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I Feel Like I'm Not Good Enough for My Girlfriend [SOLVED]

You lack confidence and self-esteem at this stage. Never doubt your potential. For whatever reason you feel you aren't good enough, remember, you can improve. Life is all about a journey of improvement. Moreover, don't underestimate the truth. She is with you because she loves you.A man sitting on a bench put his hand on his face looking sad

During our relationships, we arrive at a juncture where we imagine alternative scenarios. These alternative scenarios can be many things. One of such scenarios is when you imagine your girlfriend with someone else, or perhaps a life without you in it. 

You feel that she would have been happier that way owing to your present situation and circumstances.

However, the truth is that your girlfriend is with you because she wants to be with you. There is no lesser truth. However, having such doubts isn't healthy for yourself and your relationship. 

Let's find out the possible reasons for such sudden doubts and what can be done to fix them. Enjoy reading!

15 Reasons why you feel you are not good enough for your girlfriend 

If your girlfriend has been behaving strangely around you or comparing you with other guys, you will have your moments of self-doubts. You would feel you are not enough for her. However, there are reasons why she feels this way in the first place. Let's find out these reasons.

#1 She is never satisfied 

If your girlfriend is never satisfied no matter how hard you try, it will be heart-wrenching for you. This satisfaction could be s*xual, mental, and economical, among others. 

Suppose she complains about it or worse if she pretends to be happy, but you know that she is not smiling the way she did. It can make you feel that you lack the power and vigor to please her. 

However, in moments like these, it is essential to remember that we are human. Each one of us has our set of flaws. This set is dynamic. You can never be purely perfect. Perfection isn't contagious. Your flaws make you.

#2 She is gorgeous 

If you have a stunning girlfriend and somehow don't match her attributes, your self-confidence could be lower.

This happens more so when the contradiction is apparent. If you are talked about as a couple and people are astonished to see you together, it will be disheartening.

However, at times like these, you must remember that nothing is impossible in today's world. All you need is a boost of determination.

Make up your mind about what you want to do. Figure out the right ways to do it. You will overcome all your weaknesses, and your girlfriend will be happier to have you by her side.

#3 You are poor 

If your finances are burdening you, work on it. There are ways to be a better provider. A man takes immense pride in providing for the girl he loves. If that is your case, work on your ambition.

If your finances bother you because your girl comes from a well-to-do family, you can always improve your station to be worthy. Study the market, and work on your goals. If she loves you, she will support you.

Remember, the fortune wheel is always circulating. Never be too hopeless not to give it another try. Every dog has its day. You are a human. Your turn will come too.

#4 She gets better proposals 

If you are feeling insecure because your girlfriend is popular and gets many proposals, it is making you think that you are not good enough for her.

However, at times like these, always remember why your girlfriend chose you when she had far too many options to choose from.

If you don't have the answer, ask her about it. Please write it down on a stick note and put it on your refrigerator. It will remind all that is fine and smooth in your life. Work on this ability and make it better.

In this way, you will give your girl more reasons to love you while working on other priorities. If she tells you that she is getting better proposals, ask for time, and level up.

#5 You don't give her time 

If you feel that you are not good enough for your girlfriend because you cannot spend quality time with her, you need to work on your time management skills. 

Make a routine and stick to it. Devote some particular hours or moments to your girlfriend. Wishing her good morning and good night without failure and asking her about her day will do wonders.

She will appreciate it without complaining, and both of you will learn to complement each other. If we all had worked enough time, the world would be a happier place. But sometimes, we have to take time to make the time worthwhile.

#6 You are rude 

If you are rude or aggressive with your girlfriend, that is, if there is a ring of violence in your words and you get to draw with your emotions, you are naturally not good for your girlfriend, and your feelings are valid.

However, in such a scenario, it is significant that you are aware of what you are saying or doing. That is, you have a sense of guilt and regret within you.

The sense of guilt is good news. It suggests that you can improve. All you got to do is find out how to do it. Working on your temperament will help.

Try meditation and yoga postures. Engage your girlfriend in couple therapy, and you will come around stronger together.

