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When a Guy Blatantly Checks You Out (Meaning & What to Do)

When a guy blatantly checks you out it means he is thirsty for you. He has been wanting you for a while. Either he is a stalker or a pervert but at the given moment when he blatantly checks you out, he might be intoxicated. If this guy is neither your boyfriend nor a friend, it is advisable to keep your distance from him and avoid going to places he haunts unless you too have a thing for him. Featured Image of When a Guy Blatantly Checks You Out

Flirting is harmless till the moment you are vibing with each other and have mutual feelings for one another. The moment you feel that the vibe is off, you will start getting uncomfortable. This mostly happens with a change in the course of the period that can be brought about by wither a shift in their words which shows their true intentions or their actions. 

A gesture that might not be taken as you to be too profound is a guy checking you out blatantly. He is courting his feelings before the world for you . in the process, he is showing that he is shameless in your love. While he might have been inebriated, he will claim to have been drunk in your love. 

Such relationships are mostly founded on lust and end as soon as they have begun. However, if you feel for this guy and want to make something substantial out of the equation, I am here to guide you. Whereas, if you disdain the guy and feel uncomfortable in his presence, I will help you to fix the problem.

Take me to be your friend or a mentor, and keep scrolling down for I am going to take you on a topsy-turvy ride of human emotions. Fasten your seat belts and continue reading below. 

Reasons why a guy checks you out blatantly 

He is into you. You might be wearing revealing clothes that made him into thinking that you wanted attention. The guy is a stereotype of the worst lot who cannot afford to give the woman space to breathe in what she deems comfortable. 

However, if you have been flirting on and off with the guy, he is trying to signal to you that he wants to get laid with you. Perhaps if you give him a nod, he might make the arrangements to do the same. Continue reading below to explore more such possible reasons for how a guy’s mind works and what he might be expecting out of you when he makes such a gesture. 

#1 He is into you 

The guy crushes on you. He finds you so attractive and he is so body positive that he doesn’t mind expressing his desire to you. He wants to flatter you. A girl likes to feel wanted. Even if you are on the heavier side, the guy is not ashamed of showing that he has a thing for you. 

Most relationships these days begin like this. You ask a person out based on their looks. The desire and appeal are mostly mutual. In some cases, the partner likes how they are appreciated and loved by another and that keeps them going. Hence, it is important here to understand where you want to draw the line. 

You might want to give it a long relationship trial by observing how he behaves in the initial months. If you are merely interested in makeout, you can check the guy out back and make a one-night stand of it. The most important part and the challenge here is to understand your own opinion in this regard. What is it that you want will guide you further. 

#2 You are wearing revealing clothes 

If you are dressed up in clothes that reveal your contour or expose a particular part of your body, the guy might feel it to be his obligation to check you out blatantly. He might have high notions about his masculinity and might wonder why else would you wear those clothes if not for a guy like him to pierce into those. 

These days, most celebrities are dressed up in fine linings. In an attempt to create body positivity and body acceptance besides trying to maintain equality in the dressing form or liberty between males and females, they are promoting sheer-fabric clothes. These are fine net material that helps a person in checking you out and appreciate your body shape while staying away from both of them. 

#3 He is inebriated 

Perhaps the guy is so intoxicated that he cannot say right from wrong. Besides his suspended sense of consciousness and morality, he is at a place that dictates to checkout people. This might be a club, someplace dark, or a fancy party. 

People come here to have the time of their life and to have a gala party. Nobody restricts them from open flirting if the time and situation permit it. Of course, the partner needs to feel comfortable. Hence, if you find the guy attractive and make out openly in such an area, nobody would mind it. 

However, the problem occurs when you try to explore the truth element in this off-handed courtship. If you get attached to the guy or try to want to have something substantial out of it, would he be interested? 

For all you know, he might be ditching his girl who is out of town to have a sinful session with another woman. Hence, whether you can find out how true drunk flirtation can be regarded is a curious matter. However, we have the answer for you. Click on the link to find out more - Does Drunk Flirting Show True Intentions or Feelings?

