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Why Do I Love Her So Much? (11 Reasons)

You love her so much because she loves you in the way no one has ever loved you. She is your woman who knows how to keep you happy. There is nothing in the world that she prioritizes before you and you both are each other’s, favorite human. Featured Image of Why Do I Love Her So Much

Be it a one-sided attraction, or a long-term relationship, the thought that why you are in love with that girl in particular when the world is populated with women would often seep in. This does not mean that you are doubting your love for her or suspect that you are giving more than she deserves. It indicates that you are in awe as to how all this is happening. 

When you are in love with a girl, you like everything about her. You desire to celebrate her as you wake and as you sleep. Anything troubles her, troubles you. You want to protect her and keep her with you. It makes you feel complete. You feel that that is the best thing that has ever happened on earth. Why do you feel so? Read below. 

In this blog post, I will help you figure out why you love a girl so much and what should you do about it. Happy reading. 

Reasons why you love her so much 

You cannot love a person merely for the way they look. That can be a point of initiation but it cannot keep you going on. To love someone relentlessly, you need much more than attraction. Hence, if you are wondering why you love her so much, it is because she has made you experience things that were beyond your imagination. 

How did she do that? Click below to know more.

#1 She keeps you happy 

If the woman is your girlfriend or your wife, she knows a way to your heart. She knows what makes you happy. She is aware of your likes and dislikes. She does not hesitate in staying up late at night to make you a surprise. 

The best part is, she never asks for anything in return. Her love is selfless. She does not think twice before doing something for you. That does not mean that she is measuring the pros against the cons. Her heart is too full of love for you. 

As much as she loves you, it is the rarest of occurrences to get reciprocation at the same level. She must have her reasons to feel this way for you. It could be because you are her first love, you met her at a juxtaposition in her life when she had almost given up on love, and you have been selflessly shielding and protecting her. 

If the relationship has been going on for long and you think you want to level up, perhaps switch to a live-in. It will help you understand if there is a slip between affected behavior and your natural self. The meaning is, is it when she is with you that your influence makes her behave in a certain way, or her natural disposition is full of cheer and kindness? 

If it is the former, it might fade away with time, if it is the latter, she will keep loving you even when she is out of reason. Those are the kind of love that lasts till the end because, on days when one does not feel as much in love with the other, it is the other’s affection that seems sufficient for the two of them.

#2 She is over-protective towards you 

If your girlfriend keeps reminding you to stay hydrated, she sends you food bearing in mind your need for nutrients, bakes you protein-rich desserts to satiate your sweet cravings, reads out passages to you, writes poetries for you, likes to color code with you, hold your hands when you walk, wishes you morning and night every day religiously, keeps telling you that she loves you and feels like it is never enough, you are a very lucky man!

Your girlfriend is wifey material and you should do more than everything in your capacity to keep this woman. She is someone who loves to give. Her tendency to provide brings her happiness. She is selfless but more importantly, she is benevolent. 

The bittersweet part of dating such people that can prove to be challenging in the long run if you are a person with wavering faith is that she will be loved by many. You might not be the first man or person who feels this way for her. Almost all her acquaintances will regard her highly. This is because she is a giver. Her nature is such. 

Hence, it becomes significant that you match up her level and try to bring something concrete to the table. It should have depth and value. Out of all the men courting her, when she closes her eyes, it is your face that should reflect in her inner eye. So, when you know that you love her a lot, don’t refrain from baring your heart before her. 

#3 She never lets you worry 

If your girlfriend, with distance or without distance is not letting you take pressure on herself, that is, things such as taking her out, buying her expensive gifts, taking her on a vacation, she is the Queen Bee of her lot, unless she is cheating on you. 

If you are certain that your girlfriend is faithful to you, that is, she answers your call, she is available on video calls, she tells you beforehand about her plans, keeps you informed about her routine, has shared her roommate’s, friend’s, neighbor’s, colleague’s or family’s number for backup when her phone is unreachable, she is one of her kind.

