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Do Drunk Kisses Mean Anything (Yes a Whole Lot of Things)

Yes it means that the kisser likes the person they have kissed. This implies that the kisser has waited for a long before gathering the courage to be able to kiss. In this case, if you are the kisser, you have had a fondness for the person harbor within for a great deal of time.Featured Image of Do Drunk Kisses Mean Anything

A kiss always carries the meaning of the kisser. When the kiss is given in an intoxicated state, the kisser might be somewhat vulnerable. Such kisses are mostly ranked genuine. However, there are other factors attached to it. Such as how long have you known the person, what kind of bond you share, and the likes. 

Scroll down and read more to discover the intricate details that affect human behavior.

Meaning of drunk kisses unfold

Drunk kisses would primarily mean that the kisser has always found you attractive. It isn't at random that someone decides to kiss someone else. The mind says yes because the thought had found its seedling long back.

Keep reading below to find more!

#1 They are attracted to you 

You're ranking in the game of attraction. The kisser has a liking for you unless you take the first step. If you approach them, there's no denying that you like them. 

Either way, as long as you enjoyed it, no harm is done. 

Paying attention to significant details such as where the eyes were opened or closed while kissing and where the hands were placed shall tell you how comfortable you felt with one another.

#2 You are irresistible 

If you have been kissed, it suggests that you were looking irresistible. There was something about you that night that made the other person helpless. 

This doesn't necessarily get to do with physical beauty. It can also be your words, your perspective, or your success. 

For some people, posing along with you could mean the world. However, you must be careful about the kind of people you indulge. 

There will be many coming your way, doesn't mean that you must be nice to them all.

#3 They are a good kisser 

It is possible that the kisser wanted to flaunt their kissing techniques. One can be kissed in many ways. You could ascertain more by recalling the style in which you were kissed.

If the kiss was a mere touching of lips, it could be viewed as cute. It would suggest that while the kisser wanted to draw you closer, they decided to respect certain boundaries and to meet you when you are sober.

If it was French, it suggests that the kisser knew what they were doing. The kiss didn't spring from anything, and it was meant to be meaningful or to leave an impression.

If it was wilder and more than a kiss, it might be that you wanted to get wasted for the night. While there's no harm, it didn't necessarily come with a string. The possibility is you would want to forget about it as a one-time event.

#4 You have lovely lips 

There are many types of lips. If you have a unique pair that makes a great poker face, anybody in a room of people might want to kiss it.

This is ordinary human behavior. Humans are attracted to exotic things. It is sensual and erotic. It beautifully the face to a greater degree. 

This need not be aligned with one's personality or other intrinsic details. It springs from a passion for everything beauty. 

#5 It's a taboo (if it comes from someone committed) 

Taboos can make one do illicit things. One such thing could be kissing. If the other person knew how wrong it is to kiss because of the natural relationship between you and them, this could mean that they have weird fantasies. 

Their mind is not in the right place, and they lack morals. You must not indulge in such a lot. Even if, for the moment, it might have given you a heartwarming feeling, nothing is ever worth more than your dignity. 

There's a risk that such people would ghost you at their convenience.

#6 They want to make out with you 

The kiss was an initiation into foreplay. Perhaps, the intent was deeper. It begins with kisses but can end with much more. 

However, if it was only a drunk kiss and not anything else, the kisser wanted to make it recurrent rather than a one-time thing. This further suggests that they have strong emotions for you. 

You must wait to see how they behave the next day. If they are at their natural self, they might not even remember it. 

If they behave awkwardly, they are unsure how you feel about it. If they talk about it, they are into you even when they say that it was silly, it wasn't.

#7 They are desperate 

It is possible that the kiss was out of desperation for physical intimidation. People are lusty and like to get laid at the earliest opportunity. This might have been such a case. 

You would know it better by recalling your reaction. If you didn't like it or kissed back hesitantly, that might have saved the day. Ask yourself how you feel now? If the thought of kissing again repels you, it is better to let go of the entire episode as one bad dream.

#8 They are heartbroken 

Perhaps it was a stir of the moment for both of you. Either of you could be heartbroken or undergoing emotional turmoil. The kiss was a token of affirmation. 

At that moment, it meant life to you. But perhaps it was meant to last at the moment only. 

#9 They think you like them 

Perhaps you dropped some hints or signs that made them think you had desired them. If not, then the person is overconfident about their likeability and thinks of themselves as a celebrity who is wanted by all.

If you don't feel for them, don't let them fool you. But if you do like them, plan out a date.

#10 You teased them into kissing you

Perhaps either of you did something that made the other person kiss you. It could be pouting, winking, chewing the lower lip, making intense eye contact, bending deliberately before them, or fixing your hair each time you see them. These are green flags. If either of you did this, you have a likeability for each other. It could also mean that you share a great bond of friendship with one another.

