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How to Tell If the Woman is a Nymph? (Signs & Cope up Tips)

Notice the way she is making conversation. She could be a nymph if she frequently alludes to make out, speaks in s#xual innuendos, refers to blue movies, and seductively modulates her voice. Feature image of How To Tell if a Woman Is a Nymph

Dating brings us different encounters. Some are free-flowing, while a few possess a different quality altogether. Out of these few, there are the ones you meet when you cross paths with a nymphomaniac.

While the '-maniac' part stands true, it doesn't do justice to the term, for dating a nymph is a treat and can be super fun! 

If you feel your partner might be one of them, look for the signs below. Furthermore, if the equation becomes overwhelming, look for the many ways I've shared in this blog post to maintain control of the situation when your woman becomes a handful!

Signs that tell if the woman is a nymph

Notice the woman's surroundings. How she keeps herself, what she keeps on her shelf, her phone wallpaper, her ringtone—there are plenty of things that will help you see if your woman is a nymph. 

Keep reading below to find out more.

#1 She runs away from commitment 

If the woman you see is happy to go out with you but isn't ready for commitment, she might be a nymph. Notice how she behaves or if she becomes elusive when you talk about commitment.

Nymphs have commitment issues and prefer open-ended relationships. They won't mind dating you, but they will not limit themselves to you. Furthermore, they will not be amused if you take control of their lives.

If you are a possessive boyfriend, dating a nymph would be the last thing you might want to do. It will be a complete and unrewarding experience, but the makeout sessions will be beyond brilliant.

#2 She never says no (to s*x) 

A nymph is delighted by the idea of getting intimate. There is nothing in the world that they value or cherish more. When you offer her the prospect of making out at the end of a tedious day, she will do everything she can to please you.

A nymph is a pleaser. Bring her challenge, and she won't be reluctant. She knows what she needs. You won't have to struggle to please her; she will offer her to you. 

Nymphs love to set the table and keep things ready. Dating a nymph, even if temporary, is worth it. You feel good about life. The release of serotonin would balance out the missing part due to the lack of commitment. However, it is not advisable if you are emotionally vulnerable around her.

#3 She likes doing it without protection 

Most women won't get intimate without protection. However, when a woman likes it raw and prefers to engage in sessions without the necessary precautions, she might be a nymph.

Though the behavior should indicate otherwise, when a woman has a strong desire, she is at risk of catching unwanted diseases. But a nymph won't be put down by such flags. 

She will get handsy with you in public. She likes to flash herself to excite you. Her looks would pierce your manhood into taking her to bed. Most of all, she would enjoy the sessions.

#4 She hoards gadgets 

Typically, a woman might possess a vibrat#r. On the other hand, a nymph will keep dild*s of various dimensions handy. 

She will be able to educate you on different gadgets. She might have a catalog of it. You will discover a special shelf where she hoards them. There is nothing more organized or exciting about it. 

I repeat: dating a nymph will be an unforgettable experience. She would come with her share of excess, but don't we all have our share of it? 

#5 She shares n*des openly 

When a girl does not mind sharing her n*des, has an open Instagram account with her n*de pictures uploaded, or doesn't work on her fugitive skills of making the pictures disappear after one view, she is a nymph. 

She doesn't mind the world looking at and admiring her body. It also implies that she keeps it well-maintained. She is very confident about herself, and what the world thinks of her would make little difference. However, show her how love goes beyond intimacy if you love her. 

#6 Her browsing history 

A person's browsing history will tell you about their personality. Even if she goes incognito, her Instagram search list, the people she follows, the way she responds to comments, and her grocery list will guide you in this. 

A person's lifestyle familiarizes you with their personality and how it would feel to live with them. Such searches and histories will give you a glimpse or screenshot of the entire situation. However, finding it out secretly might be unfair unless you mutually share the space and rights. 

