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Would a Player Text you Everyday? (No! Here's Why)

No, a player won't text you every day because they already have a casanova air about them which helps them secure the attention of other girls effortlessly. They make you feel alive when you are with them and out of life when without. Dating a player, unless you are easygoing, could take a toll on one's mental health.Featured Image of Would a Player Text you Everyday

Falling for players comes easy because they are most attractive and good with their words. They would make you feel that you mean the world to them, and their eyes might not blink when they lie.

However, you must be wiser. Don't forget that the inherent characteristics of man do not change. It modifies over time. So if you are head-over-heels in love with a player, this article is primarily for you.

Here, I'll not only take you on a tour to help you understand how a player's mindset operates but also show you ways to control or not overindulge yourself with such a person significantly.

Keep reading below to find out more.

Reasons why a player won't text you every day

Players won't text you daily because they know what they are doing. They will make you strive for their company. A player isn't theatrical. It would be important for them to see how you cope with insecurities.

#1 Carpe diem 

A player's living mantra is to make the most of the moment. He won't text you every day because he feels there's no need to do so. If he has hit a spark with you, no matter when he calls you, you will take time for him. 

This is human nature and proven psychology. Catching up with someone you haven't been around regularly is always exciting. More so if that someone is outgoing. 

They live to make the most of every day. Chasing women isn't their play. They like to date tigress. A lady who knows what she is worth means the world to the player. 

#2 The more, the merrier 

A player believes in illustrating the saying the more, the merrier. They like to date not just one or two but sometimes even three at once. These three could be in the same city or located in different places. 

He won't even shy away if his apparent girlfriends know each other. The idea of an open relationship is becoming more and more attractive to guys and girls alike. 

If you aren't comfortable with it and are more into the idea of platonic relationships, then dating a player would be a big jump not worth taking. You do see the shallow life they ultimately live in tv series. Don't let yourself be deluded easily. 

#3 Cupid hasn't graced with style 

The players behave waywardly because they haven't felt strongly for anyone yet. Cupid hasn't shown mercy to them. They might mend their way when they find the love of their life, and you might be that lady.

Hope is good, but anything in excess is dangerous. Don't rely upon this guy so much that you are wasted without him. Be objective in life and make sound-minded decisions. 

#4 The past was harsh 

Studies say that every player was played upon. A player doesn't just become one. Their past, parentage, or certain incidents in their life prompts them to switch to the easy mode of life. 

Certain behavior triggers them. Hence they avoid talking a lot. It gets worse if they are drug addicts or have had a past. The chances would be high that they have been to rehab. 

Educate yourself about the kind of person you are dealing with before committing to them with your words. Knowing someone inside out is not possible. But you will get a vague idea about who they are and what they represent.

#5 They're mostly high 

If the guy you are referring to is mostly drunk, he must be out of his wits most of the time. A drunk is never good at texting. He would take for great length over call but won't text. 

They're either bad at expressing themselves or feel it's not worth the effort. But mostly, they have empty mind which has nothing amusing about it but cow dung. If you get a chance to peep inside their mind, you would know your effort wasn't worth it.

#6 They're filthy rich 

If you are talking about the spoiled brat, he has perhaps even dated his best friend's girlfriend, and both of them would be fine with it. His only moral is to be amoral. 

There is no book of law that he likes to adhere to. The only thing they fear is violence, perhaps. They might get agitated easily and have little patience to hold themselves back. 

Hence they figured out to stay away and unhooked from the maze of making conversations. As it is said, talk is overrated. They believe in vibing.

#7 They are lustful 

Players are mostly people whose hormones take the better of them. If they are horny, they want to try different things and keep experimenting. They are not a one-woman man. They don't believe in hypocrisy, either. They have seen their parents' marriage life collapsing and think they know better.

If you want to start a relationship with a player on the note at the back of your mind that they will change with time or you will help them modify who they are, you cannot be more wrong. It would be the other way around. If you are the one who is easy to tame, they are going to mold you into a puppet. 

Try to understand the mentality at work here. All they care about is enjoying life by experiencing the most of it. Once they have you, they won't really care about what you think because it won't matter. In the long run, you might have occasional episodes of happiness or exuberance with them but nothing more than that.

#8 They like chaos 

A player thrives in commotion. They are attracted to noises. They won't mind you getting mad at them. If you yell at them, they will think you are insanely in love with them. Rather than getting upset that they have disappointed or hurt you, they would be happy about it. 

Not every guy is a player, even if he would love to be one. It is because some guys are gentlemen who like to take life seriously. If you plan to settle down, go for someone who is soberer and less sophisticated. If you are looking to play around, don't mind the soberness. Know yourself and your needs before opting for either. 

#9 They're not a texter 

It is not that they don't want to text you every day but that they are not good at it. They know that they don't know how to employ words masterfully, and they don't want to disappoint you. If you are very good at words, they might fear them more.