What should you do if you like it? 

If you like how you have been kissed, you must prolong the feeling. Do everything that it takes to give your best. Don't let the moment escape into thin air.

Read below to find out ways to do it.

#1 Kiss them back 

An intense reciprocation can keep the moment heated and cause either of you to talk about feelings. Even if it ends with a burst of hearty laughter, it would indicate that both of you had a good time together. 

Match up with the pace when you are at it. Eventually, you might like to take control. However, don't be too rapid about it. You must not come across as needy.

#2 Go somewhere romantic 

If you want to keep it going, don't be stereotypical and try to break free to go home. Instead, make a wonderful suggestion that includes a rooftop or something romantic. Even if the offer is denied, it must be done so unwillingly. 

Once the trust is gained, in the next meeting, perhaps, you can make this chalked-out plan come true. It must be felt that you truly desire this. It's one of the most romantic strategies to make the other person feel you positively desire and dream about them.

#3 Talk to them 

Communicating your feelings could be a boon to an everlasting friendship. Even if not lovers, you might share solace. The other person might make you feel at home and shelter you in your time of need. 

You must not keep your tender emotions to yourself. Never hesitate to express your gratitude. 

#4 Invite them over 

Don't hesitate to invite them over if you're giving well. A short drive would make the prospect more exciting. Moreover, how they behave indoors would help you to ascertain their behavior

Even if you don't want to prolong the romance, you can sit and enjoy a cup of mocha together. Getting to know each other's tastes is a great start.

#5 Don't panic 

At any cost, creating havoc or getting panicked won't help you to contain the excitement. Take a deep breath when you feel anxious. 

Remember, you want the person to like you for what you represent. There's no need to give a false impression. If you want to win their heart, win them by displaying your virtues. 

#6 Give them a hug 

A hug is a nice way to start and end things when you have mixed feelings about something. It buys you time to figure things out.

You can know your heart and make advances in the next encounter. A hug also shows how comfortable you feel with one another. Our body likes to communicate and talk to another body. When you enwrap another being, you share a great deal of yourself.

What should you do if you don't like it? 

If you dislike how you have been kissed, communicate it. It can be possible that you have been looking forward to this moment, but their mouth has a foul smell which makes the entire exhilarating experience disgusting.

I've suggested many possible ways to manifest your feeling in words or gestures so that they don't attempt to take such a step again.

#1 Call up their acquaintance 

If the person is too drunk to go home and is doing weird things to embarrass you, pick up their phone and ring their home. Someone will either come or make arrangements to pick them up. 

The next day, in an off-handed tone, let them know that they should not drink if their body cannot take it. You don't have to try too hard to show your disgust or mask the reality. Make sure that they understand that you were embarrassed by their behavior.

They owe you for your generosity. Put it in plain words like: "You were a complete embarrassment last night. It is my strong suggestion that you must not drink anything too strong if your body isn't capable of taking it."

#2 Drop them home 

If you care about them and don't want to take advantage of the moment, it would be better to drop them home and see them again the next day when they are sober.

This will elevate you to a different level in their eyes. By doing this, you would retain the connection. If they invite you in, you must politely deny the invitation. 

#3 Let them be 

It was a once-in-a-blue-moon incident. You were drunk, and it happened. This does not need to mean anything. Not until the person you kissed tells you something.

If this is an episode you would like to be forgotten, so be it. Remember, you have various important issues to work on. You need not waste time pondering over a drunk kiss.

It is significant for you to realize that you attach meaning to everything that happens in your life. So if you feel something isn't worthy, don't define it that way. After all, it's all in mind.

#4 Talk to your friend 

If you need to go home, or if you cannot bring your mind to rest, you can talk to your friend. Sometimes talking clears the cloud and helps you understand your needs.

You might lie to yourself about something, but when you're explaining the same thing to a friend, you would utter the truth. It is then that you would know what your heart what. Listen to your heart's tune and follow it.

#5 Do something rude 

If the kiss was attempted on you forcefully, you have the right to be rude. You can make a disgusting face, slap, yell at the person, or give a warning.

Remember, this person doesn't need to be into you. It can be that the person is a pervert

#6 Text them the next day 

If you intend to confront them and question their behavior or explain yourself, don't do it that instant.

If they're drunk, they might not remember anything, and if you're drunk, your words might not be taken at face value. It is better to wait for the next day and send a text to state your thoughts.

#7 Gift them a mouth freshener 

If you didn't enjoy the kiss because their mouth has a foul smell, gift them a mouth freshener.

They'd understand your concern, and there is no reason to be embarrassed about it. Moreover, you can pick up a nice flavor to indicate a move on them. 

Summing up 

Drunken kisses can mean a great deal if the kiss has been done to the right person. It could mean nothing if you kissed a pervert. It could be romantic if you kissed your crush.

Suprity Acharyya


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