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When a Guy Asks You About Your Goals and Future Plans [ANSWERED]

He sees wife material in you. He wants to be certain about your objectives and see if it streamlines with his. Once he gets the assurance about it, he might propose to you.Featured Image of When a Guy Asks You About Your Goals and Future Plans

A guy looking for a hookup or a nightstand would not care about what goes into your making. Only a sincere person will ask you about your career goals. 

It is when a guy is trying to create a blueprint of his life with you that he will ask you about your dreams and plans. 

Continuing reading below to understand why a guy asks you about your goals and future plans. I'll also help you in articulating an appropriate response in order to meet your end.

Reason why a guy asks you about your goals and future plans 

He is mentally working out how nicely your routine would synchronize with one another and enable you to have similar interests if you take the relationship forward.

However, there can be some other reasons varying on the relationship you share with him. Keep reading to find out more.

#1 He is scanning you for wife material 

The guy is wondering if you would make up a great life partner for him. If he is in his prime age and well established, he might want to settle

This question usually arises when you meet someone via dating or matrimonial sites. As they don't know much about you, they try to gather little things about you to make a conclusive decision.

Usually, guys are in a hurry when it comes to settling down. They have their list of priorities sorted. It might sound like a preliminary interview, but if you are sitting across the table from him, it means you might be interested in having them in the future too. 

Remember, it's not just for the guy to ask you questions. You should be inquisitive too. Keep your list of priorities ready when the time is due.

#2 He is ambitious 

Perhaps the guy is passionate about his work, and he wants to see if you are career oriented. A guy who is a workaholic does not have half as much time in a day. They prefer to keep people in life who are as workaholics as them. This shall prevent unnecessary fights and petty discussions between the two. 

As the culture goes, most workaholics like to date someone who shares their interests and can discuss more economics than other topics. They like to hustle hard through the week and chill on the weekends

While dating such people, you must realize beforehand that they won't be able to give you much attention. It is not because they don't want to give you that attention or their attention is focused on another person, but because they are working on their career. They expect their women to be independent and open-minded as well as loyal.

#3 He wants to propose to you 

Perhaps you have been dating for a while, and the guy thinks that the time has come when he gets down on his knees and proposes to you. However, before making haste, he wants to be sure that in the future, there will not be any reason to turn back or any room for certain doubts and surprises. 

Heartbreak is difficult to overcome. Hence, people these days are not as impulsive as they used to be. They plan out every step of their life and are more reflective. Such a guy would desire a partner with certain ideas about how she would like to manifest her future.

#4 He saw your profile on a matrimonial site 

If this guy tried to connect with you recently, and he looks like someone who is either aging or has done with dating, he might be readily stalking women on different sites. 

If you happen to have an account on a matrimonial site, he is taking an interest in your profile. However, it isn't polite to open conversations with questions without a prior introduction or purpose.

What you should do in this case is directly refrain from answering his questions. When you do that, he will be irked. He will call you an egoist and tell you the real cause for making such an inquiry.

When he does that, politely tell him that you are interested in men with courteous gentlemanly behavior who have the guts to open up to a woman without beating about the bush.

Remember, you should approve of nothing but transparency. If a person cannot be honest with you from the start, the person is not deserving of you in any capacity.

#5 You look ambitious 

Perhaps you come across as someone with lofty ambitions. The guy feels intrigued and intimidated by your personality. He is interested to know you more to broaden his understanding of women.

While the world is mostly ruled by women these days, it is still a fact not easily appreciated by men. When they see the lust for power in a woman, they try to readjust themselves to put on a striking impression.

Settle for nothing less than an ambitious man when you are ambitious yourself. Else, the equation won't function smoothly. You need a competitive someone to keep your confidence, and competitive spirit stirred and heated.

#6 He wants to offer a business proposal 

If the word comes from an entrepreneur, the chances are high that he wants to allow you to join his firm. There might be vacancies, and he might want to engage you in certain organizational roles.

This would mean that you have already created an impression upon him. You won't need to play hard if you want to secure a job. Tell him where your interests lie and how you could benefit his firm.

#7 He is looking for funds 

If the guy is into startups and you are doing well at work or have a concrete plan ready for the future, he might want to bring you a partnership or seek funds from you for his enterprise. 

Such a situation would arise when it is public knowledge that you like to help and encourage others with bright ideas by investing in their project. It would also mean that you are wealthy. Either you started making money early, or you have inherited a fortune.

