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If A Guy Texts You How Was Your Day (ANSWERED)

A guy asking you about your day means he wants to know more about you. Maybe he's lonely, and he's interested in you. That's why through this question, he wants to initiate a conversation. You can consider this as an approach that he's trying to be a friend to you. Featured Image of If A Guy Texts You How Was Your Day

You met this guy in a club. He was quite nice, and you both enjoyed talking to each other. In the end, you ended up exchanging phone numbers with him. It has been quite a few days since, and he has been texting you almost every day, asking how your day was or just wanting to know how you are doing. 

Or maybe this is a guy you knew back in school or got to know through a mutual friend. You both aren't close and haven't been in touch for a long time. But these days, he has been messaging you, asking about your day, and trying to initiate a conversation. It has left you confused.

"Why is he texting me?"

"Does he want something from me?" 

"Is he just trying to be friends with me, or does he have something else in mind?" 

Well, there may be several reasons why a guy would text asking about your day. Maybe he is interested in you and wants to get closer to you. Maybe he needs some help from you and doesn't know how to approach you directly. It may also be possible that he is just a friendly person and casually texts you without any other motives.

If you want to know how to respond to him in the best possible way, it is important for you first to understand his intentions behind texting you. 

Possible reasons why a guy may text you asking about your day

A guy may text you because he likes you. He may want to get closer to you and see if you would give him a chance. He may also text you just because he is bored and needs someone to talk to. Here, we have listed down possible reasons why he may text you:

#1 He is a lonely person 

He could be a lonely person who doesn't have many friends or loved ones to talk to. It could be that he sees you as a potential friend or someone who may be willing to talk to him casually.

In this modern world, the internet and social media have connected us to people worldwide. Yet, at the same time, we are going farther and farther away from each other. We may be standing in a room full of people and still feel lonely. 

He may also be an introvert or a shy person. He may not be very good at making friends or talking to people. Maybe he found that he was able to communicate well with you, or maybe he just felt comfortable with you. This may be the reason why he is texting you. 

#2 He is bored

Sometimes, a person may want to talk to another person out of boredom. Maybe he is the talkative type and doesn't enjoy being alone. Maybe he is an extrovert and always needs someone or something to keep him occupied. 

He could be texting you to strike up a casual conversation because he is bored and has got nothing else to do. He may not be interested in you. He may not even be serious about having a friendship with you. You may be one of the many people he texts when he is suffering from boredom. 

#3 He is interested in you

It is possible that he is interested in you. Maybe the last time he met you, he developed a crush on you. Or maybe he was intrigued by the way you talked or carried yourself. Maybe he saw your pictures on social media and thought you are gorgeous. 

He wants to initiate a conversation with you and see how things go. He may be trying to give you a hint that he likes you by asking you about your day and showing you his care. If he texts you almost every day and shows interest in talking to you even if you don't seem very interested, then this could be the case. 

It may also be the case if he tries to know more about your likes, dislikes, and favorites. 

#4 He wants to know what you feel about him

Maybe he has admired you for a long time. He likes you or maybe even loves you. But he is shy and doesn't know how to approach you. He is afraid that you wouldn't be comfortable with him and may reject him. So, he is trying to start a conversation with you over text.

He wants to see how comfortable you are with him. He may want to make you feel comfortable so that you may give him a chance later. 

If he seems to be very cautious while texting you, if he tries to flirt but laughs it off if you question back, then this may be the case. 

#5 He is just a friendly person 

Some people naturally have a bright and sunny personality. Maybe he considers you a friend and is texting you to see if everything is going well with you. Maybe it is normal for him, and he treats all his friends similarly.

He may have been raised in an environment where showing love and care towards friends was normal. He may not have any hidden intention behind texting you. 

If he is known to be kind and considerate of everyone and you have seen him always caring for all his friends, then this may be the case. 

#6 He cares about you 

Maybe he truly adores you and cares about you but in a non-romantic or platonic way. Maybe you are a special friend to him. Maybe you both had a special connection in the past, and then you drifted away. Maybe you had helped him a lot in school or at work, and he still remembers your kindness. 

It could be that he genuinely wants to know how your day was and if you are doing well. Maybe he noticed or heard from a mutual friend that you haven't been doing good and so wanted to check on you. If this is the case, he is truly a great friend, and you must cherish him. 

#7 He needs some help from you 

Sometimes when you need some help from a friend you haven't talked to in a long time, directly approaching them may feel very awkward. Most people try to initiate a normal conversation and ask about their lives before getting to the main point. 

If he is not a friend who texts you often, he may be asking about your day and other things to strike up a conversation and get comfortable with you. He may not be texting you with any negative intentions in mind. 

It may help him dissipate the awkwardness between the two of you. Once he feels comfortable, he may ask you to help him.

#8 He wants to get some information from you 

He is possibly texting you and trying to get on your good side because he wants to extract some important information from you. The information may be something simple like some detail about a good friend of yours. It may also be something personal about you.

Maybe this guy is someone who likes to gossip a lot, and he heard something about you or a close friend of yours. Now, he wants to know more about it and can only do that by engaging you in a conversation. 

It may also be possible that he is trying to get some important information out of you that may be beneficial to him in terms of work or other serious things. For example, ideas or plans you developed for an upcoming presentation at work or even some business secrets. 

#9 He wants to prank you 

Although this is not likely, it is definitely within the realm of possibilities. If you are in high school or university, it is possible that the guy is just trying to engage you in a conversation with him and then prank you. 

It is not uncommon for guys to try to bet if one of them can get a specific girl's attention and/or prank her. 

This may be the case if he is known as a prankster or someone who shouldn't be taken seriously. If you continue to talk to him, make sure you know what you are doing before agreeing to any of his requests. 

