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Unspoken Attraction Between Coworkers (16 Signs to Notice)

The unspoken attraction between coworkers is a fascinating phenomenon that can be observed through a variety of gestures, conversations, mutual interests, and even intuition. But to truly understand and navigate this complex dynamic, it's crucial to identify the underlying reasons behind the attraction such as shared interests, charismatic physical appearance, etc.Featured Image of Unspoken Attraction Between Coworkers

You're at work, minding your own business, when suddenly you catch a glimpse of someone who makes your heart race. Maybe they're chatting with a colleague, or maybe they're just looking extra cute that day. Whatever the reason, you feel a spark of attraction that you can't ignore. Or maybe you're on the other end of the spectrum.

You notice a coworker who seems to be paying you extra attention. They laugh at your jokes, linger around your desk, and seem to always be finding ways to work with you. You start to wonder if they're interested in you romantically.

Either way, navigating the world of unspoken attraction between coworkers can be tricky. On the one hand, workplace romances can be exciting and daunting. On the other hand, they can also be complicated and risky. It can be difficult to know how to read the signs, whether to make a move and how to handle any potential fallout.

In this article, we're going to take a balanced look at the unspoken attraction between coworkers. We'll explore various signs through which you can identify the phenomena, the reasons why it happens, the challenges that come with it, and also some strategies for managing it in a professional and respectful way. Whether you're the one feeling the attraction or the one on the receiving end, we'll provide you with some helpful tips and insights to help you navigate this complex and often confusing topic.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore the fascinating and complex world of unspoken attraction between coworkers from both sides of the equation. whether you want to take things to the next level or just keep things professional, keep reading. We promise to provide you with some useful insights and strategies for managing unspoken attraction like a boss. 

16 signs to identify the unspoken attraction between coworkers

Let’s begin with the signs first. Perhaps something unusual is going on with you at your workplace. You are guessing that it could be some kind of unspoken attraction between you and some of your colleagues. But you are not sure! 

So how to understand if the attraction is mutual? Are there any signs that can help you identify it? Certainly yes, there we go into several telltale signs that may indicate an unspoken attraction between coworkers. Whether you're curious about a certain colleague or just want to be more aware of workplace dynamics, these signs can help you decode the hidden messages in your daily interactions.

#1 Intense conversation

With whom we can have intense conversations? Someone whom we feel really close to, right? These kinds of conversations can be characterized by heightened emotions, deep engagement, extended duration, personal sharing, etc. 

So, if you often have intense conversations with some of your coworkers at your workplace that seems to go beyond what would be considered normal work-related conversations, it may be worth considering whether there is an unspoken attraction present. 

But it's important to note that intense conversations don’t necessarily always have to be a sign of unspoken attraction, and they can simply be a natural part of a healthy and productive work relationship. 

#2 Frequent eye contacts

Eye contact is the most mysterious and beautiful thing that can express hundreds of emotions in one simple glimpse. So, in the workplace, if two employees have some kind of unspoken chemistry between them but they don’t get time to talk to each other often, frequent eye contact becomes a very common phenomenon. 

So if you are having such frequent eye contact with one of your coworkers, the possibility is pretty high that there is some unspoken attraction working between you two, or maybe it is a one-sided admiration. 

#3 Protective behavior

When we like someone and get attracted to them, a protective behavioral tendency grows spontaneously within us. We want to create such a protective shield around them that can defend them against all possible adversities. 

But, in the office environment, protective behavior can also be very normal between coworkers as a part of healthy professional decorum. If the behavior seems to go beyond what would be considered normal or professional, it may be worth considering whether an unspoken attraction is present. 

You will simply understand the difference through the types of protective gestures such as standing up for each other, offering assistance, checking in frequently, being possessive, taking responsibility on each others’ behalf, etc. 

#4 Compromising the schedule 

Remember your last relationship when you often used to compromise the schedule for your ex? Yeah, if we get attracted to someone consciously or subconsciously, we start caring less about our schedule if it comes to being with them. 

