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What Hurts More Blocking or Ignoring? (Answered With Scenarios)

Blocking would hurt more because it is a gesture of permanent closure. When you are ignoring someone, there is a scope for you might talk to them after a break. Ignoring indicates that the water hasn’t started boiling yet, whereas blocking indicates that water has frozen into ice. Featured Image of What Hurts More Blocking or Ignoring

When you are on the verge of a breakup but you don’t want to confront the situation, you think of an alternate tactic. Every time you have tried to talk about it, you are brainwashed and manipulated. Hence, you wonder whether to block or ignore them. 

In this blog post, I’ll help you figure out which is better and why. Continue reading below.

When blocking a person is more effective 

Blocking is more effective when the person is so toxic that you want to cut off all ties with them. This could be owing to various reasons, the top being their lack of action upon improvement. 

To know more, continue reading. 

#1 If you don’t want to give it a closure 

When you are so tired of the person that you want to forget that you had ever met them, you would want to resort to blocking. It would mean that you deny them access to an explanation or closure. 

Before taking this step, however, remember that you might bring emotional and psychological damage to the person if they are prone to depression. It is always better to try and communicate with sound reasons before closing the door upon someone forever. 

#2 If you have complete hatred for the person 

When you don't owe the person an explanation because you haven't shared that platform with them, however, you hate them in general and won't let them have a chance to talk to you, block them. 

This happens when you are aware that the person is not only an influencer but has brainwashing abilities to manipulate a person into voting for their interest and reshaping their beliefs.

However, if the grounds you stand on are firm and your faith unshakable, you need not fear the world. Remember, blocking always portrays you as a weak person. If you are strong in your commitments and a person of your word, you need not fear what the world might think about you. They can't reshape your thoughts or personality unless you allow them to. 

#3 If the person doesn’t leave you alone 

When the person has become a source of constant bothering and won't let you alone, blocking them becomes the convenient option. You need to understand the reason why they are bothering you so much. 

Have you prickled their conscience? Do you know something about their past? Have you commented on them, or are you spreading rumors about them? Are you the ex of their partner, and do you have the photos with them on your public profile? 

You can take the time to ask them once why they are after you before deciding to sideline them. There is always more than one way to reach out to someone other than telephone communication. If they are bent on being after you, they will find one way or another. 

#4 If you crush on the person's best friend 

When you are crushing on your best friend but either they have a liking for you or on their best friend, they might bother you. Similarly, if their best friend has a crush on you, they might try to set them up with you.

You can tell the person clearly that you are not interested in them, or you could change your relationship status and make it committed to make everyone curious and keep them off the hook. 

#5 If they are a threat (block and report in case of blackmail) 

If they are blackmailing you, get to know the content before rushing to block them. Ignoring such texts won't work. You can verify the information and inform the police or take necessary legal actions before making haste to block their account.

Even if you block them, keeping a screenshot of the conversations would be wise for future reference. Moreover, don't just block the account. Report it too. Cybercrime has become a serious offense across many countries and is regarded seriously. 

#6 If their words and actions trigger you 

If they don't mean you harm, but their countenance, words, and gestures are such that it makes the buried wound resurface, you cannot take the risk. 

Sometimes the thought of a recapitulation and the fear of reliving the past is so much that it triggers depression and brings in suicidal thoughts. 

While they might not understand what wrongs they have committed, you cannot allow them to bring about unconscious psychological damage.

If you are not in a stage where you can confront, talk or explain, don't attempt it. You can opt for therapeutic sessions. It will calm your nerves and help you to get out of the garb. 

#7 When they don’t respect boundaries 

If the person won't understand the importance of boundaries, acts like a pervert, embarrass you before others, doesn't d to your warnings, and are a combination of everything that you neither like nor respect, ditching them is the wisest option here. 

Don't entertain people unnecessarily. Learn to value peace. Sort out your priorities. If they don't fall anywhere on that list, kick them out of your life. 

#8 When they ill-mouth you (double-face hypocrite) 

If they pretend to be your well-wisher before your face but bad mouth you in your back, they are not your people and neither deserve your attention nor your criticism. 

Even a healthy criticism, when done directly, is appreciated than acting like an innocent flower but "being the serpent beneath it."

In a world of deluded moralities and ambiguous intentions where people change their direction at t their convenience, you can never trust anyone more than yourself. Remember that you keeping your back is enough. Setting expectations are meant to hurt. 

#9 When they break your heart 

If the person bothering you is your ex who had ghosted you without an explanation and has come back after months or years, expecting you to accommodate them in your life and even ditch your present partner for old times sake, they are a fool and don't allow them to fool you. 

In such a case, it is always for the best not to pay heed to them. They might be using you merely for self-gratification. Don't let someone make a toy out of you. To read and understand more about your ex, which shows that they have moved on but keeps texting you, click on the link: Ex Has Moved on but Still Contacts Me.

#10 When they bring your downfall (negative vibes, discouraging, drugs) 

When you have become a victim of peer pressure, the company is a bad influence. When you dislike the vibe from someone, but you have zero self-control, as a result of which you fall in trouble, you must avoid such a company.

In such cases, blocking is not a choice but a necessity for optimal happiness. You cannot let the hollowness of other people disturb you. It would help if you decided on your vibe. When you frame your destiny, you have a stronger hold on things. 

