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What To Say When A Girl Asks How You Feel About Her?

When a girl asks how you feel about her, you can simply start with, "I feel for you differently than others." However, whatever you say, say it straight and decently. When a woman asks you about your feelings, she's probably interested in you. So, she deserves to know the truth.A couple sitting on the end of a mountain looking at each other

We all love to get at least a certain limit of attention from people, especially from the opposite sex. So, it's no wonder that almost all men like getting attention from girls.

But when it comes to direct encounters with women, many men often tend to get confused and mumble. That's simply not the case for women. They can handle men efficiently, speak up directly about whatever they want and need to say, and make things clear with a clean sweep, unless the girl has a crush on that guy

But men are sexually submissive to women as their very biological phenomenon. That's why when women ask about our feelings for them; we get confused about what to tell, what not to tell, and how to tell it.

I must mention that initially, women have fun in this confusing situation. But eventually, this very situation leads to the loss of moral dignity for men. That's why men need to handle this situation methodically and effectively. 

If you are going through the same situation and immediately want to get over the confusion, I'll help you find a solution through this detailed write-up.

In this blog, first, we will identify why you get confused in such a situation and then look into the suggestion on what you can actually say according to your situation when a girl asks how you feel about her. 


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What to say, when to say, and how to say it?

When some girl asks you how you feel about her, you need to deal with it quite diplomatically, strategically, but directly. There could be different types of responses to the same question depending on the situation and your relationship with the girl. 

Yeah, a girl may ask you about your feelings for her in many kinds of situations. She can ask you this romantically, flirtatiously, or even on a very serious note.

Besides, this girl can be your friend, girlfriend, colleague, family member, or even some random one. That's why only after evaluating the situation properly and analyzing your relationship with her you may respond to her in your way. 

The girl is your girlfriend

During some romantic moment, your girlfriend (especially new girlfriends) asks you this not to know whether your feel romantically for her or not.

If she's your girlfriend, it's obvious that you feel for her romantically, and she knows it too. Through the question "How do you feel about me," she wants a deep(and maybe cheesy) explanation of your romantic feelings.

In such situations, self-innovation is always the best option. But for your help, here're some basic templates. 

  • You're something to me. Something that makes me feel excited like nothing else. You're something I can hardly resist. I don't want to name anything cliche, but I want to cherish it, feel it with everything, and live with it.
  • I feel for you in such a way I've never felt for anybody else. You're like fresh air. You heal all pain, take away all my attention. I lurve you.

Now suppose you're in between a flirtatious moment with your girlfriend. Suddenly she comes closer to your ear and asks, "How do you feel about me, baby?" in this situation, you can go with some flirtatious responses.

  • You're alluring. Whenever you come such close to me, I feel aroused. I feel like I'm intoxicated. You're my addiction.

Now, if you had a fight with your girlfriend and she asks how you feel about her, your answer should be:

  • How am I supposed to feel about you! Yeah, we had a fight and some serious conflict, but that doesn't mean I'll start feeling for you differently than before! I feel about you in the same as I used to. 

If you're negative and want to break up with your girlfriend, the ultimate situation comes. In such situations, your response should be straightforward but never rude. You may put your truth as mentioned below.

  • Look; indeed, we had a great time together. But we have some major differences that won't let this relationship sustain for long. So, I feel that it'll be better if we stay apart. 

She's a random one

Maybe you've met a girl at some party, and during some conversation with her, some romantic or maybe serious moment has been created, and she asks how you feel about her.

You don't need to feel confused here. As she is a random person, you can speak your truth quite directly to her. Below I'm providing templates for two possible romantic situations. 

  • I've started feeling quite intensely for you. I've met you for such a short time, but still, I'm feeling this. Something is going on deep within us. 
  • I feel that you can be quite a good friend with whom I can have good conversations. 

But what if this random girl is trying to flirt with you, and you're interested in the same too? If some random woman asks how you feel about her out of a drunk flirtatious moment, you can say:

  • It seems you're quite interested in knowing my feelings for you. Let's play a game of guessing each other feelings and react accordingly. What do you say?

Not necessarily you have to feel interested in some random woman every time. So, what should be your approach if you're not interested? 