Maybe the coworker you are talking about doesn’t care about their schedule while being with you and tells you that they will manage those things somehow, or vice versa, or if both of you often do this with each other, the probability becomes higher that some unspoken attraction is doing the job. 

#5 Involvement in other dimensions of life

True that we spend more than 1/3rd of our days in the office, but that is definitely the only dimension our life has. So, if some unspoken attraction works between two coworkers they will automatically try to indulge the other person in the other dimensions of their life as well. 

Confused? Let me simplify. Does the person you are thinking about invite you often for taking part in family ceremonies where other coworkers are not invited? Do they talk too much about their family and other personal problems, and keep asking for solutions from you? And most importantly do they enjoy spending time with you even during the weekends?

If yes, then let me tell you that it is more or less a clear sign of unspoken attraction between coworkers.

#6 Gestures and touches

Remember how it used to feel when for the first time you felt attracted to someone? Those awkward moments in front of them, foolish attitudes, and butterflies in the stomach? 

Depending on our chemistry with someone, various gestures come out of us to deal with those people. Gestures like smiling, blushing, nervousness, and touching can totally be signs of some unspoken attraction between coworkers. 

If a coworker is flashing a grin, getting rosy-cheeked, looking anxious, or giving someone a more affectionate touch than usual, there's a chance that they're feelin' some type of way. But listen, it's not foolproof, so don't go jumping to conclusions based on just these little things. It's important to take a step back and look at the whole picture, and of course, be mindful of professional boundaries.

#7 Waiting after the office

Waiting around after office hours shows that they want to spend more time with that person and get to know them better outside of work. It is one of the most common gestures that come first if two coworkers have an unspoken attraction between them. 

But let's not jump to conclusions just yet! It's important to remember that waiting around after work could also just be a friendly gesture and very common among many colleagues as well. But as we know, it all starts with ‘friendship’. So it's important to take a closer look at other signs of attraction before assuming anything.

#8 Emotional support 

Have you ever had a coworker who always seems to be there to lend a supportive ear or offer some kind words when you're going through a tough time? Well, that kind of emotional support could actually be a sign of some unspoken attraction between coworkers.

If someone constantly goes out of their way to provide emotional support and shows a genuine concern for your well-being, it might be a sign that they have feelings for you that go beyond just a friendly coworker. But, before you jump to conclusions, it's important to consider other signs of attraction as well and not to let personal feelings interfere with work responsibilities.

#9 Energetic attitude

Have you ever noticed a sudden shift in a coworker's attitude when they're around someone they're attracted to? Like they become more animated, charming, and energetic? Well, that could totally be a sign of some unspoken attraction between coworkers. This kind of behavior shows that they're interested in impressing the other person and enjoy being around them. 

A charming, energetic attitude can also be a sign of unspoken attraction between coworkers. So if you are going through something similar, try to combine this with some other signs in order to make sure whether there is an unspoken attraction or not. 

#10 Mimicking body language (not deliberately, but subconsciously)

In office places when someone gets attracted to a coworker, they often try to mimic their behaviors as well as approaches towards many things. They try to copy how the other person talks, do the presentations, organize their slides, their desks, etc. 

Most of the time, this phenomenon is not a result of deliberation but solely subconscious attraction to someone. So if someone is trying to mimic you in your office or vice versa there is perhaps some unspoken attraction that you can understand in combination with other signs. 

#11 Self-consciousness

Have you ever felt that in the office some coworkers become more conscious about their appearance and behavior as soon as some specific one enters the office? This is a result of unspoken attraction between coworkers. 

It happens because we want to present the best of ourselves in front of them to whom we are attracted, no matter consciously or subconsciously. But this should be understood very carefully because all the employees become more conscious about their behavior and appearance also when the boss enters the office. So this point in isolation as well can’t decide the unspoken attraction.

#12 Flirting

Though flirting is nowadays very common in corporate cultures still it can help to decode unspoken attraction between coworkers. In a corporate work culture, people often use flirting to test the waters and gauge each other's interest without explicitly stating it.