Who won’t love such a girl? She is a fine lady. But are you doing your bid? Have you done something recently that has made you guilty of adulteration? Let’s hope not. Because if you have, you don’t deserve such a well-bred woman. You will cheat on her again. 

If not, try to show her your love in your style. Do everything that she does for you. Be as transparent as she is with you. On days, when you feel low, try not to be bitter. The least you can do is be polite to such a person. We don’t know how fragile or hard-beaten she is as a woman. If she is not putting up expectations because she feels it is of no use, or because she loves you for all your attributes. 

#4 She likes to cook for you 

If the woman is your wife and even in this modern world of quick eats and take-outs, she likes to cook authentic traditional dishes for you, doesn’t mind doing chores, and keeps a balance between her domestic life and office work, she might be called a superhuman. 

You don’t have any intention of over-exhausting her. You are not looking for a mother figure in your woman, nor do you want a housekeeping staff. But this woman watches the Avengers with you, goes out to play golf with you, loves to cycle and plant, and keeps your immediate environment happy. 

She is the epitome of femininity. Her chase and beauty make her so lovable. If she is a mother, she is tender-hearted. You have fallen head over heels in love with her. She makes your presence worth it. She gives meaning to your existence. There is no place else where she would want to be but with you, for now, and forever. Perhaps kiss her hands a million times and express to her how grateful you feel. 

#5 She makes you a better man 

If your girlfriend inspires you to do things that you were never mindful about, these things would be doing something for your parents, spending more time with them, buying gifts for them, planting a tree and looking after its nourishment, being a pet lover, looking after yourself and working on your fitness goals. 

If she is helping you take lessons on life skills, on the way you should behave with your subordinates, an overall betterment of your character because due to her your disposition is calm and serene, you feel light up, you don’t lose your temper as easily, you can manage your anger issues more skillfully, she is a keeper and you are doing everything right in loving her. 

Perhaps take introspection and ask yourself what the listed qualities in you are which can help you in inspiring your girlfriend. Or maybe ask her this, what has made her stay? There are always a handful of reasons that you might not be aware of but your girlfriend appreciates about you. These things are contents that have given her strong reasons to be by you and with you through thick and thin. There is no harm in asking her about it. 

This will make you less insecure about her. When you see that you are also able to give her enough to stick by you, it will make you more positive as a partner. You won’t feel as restricted or stressed. There won’t be any pressure which would ask you to provide more. It will be natural. You will be sure of what you say and do and feel confident in doing it. 

#6 She never disappoints 

Depending on the duration of your relationship, you can tell if she always keeps up with you or likes to nag and annoy you from time to time. We all have that tendency to behave like an immature people when we are seeing a person. 

We like to let go of the facade and gentility that we have to keep before society on regular days. That does not make us a hypocrite, it makes us human. Hence, if the woman likes to be fundamentally yours and not give up on you, she behaves without pretensions and feels as comfortable with you in a pajama as she does in short dresses, that could be one of the major reasons why you love her so much. 

It becomes important here that you feel as free with her as she does with you. This is how you get to know each other inside and out. I am not suggesting you burp and fart in each other’s presence, that is being shameless, not comfortable. Don’t confuse the two. Calling your girlfriend names, and ill-mouthing her because you find using derogatory terms to be a turn-on for you is not acceptable. 

You need to find ways where both of you vibe together. You both must feel the share of pleasure. It should not be one way. Don’t run away from the fact that getting comfortably intimate with each other is very important. 

#7 She has a magical touch 

If you feel that the woman has a magical touch, that anything she holds or touches seems to be beautiful. If she can care for your wounds by taking a look at them, then the chances are high that you are crushing on a doctor or you need one. 

