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Why Do Guys Delete Their Dating Profiles? (16 Possible Reasons)

Guys delete their dating profiles either when they have found someone special with whom they want to try things out for real, or they are exhausted by the dating scenario and would like to focus on their careers instead. Featured Image of Why Do Guys Delete Their Dating Profiles

While the dating scenario these days have become too fast track, some of us are still hopeless romantic lot who believe in the chance and mischance of affection. Their heart is too broken when they are dumped, or worse when they are cheated and in an attempt to regain their shifted pride back in position, they work on themselves to become the epitome of gentility. 

If you have been chatting with a guy on a dating profile and you are as scared as he is to take things forward at once, you might have been stunned to see that his profile is no more available and reads deleted on your chat. Do you wonder what might have gone wrong? While you might convince yourself sooner or later to move forward, your curiosity remains unsatiated. 

In this blog post, I will help you decode one of the greatest mysteries ever: why do guys delete their dating profiles? I’ll also try to help you in dealing with the consequences while avoiding being ghosted by a guy on a dating profile again.

Keep reading to know more. 

Reasons why a guy deletes his dating profile 

Perhaps the guy is unable to keep a balance between his work life and dating life. He wants to prioritize the former. Hence, he decided to take a break from mainstream dating apps. 

To know more, read below. 

#1 He has found the love of his life 

While it might seem too good to be true, it is always possible to fall in love in its purest form. We like to stay on the dating line as long as we are not sure about the one we are seeing. 

But once they know that they have got their person, staying on a dating website would be as bad as cheating. Their girlfriend won't listen to them if they say that they forgot to delete their profile. It is not worth jeopardizing their relationship. 

If at any cost, the relationship fails to work out, they can switch back to the dating profile again. These are the thumb rules of a relationship. It is part of an unsaid expression. It is expected that your partner will not engage in covert conversations with another. 

#2 He is tired 

Perhaps the guy has lost all hopes of finding love. He has become weary of trying and failing. Nothing seems to work. He feels that everything is shallow. Perhaps he is tired of posing as a gentleman, shouldering all the responsibilities, and not being able to give in to his emotion. 

It might be affecting his mental health. Nobody struck a chord with him. Hence he decided to give up dating. However, every dark cloud has a silver lining. If you have noticed his absence and are trying to figure out the reason, perhaps you can help him out in this situation.

You can show him kindness by letting him know that he is missed. It might need some effort and dig from your end but if you are noticing his absence and it's irking you that he disappeared without taking you into confidence, it means that you have developed a liking for him. 

Track him, find him, hold his hands, and make him believe in love again. Share experiences, have hearty conversations, and remove the tension by bursting into laughter. Remember, nothing is impossible. 

#3 He wants to make you curious 

The guy might have temporarily deleted his profile to make you curious. He will come back again to see if his absence has had an impact. 

Such people are very needy. They need to feel important. They would go to lengths just to feel that they are needed. When you come across their profile again and out of concern, you swipe right to ask them where they have been, they might tell you a fake story to gain your sympathy. 

The general line goes in this way. They will tell you that they feel very lonely and they might not be here on the dating profile for long. They would drop their number on your chat to see if you would like to connect otherwise. 

If you do, they won't hesitate to pose as a miserable soul who is looking for that one woman who would take him out of his misery. 

They would pose as one man's woman but don't trust them blindly. Play smart. There are many ways you can see if a guy is faithful to you. Scan his phone and you will know how genuine he is. 

#4 He wants to make it real with you 

If the guy tried to convince you to switch to a more tangible platform, or video calls, or exchange numbers, or asked you out on a date, but you did not give any green flags, the guy might have deleted the profile because they want something real either with you or without you. 

He might try to connect to you over Facebook, or Instagram some days later. If he wants to pursue you, he might have located your social profile before deleting his dating profile. Hence, if you feel that everything is going great, sit back and relax. He will come back to you. Trust yourself and what you bring in m on the table. 

#5 He is a con artist 

Perhaps the guy has made a new profile with a new name. He might be a trickster who knows his way with women. That would explain your concern about discovering his absence. 

Such guys know the right things to say at the right moment. They have tricked you into wanting them. They might just show you one fine day and surprise you. 

These are the traits of a player. They are not good at maintaining consistency. They are more into on-and-off relationships. They maintain the relationship, not because of gratification or anything emotional but because they like to drain women financially. They will show up again out of the blue and ask you for help. You might think yourself to be smart but they know how to brainwash you. They will plan to start a family with you, and then leave you stranded. Hence, don't take the virtual dating business too seriously. Let the guy put effort before you invest yourself emotionally. Learn more about this here - Would a Player Text you every day?

#6 He is asexual

The guy might be asexual. He was trying hard to orient himself, but he failed. There is nothing to be too surprised about it. 

Try to recollect the conversations that you had had with him. If he was hesitant in exploring your sexuality or sharing their experiences, it is because they don't have any. 

As such, you might have shared a comfort zone with them because they are more emotional than other guys. They would share a natural affinity with you. Hence, you had perhaps found a friend in them. 

This, in turn, might have scared them more because they fear they will disappoint you. Not sharing about their sexuality can be considered worse than cheating. Hence, not everything about a dating site needs to be taken seriously.

#7 He has some urgent business to attend to 

Perhaps the guy keeps too busy to take dating seriously. He might not have gotten anything productive in return. Hence, he decided to give up on it altogether. 

You need to remember that not everyone is enthusiastic about dating websites. Some people merely do it under peer pressure. Hence, they might have been aloof and indifferent from the beginning. 

#8 He is sick 

Perhaps the guy was sick and hence used a dating site for a break. Or, the guy might have fallen ill and cannot give time to the site. The inflow of texts is getting a bother for him. As a result, he wants to take a break. 

