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My Husband Raises His Voice at Me (10 Effective Tips)

Your husband has anger issues that he is finding difficult to cope with. This might be due to the surge of pressure at the office. When he comes back home, he expects you to perform the wifey duties that society has led him to believe you should. When you don’t do it, he gets upset. Featured Image of My Husband Raises His Voice at Me

The early years of marriage are easy to deal with because you look forward to spending more time together and getting the best of it. However, over time, the excitement fades and you are mostly irritated. Since you are sharing the same roof, you begin to play the blame game. You become too cowardly to take the faults in your name. In the process, there is at least one partner who raises their voice to sabotage the voice of the other. 

If you are undergoing such a crisis, worry not. You have landed on the right page. I’ll help you understand the reasons and figure out the problem why your husband raises his voice at you and how to get better control of the same. 

Reasons why your husband raises his voice at you 

Your husband is restless at the moment when he screams at you. There might be something that might have been bothering him. It could be some alarming concern at work, some threats, underlying medical conditions, or his volatile nature that is gradually coming to the surface. 

To figure out which one would go best with your husband’s description, continue reading below. 

#1 He has anger management issues 

Your husband might have anger management issues due to which he is always screaming and snapping not just at you but at everyone. Such things happen due to various factors that might have accumulated together to make the situation worse. Among such factors are obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, negligence at work, the habit of procrastinating everything, taking too much work pressure on oneself, failing to meet targets constantly, making bad calls, and many more. 

Anger issues are accumulated issues. It never happens within a day nor can be cured within a night. It begins in childhood when the parents provide too much liberty to their children and makes them spoiled brats. Such parents are overprotective so much so that they keep their kids in a bubble and let no one disrupt their kid’s happiness. 

As a result, the daily reality strikes hard, and such kids find themselves helpless. They don’t know what to do and where to seek help. All they can do at that moment is scream in anger. They don’t break down easily because they have never broken down before. They are not familiar with pain, suffering, and tears. 

Moreover, they think themselves to be brave when they can shout and scream at others. They think that they are using their power or that they have the right to treat others like garbage. They fail to understand the difference between meritocracy and aristocracy. They often underestimate the true potential of people. 

Such men are hard to live with unless you are of the same clan and face the same difficulty. If not, you will have to be very patient to make this marriage work. Someday when your husband is not able to take it anymore, he will break, his heart will soften, he will weep, and that is when he will realize the soothing power of shedding tears and the importance of having a companion by his side. 

Until then, you can try enrolling him in anger management classes. While they will be fruitful, they might be temporary for the need to stay committed to it should come from within. He should not be dragged or forced to do it. The case worsens if the guy is an addict. 

You can bring him the stress reduction ball or push him to enroll in boxing. It will channel his anger and make him feel better about life. If your husband’s bad mood is persistent, click on the link to give the possible causes a read - Husband Always in a Bad Mood? - Everything You Need to Know. 

#2 You upset him 

If your husband is raising his voice to cross your points, it might be because he is upset at you. The anger might be issued due to something that you have said or done or perhaps because you forgot to do it. This happens in marriage when it reaches a crisis. You are not able to fulfill each other. You have not extended your family by adopting a pet or raising a kid lest it would have strengthened your bond and given you less reason to fight. 

When we begin dating or in the early year of marriage, we overlook the flaws and faults in clothes. Even if there are things and behavior that is not matching to our goals, we don’t complain but assume that it will get fixed in the long run as we stay together. We trust human abilities too much. 

Similarly, the things that your husband doesn’t like about you, a certain core sets of values or the people you represent, the friends you keep, the way you dress, the way you have reorganized or disorganized the shelves and the household or a forceful change in your husband’s diet or flirting openly with your husband’s colleagues and friends or being in friendly terms with your ex. 