#4 Your posture shows a want of attention 

If you are standing in a way that calls for attention, the guy is not to be blamed. If you are wearing a deep lined dress and bending yourself off the table, the guy will watch and register the offering. If your dress has a slit cut, the guy will like to check you out from down to top. 

If you are standing with your toes pointing towards the guy, or in a way that your face is inclined but your body is pointing towards him, the guy might find your body language sensational. He might find you irresistible and the act of blatantly checking you out means for his part to ask you that he has seen what you have been trying to offer, what next? He is curious and stirred to redirect the whole play to the next level.

#5 He wants to tease you 

He is inviting you to imagine all that he might be cooking at the back of his mind. He wants you to think of the wildest possible inappropriate things with him. He is fantasizing about you.

Guys have this tendency to edge you and get you all excited for them. This will make you thirsty when you are in bed with them. Hence, if you were planning to sleep with this guy, he has made this deliberate move to control you, delight you, and make you do the naughtiest possible things to satiate himself. 

#6 He is waiting for your signal 

Say, you left the conversation midway last night when he started courting you. He wants to see if you are ready for him yet because he is drooling for you. 

Perhaps give him a green signal so that he can make arrangements for the next move. If you have had conversations regarding how you would want things between you and him, he might have ideas to carry those out sometime soon. 

However, if you haven't had the conversations in this line yet but you would want to have it, perhaps try it out now. You can start it by texting him with a simple, "hey hottie! Say you are checking me out today. Is it too difficult to resist me yet?" 

It will make the ball rolling and you will be in for a game. You would also be able to assess if he is a player or not from the quality of his conversation. If he is a player, he will use a lot of babe in the conversation and would be extra careful to not reveal any of his details. 

Such details will include his address, his workplace, and in some cases his name. You must ask to check his personal identification proof if you want to be too careful. However, if you are in for some careless play, then go ahead.

#7 He is not ashamed to make a public expression 

The guy doesn't mind making bold moves in public because he wants to make you his woman. He might be doing it deliberately to make another guy off track. This happens when the guy has a strong sense of rivalry and is too particular about what he wants from you as your man. 

This guy would keep hinting at you that he wants you. He would send you horny signs and even take an overstep and share n*des or ask for pictures where he can adore you more brilliantly. To know more about how to deal with a situation such as this, click on the link - When a Guy Says He Wants You.

#8 He couldn’t care less for your comfortability 

The guy is a bl**dy narcissist who doesn’t care if his scooping male gaze penetration makes you uncomfortable. He is insistent and he wants to pursue you relentlessly. 

The guy has to be extremely hot for putting up tantrums or setting his condition this way. If you want him badly, you are already exposing your weakness before him. 

When a guy can go ahead and make you uncomfortable, don't shy from doing the same when he tries to hit another woman. It is fine to be rude in your words and gestures with such people. 

#9 He is making a silent promise that you will have a great time with him 

Read the confidence in his eyes. The guy is perhaps begging you for a chance and making you a silent promise to give you the time of his life if you decide to sleep with him. 

If you are single and you get excited too with the thought of sleeping with him, perhaps give him a chance. Remember, you don't know the possibilities of delving deep with someone unless you begin to get into their skin. Sometimes, you must allow yourself to be less prudent and go with the flow if your guts tell you so. 

#10 He is in a state of excitement 

He is perhaps having an er*ction this very moment thinking about you. You have been a part of his wild fantasies for a long time now. He thinks of you to be the apple fruit that god forbid Adam to eat. 

The situation becomes interesting when you are already seeing someone. This guy has taken that guy to be his rival and he is wooing you not because he is as much interested in you as he is in making you let down your boyfriend. 

Such are the traits of toxic people and you should keep them at bay. They will neither prosper themselves nor let you stay content with yourself. The easiest trait to identify a toxic person is to see if they easily get jealous. When people burn out of envy, they will neither be happy themselves nor would allow others to stay contended. 

#11 He is appreciating your efforts 

The efforts that you put into maintaining your weight and diet is being appreciated by the guy when he checks you out. The note of appreciation will always come from a friend or best friend who has never looked upon you sexually. 

You have assured that the look was harmless and at most what you will do about it is giggle or laugh out loud. You can imagine Joey complimenting Monica or Phoebe. You will appreciate the compliment with all your heart. 