Or perhaps, it is your first love. These are the symptoms of being drunk in love. You should read more and keep yourself busy doing other activities too. It shouldn’t be that you are spending all your time thinking about the woman. Shake yourself a bit and remind yourself of your career goals. 

If you indeed love her so much, you need to become worthy of her too. Focus on giving her the reasons to stay with you. You might be passionate about her and might be ready to bring her anything that she asks for but what she will care for is how you live, how much your earn, how you dress and speak, what kind of company you keep, what is your lifestyle, what are your academic records, what are your short term and long term goals, what are your hobbies. 

Every girl and perhaps boys have a checklist in their mind. This includes the qualities they sought in a person. Some are non-negotiable, and others are open to modifications. You need to work on making yourself the best model available on that chart. She should feel that you are the best of all that she has desired and that there is no need to look at any place else. 

It is also possible that she has stood out boldly in your checklist. Whatever are the things that you have ever thought you would want in a woman or things that you have felt in the company of a woman, you know from your heart and soul that with this woman, it is class apart. She is a luxury that you never thought you can afford. 

#8 She is beautiful 

If you are dating a woman who is beautiful and fit, her face glows with innocence and whenever you are with her, her face takes you to another world. Or, if she reminds you of someone you have lost. Or someone you dear a lot in life like your mother, it will be understandable why you love her so much. 

John Keats wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Not everyone needs to do something out of the ordinary or be with someone who is an overachiever and hyperactive and has their life sorted, sometimes, the mere presence of a person is eternal. You want nothing more than that. It makes you feel good about life. 

This woman might be such someone and it might just be that you turned out to be lucky. She might feel the same way about you. Finding ordinary folks who like to stay lowkey has become ultra-rare. Some girls still look for that. They long for that old-school romance when you could stay together for hours in silence and your eyes might do all the talking. It has its charm that cannot be discounted by something that is more monetary. Not every woman desires to go clubbing. This one might treasure going to bookstores or museums. She might be a great storyteller. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Look within and you will be able to locate all the reasons why you love her so much. 

#9 She is honest 

If this woman is candidly honest with you, she doesn’t think twice before telling you how or what she feels. She even confronts you about your shortcomings but she does it in a way that shows you that she loves you and is only trying to help both of you with such confrontations, it creates a desire in you to improve. 

You don’t want to kill any of these vibes and you hate it when you are not with her. You want to make the most of all the moments and you love her with your all. Perhaps you are wondering if you should open up about your dark past or clouded deeds or secret desires. You might think if she will be able to understand or if will it scare her off and she will abandon you. 

Check her book list. Girls love to read. See, if there are any Brontes on her list. If your girl is fond of Machiaevillian characters, she will understand the dark side. She might find it scary but it won’t freak her out. 

She won’t be numbed by it. There will be no freezing, flying, or fighting. If she is mature and hard-beaten, she will try to come to an understanding with it and will take you for what you are right now, not for what you have been. But if you continue to stay in denial, you will be bottling up the emotions and it can have disastrous outcomes. 

#10 She is kind 

If the woman is a stranger and this is one-sided love, you have spotted her in your locality, you have watched her playing and working with the slums for good cause, if everyone wishes her well and she shares her food with the unprivileged, the sight will melt your heart and you will wonder what she will do to you when she takes you to be her man. 

Perhaps give it a try. She must have noticed you noticing her. Don’t freak her out with the name of a stalker. But start doing the same things that she does to give her company. Eventually, when you get a chance, ask her out for coffee. 

#11 She keeps you sane 

When your work culture is toxic and you have been having tirades with your co-workers, the only thing good about your life is this woman, you will feel heavily blessed for having her in your life. This woman keeps you sane, makes you smile, and does something that makes it worth all the pain. You will love her and be thankful for her every day of your life. It is because she likes to do things right. 

What to do when you love her so much

Keep loving her more through expressions, acknowledgments, and affirmations. Be her best friend and be open to conversations whenever it is that she needs you. We don’t give importance to these little gestures but it is these little things that keep things going and makes things simple in the long run. 