You will have to figure out which one it is or help your husband to open up to you by showing him love in return for verbose. You will win his confidence and he will tell you what has been keeping him down and pulling him back. You need to understand that marriage is a delicate relationship and will need constant effort from both ends to make it work. Just because you are into marriage doesn’t assure its longevity. Divorce cases are on a rapid rise. 

If your husband has taken you for granted and thinks that you are responsible for everything that includes his welfare and his downfall, he couldn’t be more wrong. Familiarise him with the process of co-dependency. Perhaps make him talk to his friends who can give him a sound lesson as to how marriage works. Many times, merely loving someone will not help. You can love someone but not like them. You can love and like someone but fail to give them fair treatment. In such moments, you need to remember that even on days when you don’t love or like that person, you must respect them. It is unacceptable to hold condescending behavior toward your partner. You owe them respect. 

Click on the link to understand what causes midlife divorces and how to avoid them - Midlife Divorces Are Mostly the Result of These 13 Reasons (Tips).

#3 You have cheated on him 

If you have recently cheated on your husband and you think that he is ignorant of it, you couldn’t have been more wrong. When your husband has recently started raising his voice, he is not just raising his voice against the immediate situation but against your unfair treatment. 

You have broken the man’s trust who has decided to spend all his life with you. He might not confront you because there is no going back or undoing it after that. You will be left with no logical option but divorce and that is too big a jump that he might not be ready to make yet. 

The fact that who you cheated him with also plays a significant role. Whether it is a stranger, a mutual friend, your ex, your friend, your husband’s colleague, or your husband’s relative will dictate the consequences. If you were misconducted or misdirected or abused, you should have immediately reported it to the police and disclosed it to your husband thereafter. Such an issue can get as complicated as you want it to be and as simple as an unknotted straight like if you try to iron it. 

The skill is to learn the ironing bit. Adulteration in a relationship is not something new or unexpected. Deep inside we all fear that someday our partner will get out of love with us and do things that might break our hearts.

 But simultaneously how many years did you wait to do it and how do you counterbalance things between your partner and you are the real take here. While you can see it coming down, the roots are still attached. There is always a way to renew the relationship if you have the will to make something sumptuous out of it. 

#4 You are too nosy 

If you are too nosy If you do not allow your husband space to breathe when he is not at home, you keep calling him to get his whereabouts and nagging about his business, whenever he is at home, you keep checking his phone log, social media accounts, and his messages, he might find your company too overwhelming to bear. 

Nobody likes a nosy and nagging personality. We all give certain rights to our partners but that does not allow them to misuse the license in a way that you feel out of place or thrown away. If he has been enduring this behavior for a long while, if you never mind your business and you compare your husband with your friend’s husband and you keep demanding him to buy you rich gifts, he will be upset with you. 

The day he loses his temper and raises his voice at you might prove to be the beginning of something awful. If you don’t control and curb it, it will get worse. At the same time, how you control it is going to create a difference too. 

When you do it with love, he will be able to let go of all the animosity against not just you but everyone else and shall strive to become a better man. The change shall inspire him to become greater than others. He will eventually develop a love of humanity that shall teach him to let go of resentments and grudges and alleviate into someone better. 

#5 You have trust issues 

If you have trust issues due to which you are not being able to invest yourself completely in the relationship, your husband will sense it and might as well get irritated by it. If he is doing everything in his capacity to keep you satisfied yet you are as if chasing his flaws and running after him with handcuffs to arrest him the moment he makes a mistake or thinks about committing one, your husband’s love for you will change into anger, hatred, and disrespect. Mind you, gaining respect is very tough, and losing it is that easy. 

If you acknowledge your trust issues and you give the credit to your awful past experiences and you were dumped by your ex or if this is your second marriage and your first marriage ended disastrously, it might keep flashing back before your eyes and make you feel horrible about life. 

An easy and handy way to overcome this flaw in you is by focusing on all the good things that go into making your husband. These have to be the reason why you took him to be your life partner over everybody else. It cannot be a tale of mere chance and coincidence. Focus on these reasons and it will give you the strength to fight off your skepticism. 