#7 She is rich 

If you feel you aren't good enough for your girlfriend because she is wealthy while you are middle class, remember, she is well aware of it. She decides to be with you, and she knows what she is doing.

However, if you had pretended to be rich while you were not, that's calling for trouble. Reveal your truth to her and show her that you made her believe so because she wouldn't have given you a chance otherwise.

Assure her that now that she is by your side, you will work hard to improve your station.

#8 She is kind 

If you doubt yourself because your girlfriend is the kindest lady you have come across and don't know how to keep up, worry not. She will be kind to you too.

You can see through her is a strong reason not to give up. Be kind to her. And be kind to yourself first. Kindness is noble but not restricted to a few.

Use her influence on you. Being a good influence will make you bloom. You will get there too.

#9 You don't love her 

If you are dating this girl for reasons other than love, you are certainly not good enough for her. But can't these reasons make you love her?

Sometimes situations and circumstances aren't under our control. We might be with a person because we made promises. You used to love your girlfriend, but now you don't feel the same way about her.

Well, start again. Think about the beginning of your relationship. What made her stand out for you in the first place?

If these moments don't make you shiver down your spine, it is time to give up on this relationship. Tell her that you won't be able to love her the same way. There's no way to explain it. But the heart is capricious. If you feel your heart is foolish around with you, don't fall into the trap.

#10 She likes her best friend 

You might feel you are not good enough for your girlfriend because she is more comfortable sharing her feelings and emotions with her best friend than she is with you.

This will make you feel complex. You will wonder what is lacking in your relationship. The answer is friendship.

You initiated the relationship because you were attracted to one another. You were so heated up at that moment that you didn't pay an effort to understand anything other than your desires. 

However, on second thought, you discover that you are not on the same page. While you are super comfortable with each other's bodies, you are scared of each other's fears and insecurities.

The right way to make amends would be to befriend one another. For every understanding, reward yourselves with a makeout. For every mistake, go hungry for a night.

#11 Her parents don't like you 

If your girlfriend's parents don't feel good about you, it will put you in a tricky situation. Winning the heart of her parents won't be as easy as winning hers. It would call for genuine and greater efforts, not mere empty promises. 

Stand up to their requirements. Think about what would parents desire for their girl child? They would want her to be happy. They would want that her wishes are taken care of. Now think, isn't that what you want too?

Keep your girl happy. Do whatever it takes but never allow the smile to fade. If she stays happy, her parents will come around.

#12 You are not ambitious 

If you know there are ways you can improve and become better for your girlfriend, but you lack the willingness to do so, you are right in feeling that you aren't good enough for her. 

However, if you truly love her, won't your love for her motivate you to do something better? If it doesn't, you don't love her. If it does, stop wasting your time, and work on your dream together.

#13 You forget about her special days 

If you forget about her special days or for some reason you never remember those, it might make you feel that it's because she is not special to you.

However, not having a good memory is not on you. You can always use your cellphone to remind you of the days that count. 

Open the calendar on your device, select the date, and enable notifications for reminders. You will never again forget the days special to her and you.

#14 You make her cry 

If you make your girlfriend cry, you are not good enough for her. Emotionally drenching a person is never rewarding. Don't keep her on the verge of breaking down.

Try to figure out what takes a toll on her mental health. If you know particular words and phrases that trigger your girlfriend, refrain from using those. 

If mentioning someone from her past is traumatizing, do not do so. If your girlfriend is not happy, you won't be at peace.

#15 She told you so 

If you feel you are not good enough for your girlfriend because she told you so, ask her why. If you feel you have always been a nice boyfriend, the probable reason to dismiss you this way is her change of heart. This could be because she is cheating on you.

People like to blame their faults on others. Don't allow your girlfriend to do so. You deserve better. If she cannot provide you a reasonable explanation for telling you such disheartening words, it is she who must be blamed.

What to do when you feel you are not good enough for your girlfriend?

To overcome the indignant feeling, earn some self-respect. Learn not to underestimate your power. Getting the girl is a difficult task, but when you have her, put in a little effort, and she will never abandon your side. Keep reading to find out how to win her heart.