To know more, click on the link below.

#1 Don’t bug yourself with questions 

She loves you and you love her, the equation seems fine, don’t bug yourself with unnecessary questions, instead, find a book to read if you are getting plenty of time in hand. If she doesn’t love you or has someone else in life but you can’t help loving her, it is okay till the point you don’t seduce her into adulteration. 

In such cases, the only way out is to wait. While you should morally not want your lover’s heart to be broken but perhaps you can keep an eye on her boyfriend and see if he is a guy who is worthy of her love. If you discover something that shows he is not, send the proof to the girl anonymously. 

The important part here is to make her fall for you naturally. She shouldn’t feel obliged or love you because she is grateful, those are not the reasons for loving a person. She should develop a liking for you over time. For the love which is frivolous and spontaneous is often short-lived. 

If you are having doubts regarding your girlfriend in the sense that you love her enough but somehow don’t feel worthy of her, look into her eyes. Will you be this much happy in any other place in the world? Will she want to be at any other place rather than being with you? To unfold such complexities delicately, click on this link - I Feel Like I'm Not Good Enough for My Girlfriend.

#2 Find ways to love yourself more 

If the challenge that you are facing with your girlfriend is that you don’t feel as loved by your girlfriend as you love her. It might be that you give her priority and keep her on the top of the list. You compromise and go to her favorite places more than you do to yours for her happiness, perhaps it is time to give it a break. 

The importance of self-love cannot be underestimated. When you stay happy and contended, you naturally feel like you can give more to your girlfriend. Hence, it is important that when you buy your girlfriend a gift, you simultaneously save for what you want to gift yourself. It should not be all about giving single-handedly. If you are the more privileged one, it might be easy for you. However, if you are greedy or miser, you will not get as much happiness as you want. Therefore, prioritize your happiness too. 

You can come to an understanding with your girlfriend when you are allowed one weekend off from her. The rest three weekends can be equally divided in terms of priorities. Neither of you should feel overwhelmed with burdens. Your responsibilities towards each other should not take the wrong shape. Take every step slowly. You will find more reasons to love her automatically. To know more, click on this link - I Do Everything for My Girlfriend and Get Nothing in Return.

#3 Appreciate her company 

Most people don’t understand the importance of appreciation and acknowledgments. When you had a good time with someone, make them know about it. This is no hardcore secret to keep. You should make them aware of how you feel about them, with them and without them. They deserve to know what holds and the impact they have on and over you.

If they make your favorite movie date, tell them so. There is no need for concealing things here. Gift her a letter that says that she is your favorite date. Give labels to one another. Try exchanging special nicknames. 

This will also encourage her to open up nicely to you. She will be pushed to think and say nice things about you and it need not always be the things that you might have thought you are best at that turn out to be favorable for her. She might like things that are your guilty pleasures. 

She might like how you party, or how you don’t party. How you are your person or how you are strict about discipline and hygiene. She might be attracted to your voice. Many things can make one feel good about you and the moments that they spend with you. As long as you trust your abilities, your life will be free of unnecessary conflicts.

#4 Make it official 

If it is the insecurity that is biting you and you are scared that someone might take your girl away from you, and you are sure you want her as your woman, perhaps it is time you make it official. This will add a label to her and you. 

You will feel secure because the world knows you are together and people, in general, will avoid messing up with your relationship unless there is a third person who hearts her as much as you do. 

Moreover, since you are making it official, it implies that your girlfriend is as much in love with you and regards the relationship as highly as you do. It will spring a new chapter in your life. You might be scared that things might go wrong or if things don’t work out the way you had planned then what will you do? 

Stop your train of thoughts right there. Breathe and meditate. You don’t need unnecessary trouble in life. Take things as they come, one at a time. Keep saying and reminding her how much you love her and everything will be happy and light. 