  • Look, we were indeed having a great conversation/You're really great (If you two were not having a conversation). But I'm not interested that way in you/ I already have a girlfriend. 

You two are professionally involved (Boss, colleague, or employee)

If a woman who's professionally involved with you asks about your feelings for her, you have to be quite diplomatic with your response, no matter how romantic the situation is.

Because your response has the potential to affect both you and her professionally in the future, so, if you're also romantically interested in her, you may say: 

  • I feel for you quite differently. You're not like others to me. I've no hesitation in saying that you're special. I feel very lucky that I work with you. So, tell me, how do you feel for me?

Light flirting in professional fields is considered healthy and very common. So, if you think that the question from the girl was a mere flirtatious encounter, you may respond with:

  • I won't tell you how I feel about you. What do you think? How do I feel about you? Or do you need to look deeper into me in order to understand that?

What if this girl isn't just flirting. She really wants to know how you feel about her, and she's pretty serious about it. Maybe you're also serious about it, but how could you deal with this situation?

  • I always wanted to express my feeling to you. But as we're professionally involved, I always used to hesitate. I really feel that we could do better together in life. Honestly, I want to take our relationship out of this boundary of professionalism. 

But if you aren't anyway interested in that girl, you may come put your point quite directly but diplomatically. 

  • I feel very nice working with you. You're so efficient with your job that sometimes I feel nobody could ever replace you in this field. 

She is a friend

The girl who has asked about your feelings for her can also be one of your female friends. It's pretty common that sometimes we start feeling romantically for our close friends subconsciously, if not consciously.

In such a situation, if you don't want to ruin your friendship, you must handle this very consciously as well as delicately. 

If you really feel for her and some sudden romantic situation appears between you two, and your friend asks about your feeling for her, you may say: 

  • Look, I don't know whether my gestures to you have revealed something or not. But I think it's time to tell you the truth. I strongly feel that the bond we share is something beyond just a friendship. If you feel the same, you can tell me. We're friends first. We deserve to know the truth about each other. 

Friends can flirt as well. In fact, mutual flirting is considered healthy for friendship. So, if you think that your friend is merely flirting with you, and you like it, you may tell her:

  • How am I supposed to feel about you? You're such a hot and gorgeous woman. I must say, I would have fallen for you if you weren't my so-called friend! Hah, whatever, my bad luck. 

A female friend can ask you about your feelings for her without any romantic or flirtatious intention. It can be just a simple, friendly question. In such scenarios, you can say:

  • You're such a good friend of mine that I could ever have. Sometimes I feel that I got much more than I deserve. I feel so lucky to have a friend like you. 

But if you're romantically or flirtatiously not interested in her, It would be better if you avoid the situation initially. But if you think that the situation may go out of your control, you may say something like this to her:

  • See, we indeed have a very good friendship. But I don't think something beyond that will be a good idea. I feel very connected with you as a friend, and I really don't want to ruin this bonding. 

Why you couldn't find an instant response?

Just going through those templates isn't enough to solve your issue. To make those templates fit your situation, you need to improvise them accordingly.

But confusion is the most common and one of the very first things that hit the mind when a girl directly asks a man about his feelings for her. 

Until you find the reason for this confusion, you won't understand how exactly you can respond to the situation. 

This confusion may appear because the man isn't sure about his feelings for the girl. But always, this isn't the case.

Men may get confused with close and direct encounters with women for many personal reasons. Due to this, we men couldn't find the perfect response to such calls.

So, if you want to understand how and what exactly you can say when a girl asks how you feel about her, you must decipher the one factor that created the initial confusion for you.

Here below, I'm going to talk about a few such potential factors that you may find similar. 

#1 You're not sure about her purpose

A girl can ask a man about his feelings for her due to many kinda reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are very clearly visible, sometimes, they're implied with the approach, but sometimes, women come with a little secrecy when they ask some guy about his feelings for them. During the last situation, men often can't understand why she asks so. 

This may be the case for you. Perhaps, you aren't sure about the girl's purpose in this situation. "Is she trying to be seriously romantic?" "Does she have a crush on me?" or "Is she trying just to flirt with me?"

When questions like these keep revolving around our minds, we're bound to get confused. Look, there can and should be different answers to the same question, just according to the situation why a girl is asking so. So, if you aren't sure about the purpose, you must put effort into knowing that first. 

