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Does Drunk Flirting Show True Intentions or Feelings?

Yes, drunk flirting would indicate that the speaker has a soft corner for you in their heart. It can be for nothing that they would attempt to please you or secure your attention if they don't like you.Featured Image of Does Drunk Flirting Show True Intentions or Feelings

Let me tell you a story. I have a friend who gets tipsy easily. She is flirtatious by nature. She has often cheerfully taken the opportunity to flirt with the one she might be drinking or calling and texting that specific someone to whom she holds dear. 

However, there are times when you don't like the person you might be drinking with. It is to say, something about their behavior might put you off. In such cases, not only will you not flirt with that person but also not pay heed to their words or actions. 

The latter arouses a feeling of disgust and repulsion within you. Because you're drunk doesn't mean that every person or object around you appears beautiful. Drunkenness doesn't make you fall for someone. Scroll down below to deconstruct the myth surrounding drunkenness and discover more!

15 Signs that make you understand if the drunk person means what they say

The body language, the stress in syllables, the gaze, and the smile will help you understand if the drunk person means what they say. Read out below to find out more.

#1 They are blushing 

If the drunk was blushing while trying to flirt with you, and if it became palpable that they don't excel at flirting, it means they like you. You will notice tension when they attempt to flirt. 

They would pay an effort to see how you react to their words. It won't feel casual to you. Eventually, you will see yourself blushing too. Their approach would not embarrass you. You would want the moment to continue. 

#2 They don't avert their eyes from you 

While they flirt with you, they would not look elsewhere. They won't care about the surroundings or the people. They would make the moment meaningful because of you. 

People can flirt in different ways. I remember how my friend had indirectly proposed to a girl on the podium by dedicating a song he had written for her. The girl was clueless at first.

But the guy didn't avert his eyes from her. Each one of us understood what he was up to. It was natural for the girl to understand what was happening when she realized it wasn't the guy but everyone else looking at her in awe.

#3 They have previously told you that they like you 

If the drunk has proposed to you before and flirts with you in an intoxicated state, there's no denying that you hold a special place in their heart. The theory of their love is double-checked as they keep pursuing you when sober and when drunk.

It also suggests that they are not wayward. They are determined in their love for you. They don't look at another person. They want to love you with their whole, and if you are single, you might want to give them a chance.

#4 You have known each other for a long time 

If it is not a stranger flirting with you, it would indicate that the feeling is profound. The drunk person has developed this feeling for you over time. So when they look at you, they find you attractive inside out. 

This brings them confidence, and knowing your nature that you won't rush into a relationship but would take your time to understand things, and they took the liberty to open up themselves to you.

A friendly flirtation is encouraged in such situations. It would keep the matter light-hearted, and you can observe their behavior the next day before making your final call.

#5 You like them 

You're their secret admirer, and they can see it all too well on your face. They know how you enjoy their company. If they ask the popular lot, they might have thought to bring you into the limelight.

They were being nice and friendly. However, in such a situation, you can not be certain if they meant what they said. It may be their natural behavior. Look how they behave with others. If the special treatment was limited to you, you might mean more than friends to friends.

#6 They are holding your hands 

If they hold your hands while flirting with you, it is something meaningful. A person with an intention to randomly flirt won't show the courage to hold your hands. 

If their touch seems natural to you, there's a connection between you. It is not at a superficial level. Deep inside, you both are fond of one another.

#7 Their legs are reaching out to you 

When you're sitting across from them, notice if their legs point out towards you. If they're trying to interlock their legs with yours, they're hot for you. 

There's no shying away if you enjoy the attention. But if you think it is more forceful, it is advisable to change your company.

#8 They're leaning on you 

If, in the state of drunkenness, they flirt and unconditionally lean on you, it would mean that they trust you. You're not a nobody to them. They're someone you can rely upon too. Such trust has to be both ways. 

