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Why Do I Get Blocked On Dating Sites?

Tired of getting blocked from dating apps and websites? Check out this guide to know why you are getting blocked from these sites and how you can address the issue.

Are you tired of swiping right only to be met with a cold, hard block on dating sites? 

We admit - it's a frustrating experience that many of us have encountered at some point in our online dating adventures. But fear not because in this article, we're going to dive deep into the mysterious world of online dating blocks. 

We'll uncover the reasons behind those pesky blocks and explore common mistakes that might be getting in your way. Subsequently, we'll offer some valuable tips to help you navigate the digital dating landscape with confidence. 

So, if you've ever wondered, "Why do I get blocked on dating sites?" – stick around because we've got answers and solutions coming your way.

Eight Reasons Why You Can Get Blocked On Dating Sites

1. Inappropriate Behavior

One common reason for getting blocked on online dating sites is engaging in inappropriate behavior. This can include sending unsolicited explicit messages, using hate speech, or disrespecting other users. 

It's crucial to remember that good manners and respect should be practiced online just as they would be in real life. If your behavior crosses the line, dating app users may report you to the platform administrators, which can result in the account being temporarily or permanently banned.

2. Spamming

Spamming is another frequent issue that plagues many dating apps. Some individuals flood other users' inboxes with repetitive or irrelevant messages, links, or promotional content. This kind of behavior not only disrupts the user experience but also poses a security risk. 

Dating websites often take a firm stance against spam and may swiftly delete accounts engaging in such activities. This helps in maintaining a fair and respectful online dating community. So, your account may have been blocked based on such an instance in the past.

3. Catfishing

Catfishing is the act where someone pretends to be someone they're not to deceive others. It is a harmful trend that is a major concern on any dating site. Users who assume false identities to match with people and engage in deceptive behavior can damage trust within the community.

When other users in the match group discover they've been misled, they usually report the catfisher. This leads to the account being blocked or deleted by the dating app's administrators. So, if you have engaged in catfishing at any time in the past, then this might be the cause for your account being blocked

4. Violating Site Policies

In order to access a dating website, you need to follow the rules and policies specified by the owner or administrator. These policies are put in place to ensure a safe and respectful environment for both men and women. 

Violating these site policies can naturally result in your account being blocked. If you partake in questionable activities, such as sharing personal contact information, scamming, password sharing, or other similar acts, your account will likely be blocked. Most of these activities put other users at risk, which is why the account is blocked or deleted to protect the safety and privacy of everyone.

5. Age Restrictions

Age restrictions on dating sites are implemented to ensure users are of a suitable age to engage in online dating. This typically ranges from 18 to 21 years old, although specific requirements vary between platforms. These restrictions aim to create a safe and appropriate environment for users to find a date, as relationships and interactions can differ significantly depending on one's age. 

If you happen to be underage or if you misrepresent your age, your account will fail to align with the site's target demographic or legal requirements. As a result, it will be blocked by the administrators to avoid further issues

6. Harassment And Stalking

Harassment and stalking are serious concerns in online dating. If you harass a man or a woman despite their objections, your account will likely be reported and subsequently blocked. 

Acts that count as harassment include sending the person repeated unwanted message requests, continuously contacting them after they've expressed disinterest, or engaging in any form of stalking behavior. Dating apps prioritize the safety and well-being of their users, and these actions are not tolerated.

7. Multiple Reports

When multiple users report an account for various reasons, it raises serious concerns. Dating app platforms take such reports seriously and may investigate the reported account more thoroughly. 

So, if your account has been reported by several other users for some reason, then the site administrators will look into the matter. If they find evidence of wrongdoing, the account may be blocked or deleted to maintain the integrity of the platform.

8. Revenge Reporting

Sometimes, users may falsely report others out of spite or revenge, even if no wrongdoing has occurred. While dating app administrators aim to be fair in their assessments, false reports can still result in temporary account suspensions or restrictions. 

This is a major concern in dating apps these days. Many users end up being blocked without any explanation due to revenge reporting. Fortunately, some platforms may investigate the cases thoroughly if they are made aware of such wrong reporting, which ensures a fair resolution within a few hours or days.

What To Do If You Have Become Blocked On Dating Sites?

1. Improve Your Conduct

If you've been blocked due to inappropriate behavior, it's crucial to reflect on your actions and improve your online conduct. Take a moment to self-assess your interactions and messages. Recognize that respect and good manners are essential in online relationships. 

To rectify the situation, consider sending a polite message apologizing for your behavior. Ensure that future conversations are respectful, and be mindful of others' boundaries.

2. Avoid Sending Spam Messages

If you find yourself blocked for spamming, it's time to reevaluate your messaging approach. Avoid sending repetitive messages, links, or promotional business content. Engage in genuine conversations with others, focusing on building connections rather than bombarding them with messages. Maintain control over the frequency and content of your messages to avoid being flagged for spam.

3. Maintain Honesty And Apologize For Any Wrongdoing

Maintaining honesty and transparency can be a good way to address your blocking issue. Apologize for any deception and explain your reasons, if applicable. If you genuinely wish to build a meaningful relationship, come clean about your true identity and intentions. Building trust is essential in any relationship, and honesty can go a long way in repairing the damage that may have happened.

4. Respect The Age Guidelines

If you've been blocked for violating age restrictions, it's crucial to respect the platform's policies. 

First, double-check your profile's age information and ensure it's accurate. Those who are underage should refrain from using the platform altogether. If you discover a discrepancy with your age, correct it immediately. But if you intentionally misrepresented your age to access the platform, consider reaching out to the site administrators to explain the situation honestly.

5. Familiarize Yourself With The Rules And Policies

To resolve issues related to violating site policies, familiarize yourself with the platform's rules and guidelines. Ensure that your actions align with these policies to prevent another blocking incident in the future. If you believe your account was mistakenly blocked, reach out to the dating site's customer support for clarification and an explanation. Show that you're aware of the rules and are committed to abiding by them.

6. Reflect On Your Actions

If you've been blocked due to harassment or stalking, take a step back and reflect on your actions. Recognize that your behavior may have made the other person feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Respect their decision to block you and refrain from further contact. If you genuinely want to improve, consider seeking professional help to address any underlying issues that may have led to your actions.

7. Change Your Attitude And Behavior Towards Others

If multiple reports have led to your account being blocked, it's essential to take these reports seriously. Reflect on your interactions and understand why others may have reported you. Make an effort to change your behavior and engage in respectful conversations. Consider contacting the dating site's support team to discuss the concerns raised in the reports and demonstrate your commitment to improvement.

8. Address Revenge Reporting Issues

If you suspect you were falsely reported out of revenge or spite, calmly and politely communicate with the other person involved. Additionally, report the incident to the dating site's support team, providing any conversation log or evidence that can support your claim. Maintain control over your emotions and avoid getting upset, as a calm and rational approach is more likely to lead to a favorable resolution.


In the world of online dating, facing blocks on dating sites is a reality that many encounter. Whether it's due to inappropriate behavior, spamming, catfishing, or any other reason, it's essential to approach the situation with understanding and the willingness to change. 

Healthy relationships are built on respect, trust, and good manners, even in the digital realm. If you've faced a block, reflect on your actions, learn from your mistakes, and strive to be a more respectful and considerate user. 

Ultimately, the goal of any dating platform is to create a safe and respectful community where people can make friends or get into relationships. By adhering to these principles, we can all contribute to that shared goal.

Ahiri Chakraborty

Senior Writer

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