You might want to consider the case: are they comfortable talking to you over a call? Do they answer your calls promptly? Are you the only one to ring them, or is it vice-versa? If it is about you being a good texter and less of a talker over call because you either get conscious or don't get enough time and space for attending and engaging in it, then you will have to talk to him about it.

Communication is vital to any relationship, and if you are unable to communicate effectively, it will create an unnecessary gap between you. Hence, it is better to meet and talk this through. You can also work on new and exciting ways to figure this out. Say, how does the idea of a cryptic text sound? Rather than expressing your feelings in prose or poetic renderings, make it crafty in riddles. 

You can also go old-school and try drafting letters to one another or making music remixes in a sequence to express your feelings. It will make your relationship unique and prevent it from becoming monotonous. Remember, giving up on a person comes in handy. But what requires painstaking effort and makes you as a couple stronger is how you not only cope in certain situations but come out of it with the label, tried-tested-thriving! 

#10 They like when the effort is put on from the other side 

A player wants to be chased. Though dating protocols suggest otherwise, and we see that a man is taking the first step and staying ahead to win the hand of the woman, it is not so with players. He would have a dashing personality and know what he is bringing on board. 

Moreover, a player would want you to be in his life only if it suits you. He would not tailor himself to meet your needs. He perhaps won't even indulge in making promises to you. He might be too focused on his career altogether to do anything else. 

Even if you like to humor him, keep it limited. Show that you are putting in the effort but don't make it so much that he takes you for granted. Being taken for granted is worse than getting rejected. Be bold and confident, and don't settle for anything or anyone who underestimates your worth or makes you feel otherwise.

#11 They are looking for an eye candy 

A player won't care about your perspectives or beliefs. He would neither show any keenness to know you anything more than what you outwardly show to them. He wants a token to present before the world that would give a spectacle of fineness and nobility. 

You might lose your individuality when you date such someone. They won't boost your confidence or inspire you to work on your goals. They would point out your flaws and ask you bluntly to keep up with their taste. They might come across as rude. 

If you are more used to civilized behavior and gentility, if you are someone who enjoys novels driven more by characters than by the plot, you might, after all, not enjoy the company of such people. 

#12 Been there, done that 

Perhaps this person you take to be a player isn't much when you look deeper. He has perhaps decoded the ideal way to keep up with the superficial facade that society slaps at the face of the tender-hearted. 

He knows that the latter is labeled as a loser and mocked by society. Society often makes jokes out of such people. Some became bullies after being bullied. 

Hence, when given the right context where they can trust the other, you might see a shift in their behavior, proving to be much better than you imagined. Hence, don't quite lose hope instantly. 

Take your time to decode the person. With time, you ought to see their deepest and darkest selves. Then, you make your call and decide what the best proposal, not just for you but for both of you, is.

#13 Go lucky every day 

A player believes, why go lucky once or why make luck occasional? They would prefer to go lucky every day, more so if they put in the effort. If they have cracked the code and know how to win a woman's heart, they would put it on repeat with other women, too, until one day when their code fails to function

That day they would be astounded and try their hands at a few parallel measures. But if that goes unrewarded, too, that is where they begin to fall. They will get obsessed with this one and study the person inside out. They won't be able to keep calm, which in their eyes, would be the true essence of love. 

If the lady can keep the flow such that it is balanced, they might be made for one another after all. If not, the frivolity might shed him off after a few sessions of warmup and makeout, and he would be back to square one.

#14 Too self-conceited 

Players are mostly people too much into themselves to take notice of anyone else. If you like to crave attention, it will hurt you. If you are someone who likes to be left alone for most of the day and likes to enjoy together only when spending time together, this would be the right choice for you. 

If the talk in their conversation is mostly about their achievements or dreams, you might be disappointed. However, it would be harmless if you are low-key and prefer to keep your stories to yourself. To date someone who is self-conceited but very attractive, you must have clarity upon what you want or are on the lookout for. 

#15 They travel a lot 

It is a feature of every player that they love to travel. This naturally implies that traveling will keep them busy and short of time. In such cases, you have either of the two options. First, you become their travel companion. Second, you exercise with patience. 

If you fail to do either of them, the relationship will fail to serve its purpose, and you will realize that you were better without it. So make up your mind, browse the places they have been to, and check their bucket list. It will give you a real idea about their plans.

What to do when you fall for a player?

If and when you fall for someone popularly regarded as a player, you must be objective in your approach. First of all, try to figure out why them. Try to ascertain if you pick someone other than them, then how it would impact your life. 

If you are not able to pin down a specific answer or if the answer is such that you feel ignoble while uttering it under your breath, you better slow down rather than rush into making a hasty decision.

Read below to learn more about what to do when you fall for a casanova and keep the situation under control.

#1 Don't spoon their pride 

Inflating the ego of an already egoistic person might not be a wise call. You might find yourself doing it if you are a people pleaser. However, this isn't about socializing alone. Try to understand the gravity of the matter. 