It is important here that you're supporting them. Your choice of not abandoning them at this stage indicates that you have a soft corner for them. Learn to trust your guts.

#9 They get emotional 

If they got emotional while trying to flirt with you, there's undoubtedly a connection.

It is not natural for a person to get emotional while flirting. Hence it's a green flag that the person has invested emotional value in you. However, in this case, if you are not connected with them at an emotional level, think twice before giving them a green flag. 

#10 They tell you acute observations about yourself 

If they impress you by making acute observations about yourself, they know how you would react in a situation.

This is indicative of their noticing you for a prolonged period. It means that they have worked and developed their feelings for you eventually.

In such cases, the lover won't be haste in making love to you because they want to make sure to win your heart. They'd coo you softly with soft steps. You would not be able to turn them down.

#11 They're singing to you 

If the drunk is singing out to you, it suggests they excel in flirting. While you might want to hum along and have a great time with them, don't be too quick to hasten into a relationship.

The stake is high that all they are looking for is to have a good time. Don't overthink this. Sometimes all you can do is go with the flow and discover wonderful things about yourself, about them, and togetherness.

#12 They take your hand to dance 

If they are not only flirting but being extremely romantic, love is bound to be in the air. They feel strongly for you. Such company is often enjoyed and appreciated. 

Such people would make you feel special. You would begin to yearn for them. There will be a likelihood that you won't deny their moves. In most cases, such people love to dominate.

#13 They take your name and pause 

If they take your name slowly and take a deep breath after taking your name, you stir an emotion within them that they have not experienced before. Such relationships get as emotional and romantic as it can be. 

They'd like to love you with everything if only you give them a chance. If not, they would keep admiring you from a distance. They won't want to cause any unnecessary drama. 

#14 They kiss your hands 

If they take your hand by surprise and kiss it in their state of drunkenness, it means they like you and are decent. They don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. They want to utilize the time in courting you. 

There are not many people who understand the importance of the courtship period, and fewer still who know how to excel in it. If you vibe along with them, and you feel it's worth it, keep moving in your direction and waver the green flag.

#15 They always show up when you need them

If a person always shows up when you need them, you undoubtedly have a special connection with them. You should not overthink this. Learn to enjoy the process.

When someone gives you special moments from their life, utilize it. Be grateful for a loyal company. Show them that you value their presence. Take the opportunity to do something special for them whenever you get a turn. 

How to respond to drunk flirtation?

It depends on whether you have a thing for the person flirting. If it matches your taste, flirt back; if it's not appealing, distance yourself before it's too late. How to do it? Continuing reading below to find out the quick tips.

If you like them 

When you like a person who is flirting with you, your heart will start singing to you. While you go all lala on them, it is important that they understand it too.

I've shared below a few ways in which you can make your feelings palpable to someone.

#1 Flirt back 

While thinking of flirting back sounds easy, it might not necessarily be so. The correct step is to meet them midway. If they have picked up a great flirting line, you tell them it is impressive. While if the flirting line is a cliche, you meet them halfway by making it great. 

Flirting is a great tactic to ease the building of sexual tension between two people. All you must do is appreciate them. 

#2 Hold their hands 

If they're flirting with you, fine, but hesitating to remove the distance in between, offer them your hand. It shall be as green as a flag can get. 

They'd appreciate it, and you can spend the rest of the time getting to know each other well. Doing something that falls in mutual interest, playing games, or going to karaoke, can be delightful.

#3 Kiss them 

If the drunk has been your crush for a long time, don't waste a moment thinking twice. Kiss them long and kiss them hard. You don't have to hold back your true emotions. 

Show them that you have wanted them for a long time. There's no going back for the two of you. Make the journey as memorable as you can. Seize the day and hold the night with your kiss!

#4 Don't let them drink more 

If you genuinely care for them, you won't want to take advantage of the situation. Moreover, admitting your feelings while they're drunk won't make much sense as they won't be in the right frame of mind to recall it either

You can take them on a rooftop or to a secluded spot and offer them a lemonade. Once they feel better, you can see them off. 

