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When a Guy Updates You About His Day (Here What It Means)

You mean something to him. He is lonely. You are perhaps a good listener, and he likes talking to you. Updating about his day, as such, could be merely an excuse to keep the conversation in flow. Featured Image of When a Guy Updates You About His Day

You started talking to a man, and it never stopped. Without explaining to each other about expectations and needs, you started getting on texts and eventually on calls. Now one fine day, it strikes you that the guy updates you about his day daily. You are wondering why he does so. 

Does he think highly of you? Have you become the definition of his best friend? Is he attracted to you? Many such questions might flood your mind. 

In this blog post, I'll help you figure out the possible reasons for a guy to update you about his day and how you should reply. 

Happy reading! 

Reasons why a guy updates you about his day 

He likes doing it. He has become fond of you. There are many ways one can get attached to someone. It depends on how he addresses you. 

To find out more, continue reading below.

#1 You are patient  

If you are, in general, a good listener who acts as a healing agent to others, people would like to update you about what’s going on in their life as they get free one-to-one counseling sessions. Moreover, some people like to dump their waste on others. They can’t bear the heaviness of all the crap on their minds. 

This might not be the first time that this is happening to you. If you come across as a soft-spoken person who finds happiness and warmth in other people’s happiness and takes other people’s flattery too seriously if you feel that you can be a messiah in the life of all who feels like a ‘pariah,’ an outcast, or have difficulty in coping up with the ways of the world, it is you who needs counseling. 

Being a patient person is good, but not at the cost of your mental health. If the thoughts of other people’s problems or sins keep you up at night, it is not worth it, right? Moreover, if these people sharing the insights of their days with you have so much on their tabloids to share, it suggests inconsistency. 

It implies that they are not stable in their life. It shows you the true nature of such people. These are folks who love to experiment, but they didn’t take scientific research as their subject. Their expertise, they feel, in human psychology or in deconstructing the forces that hold institutions together. 

They like to deal with extremities, and they will use every opportunity to vent out when they get a listener. Such people fantasize about themselves as politicians, and you will be fed up with their nonsense if you don’t have a knack for such things. Hence, rather than wasting your time, switch your window to something more promising in nature.

#2 He likes talking to you  

When we start having conversations with people, we find ways to stay connected with them as and when we get time. It is the in-built human nature to cling to others. We are fearful of being left alone because it makes us vulnerable.

Hence, if a guy started talking to you and you responded to his vibe positively, he will not let you wander off easily. You might have met on a dating platform and might not even have gotten the chance to meet each other in person. You have become Alexa for him in this case. He relies on you for emotional dependency.

The point here is how much you enjoy talking to him. Do you get all excited when he tells you that he made a breakthrough? Do you keep looking at your cellphone at every notification hoping to see his name flash on the screen? Do you go to extra lengths to keep him pleased?

Are you lonely, or are you fond of this person? Is it your loneliness that has made you closer to them, or do you appreciate their presence because they stayed with you at a time when no one else did? 

If you have a healthy equation with the guy, let it flourish. If you feel it is not mere crushing but an insane infatuation that can be both heartbreaking and harmful, be alarmed. Remember, it is alright to take things slow. You don’t have to overdo things. 

If you feel that the space you share with them will work, don’t change anything about it. If he not only talks about himself but is also keen on learning about your day, he is attached to you. To read more on this, click on the link - If A Guy Texts You How Was Your Day.

#3 He is under the assumption that you are dating  

You won’t believe what people’s imagination can make them believe. This guy you have been entertaining for a while now has become so addicted to you that he is under the self-deluded assumption that both of you are seeing each other.

What your conversation needs is an update on the status of your relationship. Rather than lending him ears to listen to all about his day, you need to ask him, “Where is thing going? What are we doing? Do you feel that we have created a mire for ourselves, and there is no escaping it anytime soon?”

This might be so because the equation that you have been sharing with him is nothing less of sorts. You talk all day long and have even started sharing pictures and valuing each other's opinions and preferences. Either this is leading to an everlasting friendship, or if it looks more like a one-sided romance, he is going to get his heart broken hard.