In this case, you might recollect knowing the guy from your gym. He might be your trainer or someone who workout at the same gym and is stunned by holding your beauty in such a glamorous form. 

If he is your ex, he might genuinely be happy to see that you have shaped yourself so nicely. You can smile and move on here. You might get flashbacks of the moments that you had spent with your ex way back but keep faith in the beauty of life, after all, you have come such a long way.

#12 He is overfriendly 

The guy doesn’t know where to draw the margin between friendliness and overfriendliness. If you are a social influencer or a cheerleader or a person with strong bandwidth and the guy is your colleague or classmate, he might try to take the advantage of the moment by being over-friendly with you to show off and give the impression before to people that he knows you personally. 

It becomes difficult to decide how to respond or tolerate or not to tolerate such behavior. At the back of your mind, if you are not an empath, you might take him to be a scumbag. But it becomes crucial to figure out over here that the guy is harmless. He does not mean to hurt you or damage your reputation in any way. 

If you would have been more direct in your words and expressed to him how difficult a scenario he has created for you by behaving in that silly manner, he would be apologetic from the bottom of his heart. Hence, don’t mistake him for a pervert. 

A pervert will be loud and open in his gestures. He won’t just check you out but might try to grab your body and take the liberty to get handsy with you. Such people must be dealt with harshly. If you are an influencer, all that you need to do is expose his profile and bring his behavior into public knowledge. It might create a problem for you later if he turned out to be a brat of a rich man but you will have the public at your side in weightage. Hence, be fearless and bold in your moves when dealing with such people because you are doing the world a favor. 

What to do when a guy checks you out blatantly? 

While you might get offended if a vulgar stranger checks you out and make it too apparent, you would immediately burst into a burst of laughter if a friend does it. 

Hence, your reaction to the situation must depend on the comfort you share with the guy and the relationship you hold with him. For instance, if he is an ex, it depends on what accounts you separated from each other that your reaction would be based on. 

If you like him 

If the guy checking you out is your friend, boyfriend, ex, or sibling, you might want to take their gaze cheerfully and perhaps appreciate them for it. How to do it? Read below and find out. 

#1 Give him a signal 

There are many ways to pass a signal to someone. You can wink at the person to show them that you are not offended by their apparent powerplay. Maintaining long eye contact without blinking is a powerful green signal as well. 

Remember that you must start preparing for what follows after you have given the signal from your end. You have made the jump and there's no escaping the situation now. But if his touch or anything about him makes you feel uncomfortable, don't humor-free him. The person doesn't need to turn out to be that which we had imagined. Hence, always prioritize your comfort. 

#2 Check him out blatantly 

If a fun tease is going on between you and perhaps you are texting each other simultaneously or you are aware that he shall be dropping a text for asking you out soon, take it a step further by checking him out blatantly.

By doing this, you will be returning his favor. He might not be able to stop laughing. He might grab you hard and kiss you long. It all depends upon the mood swing and the environment that you are facing. However, it will steal the chance of any awkwardness away and you will be glad to see each other even after a long period.

#3 Dance with him 

Inviting the guy on the dance floor will allow both of you the time to make each other comfortable. You will be surprised to see that your body is swinging in delight. The sway will bear a taste of its own. It will be romantic.

You need to understand the necessity to make your body comfortable with each other. While you might think that you are ready to embrace and make love, how your body responds to the way he touches you plays a great deal too.

#4 Offer him a drink 

The way they show in the movies is that a guy in a club when interested in a woman or her gang of friends will send drinks or a bottle of champagne from his side. You can play a role reversal here by enacting the same scene in your way. 

A drink on the rocks is always mesmerizing. It can be followed by heartful conversations. The guy will walk to you shamelessly upon receiving the drink and you can exchange numbers and take it one step at a time to be sure.

#5 Makeout 

If you both are in for it and perhaps your body needs it, find a cozy corner and makeout together. Beginning from the foreplay, the way he kisses you, and the way he makes the arrangements to make you more comfortable will show how selfish or selfless of a guy he is on the bed. 

