makes her meet new people 

If the girl in question is a scuba trainer, a masseur, a gym trainer, an air hostess, or a receptionist, her profession allows her to meet new people every day. Moreover, such a person has a cheerful personality, and guys of all tastes find it easy to gel with them. 

She would smile and cheer you up. She is an extrovert. She would know how to have a conversation. She would have access to certain private areas where she could enjoy privacy. She might not care much about your personal life if you have a charming disposition and know how to please. 

Having a consistent relationship with someone from the hospitality domain is always tricky. It requires an unshakable level of trust. It helps if both partners are from the same industry. It will make them more compatible. However, the likelihood of an introvert getting attracted to an extrovert and vice versa is much greater.

#8 She has a high s#xual drive 

A promiscuous woman will have a high drive. She will be demanding in bed, and it won’t be easy to please her. She will drive you to exhaustion. She would possess toys and would encourage you to use them. 

She might take her chances without protection. She would look at you closely to see what pleases you and work on it. She is a giver and taker. You will enjoy your pleasure with her in bed. 

However, there might be a lack of emotional intimacy. She might be close to you, asking how you feel and yet distant. Once she is satisfied, she might abandon you without prior notice. You might feel used by a promiscuous woman unless you like to play dates too.

#9 She is very defensive 

If ever you try to interrogate her, take an interest in her personal life, or ask her about her previous relationships, she will put you on her guard. It might be the biggest turn-off for her. 

A promiscuous woman gets very defensive when someone she wants to sleep with wants to dig into her personal space. She distinguishes between personal and professional pleasure. She might not sleep with co workers. She keeps the boundary clear. 

She won’t easily give you room for skepticism or an opportunity to ask her questions. All her answers will be diplomatic. She will not waste time taking action. You would not know how time would pass, and yet you would not be able to gain much knowledge about her.

#10 She is secretive about her device 

A promiscuous woman might not allow you to fidget with her handheld, tabs, or any of her devices, for that matter. She might save the names of the guys she dates or has dated in code words. She might give you a nickname too. 

Her device might be the gateway to her dating world. She might be hyperactive on dating apps, social media handles. She likes to keep her guy curious. 

#11 Your relationship isn’t official 

If you have made suggestions about going official, but the girl hesitates and never makes a post with another guy, she might have many reasons for it. But if the same girl flirts openly in the comment section of her posts or senses of humor comments from strangers and keeps her profiles open for easy access, she might be promiscuous. 

She craves the attention of not just one person but as many as she can secure. Hence, she won’t want to make your relationship official until you leave her choiceless. She is promiscuous if you make it clear that you will break up with her if she does not agree to let the world know that you are seeing each other and either try to manipulate you or lets you go easily.

#12 She cheated on you 

A promiscuous woman might be guilty of cheating on you at least once. You might have forgiven her, as she might have pulled the trigger on the blaming game every time you neglected her or overlooked your responsibilities towards her. 

She might have called it a one-time thing. However, if given a chance to do it again, the stakes are so high that she won't mind. Even if she loves you with all her heart, her nature might get the better of her. Moreover, whenever your trust is broken, it forms certain difficult knots to undo. Given the opportunity, you might as well feel like cheating on her just to be even. It would be a disturbing relationship. The motto "feel secure and at peace" would fade and become nonexistent. 

#13 She has suggested double dating and likes 

When a woman you are dating suggests you go on double dates, design a setting where you get to explore more women or design a setting that involves making out with another couple, she is undoubtedly being promiscuous. 

Depending on your level of comfortability, if you have done such a thing before, would your conscience trouble you when you are alone? Are you planning or wanting to settle down early in life? You must make your decision. While this can be a one-time thing, it can soon become permanent. Hence, think twice before making your call. 

#14 She is an advocate of open relationships 

A promiscuous woman won’t mind the idea of an open relationship. If you ever tell her a tale where you try to attack its principals, She will not only defend but also counterattack. She may question the current state of affairs and point a finger or two at the hypocritical society. A promiscuous woman might not mind admitting her nature when you confront her. You might get to see a feminist in her.

If she is against the marriage institution, she will use this opportunity to raise her voice against that too. Remember that when a woman begins to argue, there is only a slim chance that you will win against her, and even if you do, it will be your loss. 

#15 Look at the way she carries herself  

A promiscuous woman would like to dress in deep blouses, put on loud makeup, wear short dresses, and slip on stockings with high heels. She would be the absolute opposite of a tomboy. She would walk with her legs folded. 

She might spend many hours and dollars maintaining her figure. Besides gym and zumba, she might play sports too. She would be a regular clubber, and she might love to revel. She must have great networking skills, and every popular name in town might be familiar to her. 

She might even like to catfish. She is sure to leave a mark on whatever she does and whatever space she occupies.

How to deal with a promiscuous woman?

It is not easy to deal with a promiscuous woman if you are a woman's man. However, if you are too in love with her, there is a chance that she will change her ways. Keep reading to figure out what to do if you like or dislike a promiscuous woman.

If you like her 

When you like her, you will have to keep your faith. Even if you know she will crush it, you must have faith in love that one day she will be yours. It can seem far-fetched, but it is very much possible.

#1 Give her time to come around 

That can prove to be the best strategy. If you have struck a chord with her, she will find a way to pave her way back to you. You will have time to think about it. 

Try to analyze her likes and dislikes, and work on yourself to be the man she might want to give up every other man for. A promiscuous woman will seek many different qualities, but her main card will be her looks. 