A false impression is easily given to people. While you feel that you have been honest and doing the right thing, the other person might be misappropriating your signs and favors, the gentility and nobility with passion and fondness of a latently sexual nature. 

Don’t be too surprised if he shows up at your door someday, hoping that it will please you endlessly to make it true for real. Hence, first, having introspection to understand what you are truly driving at and then having a dialogue with the person to understand whether you are on the same page with him is urgent.

#4 You have a great sense of understanding  

If this guy works with you on a similar project and conducts a business of a similar nature, if he is your co-worker or your right hand in the office, you don’t know where to go and how to achieve your ends without him, you might be unconsciously manifesting something life-sustaining.

One of the major elements of love is a great bond that harbors mutual understanding. If you feel you share the emotive quotient and the intellectual wavelength with them, make the call and go for it. 

They are not blind or unconscious of all that’s going on between you. If the chemistry is so charming that you have become the talk of the town and people long to see you together, they give others your example to establish a balanced relationship, and it would be ideal for giving it at least one chance. You could never anticipate the load of happiness it might bring to your life.

#5 He is justifying his lack of availability  

If you are already seeing this person or both of you are aware that if you keep continuing this way, very soon your relationship will take a turn where you would make your feelings official, he might be giving you updates because there is no other place in the world where he would want to be rather than with you. 

If there is an unwanted distance between both of you due to the city, travel, traffic, work, or others, he might be justifying his lack of availability by giving you updates on his life happenings. You might sense an apologetic tone in his voice where he shows how sorry he is for every moment not spent with you

#6 He is lonely (new in the city or workspace, doesn't have time to make friends, hoping you could help) 

The guy might be clinging to you because you have a friendly nature, you are available 24*7, and it is convenient to drop a message in your inbox. The guy perhaps remains busy, if you happen to be the guy’s neighbor or secretary or if you have meals together, if there is any valid reason owing to which you get to meet him every day, if he is your boss or worse, if he is your boss’s son, you might even take it as your responsibility to hear him and lighten him. 

However, if he is your patient, you are his therapist, or you have met through a group practicing intoxication, he might have started relying on you for assistance. It brings him calm and peace to think that there is someone in the world who has his back, even if it is for inappropriate reasons such as wealth. If he is your sugar daddy, he might be looking for an emotional understanding or searching for a generous soul to have his faith maintained and balanced in the world.

#7 He redirects texts to flirt  

If the guy is a big flirt and sending you updates about his date is only a point of initiation, slowly enabling him to switch and upgrade the conversation to uncover all his dark desires and expose his secrets before you.

This might be about the fantasies that he has for you or for someone else, which he is applying to you for self-gratification. After all, it is all in mind, and a person might go to any extent without hesitation to satisfy themselves by feeding their imagination.

In cases such as this, even if you don’t motivate them or play a very positive role in their life, that is, even if you are aloof and distant. You don’t even pass a smile or reply to their texts when they send you messages. The fact that you are not blocking their gestures is enough for them to keep the game on. It is as if this lack of impulse to kick him out of your life keeps him warm.

You might see that though his conversation begins with a description of his day, he soon turns it into an elaborate expression about how he notices all your movements and likes all your activities. You will realize that he is not flattering you. He means all of it but rather than getting freaked out, and you commit the mistake of taking it all as compliments. That is where you become toxic, and all the hope for a change for the better in the equation you share with them is washed away.

#8 He plans on proposing to you  

A player doesn’t text you daily. Hence, the chances are high that the guy is not a player. He knows what his heart wants. His regular texts are to reach a stage where you both cannot stay without talking to each other. 

Eventually, he will ask you out, and you would neither be able to put him down nor want to. Both of you will be investing in each other in this relationship wholeheartedly. This can get as positive as you want it to be. 

Hence, if you feel good about it, build it. It won’t happen overnight. When you are certain about what you want in life, you won’t be able to put it down or reject it when the right moment comes. Accepting the proposal if he does go down on his knees at once would be the real deal. It would help if you were so confident that you don’t freak out when the time comes for it. For this, a cordial understanding, maintenance, and knowing how easily or strongly you can stand against hurdles and overcome them would be the key.

