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17 Signs A Guarded Woman Is Falling In Love (With Tips)

A guarded woman may have trouble expressing her true feelings and letting someone in. However, if she is falling in love, she may gradually open up and show signs of trust, affection, support, as well as possessiveness. But all those signs should not be misinterpreted and understood based on circumstances.Featured Image of Signs A Guarded Woman Is Falling In Love

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a woman who seems guarded, mysterious, and hard to read? You feel a spark between you, but every time you try to get closer, she pulls away or puts up walls. It's a frustrating experience that can leave you feeling confused and helpless. But what if I told you that falling in love with a guarded woman can be one of the most transformative experiences of your life?

Think about it: the thrill of breaking through her barriers and earning her trust, the joy of seeing her true self emerge from behind the walls she's built up over time. It's a journey that requires patience, persistence, and a deep understanding of what makes her tick. But the rewards are immeasurable - a deep and meaningful connection with someone who has been waiting for the right person to come along and break down her walls.

In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of loving a guarded woman. We'll dive into the secrets of unlocking her heart, signs through which you can predict if he is falling for you, the challenges you'll face along the way, and overall the transformative power of a love that conquers all. So if you've ever been drawn to a guarded woman, and wondered what it takes to win her heart, keep reading.

17 signs that show a guarded woman is falling in love

Love is a complex and powerful emotion that can make us feel ecstatic or miserable. But what happens when you are involved with a guarded woman? Despite their walls, guarded women can also experience deep emotions and connections with the right person. And when they do fall in love, they do so with their whole heart. 

Maybe your intuition is telling you that she has developed a soft corner, yet you are not sure.

Maybe you are looking forward to exploring some potential sign that could tell you about her love interests for you. From her body language to the way she communicates, we'll explore the key indicators in the following points that reveal her true feelings. By understanding these signs, you'll be better equipped to navigate the complex terrain of loving a guarded woman and build a strong and lasting connection with her.

#1 She starts giving her opinion (about random things except for love)

A guarded woman generally tends to be an introvert who doesn't open up about everything and often avoids giving her opinions. But in your case, if the woman is guarded yet has recently started giving her opinions about various things that you two talk about, like politics, art, corporate work culture, ideal life, etc, then it's time to believe that the woman has developed a good bonding with you within herself. 

But, in this phase, guarded women still want to avoid any discussion on love and romance, because by nature they fear revealing their soft & vulnerable sides. 

#2 She starts texting you herself

If compared to guys, women do not text men so often. But if compared to others, guarded women hardly text any guy without specific reasons. So, if you consider a woman guarded, yet she texts you without any specific reason, just to chitchat, consider it a big deal.

Remember these women are generally overthinkers and think a lot even before dropping a text to a guy. So she must have found something in you that pushed her to drop that text. 

So, don't ignore it. But don't rush as well. Confused? Well, stick to the blog, I am sure you will get certain clarity about it afterward. 

#3 Checking you out

If you find a guarded woman checking you out multiple times, chances are high that she is interested in you. This can be true for most women, but just like guys check out on girls, women also check guys out causally. But a guarded woman is often conscious about their behavior. So, even if they check you out, you won't understand it initially. 

So, if you have found it out, then you are free to assume that she is checking you out so intensely that she lost her conscious hold on the behavior. There could be various dimensions of a guarded woman checking you out:

  • Checking your stories super fast on Instagram and Whatsapp.
  • Liking whatever you are sharing on social media.
  • Seems to be aware of your online presence while talking.
  • Often stares at you during her job.
  • Asks your friends implicitly about yourself. 

So, checking you out is for sure, an initial sign that the girl could fall in love with you. But to be definite with your notion, keep reading the rest. 

#4 Sending you signals

A guarded woman often finds it difficult to express her feelings in words. But if someone feels something deeply, that is meant to come out in some way. So, the girl you are talking about can be sending you various signals related to her feelings, subconsciously if not consciously.

These signals can come in many forms, such as a lingering gaze, a soft touch, or a gentle smile. Or you may also find her posting some stories related to a conversation you two had. They may be fleeting and difficult to interpret, but if you pay attention to them, you'll begin to see a pattern emerge. Over time, as the woman becomes more comfortable with you, these signals may become more pronounced and easier to read.

#5 She is now comfortable and little vulnerable around you

Guarded women are too choosy about being comfortable & vulnerable around people. They don't even consider their close friends whom they can be comfortable with. By definition, they maintain a certain emotional distance from everything and mostly tend to live within their world. 

But if such a woman has started being comfortable with you, something even small can be a great sign that she is interested. So think, how does she deal with you? Does she go out with you? Does she choose you to share her life stories? 

And most importantly, does she let you see her vulnerable side? Because a guarded woman never ever shows their vulnerable side to someone unless they are very special. So, if your answer to the last question is yes, I am kinda sure that the woman has started falling for you.