#7 Her knowledge of different styles (positions) 

You would see a nymph dictating to you how to enjoy s*x. Most people do it merely for the sake of it. They neither know how to make the most of it nor how to seek pleasure from it. It is something people practice because they feel hollow without it.

A nymph, however, understands its nitty-gritty. They might have studied psychoanalysis. A nymph with a brain shall find enjoyment. She will do things where you have room for comfort. 

There's a general notion that nymphs are desperate. She is desperate to make love, not just have s*x. There's a great deal of difference between the two.

#8 She knows most of the guys in town 

You might find many mutuals if the girl has great networking skills. They might have known her intimately or have had flirtatious chats. This bit of information might make you uncomfortable if you haven't had your share of exposure to the opposite s*x. 

Bear in mind that the world runs on multiplicity. There is an infinitude of options out there. Halt,  stop, and not explore could be regarded as unjust or unfair for some. 

It is about sharing the intimacy for the long run that brings the deal home. Your girl might be a nymph, but if she takes you to be her home, everything else ceases to count. Have that confidence in her that she keeps in you.

#9 She loves to dominate 

When the girl knows how to dominate and loves to do it in the sense that you have no choice but to follow the lead, she displays strong signs of a nymph. 

It's fun to have the occasional dominance or spate of feminism. You like to pass on the control. However, when the domination is regular, besides if you are not used to being submissive, that is, if feminism isn't your cup of tea, think twice before dating a nymph.

#10 Her talks are metaphorical 

When a girl speaks in innuendos, she refers to references and instances that are dense with hints. There's open room and space to read between the lines, ask for more, and dig deeper. 

You should not hesitate to ask for the meaning where you sense it. A nymph may not mind keeping things hidden, but if you show interest and inquire, you will receive an answer in plain English.

#11 She is all for experiments 

A nymph never ceases to experiment. She will be relentless in her pursuit. She would encourage you to try something new every time you are in bed with her. The regular doesn’t please her. 

A nymph finds new ways of doing things attractive. She likes to share her experience of trying something new with others. You might even find a journal where she records all her unusual and esoteric experiences. 

#12 She is a brat 

You might see the signs and indulgence of everything in a nymph that you never dared to do. She likes to mock others. She doesn’t care for the consequences. It is difficult to secure her attention and keep her limited to you. 

She won’t pay heed to your words, and at times she might come across as insensitive, primarily when she is determined to make out. There may be times when you feel uneasy and have difficulty coping with her. 

It is very difficult and toxic when you are forced into making out. The process demands your senses at play. You must be active and want to enjoy the process. However, on days when you have an important engagement, having to entertain your girlfriend in bed could become unnerving. 

You might even lose your temper and break into a fight. This is where the entire point of being in a relationship shatters. However, it is not a problem if you don’t see her regularly. You might be able to find ways to assist her in arousing you. 

#13 Women envy while men admire her 

A nymph might make the closest of her female friends envy her. While a man might sing words of praise even in the presence of his wife. 

A nymph might indulge men from all walks of life in bed. Her priority is to satisfy her lust. She won't care for morals. She would be carefree. 

When you see a woman loved by all men and hated by all women, you are seeing a nymph. You, too, would be amused by the sight and fail to debar yourself. 

#14 She is an erotica reader  

A nymph likes to gift erotica novels. The works of EL James and Colleen Hoover are an absolute delight to her. If you get a chance to visit her place, you might see that she has a collection of erotica books and movies on display. 

While everyone enjoys reading and watching erotica, they are not open about it. This is where the nymph is different. She won’t hesitate. She makes it a point that men look at it, and open a dialogue about it.

#15 She gets playful in public 

A nymph is so lusty that she might get playful in public. She would like to flash herself when she gets a turn. She is always on the lookout for these moments. It could be in an elevator, stairwell, or even in public transportation and gardens. 

She would bend before you, keep her eyes on you, point her toes toward you, and stand so close that you could feel her breath on your skin. All these are the gestures of a nymph. She would do things to secure your attention and arouse you.