Getting mushy in bed with someone you might consider out of your league isn't the question. It is a decision in which you would be investing your time and efforts. The guy must be worth it; more than that, they must understand and appreciate it.

#2 Take it easy 

There is no need to overhype the situation. Look for signals, for they are always in plenty. Remember, when a person gives you mixed signals, they are not worth the effort. 

When a guy beings to talk in ifs and buts, he is playing with you. A sincere person will do his best to win your confidence and make you comfortable. He will seek your permission before he attempts to extend his hand forward. 

Make a list of qualities you find attractive, and make sincerity top the list. When a guy talks to you at his convenience, he is not someone you should waste a second thought on. Looks never buy peace of mind, and that peace is the most valuable resource to any man. 

#3 Find their weakness 

When you plan on getting to know someone, and if you plan on dating the person, don't just focus on their strength; get to know their weakness. This will give you leverage and bring you confidence. 

When someone exposes their weakness before you, they trust you with it. This in itself means that they consider you special. On the contrary, if the person likes to keep this secretive air which is impenetrable, you know they want to keep things casual. 

#4 Don't argue 

Getting into conflicts won't lead you anywhere. Never try to prove the point before a person. If they are unwilling to hear you out, no matter how hard you try, your efforts will be in vain.

Speak only when you are certain your words are valued lest half of the time, you will be engaged in conflicts, and the other half you will spend vaguely untangling them. 

Your man should value both of your time. See how he puts up when you decide to meet. Does he like to travel halfway through or come to pick you up to ensure your convenience? Or he calls him a feminist and wants you to do it otherwise. Try to analyze if he is trying to manipulate you. 

Once five days pass, try to ascertain the change in your behavior. Have you altered a lot? Do you think twice before how you dress up? How comfortable are you with these new circumstances? Do you think it is improving you in ways or changing you into a doll?

#5 Be confident about yourself 

Don't let anything fade your confidence. No matter what you indulge in, it should only make you feel good about yourself. Life, especially from the lens of partnership, should be full of positive affirmations.

Remember, there is no limit to doubts, calamities, and uncertainties. Hence it becomes all the more important that you are confident about your beliefs and who you have in life. At the same time, keep your partner's confidence level in check

It shouldn't be happening that he gets overwhelmed. Your influence should be bettering him just as his should yours. If you balance constructive thinking, that is, if your likes and dislikes and take on certain situations and circumstances match, you are good to level up.

#6 Don't rush into making decisions 

Hasty decisions are half-heeded. When you make a call just for the sake of it, you make it improper or wrong. Don't do anything with a half-baked mind. Arriving at decisions is a process. It should be mutual, conclusive, and worthy.

Your decision must impact your current station in life and take you towards betterment. You must understand the need to make such a decision. Be neither ruthless nor insensible. Make sound calls after analyzing the pros and cons. When making a vital decision, don't just consider your views on it. Involve the people who matter to you, such as your parents and your friend circle. 

Your partner should fit in in your friend circle or the people you are close with. Take their opinion into consideration too. Some things are time-consuming and worth the effort. It is better to arrive at it slowly than to be sorry for it later.

#7 Wait until the proper proposal 

The idea of a new woman and pseudo-feminism looks good up to a given degree. If the guy hasn't gone down his knees to propose to you, you ought not to give your hands to him. It's a strict no. 

Some things are non-negotiable. Make your list. Have your ground rules ready. Simulation of thoughts, mutual growth, respect, and understanding, besides love and friendship, leads to the culmination of a relationship.

#8 Know yourself first 

Before attempting to know someone inside out, having your mind clear and knowing your preferences is better. Introspection is essential. Clarity is difficult, but you would at least have a vague idea about the kind of life you want to life in both the short and the long run.

Have your short-term and long-term goals set, which will help you achieve the end. If you consider someone seriously, discuss your goals with them and get to know their needs and wishes. It will help you broaden your vision and understand how you would look together as a team.

#9 Be a friend first 

Before rushing into commitment, become a friend. Know each other, and spend time with one another. Try to understand and take an interest in each other's hobbies. Cultivate your mind so that it can be pruned to fitness later. 

Match each other's energy, and see how you vibe. How comfortable you feel with each other and with each other's past and family background is important. See how you vibe with his side of the family and introduce him as your friend to your family. Observe their reaction. Live through the process and enjoy it. 

#10 Don't be judgemental 

Keep emotions out when making decisions. Your mind should support your call. Be rational rather than judgemental. All the pressure of everything should not be merely put upon your partner. 

You should equally share the responsibilities and take the load. It shouldn't be all questions from one end and affirmations on the other. Both of you should feel good about it. There should be a sense of optimism and even pride in being together.

Summing up 

A player might not text you every day. This also implies that you don't need to text a player daily. You are free to live on your terms and meet and vibe when you decide to. There is no space for insecurity or possessiveness when dating a player. Know your mind and see your comfort level with such terms and conditions. You might thrive at it or fail miserably. There is no mid-way when considering to date a player.

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