Flirting can take many forms, from playful banter to subtle compliments. It can involve physical touches, such as a gentle brush of the hand or a lingering hug. It can also include nonverbal cues, like eye contact or a coy smile.

But to distinguish it from friendly flirting, you must pay attention to other gestures like whether your coworker seems to be seeking out your company, or whether they seem nervous or shy around you. If you suspect that there's more to your coworker's flirting than meets the eye, it may be time to have a candid conversation and see if there's a mutual attraction worth exploring.

#13 The vibe together

Suppose you have an exceptional bonding with one of your coworkers. Maybe you are close to many of them, but you two stand out. This tendency can be a clear sign of unspoken attraction. Maybe neither of you is particularly aware of it, but other people can clearly notice the chemistry between you two and keep commenting. 

Or perhaps you really feel good spending time with this person in and outside your work life. Maybe you feel that you two have a good understanding, and common tastes in various things, and it's simple and fulfilling to vibe together. 

In this case, there could be an unspoken attraction between you two, but to make sure it is not a simple friendship, you need to explore the possibilities of romantic inclinations with this person. 

#14 Being guarding angel

Whenever you are in some serious trouble in your office or maybe in life too, this coworker of yours appears and helps or at least tries to help you out of this situation. This is only possible because someone is deeply attracted to you and likes you from their heart. 

You may ask here why the person has never told you anything about their attraction. Maybe they are not in a situation to explain that feeling about you, or maybe they are not sure about themselves, or simply because the person is an extrovert. 

#15 Finding excuses to spend more time together

Does your coworker keep finding excuses to spend more time with you? Maybe when they are done with their work, and you are not, they come forward to help you or simply keep gossiping with other coworkers and waiting patiently for you to get done with yours. 

Do they often ask you to drop you home or pick you up? Do they show interest in long walks with you? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then the chance is pretty high now that the coworker is implicitly attracted to you. 

#16 Intuition

Intuition becomes probably the ultimate tool if combined with other signs when it comes to identifying unspoken attraction between coworkers. Sometimes, you may just have a gut feeling that there's something more going on. You may find yourself drawn to a particular coworker, or you may sense a tension or chemistry that's hard to ignore. Maybe you notice that your coworker seems to be more interested in your personal life than your work, or they give you a special look that sets your heart racing.

Intuition can be a tricky thing, though, as it's not always accurate. It's important to pay attention to other signs and cues, such as body language, behavior, and communication patterns. If you're feeling unsure about whether there's an unspoken attraction between you and a coworker, it may be helpful to talk to a trusted friend or advisor for an outside perspective.

Why do co-workers get attracted to each other?

Ah, now the age-old question: why do co-workers get attracted to each other? Till reaching this point you have explored the signs that may have already spoken volumes about the unspoken attraction between coworkers. But you are still bothered:  why on earth do coworkers get attracted to each other?

Is it shared interests? Similar personalities? Physical appearance? The truth is, many factors can contribute to attraction in the workplace, from the environment to the individuals themselves. In this section, we'll explore some of the most common reasons why co-workers get attracted to each other, and what you can do if you find yourself in this situation.

But the ‘why’ also is pretty tricky to navigate just like the signs because every reason could mean many different things too apart from the attraction you are talking about. So again, don’t only read them in combination but also try to connect these points with the signs. 

#1 Confident attitude

What qualities are the coworkers attracted to? Primarily it is the confident attitude of a person. In workplaces no matter how perfect an employee is, a confident attitude and the ability to deal with stuff create a positive environment. 

This self-confidence gives an edge to the personality and creates an attractive aura around. It is that very aura the coworkers get attracted to. 

But confidence without knowledge and competency is also a big turn-off. So, you will afterward explore how confidence and professional competency get combined to create unspoken attraction.