#2 You're not sure about her feelings for you

Maybe, you like a girl for days. But as you're bad at expressing your feelings, you've always been unable to say ask her out. Or maybe, a girl often checks you out, but you really don't know how she actually feels about you.

In such a situation, the girl has decided to take the first step, and one day she comes to ask how you feel about her. 

This can likely be the desired situation for you, but if you don't know her feelings for you properly, you're supposed to get confused.

Men always want to stay positive and keep the ball in their courts in such circumstances. That's why confusion appears out of such uncertainty, and you prefer not to answer her question instantly. 

#3 You think she's playing you around

A girl comes and asks about your feelings for her. No matter how you're related to this woman, you think that she's playing you around.

Maybe, you know that she is already in a stable relationship, or perhaps the girl often tries to flirt with you lightly. 

In such cases, the situation becomes quite embarrassing rather than confusing. That's why you've decided to step out of this unnecessary embarrassment and chose not to answer or delay the answer to her question. 

Not answering your question isn't a solution to your situation. You don't just become politically wrong, but you also fall on the verge of losing your moral dignity. So, you should respond to this situation properly. To know exactly how you should respond, keep reading this blog. 

#4 Her actions are intended to confuse you

The girl whom you're talking about maybe is intentionally behaving to confuse you.

As I mentioned earlier, women initially get fun in dragging men within such emotional confusion. Perhaps, your girl also enjoys this kinda situation. 

That's why sometimes, she may behave like she likes you or she's crazy about you, and sometimes she behaves like you don't matter to her. If she comes and asks about your feelings for her, you're supposed to get confused in such a confusing situation. 

These cases must be handled delicately depending on your specific situation. 

#5 You have a crush on her

What can be the most desired romantic situation for any person?

It certainly is the crush asking about his/her feelings for them. Moreover, if such a situation happens with men, they get seriously mindfu*ked due to their in-born vulnerability to females.

Instead of responding to the situation, they get utterly confused about the proper way to say something or express their feelings. So, if you have a crush on this woman, don't be surprised to get confused. It's pretty common as well as natural.

#6 You aren't sure about your feelings

Suppose you talk with a girl, you two share a good bonding, and things are going smooth and fine. Suddenly one day, in between some conversations, the girl asks how you feel about her. Maybe you liked the girl subconsciously, but till then, you haven't thought about her in that way.

That's why when she asked you so, you were confused. At that moment, you didn't know how to deal with that question. The moment became awkward and delayed your response. 

This type of confusion appears when you are not sure about your feelings for her yourself. In such scenarios, you need to give yourself enough time to evaluate your feelings. 

#7 You got a bitter history with such incident

When people have a bitter experience with something in the past, they often hesitate to repeat the same thing again, irrespective of the present situational differences.

So, if you had already experienced such a situation where you were mocked, ditched, or maybe fooled around when you expressed your feelings for some girl, you might get afraid to express your feelings in the current situation as well.

This is a kind of trauma that keeps pulling us back. Now when a girl asks about your feelings for her, you keep thinking that the bitter history could be repeated with you. You don't find a proper response to her question out of this dilemma. 

#8 You're bad at expressing yourself

People who are introverted in nature, or to be specific bad at expressing themselves, often tend to get confused during such close personal encounters when some girl asks them about their feelings for her.

These kinda people may feel a lot inside their hearts but can hardly express anything. If you are such a person, I want to request you not to blame yourself for the inability to express your feelings.

I can totally feel the emotional state you're currently going through and hence have come up with some viable solution to your issue. Keep reading. 

#9 You don't want to hurt her

Maybe, the girl who has asked about your feelings for her is someone very close to you. She can be one of your close friends, colleagues, even your boss, or maybe some employees.

In such a situation, men generally choose not to hurt the person in any way. That's why they look for the most perfect and polite answer and hence delay their response.

If you're in such a situation, maybe you've failed to answer her question instantly because you don't want to hurt her, subconsciously if not consciously. 

#10 This is your first encounter with such a situation

Maybe you have never faced such a situation where a girl suddenly comes and asks about your feelings for her.

Don't worry, brother; it's pretty natural to get confused when you face such situations for the first time in life. You had no idea that the girl could come and ask you about your feelings.