#9 You remind him of someone (perhaps his ex with whom it couldn't work out for different reasons. He is hoping to find his lost love.) 

There is a possibility that you resemble someone he used to love dearly. Perhaps the byproduct pains him still. He doesn’t know how to handle the way his heart skips a beat every time he looks at you. 

It might not have worked with his ex for several reasons, but that does not imply it will not work with you. Ask your heart how you feel when you are with him. Is it a sense of awe or sympathy?

Don’t be with a person out of mercy. We all have been the victims of time and dreams. It doesn’t mean we should not take second chances. When you give something another try, it shows that you are a person of faith. It also shows that you have a profound understanding of your needs.

When you have it all clear in your mind, it will not play games with you. You need to be more understanding and stay open-minded. 

Don’t fear that because you might hold a similar countenance to someone he has known in the past, it implies that he is trying to replace them. No. That person shall always hold a special spot for them in their life. It does not imply that there is a fuzzy set of expectations that you need to stand up to lest you fear that they might abandon you. 

It means that life is a journey of hope. They might have tried dating someone who reminds them of their ex out of hope that not every person is similar. If his ex had done something very brutal to hurt him, he might hope to see alterations in your personality when you meet him again.

#10 He is insecure about his looks but good at conversation 

If you are wondering why he is not asking you out already could be because he is either fat, not so good-looking, or shy in person. He is insecure about himself but is obsessing over you. 

He finds you addictive and hence keeps coming back to you with the hope that someday you might break the stereotype and ask him out instead.

 If you feel that is doable, if you are not cliche in gestures where women have overly weird expectations, and if it is not too much for you to believe that man's shyness is not a subject of condemnation but a realization that he might need more space in the relationship than you, then go on and ask him out.

#11 He is a gossip maniac 

He doesn't inform you about his day but uses it to gossip about everyone he might have met that day. If you know these people and find the details interesting, he doesn't mind keeping you updated. 

This doesn't imply that he is attached to you. It is in his nature to talk. He is doing what he loves to do. You might misinterpret his commitment with updates thinking that he is doing it intentionally while, in reality, he lacks an intention. 

While such people might make good reporters, in life, they are either jobless or spoiled brats to be able to afford such a luxury. Hence, unless you like to gossip too, it is better not to waste your time in future endeavors.

#12 He is going to get a reply someday 

If you are his ex, or if you were on the verge of dating him, but you had a change of heart, a big turn-off of sorts, he might have continued to text you in the hope that you might undergo an alteration of heart again soon. Hope is a stingy business. 

While being hopeful can prove to be fruitful for one, it could prove to be devastating for another. Hence, if you are bent on not giving him another chance, you might need to be bolder and shatter his hopes immediately, whereas if you choose to take time to see where it leads you, go slow.

#13 He is reporting about you 

Perhaps the guy is talking to you to know about your whereabouts and update your ex. Even if you can't find your ex on his friends, verify the guy's account and dig into his background to find out if he shares the same educational qualifications, jobs, or cities as that of your ex, and be on alert, allow him to do the talking but you don't talk.

If you have dated an obsessive person in the past, he won’t let go of you easily, even after eons. While you might think that bygones are bygones, the guy you dated might not share your perspective. Hence, being alert in all the phases of your life is helpful.

#14 He is treating you as a sidekick 

There is a possibility that the guy has a girlfriend, but he only spends time with her in bed. The rest of the meaningful things he likes to do with you. These are the traits of people who don’t know what they want and are often found to inhabit the no man’s land. 

Such people face a difficult time in letting go. They like to keep their plates full. They don’t take time to move on even if they are dumped into what they thought to be true love. It is because they always keep a handful of backups ready with them. As such, you must discover his hidden truths and ask him to choose between her and you. 

They would only feel the pressure when you exert it upon them. Don’t be too surprised if they pick you over the other person. They would do it because they could see that you take notice of them. It implies that you love them. If the other person can’t see the changes in their behavior, it implies that they don’t love him enough and hence won’t have much difficulty letting go of them either.