Before making a concrete decision, scan the guy's profile well and talk to references. Don't get emotional when it comes to investing. It's always better to consult with someone and take their opinions rather than completely depending on yours.

#8 He needs advice 

Perhaps the guy is looking for opinions. He needs advice related to his career. He might even be asking this for someone else. If he wants to impress a girl with different career options, he is trying to accumulate knowledge for that first.

Guys usually sought opinions from their friends and passed them on to their girlfriends. They like to show their girls that they have business acumen. They like to flaunt and be appreciated.

If you're his friend and he is committed, this can be the strongest reason for asking about your future. It hasn't anything to do with you in particular.

#9 He is digging into your background 

Perhaps the guy has been assigned to dig into your background and get an idea about your financial standing.

If the person asking you the question is a stranger or someone you met at a bar, it is not wise to reveal personal information. Talk in metaphors with such people. Don't give them a free pass to your mind. Always know what's on their mind before disclosing anything substantial.

#10 You enquired him about his career 

If you asked the guy about his career, he asked you about yours as a courtesy. If this happened in between a conversation, take it lightly. He didn't have a purpose to it. He is merely trying to make conversation. 

How to give an interesting response?

An interesting response, when asked about your future, is to tell about your plans with passion. The response shouldn't be said in a monotonous way. It should be enthusiastic so that it moves the listener.

How to do it? Keep reading to find out.

#1 Tell him passionately about your plans 

Your response should taste like fire. It should excite him. He should not only be encouraged by it but also should want to share his side of the story with you.

If you like the guy, make the conversation flow naturally, and don't overthink. Sometimes it's good to vibe along and flow freely.

#2 Answer concerning his field of interest 

Analyze the guy's field of interest and dress your response accordingly. If you want to be impressive, you would either want to give him something from his domain or something of the extreme opposite. 

When you offer something opposite, you widen the scope to fascinate. It will give you an upper hand as he would not have much to offer, and you would be the one to take the conversation forward.

#3 Prove him that you are a leader 

When you want to show off your qualities to win an opportunity in a firm, you need to show how they could benefit by recruiting you or offer them something different and out of the box.

When the guy asking you about your future has the potential to be your future employer, answer in the light of organizing handling. Show how you excel at thinking out of the box. 

#4 Be honest 

An honest reply is not a bad deal. There is nothing to hide here, nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever comes naturally to you, tell him that.

Go with your heart. Try to engage in the conversation. It might not be an interview after all. He might be trying to vibe. Don't waste lengthy descriptions on it. Be crisp in your reply, and keep the conversation going.

#5 Ask him the reason 

Asking the guy why his question could be rewarding as it would tell you what he wants to hear. You can tailor your response accordingly if you feel the necessity to answer. If you feel the purpose is better left unserved, you can change or cross-question instead.

How to give a dismissive response?

If you are annoyed by the questions asked by the guy, stop answering them. Once you stop answering, he will be out of choice and keep quiet.

There are many ways to do this. Read below to find out more.

#1 Tell him you love to procrastinate 

Sometimes it's better to give silly answers. You don't need to take everything seriously. An idea of a silly answer is to procrastinate. Tell him you don't like to take work seriously. Keep it crisp and curt. 

#2 Say that you are figuring it out 

You don't have to be definitive in your response. You can provide multiple choice as an answer. This is the best way if you don't want the person to know your mind. Give them multiple options and let them pick it up for themselves. 

#3 Tell him you are not ambitious 

When you don't feel like humoring the question, you close the door on the question. You do it by saying that you are not ambitious. While this might bring the conversation to a stop, it is not the worst of decisions.

#4 Ask him to mind his business 

If you want to be straightforward and bring the conversation to a halt, tell him to mind his business. It shouldn't be any of his concern what you do with your life, career, or future. You're your person. Don't allow anyone else to think otherwise.

#5 Give him something too fancy to be true 

Tell a dream that is too good to be true. You can either give it a touch of the philanthropist or something very grand in a materialistic way. Either way, he would understand that you don't intend to share your plans and don't care for his opinions.

Summing up 

When a guy asks you about your plans and wants to play along, it is harmless to flirt and tell him that you plan to be his wife or girlfriend. If he is interested in you, he would be grateful for it. If you're not interested in him, ignore his question.

Suprity Acharyya


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