The residual feeling of the first session becomes the most important factor in understanding the power that someone holds over us. If it is strong and gripping to an extent that you find yourself submitting before them completely, nothing can feel more empowering. Even delighting them in bed or otherwise will make you feel taller in your eyes.

#6 Laugh out loud 

Laughter is the medicine for all diseases. If you are not afraid of laughing openly with a person, it shows that you trust the person strongly. Think of the movie Crazy, Stupid Love over here. How Ryan and Emma began to fall for each other. They teased each other and shared meaningful secretive, and special moments that they have never shared with anyone before. They exposed the vulnerabilities which pushes them down and make them weak. And finally, they were able to grab each other’s hand and help each other in rising up and above. 

You can be the Ryan and Emma in each other’s life. It’s only a matter of taking a chance and giving it a try. Put aside the fear of the world, set aside all your preconceived notions, and try not to be too prudent or prejudiced for a day and you will be amazed at all the love that is showered on you. Remember, we all are capable of loving each other, we are full of love. It is just a matter of time before we stumble upon the right person who makes it all very easy and doable. Perhaps he is that person.

#7 Show some friendly gestures 

Perhaps fling your hair, pat your shoulder, and use your hands to make a gesture of throwing friendly airs to vibe with the guy. It will display cordiality and comfort. The guy is sure to appreciate it. Sometimes we do things unconsciously and then we realize that we are surrounded by people. But when the gesture is taken sportily from the other end, all is good.

The viewers will understand that you can be flirted with. You don't mind a little sidelined flirting even if you are committed. It's just an exchange that you enjoy with the other gender. There is no physical touch needed here. 

If you don't like him 

If you feel disgusted by the way a random guy checks you out, it becomes important to express your distaste for them to show them where they belong and to draw a bold line in between. 

Read below some of the handy ways that are easy to remember and easier to perform when such an awkward situation turns up.

#1 Express your disapproval 

Show your disapproval via your facial expression and your words. Blurting out phrases such as, “How disgusting!” “Not acceptable!” “What do you think of yourself?” “How I wish to take off those eyes from the sockets!” are some of how you can show your distaste for the look he just gave to you. 

All the above phrases vary in their degree and you might want to be somewhat careful as to how you put them into use. You don’t know how violent and vulgar the guy is. Hence, it is better that you are in someone’s company before you bare out your emotions.

#2 Avoid the person 

No matter how much you hate them, the easiest way to survive in the co-dependent world peacefully is by avoiding the nastiness of the filthy creatures. You cannot stay up all night scheming a way to avenge the wrongs or the way one belittles you among people. The best way is to keep working on yourself. You can be a person of wonders. They will realize later why nobility is rare and sought-out quality and why some people can never have it.

#3 Report the person 

If you feel threatened by the person, you must report him immediately. There should not be a second thought here if the person looks like a dread to you. If he is making inappropriate remarks, you might feel unsafe. 

Most times we take such situations lightly and that is the reason why such crimes are on the rise. You must voice up your emotions and report the mischief made or intended. If they are guilty, they will be warned and fined. They won’t take women lightly.

#4 Stick with your boyfriend 

If the guy whom you love is around, stick by him and bring the behavior to his notice. If he is away, send him a text, a voice note, and even a picture of this guy who checked you out. Your boyfriend might either come over himself to escort you home or might send someone for you

Either way, you will feel more confident when you see that there is someone you can rely on. It is all human psychology. You can do things in person all by yourself but when you get a first-hand encouragement, it boosts up your energy and fuels your power.

#5 Block him  

If you were having conversations with this guy last night, and if the conversation was left midway because he misinterpreted things, and if you feel that his presence makes sense only because you had told him last night about your routine of the next day, the guy might have stalked you to the club or the party. 

The guy perhaps thought that you had wanted him to be there and it would be a surprise if he comes and checks on you. However, all you wanted was a friendly and distant share that allowed you space. You can convey the same to him. And if he is insistent, you must block him.

Summing up 

To sum up, if a guy checks you out blatantly, he might be overfriendly. Try not to jump to conclusions at a go. Allow him to take the benefit of the doubt before labeling him as a pervert. However, when you discover that he is the latter, there is no reason to tolerate his behavior and you should take appropriate actions towards his inappropriate behavior.

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