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She Likes Me but Keeps Pushing Me Away - Exactly What U Need to Do

She wants you to make extra efforts to win her heart. A previous love experience might have disabled her from trusting a guy. Girls are easily insecure, and if you are among the popular lot, she will take her time before accepting her feelings wholeheartedly.Featured Image of She Likes Me but Keeps Pushing Me Away

Many people these days are so independent and righteous in everything they do that it becomes a difficult task when they must acknowledge the feelings of others. Such a case may happen when a girl likes you yet keeps pushing you away.

It is typically done when the girl either knows you for a long time or does not want to stake her friendship for flings, infatuation, or romance. It can also happen when you have newly familiarized yourself with a woman who is instantly attracted to you but finds it a widespread feeling among her friends.

It becomes more difficult when you also like her, but she is not convinced. In this blog post, we will get to the root cause of such irrational behavior. After analyzing the causes, I'll help you find a permanent solution.

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Reasons why she likes you but keeps pushing you away

She might be already dating someone. You came a little late in her life. So no matter how much she liked you, she can't use it as an excuse to date her current partner.

Yours could be a typical love triangle. However, there can be other reasons for never seeing her with another guy. Keep reading to know more.

#1 Your personality differs 

An introvert won't openly embrace her feelings. If she is an introvert, it would be difficult for her to acknowledge her liking for you.

On top of that, if you are an extrovert, the difference in personality will add to her difficulty. Please allow her some time to be so overwhelmed in love that she could do nothing to avoid it any further.

Sometimes taking out time is the only way of processing things. Just don't give up on her. Eventually, she will come around.

#2 She does not know how you feel 

If you're an introvert and you haven't hinted that you're genuinely into her, she might take all your conversation as a part of happy flirting. 

Remember, many men in her life enjoy flirting casually. She is bound not to take carefree flirting seriously. 

If you want to try it, express yourself in a manner that is not cliche. Put in real effort. Even if not a grand gesture, make it subtle by showing your fondness and insights for her. 

#3 She's a tease 

Perhaps she is prolonging the courtship period as she enjoys teasing you. Take a close look at her expression. Does she smile while pushing you away? If a girl is blushing and pushing you away simultaneously, she will come back to you. 

She is a tease. She enjoys giving pain to her charmer not only because she knows what a gem of a person she is, a rewarding possession, but also to test your patience and depth of emotions for her.

#4 You're not making strong moves 

Your baby moves would keep you a toddler in a lady's eyes. A gentleman needs to come out strong and bold. Be dashing. Give her something more than other guys.

Girls believe in actions. Words won't impress her. Show up for her in her times of need. Show your love and care in palpable gestures. 

#5 She is committed 

If you're flirting with a committed girl and expect her to respond favorably to it, your expectations are taller than the Eiffel tower. However, that doesn't imply that she can't be yours. 

If you want to pursue her, find the flaw in her boyfriend. See how she courts her and works on your style. Learn what wins her heart. 

She might give up on her deep-hearted emotions and lose a bit in the process. However, don't play with her emotions. If you are working on splitting with her current partner, be honest in your attempts and stay dedicated to her.

#6 You're also her best friend 

If you're one of the closest fans of the girl you're trying to hit, you'll have a tough time doing it. Girls don't easily give up on their friends.

She knows that if you two screw with each other, there's no coming back. Your relationship will change, and you won't feel much more comfortable with one another. 

If you're sincere in your emotions, show her why dating you shall be a perfect idea. As you have known each other for a long time, there's nothing better than knowing each other more. Remember, you must be convinced with the idea yourself before trying to convince the other person. Being your best friend, she would sense even an iota of doubt within you.

#7 Her best friend likes you too 

She is not paying heed to your words or actions because her best friend has been crushing on you for a long. No girl would date a guy; her friend already has his heart.

That would be a conflict of interest, and as far as the girls go, they value friendship more than anything. Besides, she knows her friends will be long-lasting while the guy might not meet her expectations.

If you have a genuine interest in her, make her confess the reason and confront her friend seeking her help in pursuing this girl. If her friend is of a strong character, she won't mind not helping you in your knighthood romance.

#8 You're not ambitious 

If she takes you to be someone who likes to fool around, she will not take you seriously. Women, on attaining a certain age, look to the side of men with ambition. 

They're more interested in discussing business, funds, and the share market. Become a guy with a plan when you want to draw the attention of a woman with strong business acumen. 

Keeping false air around you to impress a girl won't work with someone who has dealt with a pack of your type already—when you don't have a plan, but the other person does, taking an interest in their plan can also be rewarding. Remember, something is better than nothing.

#9 She is taking time 

Perhaps the girl is taking the time to consider the proposal. She might be thinking on various lines. Girls usually don't think straight the way guys do. They consider many factors, such as looks, social status, and family background. 

She will come back to you after she hasn't measured. When she does that, you will either get an affirmative nod or a direct no. There is no playing around with a woman with a serious disposition. 

#10 She is insecure 

If you're an available guy who flirts openly and enjoys the attention of girls, or in other words, if you're a chocolate boy who is after this one woman who won't acknowledge her feelings for you easily, it is because deep inside, she is insecure.

The thing with insecure people is they don't enjoy fooling around with popular guys. It takes a toll on them to merely think that their partner is a charmer in the eyes of many. This further lowers their self-esteem as they feel less worthy.

If you're trying to draw the attention of one such woman, you will have a tough time dating her even after she accepts your proposal. Such women are not easily pleased. Think twice before you make a wish!

#11 She has commitment issues 

If a woman has commitment issues, that is, a fear of getting committed so much that it can be called a phobia, she will do her best to fight all the feelings of getting hitched as much as possible. 