#16 She seeks pleasure in working (priority) 

A nymph will always prioritize her pleasure. Nothing is more precious to her than obtaining s*xual gratification. You might find her lagging behind in her assignments and her desk piling up with files, but if you go before her, she will swipe it all off the table to make room for you. 

This might be a big concern if you are planning to stay with her for the long term. Negligence at the cost of work is never appreciated. It may eventually lead to unnecessary squabbles and last-minute repairs. 

#17 Her friends are elusive on the subject (they know her habits) 

When you ask a nymph’s friend about the nymph’s past relationships and boyfriends, you might find it eerie that they are elusive about the subject. They might either change the subject completely, laugh it off, give you a comforting smile, or simply affirm that she is a feast in bed. 

Our friend circle, people we keep close to us, their behavior, and conduct go a long way in describing us. Hence, it is advisable to meet one’s friends before committing. You get the larger picture that way.

#18 She keeps her device double locked 

A nymph might be very secretive about her device. Besides keeping her phone locked, she might also secure the applications with a different lock pattern. This would mostly be done when she is dating multiple partners. 

You can confront her or hand her your phone and ask her to share yours. Talking directly about your concerns is the best way out, even when you are not seeing the person yet, but are on the verge of doing so. Set the ground rules, and motivate her to do the same.

#19 It keeps her happy (even when life is not happening) 

You might be surprised to find a happy person who is broke. But a nymph uses s*x to keep herself stress-free. You'd be surprised to learn that she didn't wait long after her breakup to start dating again. 

As such, s*x is therapeutic as far as a nymph is concerned. She relishes it. She might not value the societal institutes of marriage and conduct, and she won’t mind dating married men if they are good in bed. 

#20 She is a drug addict 

A nymph might unreluctantly engage in cocaine, hash, and other drugs besides s*x to keep herself high. She doesn’t like to think straight. On days when she isn’t the dominant one in bed, it is because, mentally, she is on an exodus to a far-off land. 

The combination of s*x and drugs is a popular one. It could be seen on a regular basis. On the other hand, a nymph would push her limits when she sets her mind to it, and that is how you would spot her in the crowd.

How to cope with a nymph? 

You must master the art of control. Learn her weakness in bed and tame her. A nymph enjoys getting dominated. She would give you the upper hand when you do it well.

Read below to find direct and indirect methods to empower yourself against a nymph and keep the relationship stimulating.

#1 Regulate her behavior (indulge in a passionate hobby or painting to manifest her craving artistically) 

The desire to s*x can be expressed artistically in a variety of ways. Painting, music, sketching, gourmet foods, designs, crafts, and other avenues can calm the nerves and satisfy the soul. 

Encourage a nymph to use such platforms to regulate her behavior. When the hormone secretion is in excess, the manifestations in art and words will be brilliant. Once she understands its power, she will discover new ways to make it a fun endeavor.

#2 Have a dialogue (politely sit and talk about the impacts on lifestyle) 

A word of caution on lifestyle and physical and mental health could go a long way with a nymph. She will listen to you and take your words seriously if she respects you. She might do it as a gesture of gratification. 

While a nymph usually misbehaves with others, she might be obedient to the one she is sincere about. It would also be a good way to test your hold on her life. If she affirms, you will feel good about everything, and it will boost your confidence. If she denies it, you might be discouraged and want to keep things lukewarm.

#3 Chart out the pros and cons (do a comparative study with her) 

Writing on paper the pros and cons of dating a nymph from a personal perspective, either in the presence or absence of a nymph, will give you remarkable clarity on the subject. You would know how much you long for her and to what extent you would bear with her.

If you choose to do it in her absence, she will know what she means to you. It will help her make sound decisions. You will be able to grow and develop emotionally.