Being skeptical is easy, putting trust in a person requires strength and goes about making the real deal. You want to make your life easy because life loves to put you in trouble. Besides, you are aware or perhaps not so conscious about the flaws that go into making you. When your husband to begins to focus only on your flaws, it will become suffocating and you will begin to hate yourself. 

The least you can do is to have each other’s back and be each other’s support system. Once you start doing that, you will be able to relish the beauty of a noble and mature relationship and the many blessings of marital bliss.

#6 You are full of neglect 

You not only do not help him but make the situation more difficult with your neglectful behavior. If your husband had a bad day at the office because you kept his file somewhere he couldn’t find or because your share of tasks was not done, his entire day will go rough and tough. 

To avoid such challenges, divide tasks equally. Make it a habit to complete your set of tasks at the earliest possibility. Stay focused and take notes if you happen to have a bad memory. Once you become steady at it, the efforts you put in to get the result will keep reducing and come to zero. Your tasks will be effortless and you will be able to move faster and stay happier. 

Your husband will appreciate your company as that is when you will begin to help him with the petty difficulties that are very annoying. 

Eventually, both of you will get nicely bounded and interdependent in such a way that you shall become climbers. You will learn to value each other more and it will enhance your experiences and affection toward each other.

Moreover, since your focus will be in bring the positive elements of enthusiasm despite the struggle in the relationship, you will be able to see an upward-moving graph when you trace the journey. The feeling will elate you and release happy hormones in your body.

Next time, whenever you face a challenge, you will know who your go-to person is and they will know how to help you out or to give you company if they don’t know the fix. It will become a marriage of true heart and soul in the purest sense of the term and you will turn into a goal for other married couples. They will constantly bug you to know the secret and you will tell them that the secret is to understand the importance and the beauty of the journey you are undertaking.

#7 He is displacing his anger at you 

Your husband might be unjustly using you for his anger replacement. Something bad might have happened at work and he could not justify his standpoint before his boss. His pent-up anger is flowing before you in sharp and high-pitched verbose.

You need to tell him you can’t approve of this and he needs to figure out alternatives for his anger outlet rather than bottling it up and misbehaving with you. What you can offer to him is to hear the actual problem out and help him to find a way around it or a fix to the error. 

Sometimes we are so full of ourselves that we fail to share the other person’s perspective or to understand the silly errors committed by us. 

The silly errors make the worst of the lot because a task might be completed and in the layman's sense of the term, it might be well accomplished but in the eyes of the management, it is punctuated with flaws and shortcomings and fails to hit the mark to be moved upward. They undergo the process of rectification and adjustments which can be a tiresome process, more so, if the task had to provide a report or a viewpoint on a certain case. 

That way, the manager finds himself helpless because he might not have all the information about what went down and in between the situation. Tracing the tip of the finger through the edges is time-consuming. Your husband might either be the manager her or the employee who submitted the messed up task. 

Either way, he is pissed off because he did not get the result that he had desired. He does not know what else to do but to shout and scream because in some situations no second option is provided, and there is no undo button. He perhaps finds himself stranded and low. You can ug him and ensure him that all is well. He tried and he gave his best and there is scope for improvement which should be dealt with positively for it shall open windows to beautiful views.

#8 He had a poor childhood 

Perhaps your husband was brought up in a household where his father ill-treated his mother. He is just following the example and needs immediate counseling. You need to understand that not all of us are brought up amidst domestic bliss. 

People undergo highs and lows early in their life. When a parent abuses another, they might as well abuse or ill-treat the child. While the child hates that behavior and promises himself to never succumb to such conduct, at the back of his mind, the pattern is operating.

Your husband might be fighting hard to curb such wrong and unjustified desires to shout and scream but the situation at hand might have taken the better of him. What you can do to help him in the given scenario is by providing an alternate tactic to handle the situation. 