Such fear regarding relationships is very common these days across both genders. People like to live carefree lives. Unnecessary responsibilities worry them. 

If you have true feelings for this girl, don't push her into commitment. She will make it official when she feels like it. 

#12 She is ambitious 

If the lady is too focused on her career, anything else would be a distraction for her. When in love, a woman undergoes different ranges of emotions. 

This girl is aware of the changes that would take place within her at an emotional level. While certain hormonal changes can be overseen, attachment often brings about mental toil. 

If you want her, assure her that you won't play with her trust. Tell her everything that she wants to hear. Show her how accepting you as a partner will help her in positive reinforcement. You would motivate her, and together both of you would reach higher levels. 

#13 You're a playboy 

If you have the reputation of a hooker, a woman with deep moral roots won't consider you seriously. Every playboy becomes serious with the emergence of the right woman in his life. 

Show her that she is the one. Do things that you haven't done for anyone before. Let society voice your feelings. When we are honest in our actions, we need not use words. 

Our words turn out nicely in our actions. When you reach the extremes without hesitation, the lady's friends will begin to convince her to accept you.

She must feel that you're worthy of her love. Show her that you desire her in a way that would make both of you complete.

#14 She wants a platonic relationship 

Perhaps you are more sidelined towards a physical relationship, whereas this girl is looking for a spiritual relationship. It doesn't necessarily imply that she would not want to switch later. It only means that the wooing period shall be longer than usual.

Try to know her sexual orientation. Some women are sapiosexual. They won't easily allow someone in their life if they take the person to be dim-witted. In such a case, try to know the woman's interest and educate yourself.

#15 She is rich 

If the girl is rich while you're poor, it might give her a substantial reason to like you but not be with you. She does not want to give up her comfort zone. Love has not made her irrational, implying that she isn't insanely in love with you. 

If you love her with your all, you shouldn't mind this either. Love should be selfless. So, if the girl keeps her priorities sorted and the list doesn't include you, it indicates that she isn't good enough for you.

The one who shall be truly in love with you, even if rich, would bring you growth prospects. She would find a way to energize your capabilities in the development of her firm. She would not give up on you.

What to do if a girl likes you but keeps pushing you away

When a girl likes you but pushes you away, you might need to do something to catch her attention so that there is no avoiding you any further. This could be done by securing a spot with her in the corner of the room or end of the lane from where there is no turning away. She will have to confront her feelings or at least provide you with a set of understandable excuses in her defense.

There are many ways to achieve such an end. Some of such ways have been discussed below to help you figure out the situation and handle it masterfully without hurting yourself. Keep reading to know more.

#1 Reveal your feelings 

Confronting the one right who has your heart with all you feel about her might be a good start. She might be avoiding you all this while because you haven't yet taken the first step. Sometimes, even a text message explaining your feelings briefly, such as "I've grown fond of you over time, and I am unable to keep myself away from you any longer," shall do the magic.

Remember, the words uttered in the right place can bring you handsome rewards. Choose the timing correctly, and plan it out skillfully. If she truly has some feelings for you, she won't keep herself away from you. If not, she will make it clear and remove all the doubts.

#2 Confront her 

Ask her directly why she keeps pushing you away. There would be no avoiding. She would understand what you mean and would respond accordingly. 

Confronting a woman and asking her questions is similar to playing with fire. Women know well to fabricate stories and manipulate a person. You must be able to touch the emotional chord in her to make her reveal what's truly in her mind.

#3 Plan a date 

Planning a perfect date would lead to many things at once. It will create a perfect setting for her to open up with you. A date should be romantic. 

Please pick up the perfect spot, preferably rooftop or by the pool, hire the musicians, and take her hand for the perfect dance. Sometimes the situation itself becomes so romantic that nothing more is needed it.

#4 Go old school (write her a letter or gift her a card) 

You can reveal your feelings by making an initiation in a way that would do the act of replying easy for her. My suggestion would be for you to write her a letter. 

A letter could be descriptive and sensory or precise and endearing. It is upon you how you would want to take it. If the idea of writing a letter seems too much, don't hesitate to buy her a glamorous letter. 

#5 Make her a playlist 

A romantic playlist could be heart-winning. A fusion of your favorites and hers is all the more amusing. Take small steps in the right direction. 

Make the courtship period such that it is forever with you. As it is said, "if music is the food of love, play on." Let the music do the magic.

#6 Ask for her help 

Ask her to help you with the task. Women are helpful by nature. When you deliberately seek her assistance in work, she feels valued. In this manner, you will get the opportunity to spend time with her too. 

#7 Appreciate her beauty 

Women like to be appreciated for who they are. Praise her beauty poetically. Sing her a song or hum her a tune. Comment on her hair, her eyes, admire her lips, and her jawline. Show her that you love her for all she represents. 

#8 Flirt with her in front of her friends (it will help her overcome her insecure nature. Also such people crave attention) 

Flirting with her friend instead of flirting with her could bring you success. If it irks her greatly, she will fidget for attention. When she does something of that nature, kiss her strongly and woo her with all your might.

#9 Go down your knees 

Girls love romantic settings. When you walk an extra mile to please her, make a grand gesture by going down on your knees and asking for her hand, she will not be able to hold back. The right venue, music, and perhaps a ring will win you her heart permanently.

#10 Kiss her already 

When you know she wants you, don't pay much heed to her shyness. Hold her tightly and kiss her strongly. Breathe life into her. When she likes you, she won't hold herself back. She will engage in a lovely makeout session, which would be your first step toward making memories.

Summing up 

If a girl likes you but keeps pushing you away, you must give up the indirect methods and be more straightforward in your declaration to her. Once she got a clear signal, she would start waving green flags.

Suprity Acharyya


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