#1 Be more loving 

Love conquers all is the common saying. If you have self-doubts, all you have to do is be more loving towards your girlfriend. 

A person can be loved in many ways. Sometimes we need to understand their needs and act accordingly. You need to be her darling. 

Win her trust to such a level that she won't mind sharing her darkest desires and deepest fear with you.

#2 Be thoughtful 

Don't yell out things to your girlfriend without giving it a second thought. Be more thoughtful in your approach. She must feel that you have put effort before making a decision.

Loving should be effortless but earning love is a thoughtful process. Getting into details will always lead you to a win-win situation. 

#3 Spend quality time together 

Merely spending time with your girlfriend isn't enough. Remember, she might be sharing the physical space with you while mentally dwelling someplace else.

You need to be on her mind. She should feel connected to you even when you are away. Your love must have that power.

#4 Be ambitious 

If ambition is what you lack, take a sheet of paper and jot down your goals. Figure out what it is that you are passionate about. Remember, your work shouldn't feel like a chore. It must be something that you enjoy doing.

Please list the career choices and sort them out based on other constants. Start working hard on the one that suits you best. If you are interested in music, pursue it. Use YouTube as a platform for promotion.

Trust yourself, and you will eventually make it there. When your girlfriend sees that, she will appreciate your efforts. 

#5 Be tender 

If you feel you don't deserve your girlfriend because you are rude to her or make her cry, it's time to work on your temperament.

When you love someone truly, everything else can be managed. And when the management is on you, it will be looked after well. 

Your love for her will make you warm. You will ease down and become more sensitive in no time. Have faith.

#6 Stop comparing 

Suppose you are disheartened because you compare yourself with other boyfriends and feel that you are not doing enough for your girlfriend, don't. We all have our unique way of expression. What you provide her is way different. 

Comparison always makes everything complex. If you want to compare, do it with your past self. See how you have improved. Keep working to reach higher.

#7 Remember why she loves you 

Don't let yourself forget why your girlfriend loves you in the first place. Keep your first conversations saved and keep revisiting those to remember how long a journey you have made.

Remembering why your partner loves you makes the relationship beautiful. The feeling is precious. It will slide away all your doubts and give you enough strength to overcome all the difficulties at once.

#8 Work on ways to please her 

Try to find out what pleases your girlfriend the most. If it is chocolates, buy her those. If its clothes, take her out shopping. If it is vacation, plan a vacation. If she is romantic, sing her a song.

Try to match the level of your girlfriend in spirit. Feel what she feels. Close your eyes and imagine her. When your spirituality unites you with her, there won't be any thought of separation.

#9 Talk to her 

If you have self-doubts, you can talk to your girlfriend. Know her mind.

If she doesn't feel the same way as you do in this case, there's nothing to fear. It's all your mind is doing. Calm your mind and keep yourself busy so you don't engage in overthinking.

#10 Talk to your parents 

At times, talking to our parents can show us the right path. They know us inside out. The way they can guide you, no one else can. 

Hence, in these moments of self-doubts, it's time to take a break and visit home. Lay on your mom's lap, hold your father's hand and ask them to guide you.

They will share the stories of their days, and in a way, you will get your answer. Invite your girlfriend once your doubts are clear. Show her your beautiful family, and she will never in her wildest dreams think of leaving you.

#11 Don't be too harsh on yourself 

If you have always had an inferiority complex, it's doing. Stop being harsh on yourself. Let things take their due course. You don't always have to work hard to achieve something.

At times, what you deserve should find its way to you, even if it's late. Trust Karma. Never think ill of others. As long as you have a pure heart, everything will be fine.

#12 Make her smile 

Make sure that the smile on your girlfriend's face does not fade away. If her smile is there on her face, you are good. Care for her smile, and you will have nothing else to worry for.

Summing up

If you feel you are not good enough for your girlfriend, well, think again. Or take a break from thinking altogether. Instead, visit memories and all the fond places. You will know how much she means to you and you to her. Rest everything is merely a mind game. Be real, and no one will be able to outdo you.

Suprity Acharyya


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