In most cases, the woman in the household shouts back and becomes non-cooperative. In your case, you can handle this with politeness and love. Screaming back at him will bring you nothing. But when you hold his hand, draw him closer, look into his eyes, caress his face, kiss his head, and ask him to tell you what is it and where is it going wrong, he will shun his anger, hold you tight, hug you, break down into tears, tell you that he loves you, apologize for his conduct and thank you for being so patient. At that moment, you tell him that you are partners for life and you are in this together, even if that means fighting the world.

#9 He doesn’t trust you 

If your husband doesn’t trust you, he will raise his voice against anything you do that concerns him. It could be doing something for him like his laundry or fixing his meal, or arranging his shelves. The disparity occurs when he doesn’t trust your sense of style. He feels that whatever you do is base, off-handed, and unworthy. 

He underestimates your sense of handling things and hence when he opens his cupboard to find out something and he finds everything shuffled from their origin, even though it might be arranged in sequential order, rather than appreciating it, he will scream at you to make it clear that he does not like to be messed around with. Such challenges occur when the marriage has been forceful. It is looked down upon as a constant threat. 

The situation gets worse if your husband was in love with someone else and either she ditched him or his social situation or his parents forced him to break up with her. Hence, taking a year before marriage to understand and court each other is important. Anything done in haste might not prove to be substantial. 

Your husband judges you rashly and has preconceived notions about you. He perhaps doesn’t like your style or the way you carry yourself. It could also do with the walk you walk and talk to others. Remember, how in the Victorian age, the girls were groomed and taught table manners and how to be polite, how to address clothes gracefully, how to dress, and even how to seduce men? We haven’t come a long way yet. 

Men still are full of ego, they still have certain notions and expectations of their women. Most men still want their women to be eye candy so that the world knows what keeps them up at night and their colleagues get burned in jealousy. What they fail to understand is that such relationships do not bring true happiness. That a tinge of motherly care in the affection of a wife is the most sought-after quality. 

The epiphany struck them hard when they are at their lowest and undergoing a crisis. Everyone else abandons them but you stay. However, I won’t advise you to wait for that long to enjoy your fair share of marital bliss. 

Instead, work on your style and your makeup do-over so that your husband is in your control. When your husband likes what he sees, he will give you the advantage of doubt and will make more space for you in the relationship.

#10 He is not satisfied with you 

It is not a rare chance or anything out of the ordinary when you discover that your husband compares you with other wives and feels that he deserves someone better. Don’t judge him too harshly because humanity is full of folly. 

We like to blindly expect things from others without giving them enough to push them forward, if your husband is greedy not just in bed but in all the ways, soon enough, you will start suffocating too. 

Learn to practice ways to discount such unnecessary hazards where you are having problems because you expect much from each other. It is always best to embed your expectations low. The chances of getting disappointed and the scope of giving a person the right to harm you or to spoil your mood becomes lower. 

If you get the vibes that your husband is not happy with you, encourage him to open up with you. You can come up with a tactic so that your husband doesn’t feel himself to be a complaining roaster and fear that he might scare you off with his high expectations. 

You can do this by encouraging him to write two letters to you at the end of each week. One of these letters will be an appreciation post where he will give his input about things he loves about you. 

The other letter will address the things that you wished could have been done in some alternate way to make life easy for you. You can tell him to write about an instance or two when and how he is facing those problems. You will do the same in reciprocation. It will create a platform that you can name as the friend zone where you can exchange candid conversations without the fear of being judged or taken otherwise. 

It will also give both of you more capacity to be tolerant towards each other throughout the week. You can then discuss how you can mend the situation rather than letting the situation get the better of you. It will safeguard your relationship from the world.

#11 He is sick 

Anger might be a symptom of diseases. Even if your husband is fit and observes all modes of hygiene, it is better to get a full body checkup done every once in a while. 