#2 Attractive appearance

No matter who says that look doesn’t matter, actually it does. Because much before we get the vibe of someone’s confidence and personality, we come in touch with the look. So if someone has an attractive appearance, they are bound to draw more attention from their coworkers.

In such cases, they often become the hot topic for office gossip and it leads to an initial unspoken attraction for them. But without the specific qualities that I am about to mention in the following points, this attraction doesn’t last long.

#3 Professional competency

Professional competency comes perhaps at the very top which helps to develop unspoken attraction between coworkers and also helps to sustain it. Because competency is something that does not reduce with time but rather gets enriched.

Through this quality, an employee gives innovative results and draws appreciation from all ends. This leads to the creation of self-confidence around them and you know that the combination of self–confidence and professional competency is a master reason behind unspoken attraction between coworkers. 

#4 Shared Values

If two coworkers have shared values about their work ethics, it could be a reason behind the unspoken attraction between them. The commonality in work ethics leads to similar corporate approaches to dealing with everything and helps build a good team. 

Shred values in a good and competent team often tend to create good inline chemistry between two coworkers that might result in an unspoken attraction between them with time. 

#5 Common corporate interests

Suppose you work with some of your coworkers on the same team and you suddenly find that among other people you two have similar corporate interests. Like you are spontaneously liking their idea and they tend to agree with yours. Maybe you two are working together on a project and the suggestions and inputs of your coworker are exactly fitting your plan of action. 

In such cases, the unspoken attraction could get developed and those two coworkers might feel interested to know each other outside of the corporate environment as well.

#6 Potential intellect

A new person has come into the office. You are yet to know things about them, but in initial appearance, the person looks pretty attractive and is catching everyone’s attention. But you are not someone who falls for the looks. But there is something different in their personality. 

Maybe it is their aura that is telling you that the person has an amazing intellectual ability and potential to progress. It can happen vice versa too. 

This kind of vibe in someone’s aura can develop an unspoken attraction towards them and captures frequent attention from their coworkers.

#7 Career Prospect

No matter if it sounds like a gold-digger, yeah, people do get attracted to success. In fact, success and the capability to achieve better prospects in a career tremendously builds an attraction potential in a person.

When it comes to attraction in corporate sectors, it often matters what car a person rides, what restaurants a person goes to, and how lavish they live. This is the primary reason why employees often feel attracted to their bosses and team leaders. 

#8 Sense of dignity

Maintaining a sense of dignity and respect for oneself and others is essential in any workplace, but it can also contribute to the unspoken attraction between co-workers. When individuals conduct themselves with integrity, confidence, and professionalism, they often draw the admiration and respect of their colleagues. 

This mutual admiration can lead to an unspoken attraction that is fueled by the desire to be associated with someone who embodies these qualities. However, it's important to be mindful of the boundaries and dynamics of a professional relationship to ensure that both parties are respected and valued.

#10 Proximity 

Proximity is the most common reason responsible for developing attraction between coworkers. Whatever the other reasons are, proximity is the most evident and present in all cases. Time together in the workplace, it's natural for them to form connections and bond over shared experiences. 

This proximity can create opportunities for co-workers to interact, communicate, and get to know each other on a deeper level. As they spend more time together, they may begin to notice qualities in each other that they find attractive or admirable. This can lead to an unspoken attraction that is fueled by their physical proximity and the frequency of their interactions. 

What are the advantages of unspoken attraction between coworkers?

So, after knowing how to decode the signs of unspoken attraction between coworkers and the reasons behind it, you might now want to take steps ahead to deal with your situation. But before you get into something with the coworker, I want you to be aware of and analyze the potential advantages and disadvantages of such attractions.