#5 Give them a hug 

A hug would be a friendly gesture. It might even make them feel better. If they were trying too hard to hit upon you, your hug would help them to ease down. 

A hug can make people break down in one's arms. It can also make an emotional person overcome their emotions. When a hug is given by someone special, it is certain to be magical. 

#6 Reveal your feelings 

If you have mutual feelings for them, disclose it in a way that they remember it the next day. Either send them a text message or do it the traditional way. Write them a letter to describe your feelings.

Make sure that your message reaches them. You can code your message too. Create a puzzle out of it so that by the time they solve the puzzle, they are sober. It will give you a romantic start to your love story.

#7 Drive them home 

If they're too drunk and you care for them, it is better if you could drive them home. By doing this, you would be taking on the responsibility upon yourself. 

They won't forget this part the next day. It would further encourage them to open up to you. It would bring you together at an intimate level.

#8 Bring them something to eat 

You can help them get sober by bringing them something to eat. Alcohol hits hard when it's taken on an empty stomach. 

By doing this, you would show that you are not interested in them for mere hookups. This would mean that whatever is between you, it is something substantial.

#9 Spend the night with them 

If they have been needy, and you like them back, there's no harm in spending the night together. Spending nights together doesn't indicate getting laid. It is better to get laid when you are certain the other person wants to. 

Rather when they discover that you spent the night with them to give them company, they'd feel grateful. It would show that you are an honest person. Remember, it is always great to start a relationship on the note of friendship. 

#10 Ask about it the next day 

Sometimes it's better not to take immediate action. Rather than shooting questions at them on that day, you can wait for the right time to enquire about how they feel for you.

You can never be absolutely certain if a person is into you—the matter of the timing. When you want to discuss something significant with someone, try to plan it out first. It should not come across as a desperate move. 

If you don't like them 

If a person is flirting with you, but you are either committed or not interested, it is better to show it. Don't tolerate something that you won't enjoy. Read below to understand some quick ways of doing it.

#1 Help them reach home 

If you don't like the flirt, but the one doing it is a friend, you can help them reach home safely. You can do this by taking them home or booking them a cab. 

You might feel awkward in their company the next day. See if they remember anything about last night. If they mention the subject and apologize, allow the subject to rest. 

If not, try to observe and see if they are an easygoing person with pleasing personalities. Such a person could not be taken seriously. 

#2 Don't humor them 

The best thing to do when someone unlikeable flirts with you are to avoid them. Not flirting back indicates that you're not interested in them. 

You can do this by changing your company, by not looking toward them, by pretending to be busy on the phone, or by calling up your partner or b best friend. 

Even a flirt will take the hint. It might hurt them, but they won't care to create any more nuisance. 

#3 Help them get sober 

You can help a person get sober even if you don't like them. Opt for this option only if they don't misbehave with you. There's a fine line of distinction between flirting and attempting to assault.

If you feel that the person is kind, you can offer them food or lemonade to ease them down. 

#4 Be a friend 

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Even if your friend flirts with you or is a pervert, you might not want to abandon them in their drunken state. 

If you feel they are looking for attention or emotional support, it would mean they are lonely. While they might not share or be easily open to others, they did in front of you because they trust you.

This is not the moment to mock or accuse them. Try to be tender. Speak softly. Be patient. Hold their hands and let them talk if you feel it is harmless.

#5 Hand them over to their friend 

If you aren't friends with the flirt, but you have mutual friends, it is better to hand over the person to one of the mutuals. That way, you would not have to take the load of seeing them off, and they will be taken care of simultaneously. 

Summing up 

If a drunk person flirts with you, go with your gut feeling and do what feels right. Never do anything under peer pressure, as you might regret it later. When you make your decisions, you get the ability to deal with the circumstances.

Suprity Acharyya


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