You don't want to take any risk. Raising a voice against you is an unnatural thing that your husband won't do if he could help it. Were he given the option to redo the moment, he would have done it. 

You cannot take him for a full body checkup out of the blue or immediately after his burst of anger on you. There is a need to differentiate the ground in such a way that he does not persist in staying mad at you. 

You can make a call by giving examples of other people who do a timely diagnosis of diseases. You can talk about regarding someone who didn't see it coming until it was too late. 

Whatever you do, play it naturally. Don't deliberate it upon him. Take it slow so that he is not under pressure. If something comes up in the report, don't panic. There is always a way to overcome situations and curb diseases when you get at it in time. Moreover, it will strengthen your bond when you stand against the storm together

#12 He is stressful 

Your husband might be stressed and is not able to shoulder the domestic disturbance at the moment. If you try to involve him in issues like your quarrel with your mother-in-law or something trivial, he might not be up for it. 

Your husband might have gambled his money on something which turned out to be an utter failure or might have been bullied at work, he might be receiving threatening calls, or he might be mentally disturbed. 

If his behavior is erratic and out of your comprehension, he might be having nightmares or not getting enough sleep. If you are a loud sleeper then he might be blaming his sleeplessness on you. 

You can check his phone to get a clue about what is going wrong in your husband's life. The phone is a device that would grant you clues. You can also ask it directly to your husband. 

He might be looking for a listener but since you are always so taken up with your side of disasters, he tries not to bother you much. 

Remember that marriage is a long-term relationship. You need to figure things out not only because you cannot quit but because you have promised to stay. Sometimes even giving compliments helps a great deal in making one's day. 

You might think that your husband is not looking for validation but when you tell him that he is looking handsome in that blue shirt, it will make his cheek go rosy and keep him happy even if things go wrong in the office. 

Moreover, when a person has a happy bearing and knows that all things that matter to him are in good disposition, he will be able to gather the strength and courage to battle the wars with more magnitude and courage rather than getting baffled and shaken up by them. 

#13 He needs a break 

Perhaps all that your husband needs is a break from all the responsibilities. As we grow up, society stacks us with various responsibilities. 

The identity we play in our life though appears to be individualistic at face value, bears multiple roles in multiple ways which we have to keep playing to prove our worth. 

It is only human to seek a break from time to time. There are various ways in which you can unload your husband from his responsibilities and give him a break. 

While you can book him a two-day outing with his friend or gift him a spa coupon, the other ways are by doing his share of work or outsourcing it in the household, keeping children in their room or instructing them to not disturb their dad, cooking him good meals and sending him hot food in the office that brings a smile to his face. 

You can also please him in bed and make it all about him for some sessions to fuel him up. These titbits will take you a long way in reasserting your role as a wife. It will make you powerful. 

#14 He is an addict 

If your husband is an addict, you will face such difficulties. There will be days when he might go absolutely quiet on you and days when he will burst his wrath on you. He might even force you to give him company by joining him for a joint session. Hence, proper research and effective communication are essential prerequisites before marriage. 

When you don’t know a person well, you should take the time to know them better. When you think you know them well, stalk them for five days and familiarize yourself with their routine, friends, and the places they visit regularly. 

All these things will not only prepare you in having a grip on the matter but will also buy you time to modify the changes as and when required. You can talk and negotiate terms. There is no harm in going on dates and familiarising yourself with his friends. You should also visit his workplace to understand his aura there. 

How a person behaves with their friend may radically differ from how they behave before their colleagues. This difference is important because thereby you will be able to estimate the consistency or the lack of it in the exchanges and behavior. Moreover, you would know if he is punctual, friendly, and above all whether he is treated as an asset or a liability.

If you get negative views but you love the man, it doesn’t mean you need to call off the marriage. It only means that you need to wait longer before tying knots with them. This will also create a desire in him to want you more. The longing will push him to become a better person.