  • Less monotonous work-life. In this case, your hectic office schedule won’t eat up all your energy and lead you toward a monotonous work life. Experts say that unspoken attraction between coworkers helps in decluttering boredom and hence the work-life quality improves. 
  • External motivation. If someday you feel like taking a day off or opting for WFH, you won’t do it so easily because that unspoken attraction works as an external motivation for you to go to the office. This helps in improving your in-office reputation. 
  • Higher productivity. When you have such a motivating factor to go to the office and have a much less monotonous work life, your in-office productivity goes high automatically if you are focused on your work. Besides in such cases, you will push yourself to improve the yield in order to impress that co-worker. 
  • It helps to be a perfectionist. As I have mentioned, in such cases you push yourself in the office to impress your coworker. And at the same time, if that coworker of yours is sincere at their job, you also try to focus more on your work to bring perfection to match your level with theirs. It again helps you to improve your reputation. 
  • Push for innovative ideas. When you are motivated, have a less monotonous work life, and have higher productivity as well as a good reputation you will start pushing yourself to innovate creative ideas. It helps to further nurture mutual attraction and take things to a next level.
  • Higher job satisfaction. High productivity, non-monotonous work life, in-office attraction, and good reputation: what else a person seeks from his job! So, this is how unspoken attraction could make your job the perfect one. 
  • An environment of proactive cooperation. When you have an unspoken but good chemistry with some of your coworkers, it leads to creating a positive and proactive environment. 
  • More opportunities for self-development & growth. When you try to impress your coworkers, you don’t only push yourself in the office, but also for self-development. You learn new things and try to implement them in your life, maybe to impress someone, and thus in the process you grow. 
  • More social support. In between hectic office work, we all seek some moments of relief and support that we could get from that coworker if we have a good mutual bonding. 
  • Increased flexibility. Suppose someday you can’t go to your office but have to deal with something or you need to come out early. In such cases, if you have an unspoken attraction with one of your coworkers, you can seek help to deal with things in your absence. 

What are the challenges and complexities of the unspoken attraction between coworkers?

Now, before you jump into any hasty decisions, it's important to remember that unspoken attraction between coworkers can be a real mixed bag. Sure, it can be exciting and exhilarating, but it can also be pretty darn complicated. So, before you take any steps forward, it's important to consider a few potential challenges that come along with unspoken attraction between coworkers.

  • Chances of distraction. Sure, it can improve your focus in the office, but if either of you is not dedicated enough to your job, it can increase the chance of distractions as well. 
  • Violation of the code of conduct. Many offices have certain rules regarding the behavior of their employees inside the office premises. So if two such coworkers get indulged in some kinda close interaction due to the unspoken attraction between them, it can be considered a violation of the code of conduct. 
  • Lack of Professionalism. When you are attracted to some coworker, then you tend to violate many unwritten corporate rules in order to get along. It involves activities like favoritism, silly flirting, infiltration into their personal space, etc. These behaviors show nothing but a serious lack of professionalism.
  • Risk of corporate reputation. Distractions, potential violations of the code of conduct, and lack of professionalism: are enough to ruin a person’s corporate reputation. After a certain time, you may quit this job, but in the corporate sector, a ruined corporate reputation can be proven fatal in order to find new jobs as well. 
  • Infiltration of emotion. While working within a corporate structure we are meant to put all our personal emotions aside and think about our corporate interests. But the unspoken attraction between coworkers can lead to unintended infiltration of emotion that might go against the corporate interest.
  • Chances of in-office lobbying. Maybe you have been able to avoid all other challenges and maintain good bonding and work together wonderfully as a team. But this mutual chemistry of yours might not be able to tackle in-office lobbying. Remember, people around you in the office are mostly frustrated souls and they might not want to see you two having such good unspoken chemistry.
  • Communication barriers. When two people who are in each other’s proximity get attracted, they tend to get shy and often find it awkward to interact with each other, unless either of them is very flirtatious. But in a corporation, this awkwardness in mutual interaction can lead to serious communication barriers and could be very harmful regarding mutual cooperation in a team or handling a project together. 

How to balance the work-life and the unspoken attraction?

People who face such unspoken attraction between coworkers tend to ask whether this attraction has any potential to sustain in the long run, or is it just a temporary phenomenon. The answer is pretty simple: it solely depends on you how you want to take it and how maturely you deal with it. 