#6 She finds you trustworthy

Trust is something that always goes with comfort hand in hand. That's why I keep telling guys to put in more effort to gain the trust of women. Especially for guarded women, trust is the primary concern to start liking a guy. Why this is so, you will know while discussing her reasons to be guarded. 

However, if you think that your girl is finding you trustworthy, and depending on you in some ways, be sure that she likes you if not falling in love with you.

#7 She is taking the initiative for you

Being very less expressive, guarded women often distance themselves from most social initiatives. They might join social gatherings, and parties, but they hardly take initiative for someone unless they are very close. 

So, if you are connected with this girl in some ways, and she takes small initiatives of doing something for you, then she must have considered you a close one. And definitely closer than a normal friend. It can be as small as waiting for you after class or maybe office, and also as big as cooking your favorite dish. 

#8 She puts extra effort for you

When a woman is guarded, she may try to maintain a sense of control over her emotions and the pace of the relationship. But if she starts putting in extra effort for you, it could be a sign that she's starting to let her guard down and fall in love.

Maybe she goes out of her way to plan a special date or takes extra care with her appearance when she knows she'll be seeing you. She might even try to surprise you with little gestures of affection, like bringing you your favorite snack or sending you a sweet text message.

These acts of kindness may seem small, but they can be powerful indicators that she's starting to open up to you and invest more deeply in the relationship.

#9 She shares personal stories with you

The most sensitive area of guarded women is their personal space. Because it is where their nature of being guarded develops from. So, if a guarded woman has opened up to you even about that part of her, you don't need me to tell you that you have already entered the 'very special corner' of her mind.

Trusting you was the foundation of getting her bonding strong. But sharing her personal stories means the trust has gone to the next level. 

#10 She is interested to know about your life

Till now it was all about her opening up to you. But now, let us explore how she will deal with you and take things further once she has fallen in love with you. 

The first thing she will do is, ask about your life. As she has decided to slowly open up to you, now she would be interested to know the person more, whom she has decided to open up. However, now she will ask more about your family, your job, and implicitly also about your friends perhaps. 

#11 She is being a little possessive about you

Does your woman ask you where you are going and whom you are meeting with? Does she feel jealous when you talk about other women in front of her? Or does she react ignorantly then? These can be a sign that your woman is being possessive about you.

And if she still doesn't confess her feelings and you think she is guarded, I can assure you that she has already started falling for you. Because possessiveness comes only when someone thinks they have a certain authority and rights over a person. And this kind of emotion grows only out of deep feelings about someone. 

#12 She starts caring about you

Caring is perhaps the most subtle way to express love to our close ones. In fact, if we love someone, we don't have to put in extra effort to care about that person, rather it comes from within. 

So, if a guarded woman has started caring for you, no matter whether implicitly or explicitly, she has some kind of deep feelings for you. Every time you might not be able to understand whether she is caring about you or not, as guarded women like to keep things unexpressed, but again if you notice thoroughly, you will be able to find a pattern within it. 

#13 She talks about her future plans

We might think that telling someone about our future plans is cool. But for a guarded woman, it isn't. Being introverts, these people tend to be careful about sharing their personal information, especially about their future plans. But if a guarded woman starts opening up and talking about her future plans with you, it could be a sign that she's starting to fall in love.

And most importantly, they tend to open up only to those people whom can see a potential future with. She may think that discussing future plans can help gauge their compatibility and the potential for a long-term commitment.

So if a guarded woman starts talking about her future plans, take it as a positive sign that she is opening up to you and starting to envision a future with you in it. It may be an invitation for you to reciprocate your dreams and goals, and deepen the emotional connection between the two of you.

#14 She is more patient about listening to you

A guarded woman always expects her man to be a good listener. But at the same time, when she gets interested to know about his man, she becomes a good listener as well. So, if she shows interest in knowing about you and listens to you patiently while you are talking even in general, that means your words carry a lot of priorities to her. 

And when a guarded woman listens to someone so patiently, it becomes kinda synonymous of with falling in love with the person. 

#15 She is now comfortable talking with you about physical intimacy & love

Remember the last time, when I talked about her being comfortable with you? At that initial point, she was not so comfortable that she could talk about love and physical intimacy. Talking about these topics requires a lot of trust, affection, as well as attraction.

Most importantly guarded women, being overthinkers, keep their feelings about physical intimacy and love suppressed and open up to one n only whom they think of getting intimate with.

#16 She accepts and overlooks your flaws

As we all came to know from our early days: No one is perfect. So, human beings are such a package that comes with both flaws and forte. For normal people, your flaws might be annoying or at least not worth being overlooked. 

But when a guarded woman falls in love with you, tending deep emotional dedication, she will often overlook your flaws and will push you to be a better person. She will try to flaunt your strong points and motivate you to work on yourself. 