#15 You are stubborn

If you are stubborn and you don’t allow him any kind of flexibility to make things his way, he will be pissed off. A marriage means mutual decisions. You should not take all the load on yourself. When you do the marriage right, you think of your partner first and try to prioritize their comfort. 

Stubbornness will get you nothing. Learning to be fluid is an art. It needs practice, patience, and skill. But a person who is fluid is loved and cherished by all. When you are called good names and people from your husband’s side appreciate you, it will make your husband proud. 

This element is important because it earns you respect. Stubbornness destroys it. While love is a must in marriage, mutual respect is something that you cannot afford to discount.

What to do when your husband raises his voice with you? 

Don’t raise your voice back because then it would only make room for two people shouting at each other. You can do better than this. Rather than shouting back at your husband, be polite and approachable so that there is no room for him to raise his voice. 

How to do it? Read below to find out. 

#1 Give him a hug 

Hugs have magical power. It immediately calms a person’s temper. When you take the liberty to hug someone, you show them that you have nothing but faith, love, and positivity for them. It will also make them stunned because they were being indignified in their treatment with you. 

How you hug is also a point of concern. Your hug should be welcoming so that your husband hugs you back in absolute silence. The moment will be sealed into eternity and surpass all levels of peace. It should make him feel complete. 

If your style of hugging is wrong, it will suffocate the person. If the person is sensitive, he might think it a very silly move and might even have the audacity to push you back and snap at you. Hence, reading the vibe, looking into their eyes, and understanding the cause becomes important. 

You don’t want to be blown away and treated worse after you attempt to hug them. Some people are ridiculous and you need not deal with them at all. When you sense the monstrosity in a person, detach yourself from their company rather than giving them a second chance. Know it in your heart that if your husband doesn’t find his wife’s heart healing, he doesn’t deserve her.

#2 Talk it out politely later 

When you can sense that your husband is in a bad mood and pissed off currently, his cause of anger doesn't need to be you. It could be something else that is triggering him. However, you need to make the volcano in his mind rest. Give him a break for a day or two. Don’t participate in rapid conversations yet. When things set back to normal, that is when you bring up the question. 

The timing of the question should also be a thought after the matter. It shouldn’t be while he is dining. It can be when you are in his arms in bed. You can make a polite reference to that day’s situation. He will understand that you waited on him to calm down before opening up on the matter. 

Besides, there is a high probability that by then his issue might have been resolved. And if he is facing a challenge with you, it would have given him enough time to take it up smartly with you. Talk the matter through and figure out a solution that can be handy then and there. Also, promise each other to make this practice every day.

#3 Take him to counsel 

If your husband has anger management issues and he is in denial, you will have to figure out a way to come around to it. You need to convince him through indirect methods to confess before you that he is facing anger management issues that are spoiling his relationship with everybody. 

Stress has become a disease for many. Your husband has a habit of overanalyzing a situation and thinking about it in extremes. As a result, he imagines the worse of the worst and that keeps him burnt up. 

Once he realizes this, that is when you can bring up the topic of the council. Modulate your tone and voice in such a way that your husband doesn’t find it sharp and threatening. The idea that you are trying to be helpful and the intention that you desperately want this marriage to work should be clear. 

Besides this, do your research and keep the contact ready. You should use a reference in a way that your husband has never met them personally. He shouldn’t be embarrassed and shouldn’t think or feel that you have talked about your private matters with another person without discussing it with your husband first. The source should be reliable and distant at the same time.

#4 Get him checked for underlying diseases 

Anger can be a possible symptom of a disease and could lead to a nervous breakdown or heart attack. To stay prepared for the worst, talk to your husband about it and alert him of the possible consequences. 

Fetch good medical insurance and get the body checked for possible diseases. If the condition is mental, it might not reflect in the medical history. Then you will have to treat the matter more delicately. 