If you really want to balance your work life and this unspoken attraction, you must be mature and maintain a certain decorum by creating professional boundaries around both of you depending on the situation you are in. Here are a few quick tips for you: 

  • Set boundaries: Create boundaries between your professional and personal life to avoid confusion or discomfort.
  • Keep it professional: Don't let your feelings affect your work performance or attitude toward your coworker.
  • Avoid gossip: Don't share your attraction with other colleagues to avoid unwanted drama.
  • Communicate: If you feel comfortable, have an honest conversation with your coworker to establish boundaries and clarify expectations. Remember, it is always better to take a chance than suppress your attraction. So, better be vocal rather than keep it unspoken.
  • Prioritize work: Keep work as your top priority and avoid getting distracted by your attraction.
  • Take breaks: Take a break from work to relax and clear your mind, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed or distracted by your attraction.
  • Keep it subtle: Avoid overt gestures of affection in the workplace, such as physical touch or prolonged eye contact.
  • Don't rush: Take time to get to know your coworker as a friend before considering a romantic relationship.
  • Seek support: Talk to a trusted friend or therapist for emotional support and guidance.
  • Consider the consequences: Before pursuing a relationship with your coworker, weigh the potential risks and consequences that could affect your career and work environment.

Unspoken attraction between married coworkers

Unspoken attraction between married coworkers is a delicate and complex situation. Such attractions can arise for various reasons and can have significant implications for both individuals involved, their respective spouses, and the workplace environment. Here's an exploration of this topic:

Origins of Attraction:

  1. Shared Experiences: Working closely with someone can lead to shared experiences, challenges, and successes, which can foster a deep connection.
  2. Companionship: Spending a significant amount of time together, especially in a professional setting, can lead to feelings of companionship and mutual understanding.
  3. Seeking What's Missing: Sometimes, individuals might be drawn to qualities in a coworker that they feel are lacking in their marital relationship.


  1. Emotional Turmoil: Recognizing such feelings can lead to guilt, confusion, and stress, especially if both parties are committed to their respective spouses.
  2. Workplace Dynamics: Unspoken attractions can influence workplace dynamics, potentially leading to favoritism, gossip, or tension.
  3. Impact on Marriages: If these feelings become known or acted upon, they can strain or even jeopardize the marriages of those involved.

Navigating the Situation:

  1. Self-awareness: Recognizing and admitting one's feelings is the first step. It's essential to reflect on the reasons behind the attraction and what it means for one's personal and professional life.
  2. Setting Boundaries: It might be necessary to set clear emotional and physical boundaries to prevent the situation from escalating.
  3. Seek Counseling: If the feelings become overwhelming or confusing, seeking individual or couples counseling can provide clarity and guidance.
  4. Open Communication: If appropriate, discussing feelings with the coworker can help both parties understand the situation and decide on the best course of action.
  5. Re-evaluate Work Dynamics: In some cases, it might be beneficial to change work dynamics, such as requesting a different project or even considering a departmental change, to minimize close interactions.

It's crucial to approach such feelings with sensitivity, discretion, and integrity. While attractions are natural human emotions, acting on them, especially in the context of existing commitments, can have lasting consequences


To sum up, the world of unspoken attraction between coworkers is a complex and nuanced one. From proximity to emotional support, charming attitudes, and flirting, many signs can indicate an unspoken attraction between two people. However, it's important to keep in mind that these signs can also be misinterpreted, and personal feelings should never interfere with work responsibilities. So it can be difficult to navigate the murky waters of workplace romance while maintaining a professional image and avoiding drama.

However, by being aware of the signs, causes, and consequences of unspoken attraction, and by taking practical steps to manage it, you can successfully balance your work and personal life.

Remember, communication and respect are key, whether you choose to pursue a romantic relationship with a coworker or maintain a platonic professional relationship. With the right mindset and approach, you can turn a potentially tricky situation into a positive and fulfilling experience.

Thank you, my friend. Spread love, and keep loving. 

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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