#15 He has hopes of rejuvenating the relationship 

If he is your ex and you broke up over something, but you still talk to each other daily, he is hopeful that he might win you back. As I said, hope can be a stingy business. However, since you are entertaining him, you must have some motives, latent business, or unconfessed feelings. 

Either way, remember that you are not only investing both your time and energy but also a part of your heart in the process. Tread carefully, love gently and accept readily. Don’t compromise on things you aren’t supposed to. 

What to do when a guy updates you about his day?

There is no harm in lending your ears if it can do someone good. Further, you should make your call depending on whether you find the person likable. Read below to find out more. 

If you like him 

When you like someone, why hide it? Be more open to acceptance. It would help if you first got into a dialogue with yourself to decide what you are looking for and then find creative ways of disclosing it to him.

How to do it? Find out below. 

#1 Let it continue 

If you like the guy who likes to update you about his date, he has a certain degree of fondness for you. What we are not certain about in this context is how he pictures you. You might have to wait a little longer and allow the conversations to flourish like they already do. With time, you will get a better understanding of the situation and will be able to analyze things better.

#2 Redirect the conversation 

Since you are already in great touch with the guy, you can use the opportunity to redirect the conversation in the way you like. This will help you to talk to him more candidly. You can play situations here. Give him certain situations to understand what his take is on them. 

Sharing experiences and discussing goals and expectations would not only go in line with the kind of dialogues you are already engaged in but will also widen the prospect for further accommodation and liberty. It will also allow you to know more about his past and what he holds dear and understand all that has gone into his shaping. 

As a result, you might get to relate to some of the experiences, which will further enlarge the scope to dismiss small talks from the horizon and be more determined and honest in your approach to one another. 

#3 Change conversation into meetups (check the vibe and make the call) 

Don’t take much time to ask him out when you are getting the vibe, lest someone else might overtake you in securing the opportunity. If he isn’t already asking you out, it might be because he is already seeing someone but isn’t too sure about how he feels about her or because he is confused.

This confusion might be because there is someone who likes him dearly. He has a hard time choosing between her and you. Since he does not know what you feel about him, he is unsure how to react to the comprehensive proposal by the other person. Hence, don’t keep the good vibes waiting. 

#4 Ask him what he thinks of you 

There is no harm in making direct interrogations to clear your doubts. If you get mixed vibes from the front, this is one of the best resorts. Now you might wonder how to get about it. Dropping a message in their inbox will do the magic. 

“I am getting mixed vibes from you. One moment I feel that the entire world is made up of us. At the other moment, it looks like there’s this big fat world in between us. Which one is it, and where would you want to proceed?” 

While it could seem too much, it is necessary. You must add, “take your time to answer this, for I am in no hurry but help me understand our status for clarity.” It is important for the guy not to answer under pressure. He should neither be running away from you after this nor towards you blindly because he feels that you have love and faith enough for both of them. It would help if you kept things balanced.

#5 Make it more intimate with gestures  

There are many ways to breed intimacy. To show someone what they mean to you, there is not much need to utter your feelings in words or writing. It can be done in several other mesmerizing ways, guaranteeing the deal. 

Some such ways are to hold his hands, send heart emojis, invite him over for coffee, exchange books, share your playlist, or give him a handmade customized present. Do things that no one might have done for him before. Be respectful and thoughtful in your gestures. Remember, love knows how to conquer all. When your feelings are genuine, they will guide you further. 

#6 Kiss his cheek 

Cheek kisses are as adorable as they can get. It doesn’t radiate desperation. It is a sign of healthy friendship. When the exchange of details about the day happens in person, you can choose any convenient moment to find a way to his face. 

If he allows you readily and uses the moment to hold you close a little longer, you will understand what he feels for you. If he is amused, you can let the matter rest for now.

You might get a text by the end of the day where he might ask you what made you kiss him at that moment. He might use it to tease you, but the fact that he is trying to play along would indicate that he likes you, but his feeling hasn’t reached the love stage. 