So, if you getting such a positive vibe from a guarded woman, chances are super high that she has fallen in love with you.

#17 She indirectly agrees that you are special

The primary thing about guarded women is their introverted nature. Due to this introverted attitude, and some insecurities lying below, they simply can't open up to people.

But if they fall in love with someone and it seems that the connection is being delayed due to their nature, then they might choose to open up a little bit. In this phase, she might indirectly agree that you are special to her. Like if you compare yourself with other people to her, she will stand you out. She might also flaunt that she only hangs out with you.

You know, I encountered such a guarded woman during my early college days. She used to praise me so much, kept telling me how good I am at so many things, hanged out with me, but I was too dumb to understand her hints. It was only after I went into a relationship with another girl, she opened up and kinda burst out to me. Thus, I still regret losing that girl. 

Understanding her reasons for being a guarded woman

The chemistry of falling in love with a guarded woman can be both exhilarating and frustrating. On one hand, there's the thrill of breaking through her barriers and winning her trust. On the other hand, there's the fear of triggering her defenses and causing her to retreat.

But this fear ain't gonna go so easily unless you try to understand her reasons for being a guarded woman in the very first place. 

Here you have to learn to differentiate between being guarded and being an introvert. Being introverted can be a person's inborn nature, but the attitude of being guarded develops with time and events. Depending on the various natures of a guarded woman you can try to decode her reasons for being a guarded woman. Below I'm mentioning a few common reasons that might help you in finding a pattern in your guarded girl.

  • She has grown up in such a conservative family where opening up about their feelings was considered no normal.
  • She has brought up without her parents and didn't ever learn how to open up about her feelings.
  • She used to have no friends in school. 
  • She has a history of getting bullied.
  • The woman has repeatedly encountered people who broke her trust. 
  • She tends to fear rejection.
  • The girl has developed severe trauma from her past relationships. 
  • She is even confused about her feelings. 
  • She is not sure how the other person feels about her. 
  • She is suffering from bipolar disorder.
  • The woman might be suffering from an inferiority complex.

Through these points, you could be able to find a pattern in your woman. But depending on her nature, you should engage yourself more in conversations with her and implicitly ask why she doesn't want to talk about her feelings in general.

How to deal with guarded women?

Dealing with guarded women can be a tricky job because it is different than dealing with normal women in various ways. Women do have a usual reputation for being less expressive about their feelings, but to some extent, they open up if they have a serious interest in you. 

But guarded women, having likely serious issues from their past, could be more vulnerable and sensitive that should be dealt with in some special ways. 

But as you are now aware of the signs and her potential reasons for being guarded, dealing with her can feel like trying to crack codes. Indeed it will need patience, persistence, and a little bit of luck as well. 

Below, I am going to talk about a few such strategies you can use to navigate this complex terrain and build a strong and meaningful connection with a guarded woman. But I would like to request you to go through them thoroughly and don't hesitate to modify & apply those tricks as per your circumstances.

#1 Treat wisely with delicacy

As mentioned earlier guarded girls are sensitive and vulnerable by definition. So, you should be pretty careful in dealing with them. Before speaking and doing something with them, you need to keep her reasons for being so in your mind and watch both your words and steps accordingly. 

But never hesitate to be spontaneous with your attitude and be delicate in treating her. 

#2 Do not judge

What guarded woman fears the most is that someone will judge them if they open up about their vulnerability and suppressed feelings. So, if a guarded woman is slowly being opened up to you, you are meant not to judge them. Yeah, she might have had many silly things in her past and still have many things in her life that could seem weird to you. But you are no one to judge him. 

#3 Do not try to push for something

Guarded women tend to take steps back if they get pushed specifically for something. So if you have fallen in love with a guarded woman, it is OK to convey your feeling to her in subtle ways. But never force something to happen. Keep putting in your efforts but go easy. Because the hard you push for it, the hard will she resist.

#4 Be patient and understanding

When you have chosen to be with a guarded woman, and decided to understand her, you have to put that effort to stick to this difficult task of unfolding that complicated mind. I agree the process could be hectic in long term, but here patience becomes very important. Because without being patient won't be able to be that understanding partner to your guarded girl which she is craving now. 

#5 Maintain your boundaries and respect her's

No matter what relationship you are in, it is very important to maintain each other's boundaries in order to have a healthy connection. Otherwise, things will get messed up petty soon. And when it comes to dealing with guarded women, you will be compromising your respect, if you don't create your personal boundary and respect hers. 

And always remember, compromising on respect hardly leads to something meaningful with a guarded woman. 

#6 Let your personality talk for you

In front of a guarded woman, whom you are interested in, you gotta have a strong hold on your personality. More than looks, these kinds of girls get more attracted to the personality of a man itself. 