Hit the gym and be that macho who can never give her enough. Learn to love relentlessly in your pursuit of her. Don't be too welcoming at once when she finds her way back to you. Throw some airs and let her work on lulling you.

#2 Be creative in your expressions 

Don’t be too mainstream when you want to pass the charm of the three magical words on to her. A promiscuous woman will distinguish between a grand expression and a thoughtful one. Try to offer her a subtle blend of both. 

Do something personal. Even if you want to make it grand, doing it privately will save her from embarrassment if she needs more time to think about it. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your efforts will only go in vain if the timing is right. 

Hence, before executing the plans, drop subtle hints to let her know beforehand what you are aiming for. If she encourages you, the chances are high that she will accept your proposal. However, she needs more time to think this over if she dissuades you.

#3 Don’t try to hold onto her strongly 

A promiscuous lady loves her freedom. She would not compromise or give it up easily. Hence, the more you try to hold onto her, the more she will try to free herself. Give her ample space to breathe. She'd do the same for you. Develop a sense of mutual understanding. It is optional to spell out everything. Take it one step at a time.

#4 Love her 

Love gives you power. You don’t need to be vulnerable when you love someone. You don’t need to expect reciprocation in return. You do, but the process of doing so makes you selfish and your love self-centric. Learn to love selflessly. 

Perhaps a promiscuous woman has never been loved so dearly that it would have outdone the other fragile emotions at play with love's subtle art. Infatuation is difficult to distinguish between love and lust. One is often mistaken for another. 

When you love someone, you give your best version of yourself to them. You safeguard them, treasure them, and love them endlessly. They would rather be with you.

#5 Be supportive 

Support your loved ones in the choices they make. Even if they make the wrong calls and stumble, you must hold their hands when needed. 

Being a person’s pillar of strength is not easy. Love is not easy. There are challenges. They might disobey you and break your trust. But you must know better. You must see through their delusion. When you love someone, be there at their weakest.

#6 Be her best friend

When you can’t secure their love, make them your friend. Friendship is a beautiful relationship. It keeps the hope for further development open. You get to spend time with the person and eventually know them inside out. Moreover, if they accept you as their friend, they like you as a person. Hence, if they choose not to stick by you in the future, you will be able to understand their reason.

If you don’t like her 

When you don't like her, try not to be friends with her—breaking all contact with her is the best option, as explained below.

#1 Don’t beat about the bush 

If you don't like someone, tell them right away. Being straightforward can come across as rude, but it is fine when you don’t want to be polite. You can give them the reason for your aloofness too. In this case, if you don’t trust them, tell them that you don’t find them trustworthy and that you cannot see a person whom you cannot trust.

#2 Don’t bitch about her 

Not liking someone does not give you the right to complain about the person. If you don't like her because you think she's promiscuous and her s#xuality is too much for you, be honest and humble about it. 

There are many kinds of people in the world, and we all coexist. Hence, when you don’t like someone, you must keep your dislike towards yourself and stay cooperative. This is the basis of socialization. You cannot thrive as a community when you are hostile toward another.

#3 Stay career oriented 

If a woman is acting as a source of distraction and you don’t even have a fondness for her, be more career-oriented. There is no reason to let someone mess with you. Just like she might want to be on your mind, you can stay preoccupied with something that promises success.

#4 Avoid her company 

When you don’t enjoy a person's company, there is no reason to tolerate them. Distance yourself from anyone who brings negativity or futility into your life. Make an effort not to sugarcoat things. When niceties come from both directions, they look good. You don’t have to make someone feel special for the sake of it. Be good to yourself, and everything will fall into place.

#5 Find a date 

If the woman is after you because she knows you are single, find yourself a date. Getting a date or going out with someone is a relatively easy task nowadays. All you need to do is socialize a bit. 

You can find a dating partner based on mutual liking on any dating app. When the promiscuous woman gets to know that you are seeing someone else, she will allow you space to breathe.

#6 Stop caring

Stop being affectionate toward someone you don't like. You don’t need to take everything to heart. The world’s responsibility does not lie on your shoulders. You are your person, as are others. All you are responsible for is your happiness, which should be primary. Everything else can be secondary here.

Can you trust a woman with a promiscuous past?

If you're dating someone with a promiscuous past, its important to consider the fact that trust should not be solely determined by one's past actions.

Trust is typically built through various factors such as honesty, dependability, and consistency, rather than solely relying on an individual's partner history.

Furthermore, it is crucial to recognize that a person's past behavior does not define their present character or ability to be trustworthy.

Therefore, it would be unjust to categorically judge or mistrust a woman solely based on her past promiscuity, as trust should be established through a comprehensive assessment of an individual's overall values and actions in the present.

Should you marry a promiscuous woman?

In the realm of relationships, it is often advised by some individuals to never marry a promiscuous woman.

This cautionary statement highlights the belief that a woman who has engaged in numerous encounters may possess certain nymph characteristics that could potentially impact a long-term commitment.

While this perspective is subjective and not universally applicable, it underscores the concern that a promiscuous woman may struggle with fidelity, possess a greater risk of contracting STIs, or have difficulty forming deep emotional connections.

It is important to note, however, that generalizations should not be made and each person's experiences and choices should be evaluated individually, enabling individuals to make informed decisions based on their own personal values and preferences when considering marriage.

Summing up 

A promiscuous woman is frequently observed mixing freely in public. She is not shy, and she enjoys attention. She is lusty and craves intimation. A short period with a promiscuous woman could be rewarding in many ways; however, a long-term relationship won’t be earned easily.

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