#4 Engage in regular exercise, meditation, and yoga 

Mobility, exercise, balancing poses, couple yoga, aerobics, zumba, and other similar activities will help to regulate hormone secretion. You can go running together. Learn a new form of dance. All these, besides regulating excess secretion, will bring you closer. 

#5 Try hot and cold compression 

Experimenting with compressions can be both beneficial and entertaining. It will calm the neurons, allow you to share the cozy space together, keep you close, and keep s*x out of the bay. You can try sauna baths, couple spas, pedicures, ice baths, and the like. It will be refreshing, fun-loving, and a good change from the mainstream of making love the stereotypical way.

#6 Watch documentaries (switch the genre of art indulgence to make it free from adult content) 

Spend more time on the screen instead of the regular sessions of hot and intimate s*x. Watch movies, visit theaters, go to concerts, buy stand-up show tickets, and try to go for adult-free content. Watching documentaries, and visiting museums might help a great deal too. All you need to do is shift the interest to something new.

#7 Plan parenthood (talk about pregnancy) 

A nymph's life could take a serious turn if she decides to get pregnant. Firstly, she won’t accept the proposal easily. If she does, things would slow down a great deal. 

Opt for this option if you truly want to pace things a bit. Her new obsession would be her baby. You might have to work on maintaining your abs to secure her attention after that.

#8 Be emotionally supportive 

Emotional support is always heart-winning. A nymph, or not, she is vulnerable. You want to get close to her and offer her support. Be thoughtful in your actions, and meaningful in your intentions. Don’t mind being vulnerable before her. Invite her into your comfort zone. There should not be any shying away.

#9 Analyse her history (build up a trigger-free environment) 

Building a relationship requires a bit of study and implication. When a person behaves obsessively regarding something particular, there has to be something in their past that triggers this behavior. 

Studying a nymph’s past to find out if she has had cases of past abuse or domestic violence or has grown up in a divorced environment can help you find a remedy to this problem. This information you can further use to build a safe and happy environment for your girl.

#10 Self-help is a form of emancipation 

A nymph must know how to please herself without a man. The load of pleasing her shouldn’t come as a burden to the man in his life. When you date a nymph, encourage her to practice the art of self-pleasing. 

You can gift her magazines, toys, and movies or send videos to help her. It will be liberating. It would bring her a sense of emancipation. This way, you can support each other even in your absence.

#11 Seek advice 

If you are dating and you suddenly realize that the girl is a nymph, it might be too shocking to absorb or rationalize at once. When we love someone, we overlook many things at the initial stage. However, as time passes, we change our approach to the person.

While we were initially more focused on their positive characteristics, as the relationship progresses, we become more aware of its flaws and faults.

We must look within and analyze how flawless we are during those moments. If your girl is a nymph, you can’t overlook the truth that you were attracted to and fell in love with her. Whatever is between you two is thus true. Hence, consult a counselor when things start happening too rapidly or slow down to a point where the world fails to make sense. Seek advice. A counselor will analyze your problem closely and intend to come up with a fix. 

#12 Plan a routine (fix timings and slots for experiments so that it doesn’t hinder your work-life balance) 

Building a schedule might be effective if you plan to date or are dating a nymph. You select the time slot for everything, including the time you want to indulge with each other. This would help you maintain a work-life balance. It will keep you happy and satisfied. This will further prevent any unnecessary quarrels.

#13 Stay fit to ensure a good amount of lib#do (to be able to keep up with a nymph’s s*x drive can be challenging but if you love her, persevere) 

You must match the nymph’s drive and appetite when you see one. It is essential to keep yourself so fit that she could never get enough of you. That way, she would not look here and there. Her focus would be primarily on you. You both will enjoy each other’s company and be able to appreciate each other more.

Summing up 

A woman is a nymph if she constantly makes out with men and flirts with them randomly. Dating a nymph is an exhilarating experience, but if you are too possessive, you might experience bouts of insecurity. If you are a casanova, dating nymphs would be your drink of elixir!

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