So, you better build up such a personality where you don't have to speak out your intention, dignity, and integrity. Rather your personality will reflect all your insights. But always remember, holding on to such a personality, doesn't mean being rude. 

#7 A big 'NO' to cheap flirting

Cheap flirting can work for many women in order to test the water, but for guarded women, it is a big 'NO'. Being introverts, cheap flirting techniques are a big turn-off for them at the initial stage. They often find such guys as jerks and decide not to engage further with them.

So, healthy fun is ok, but not cheap flirting. You can come up with such flirtatious approaches once you get enough close to her. 

#8 Action speaks more than words

You might say a thousand things that you will do this or that for her. But at the end of the day, what matters to guarded women is the action you are taking based on your words. You have to put in more effort and be true to your words if you are dating a guarded woman. 

But if you are a busy person, simply do not promise anything that you doubt sticking to. Don't worry, guarded women are generally mature enough to understand your schedule. 

#9 Try to gain her trust and maintain that

Earlier I told you that the most important thing to get along with a guarded girl is to gain her trust. Through various factors like your personality, actions, and understanding once you get able to gain her trust, there comes your next challenge to maintain it. Otherwise, all your efforts are gonna go in vain.

So, don't gossip around your friends about her, try to give her viable solutions to her problems, and nurture her dependency on you. 

#10 Give her the support that she is looking for

A guarded girl is always subconsciously looking for a shield that can emotionally protect her. In the previous point, I mentioned that you are meant to nurture her dependency on you. This support she keeps seeking is solely emotional most of the time.

So, say beside her in her bad times. Try to make her understand that her past should not affect her current life, and show her ways to move on. 

#11 Friendship is important but doesn't get friend-zoned

You must not be 'the good guy' who always stays beside his guarded girl and hardly express anything to her. See, throughout the article, I have asked to behave decently, not behave unconditionally. So, you should let her know about your feeling on the very first day you decide to be with her. 

Because, if you don't get vocal about yourself, you might just end up being the 'male best friend' who never gets elevated from his position. I agree that friendship is the most important foundation for any relationship, but getting friend-zoned while loving a girl, hurts.

#12 Be Consistent

Being inconsistent is not good for anything. You put in a lot of effort one day and after that suddenly you disappear from the scene: it doesn't work. 

So, put in only that much effort with which you can be consistent. Because after a few weeks of your effort, the girl will be expecting things from you. That time if you disappear, a guarded woman might consider you irresponsible and never get along further. 

Benefits and Challenges of dating a guarded woman

Dating a guarded woman can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. On one hand, you'll likely be with someone who is cautious, independent, and values honesty and trust in a relationship. On the other hand, you may face difficulties in establishing emotional intimacy and connecting on a deeper level due to her guarded nature. Understanding the benefits and challenges of dating a guarded woman can help you navigate the ups and downs of a relationship with someone who may be hesitant to fully let you in. 

Benefits of dating a guarded woman:

  • She will be cautious and thoughtful before opening up, which means she will take the time to truly get to know you before letting you in.
  • Guarded women tend to be independent and self-sufficient, so you won't have to worry about her being clingy or needy.
  • She will value trust and honesty in a relationship, so you can be sure that she will always be truthful and loyal to you.
  • Guarded women tend to be strong and resilient, which can be inspiring and motivating in a relationship.
  • She will be selective about who she lets into her life, so if she chooses to be with you, it means she sees something special in you.

Challenges of dating a guarded woman:

  • It can take a long time for her to fully open up and trust you, which can be frustrating and require a lot of patience on your part.
  • Guarded women may struggle with vulnerability and emotional intimacy, which can make it difficult to connect with them on a deeper level.
  • She may be guarded because of past trauma or negative experiences, which can make it challenging to navigate potential triggers or emotional baggage.
  • Guarded women may be hesitant to rely on others, which can make it difficult to build a strong sense of partnership and teamwork in a relationship.
  • It can be hard to read her emotions or understand what she is thinking or feeling, which can lead to misunderstandings or miscommunications.


In conclusion, I just want to say that getting involved romantically with a guarded woman can indeed be a challenging but pretty fascinating experience. Through this article, we have explored some common signs that a guarded woman is falling in love, as well as tips on how to deal with her guardedness and build a strong, healthy relationship. We have also discussed the potential benefits and challenges of dating a guarded woman, and how to navigate these hurdles to create a loving and fulfilling partnership.

Remember, every relationship is unique and requires effort from both partners to succeed. With a little patience, empathy, and understanding, you can overcome the challenges of dating a guarded woman and build a lasting, meaningful connection. Keep these tips in mind, trust your instincts, and communicate openly and honestly, and you'll be on your way to a fulfilling and rewarding relationship with your guarded love.

Thank you. Keep loving, & keep spreading love. 

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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