That's why when the incident happened, you were surprised as well as confused. It actually doesn't matter whether you could respond to it properly or not for the first time. But now, as you've seen such a thing occur, you need to prepare yourself for the future. 

Basic norms to maintain

As of now, you know why you couldn't find an instant response when the girl asked about your feelings for her.

Hopefully, you've been able to identify your specific, and based on that reason, you need to improvise yourself.

You'll be ready to respond to such encounters properly after that. This improvisation depends on person to person, situation to situation.

But to fall on the verge of that self-improvisation, you need to maintain some basic norms. Below, I'm going to talk about a few such relevant norms you should apply in your life. 

  • Be confident. No matter what you say to the girl, be confident with your approach. Being confident doesn't only make your response stronger but also maintains your dignity.
  • Never be rude. Rudeness is considered one of the worst qualities of human beings. So, when a girl asks about your feelings for her, don't think of yourself as something very special. Keep your rudeness aside and speak your truth as politely as possible. 
  • Don't use this as an opportunity. When a girl asks about your feelings for her, and you know that she has an emotional weakness for you, never ever use this as an opportunity to use that woman in any way. 
  • Respect her feelings. If a girl comes, expresses her feelings for you, and asks about yours, learn to respect her feelings no matter if you feel romantically for her or not. 
  • Don't make your response confusing. Always tell the truth about your feelings directly to her. Don't ever come up with such an answer that she can not read. Tell her that if you're not sure about yourself and need some time to think about it. 
  • Never try to escape. This advice is for complicated situations. Escaping from the situation isn't gonna help you in any way. Rather it'll put a question mark on your self-dignity and make you lose respect. 

What to answer when a girl asks why do you like me

Responding to the question "Why do you like me?" requires sincerity and thoughtfulness. Here are some general guidelines and potential answers:

  1. Be Genuine: It's essential to be honest and speak from the heart. Avoid giving generic answers or saying what you think she wants to hear.
  2. Focus on Personality: Complimenting physical appearance is okay, but it's often more meaningful to highlight her character traits. For example:
    • "I admire your kindness and how you treat everyone with respect."
    • "You have this incredible energy that lights up any room."
    • "Your sense of humor always brightens my day."
  3. Shared Interests: Mentioning shared hobbies or interests can be a good touch:
    • "We have so many shared interests, and I love the conversations we have about them."
  4. Her Impact on You: Reflect on how she makes you feel or the positive changes she's brought into your life:
    • "You've made me see things from different perspectives, and I genuinely appreciate that."
    • "Being around you makes me want to be a better person."
  5. Avoid Over-romanticizing: While it's tempting to give a grand, poetic answer, it's essential to keep it real and relatable.

Remember, the key is to be authentic. Tailor your response to your genuine feelings and experiences with her. It's a personal question, and she's likely looking for a personal, heartfelt answer.

What to say when a girl asks what you would do to her s#xually

When faced with such an intimate question, it's essential to approach the response with sensitivity, respect, and consent in mind. You might say, I believe that any intimate connection should be built on mutual trust and understanding. If we ever decide to explore that side of our relationship, I'd want to ensure that we're both comfortable and that our actions are based on mutual respect and communication.

It's important to me that we both feel safe and valued, prioritizing each other's boundaries and desires. Before anything, open dialogue and understanding each other's comfort levels are paramount. Remember, always prioritize consent and ensure that any conversation or action is mutual and respectful.

Best reply when girl ask who are you

When a girl asks "Who are you?", the best reply would be to introduce yourself by mentioning your name, followed by a brief description of your background or something interesting about yourself. Be confident and friendly in your response to make a good impression.

What to say when a girl asks why you chose her?

When a girl asks 'Why did you choose me?', it signifies her curiosity about the reasons behind your decision. She seeks understanding and validation for the special connection between you both. It’s important to express your heartfelt reasons honestly and openly to strengthen the bond.

To sum it up…

In this blog, I have discussed your issue, its reasons, and its potential solutions in detail. Remember, whenever you face such situations, never turn into a rude person. Just follow the basic norms, improvise your character, try understanding the reasons, and then respond to your issue. Don't worry; eventually, everything will fall in line. Keep loving yourself and spread love.

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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