Let him know that you aren't interested in that way:

Now, you may have some idea about his intentions behind texting you. So, you may wonder what you should do and how to respond to him. Well, it entirely depends on what you wish to do. Do you wish to know what he wants to say? Or do you want to stay away from these things? 

#1 Do not engage 

If he is someone you do not know at all, you may choose to ignore his texts. If you haven't given him your number and have no interest in talking to him, you can just let things be and not reply to him. 

Maybe he is one of those players who try to get into everyone's DMs. Maybe he is a prankster and wants to get on your good side only to pull a stupid prank later and make you look like a fool in front of others. 

Ignoring his texts may be a good choice if you find his texts weird or suspicious. 

#2 Respond, but keep it short 

If the guy is someone you know or want to see if he has something important to say, you may respond to him. Reply to his texts but keep it short. 

He may be just texting you because he is bored and wants to strike up a conversation, or he may be trying to flirt with you. He may even be trying to get some information or gossip out of you. 

If you are unsure about whether you should engage in a conversation with him or not, start with simple replies and see where things go. You don't have to push yourself to talk to him if you don't want to. 

#3 Chat with him casually if you are comfortable 

If he is an old friend you lost touch with or someone you met in a club recently, if he is someone you feel comfortable with, you may choose to talk to him casually. 

Maybe he is interested in you or cares about you as a friend. Maybe he wants to reignite the friendship you both shared in the past. 

He may get flirty or want to know about you in detail. You may flirt back if you are interested in him and see how things proceed. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with him. Keep in mind that you can stop the conversation anytime you want to if things get uncomfortable. 

#4 Let him know your boundaries 

Everyone is different. What is normal for you may not be normal for someone else and vice versa. When you are talking to someone, and the conversation gets deeper, you will often find yourself in situations where either they start talking about something you are not comfortable with, or you start talking about things they don't want to talk about. 

Suppose this guy starts talking about his sexual preferences or his past girlfriends and you find it really weird, let him know. Tell him your boundaries, and be clear that you don't want them crossed. 

Similarly, if you see that he is not at all comfortable with a topic, you want to talk about, respect his boundaries and stop. 

#5 Stop if he is trying to push you 

Suppose you start talking to him and he starts talking about things you are not comfortable with. You tell him you are not comfortable with the topic, but he doesn't stop. You tell him not to push your boundaries, but he laughs it off. 

Some people can sometimes be very insensitive and not care about what others may be feeling. If he keeps trying to push you despite you making things clear, stop the conversation immediately. He may try to laugh things off or say that you are being too sensitive. 

Do not let him manipulate you into continuing to talk to him if you don't feel good. 

How to give him a hint that you are interested in him too? 

You start talking to him, and you realize that he is really amazing. You see that he is totally your type, and you find yourself developing a crush on him. You want him to know that you are interested in him, but you do not want to be too direct. So, what can you do to give him a hint? 

#1 Be enthusiastic while talking to him

When we like someone, it always feels like a treat to talk to them. It is quite easy to understand if someone is interested in you. They would be very enthusiastic while talking to you; they will try to keep the conversation going and will try to cheer you up. 

If you want the guy to know that you are interested in him, you can do so by being enthusiastic and cheerful while talking to him. Show him that you are enjoying the conversation. This may give him an idea that you are into him. 

#2 Go with the flow if you are enjoying it 

You may choose to respond to his texts and see where the conversation goes. If you find him interesting and like the way things are going, you can just go with the flow and enjoy chatting with him. 

Suppose you don't know this guy very well but are bored and have nothing better to do. You may choose to give it a go and start texting back and forth with him. 

You may realize that you both share similar interests or views and may have a great time talking to him. In that case, you can continue with the conversation. If, however, you see things are getting boring and you don't want to continue, you may tell him that you have got some things to do and end the conversation. 

#3 Send longer messages instead of replying with one-word texts

One-word texts show that you are not interested in talking to someone and are just conversing because you need to. If you want him to know that you are into him, try to send longer texts whenever possible.

Let's say he asks you about your favorite food. Instead of just saying "burger" or "pasta," you can tell him why you like it and what other food items you like. You can also ask him about his favorites. 

Detailed texts will let him know that you wish to continue talking to him and are not bored. If he is into you as well but is worried about your reaction, this may confirm that he is on the right track and you aren't annoyed with him. 

#4 Initiate conversations

If you both have been texting each other for the past few days and it is always him who starts it, it may be a good idea to text him first the next time you want to talk and initiate the conversation. This may give him a hint that you are just as interested in talking to him. 

If you want him to know that you like him, initiate the conversation by saying something sweet. You may tell him that talking to him feels very relaxing or that you really enjoy his company. 

#5 Compliment him

Men don't get complimented as often. If you give him some sweet compliments, he will surely feel that he is someone special to you. 

You can compliment his photos or the way he talks. If he is talking about his favorite movies, you can compliment him saying his taste is really good. Just keep it natural and not go overboard, or he may find it weird. 

#6 Ask about his likes and dislikes 

We usually want to know what someone likes and dislikes when we are interested in them and want to know them better. You may initiate a conversation with him and ask him about his favorite food, music, movies, and shows. You may ask him about his interests, likes, and dislikes. 

You may also ask him about his childhood or things he often enjoys doing and share things about yourself as well. If you show that you are curious about him, he will definitely get the hint that you are interested in him. 

To Sum Up…

I hope this blog provided you with the answers you were looking for. If a guy texts you about how your day was, it could mean that he is interested in you and cares about you. Alternatively, it could also mean that he wants something from you and is just trying to break the ice.

You may decide how to respond to him based on your comfort level. If you want to talk to him, you can go ahead. If you don't wish to converse with him at all, you can just ignore his texts. Or, if you want to see if he has anything important to say, you may respond to him but keep things short.

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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