#5 Go for a live-in 

If you love your girl but you are not yet sure if you are ready to level up, go for a live-in relationship. Staying together will clear out the fundamentals. It will expose you to each other’s culture and lifestyle. You will learn to make a way in each other’s routine and will eventually find a way to balance out things. 

Set some ground rules beforehand to prevent any form of unwanted resentment. You will break into fights and that is okay. You should not, however, use fights as an excuse to give up. It only means that you have accepted the challenge and you are opening up to each other. After the fight, go for a walk together. 

Hold each other’s hands, go on an ice cream date, buy softy and balloons, and spend time in nature. The bitterness will fade away and new windows, perspectives, and solutions will come your way. When you are headstrong for something, the branches will sway but the roots shall remain unshaken.

#5 Introduce her to your family 

If your girlfriend lacks the confidence or if you intend to give your relationship a personal touch, take your girlfriend to your house, and introduce her to your family. She will see first-hand what went into bringing you up. 

She will get an idea of your culture, your home, and your family members. The prospect, given that she is serious about you, will be accepted with open arms and excitement by your girlfriend. She might even take something customized or homemade for them as presents. 

If she mixes well, you know she is your woman. If she can sense the difference and bitterness between your parents and you, but she helps you out by lending her shoulders and staying the night, she is a fitting life partner and best friend.

#6 Ask her hand for marriage 

When you love her so much, why keep her waiting and keep yourself devoid of true happiness? Get down on your knees and ask for her hand. Marry her! Everything else can be planned accordingly. But this will be the best gift that either of you will be given to one other. 

You deserve this. You have stood against the storm together. The world knows that you are made for one another. You don’t have to propose something too luxurious. It has to be meaningful and rather than making it a public display, it can be personal and small.

#7 Be her best friend first 

If she doesn’t consider you her best friend, you will have to work on that. If there is someone else whom she dials up before she thinks of calling you, change that. Be the man to whom she would approach for any problem. 

Be resourceful, full of ideas, and maintain a good network so that you can come to be useful to your girlfriend. It is good to have a friend and important to give space in a relationship but you should be the first person who comes to her mind when she wants to share something high or when she is experiencing a crisis and needs to vent out the lows. 

#8 Always be her strength 

Rooting for your girl is very important. You should keep her back and even when you are having doubts or you lose sight of confidence in her idea, you should not make a public display of your opinions. 

It is important to bifurcate things that are supposed to be shared in private and things that must be expressed before people. Be clear in this bifurcation so that there are no unwanted situations, miscommunications, or mishaps.

You can take the help of your girlfriend in figuring this out. Ask her what she feels about this and make a list of things that you would want to keep low-key. It is a mature thing to do. Also, this is something that a friend or acquaintance won’t tell you. It is you being prudent and mindful to love your girlfriend to the best of your abilities.

Is it wrong to love her so much? 

When you come to think of it, loving her limitlessly makes you vulnerable. You know that she is carrying your heart in a jar of class. She reads slowly. She will always prioritize keeping you safe. However, if life brings her to a threshold where she will have no other choice but to let go of you, what shall you do? 

You must thank life and thank her for letting you live such beautiful moments. You felt alive in her company. Moreover, she has set that benchmark for you where you know the love you deserve. She has taught you how to love and be an empath. 

Hence, even if someday she has to leave, don’t let it spoil your equation with her. Keep her as a friend. Keep the memories alive. Breathe. Anything else will make you a bitter man. Love is elusive. It might pass, it might renew. But it is always in the air. We cannot survive without it. Therefore, carpe diem, life today is like there is no tomorrow. Make the most of her. 

Summing Up 

When you love a person, every element in the world gets together to bring you together given that person deserves you. It is not in every field of life that we need to fight battles. Some things can be taken forward slowly in peace. Your romantic life is one such thing. All you need to do here is be consistent in your efforts and never shy from expressing your love. 

Suprity Acharyya


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