#7 Give him a hug 

A hug can be friendly, meaningful, cozy, romantic, and protective. It depends upon how you hug them. If you do it by the side, it is a partial hug that one acquaintance gives to another when they meet in a formal setting after a long time. Avoid this style if you are intent on doing something better here.

When you hug from the front, it leaves one out of breath for that singular moment. It feels like time has stopped, and the message is sent that this has more meaning. For you, this might be among the best options.

If you hug by the waist, it gives horny vibes and conveys that you are merely waiting for the signal to take it further. However, if you hug them hard, you can do it only after seeking permission. The process of seeking permission can be less direct with the help of situations. Ask him over text what is the first thing that he would like to do when you meet him.

#8 Confess your feelings  

When you feel something for someone, and you are honest in your feelings, tell them so. Expressing feelings when they are brimming with positivity should be spontaneous. You don’t need to select a special day or think of a unique moment to utter. 

When it is instinctive, and on the spot, it is in its most natural form. There is nothing greater and stronger than love. If there is something that you might be grateful for, something that feels like a blessing, say so. Even if the person fails to reciprocate your feelings, they will be overtaken by awe and inspiration. To love selflessly is the most beautiful offering.

#9 Invite him over for a movie date (choose a theme-based romantic movie) 

Watching a movie together is very romantic. You sit through it, holding each other’s hands and taking turns looking at one another when a romantic tune plays on the large screen. Everything seems to be a part of god’s plan, and you want to keep going with the flow. 

You feel larger than life with the characters in the story and recall all the special moments you have spent together. You can use this opportunity to create a bucket list. It will help you to understand and explore more about each other and put your efforts accordingly. 

#10 Take him for a dance (it will allow you to get cozy and make special memories) 

When you invite the guy to go clubbing with you, it is an invitation to come and dance with you. Taking him out to clubs, introducing him to your friends, inviting him over to the dance floor, drinking along together, and playing karaoke can be an evening filled with fun and laughter. 

In the process, you will be saying and confessing everything without saying anything at all. You are demonstrating the life and romantic weekends with them. If they choose to stay with you and hold your hands, you shall make the ride onward and upward from there. It is a promising and fun-filled prospectus.

If you don't like him 

When you don't like someone, you can either be gentle for humanity's sake or say out front that you find him a bother. Choose whether you are rejecting or letting someone down from the list below. 

#1 Be blunt about your dislike 

Pretending to like hearing them out or being tolerant of their words and actions might make them believe you are fond of them. Hence, when you don't like something, it is better to be clear about it upfront. 

#2 Tell him you are too busy to hear him 

Making an excuse can guide you in confessing your dislike for them later. They would see it coming. Moreover, it can prevent you from saying anything at all altogether. They might have been down that road before and will understand your gesture. It will free you from any unnecessary pain or embarrassment.

#3 Tell him you are not interested 

Let your words bite. All you shall o in the process is prevent causing severe harm later. When you say that you are not interested, you make it clear that you won't be responsive to whatever nonsensical talk they put up with. Moreover, if their talks are so boring, you can't imagine how boring they might be in person. 

#4 Stop replying to his texts 

The easiest way out when someone causes you inconvenience, and you can handle it no more, is to stop replying to their texts. This will ease the trouble of explanation and confrontation

You can either archive the text to avoid getting notifications about the incoming or leave it on read to send the message that you couldn't have cared less.

#5 Block him 

When you are so furious that you think your words will hurt him badly, it is better to block his account. That way, you won't be the bad person in anyone's book. It will only mean that you have zero tolerance capacity or you are mean. Being mean is fine, but being harmful or toxic is not

To figure out if it is better to block or ignore, click on the link - What Hurts More Blocking or Ignoring?.

#6 Give singular replies

To indicate your boredom on the subject, provide singular replies to him. The best part here is that, ultimately, he will get bored and switch his window to someone keener in listening to him.

Summing up 

When a guy updates you about his day, he feels connected and comfortable with you. You need not give a reaction to it. Sometimes just hearing someone vent out can be so meaningful. What they want you to be is a friend. 

Suprity Acharyya


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