While some might believe that keeping the people with negative influence closer helps us to fight harder and become stronger, this won't work out when you are an addict. If you have had drug abuse or such, keeping a distance is the best resort.

When ignoring a person is more effective 

When blocking doesn't help because the person contacts you from different numbers or different accounts, that is, when the person you are trying to get rid of is a stalker, you must make your ignorance game stronger. 

To read more on when to ignore and how to do it, continue reading below. 

#1 When you want to buy time 

When you are not certain about your feelings for the other, you can resort to ignoring them. It will give you plenty of time to observe and comprehend how the person is. 

If this person is your ex trying to come back into your life, you can take time to analyze his actions to understand if his words match his efforts. 

If this person is your best friend who has suddenly offered the proposal of dating, but you don't feel the butterflies yet, you can take time to understand yourself. You don't need to run into a relationship merely because your best friend is offering to be your real partner in crime. Not all of us have a romantic inclination toward our best friend, and that's perfectly okay. 

Suppose this person is a stranger or a colleague who is making an upstart of weird dialogues by inboxing you things the head and tail of which are beyond your understanding; worry not. When you take time to understand and refuse to give an impromptu reaction, people are forced to mend their conduct or make a slip wherein you catch the true story. Remember, there is nothing that time won't make come true.

#2 When they offend your principles 

When you run by a set of book rules that make the decision-making process simple for you, and a certain someone you valued or used to value has shaken the grounds for your easy application, take time before rushing into a decision. 

When life brings us to a tricky juxtaposition of events where either side you go seems to be the hallmark of compromise, you can choose to stand there and hibernate to the point a ray of sunshine greets your eyes

An incident that could evoke such emotions where you find it difficult to rush into decisions is your ex trying to get cozy with you. When you run into them, and they whisper something that shatters all your presumptions to date, it will be difficult for you to stand straight. 

In significant moments, you mustn't take the person's words or actions at face value because people are brilliant at faking it. To learn about a scenario where your ex might have hugged you tightly and to comprehend the possible steps you can undertake, click on the link below: My Ex-boyfriend Hugged Me Tightly.

#3 When they are your competitors 

It would help if you kept your rivals and competitors close. When you come across one, and they bug you to disclose your plans or trade policies, could you not allow them to get on your nerves? 

These days the feature of muting notifications has made ignoring an easy play. You don't have to allow your thoughts to go haywire, and there is no need for futile anticipations. This measure will help you to procrastinate things realistically.

#4 When it’s nothing personal 

If you don't have a personal issue with the person in question, it's a general dislike where you would have liked to keep things a different way, and you can let go of ignoring them. 

Why waste efforts in blocking and stamping a distaste for someone when you know it would bring neither of the two any good? Learn to keep away from things that don't bring you any pleasure

#5 When you know blocking will make it worse (you are so obsessed that blocking them will not fuel your hatred but make you think about them again and again) 

When you are fixated on a person, but they don't reciprocate your feelings, you will have to pull yourself together and ignore them. It won't be as easy as it looks. You might find it hard to put them away. But they are the instinct you must fight from. 

By blocking this person, you would have shown yourself to be a weakling. But when you want to come across as headstrong not just before the world but to yourself as well, learn to ignore it. 

Remember, people are sadistic. They will like to tease and toy with you if you let them. Hehee, you need to have your own back. When you understand the importance of self-appreciation, you won't allow any person to treat you unacceptably. 

#6 When they are guilty (allow them to apologize and make amends, everyone deserves one chance) 

If you are pissed off at a person because they have broken your trust or blamed you for the wrongs they had committed, ignoring them would be wise because that might pierce your conscience deeply. 

You need to figure out how you want to go about things. What is it that you value more? To prove yourself right, or stability and peace. When it's the latter, you might opt for blocking them. But if you want to prove yourself right, or more than that, you want to make them realize their fault, for they are in a misconception that things had happened otherwise, ignore them for now by archiving their messages.

#7 When you are their well-wisher (you want them to understand your point, but you mean no personal damage) 

If you like the person and wish them well, but they are under some misconception that you mean them harm or damage, ignore them. While you might be hurt because you only wished them well, but they take you to be a threat, it becomes important to clarify their confusion.

You might block them out of frustration, but that will not buy you peace. When there is no ill intention, it is better to clear things up. Head towards reconciliation and if they are not quite there, take things slow and put it on hold.

#8 You meet them daily (at the workspace, etc.) 

When you don't have a liking towards someone, but you share their work with them, it is not wise to block them. You will meet the person daily. Hence even if you do not maintain a cordial relationship, you could make it as sustainable in a peaceful culture as possible, like everyone in the workplace. There is a general hatred where everyone is uncomfortable talking to them, for they are so accommodating. But they are at the workplace because they are not easy to substitute for the talent and skills that they bring in. 

However, they don't need to be like this out of the formal setting too. Ignoring them now will allow you to understand them properly later. 

Summing up 

Ignoring or blocking won't bring you peace. You need to confront the situation and make a compromising understanding. Everything is possible through understanding. Even when you don't like someone, have the guts to say it to face. 

Suprity Acharyya


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