If something worse or unexpected comes up, stand by him and help him with it. Give him power and bring him courage. Be resilient in your words and actions. With the correct use of science and technology, everything is possible.

#5 Share the load 

If it's work or finances, try to help him out. You can help him by brainstorming ideas. You can create some drafts and make some calls on his behalf. You can help him analyze the case study and make an estimate if it will be profitable or not. 

You can talk to the human resource personnel or the man force if they are creating hurdles. At the end of the day, it is all about how nicely you can tackle the situation by manipulation or the right strategies. Whatever comes in handy, you must be able to make your call at the moment. 

Moreover, if your husband trusts you enough with his work problems, it would mean that you have the caliber within. If you have had hands-on experience in this, it is time to put your skills to use. 

There is nothing that a joint force cannot capture or accomplish. If your husband is skeptical about a treaty he is due to sign, help him by putting down the pros and cons on a sheet of paper and making a sound comparison of the two.

#6 Get cozy in bed 

Let him release some testosterone. The hormonal release will help to calm him down. Getting cozy in bed will uplift his mood and bring him a better disposition to open up to you. He will talk without initiation and will appreciate the bonding. 

You don’t always have to be submissive in bed. Sometimes pinning down your husband and taking control of his body makes for unsurpassable pleasure. He will appreciate you and your skills. 

At this point, it is important to understand that verbal exchanges don’t have to mean everything in a marriage. Body language has a greater share in bringing you happiness. How your body finds delight in each other’s company and skin will go a long way in depicting the content of your marriage.

#7 Give silence treatment 

If your husband has been treating you unfairly and it has become a daily thing, you can try giving him the silent treatment. Silence has overwhelming power over us. On days when e are shutting down or when the words are echoing back, hitting the metallic down and getting dumped in the waste bin, it is because they only want to talk and not listen. 

In such cases, it becomes important to let them be. When you don’t try too hard, you will be surprised to find out things falling into place automatically. The person loses the desire to fight because he sees that you will do anything but fight. 

The unreadiness and unwillingness will be like a slap on his face because it would mean that he has stooped so low, you have stopped giving weightage to his words. The fear of losing a person into obscurity is painstaking. It will hurt him deeply and in places where words can’t reach. He will be motivated to do better that very moment.

#8 Take a break 

When the relationship gets too overwhelming, even if it is a marriage, take a break. It is okay to take breaks in between. It is a great tool that can prevent your marriage from demolishing. 

The world won't accept it. Remember that you cannot use the word break while you are on one. It is vacation mode. You can go to your friend's place or visit your parents. Your husband can do the same. You can also utilize this time to take a solo trip. 

It is on you how you would want to make the most of it. It can be a merry time. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life rather than hold grudges and bitterness against anyone. Remember, the more you let go, the happier you shall become.

#9 Involve family 

If things are getting out of hand and you feel you are on the verge of something awful, your husband is unable to keep his temper in check and it is creating a disastrous impact in your household. 

He is breaking things, coming home late at night, shouting and screaming t the top of his voice in such a way that the neighbors have started asking you about it. 

You are always alarmed and scared. You fear that that day isn't far away when your husband might become abusive towards you. 

These are the warning calls and you must involve your family at once. If they can put him under control, well and good. If not, you will have to stop living under the same roof.

#10 Go for divorce 

When there is nothing left in your marriage, you feel hollow and you wish every day that you hadn't married the man you are married to, it is best to call an end to it. 

Divorcing is not a curse. It is a blessing. You will get time to focus on yourself and love is always in the air. It is never too late to start fresh. 

Allow yourself to bring yourself the joy and happiness you deserve. Don't hesitate to call it off. When you divorce a person, you summon the strength to live life all over again. Think of it as a marriage to yourself, your dignity. 

Summing up 

It is an alarming situation when your husband raises his voice at you. It means that something is bothering him. There is a need for either a change or a fix. You need to figure out which one and how. 

Suprity Acharyya


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