Sickness can change a person. Even pleasant things will lose their charm. You can never know for certain what a person is going through in their life. Hence it is better to be as empathetic and kind as possible.

#9 He lost someone 

Perhaps the guy underwent a major loss. It might be a family member or a friend. It might also be that he was cheating on his girlfriend and she caught him red-handed. 

Either way, you cannot know it till the point they decide to reveal it to you themselves. Hence, don't rack your brain much. 

The only lesson you learn from this is to not reveal confidential information to anyone randomly. If the dating site is all that you know about them, they can never be reliable. 

#10 He started falling for you 

If the guy has commitment issues, each time he begins to fall for a person, he will run away from them instead of chasing them more. Hence, if you were keeping up at night to chat with him, he must have started falling for you too. 

Don't be too surprised because you will meet many such people. Our generation is heavily sunk in their insecurities. They would expect a lot but won't give any. Such misgivings create more problems.

#11 He is trying to give you the impression that he is serious about you 

He got connected with you on other platforms, deleted his profile to make you believe that he is into you, recreated his profile, and went incognito to keep it hidden from you. 

This is a tactic performed by many. They are over-smart but what they don't understand is they will not be able to keep the balance. Sooner or later, they will be caught. Hence, make a habit of going out with their friends. When you know the circle and post widely about the person you are dating, the chances of getting dumped become much less.

#12 His profile was deleted by the company 

If his account was reported and his disguise has been caught, the dating website must have brought down his account for the interest of their customer and to prevent fraud. 

This happens with people who push you to share n*des. Female security and cybercrime have become major issues. Hence, if you feel your safety has been compromised, immediately take action and report crimes. 

#13 He is not over his ex yet 

The guy might have come up on the dating site to get over his ex. But he realized that every conversation and every other woman reminds him more of her. 

He realized that he cannot live without her. Hence, he might have gone to chase her again. These are not too strange. 

Post-breakup, we try to move on in life and fail disastrously. We invest our hope and faith and too much of ourselves in the previous relationship. Hence, we think that let's try it one more time. 

You might have fallen for him, but more than anything, you should have respect for him. He is running after the person he loves and there is nothing that feels greater than that. 

#14 His girlfriend is back in town 

Perhaps the guy was committed and was hunting for a sidekick in the absence of his girlfriend. Now that his good girlfriend is back in town, he knows he needs to cut down on all the experiments. 

This is a very common practice, especially in long-distance relationships. While the long-term partners are decided, they need to satiate their primary needs due to which they are always on a hunt for a no-strings-attached relationship. 

The moment they feel that the situation is getting out of control, they desperately try to undo the process. The case gets worse when the guy finds out that his girlfriend and you have mutual friends. He is stressed that his girlfriend might break up with him and therefore has deleted his account without speaking a word about it. Like that, you are left with no proof that you had ever noted him. 

#15 He was in travel mode 

If the guy was using travel mode, he would delete the account as soon as he leaves the town. If the guy was about to travel to the city but his plan changed, he will delete the account. 

Hence, whenever you get connected with someone, first take their basic information such as where they live, where they work, and their identification proof. If the guy is dishonest by any means, he would make a narrow escape before being caught red-handed.

#16 He is married and his conscience kicked in

Perhaps the man is married but is getting astray. Extramarital affairs are more common than marriage these days. It could be due to peer pressure that he selected this path or due to a lack of excitement in his life. 

Either way, now that he has realized that this is morally wrong, he will make haste to make redemptions. On the one hand, he might have deleted his dating profile, and on the other, he must have done something to recreate the bond with his wife. Learn more here - Married Man Has Gone Cold On Me.

What to do when a guy deletes his dating profile?

You might think that there is nothing much you can do about it but stalk the guy on social media. However, that might not be all. While stalking his social media accounts isn't a bad option, there are plenty of other options available too. Read below to find out. 

#1 Don’t push a relationship 

It is never advisable to push a relationship. If someone wants to abandon you, allow them to. The last thing you want to do in your life is to hold on to a person forcefully. 

You might get emotional and the words might take a longer time to sink in. 

You might feel that none of this makes sense. But you need to control yourself. You need to talk yourself out of the situation. You cannot allow it to sink you. These situations are not fighting or flight. 

These are about stability and consistency. You need to have your back. There's no other way to deal with it. 

#2 Locate him on other platforms 

The easiest way to deal with the situation is by locating the guy on another readily available platform. You can start by browsing his name. The result will lead you to his social media profiles. 

You can find his LinkedIn account. You can track him on Facebook. You can also find him on Instagram, however, with fancy usernames, that shouldn't be your first resource. 

You can look up his picture on Google photos and thereby use the attachment to find the source. Further, you can look up the company where he works. 

You can check about the company on Glassdoor to understand the pay scale. It will help you in figuring out whether he toils days and nights in his workplace or he is a setback person with a lack of ambition. 

You can analyze his Twitter and Goodreads account to understand his interests. You can check his friend list to study the kind of people he keeps. You can see through his experiences to know about his travel history and world exposure. 

One thing will lead to another and when you are done with all of it, you will know if you want to deal with them in real life or not. If you don't find their public character pleasing, you might not care to initiate a conversation at all. 

If you do decide to initiate the conversation, you will be backed up with all the information and would be able to tell when he is telling the truth and when he is saying lies. You will further be able to understand the reason why he might be saying so. Whether those are deliberate lies, black lies, or white lies, it will tell you how they as a person truly are. 

#3 Ask him out while the time is right 

When you are talking to or chatting with a person over text or call, even if it is a dating platform and the stereotype dictates you to behave as if you are an angel and the guy courting you is in desperate need of your favor. It is advisable that rather than throwing too many tantrums, ask the guy out while you still have time. 

Try to understand that a desperate guy will take lengths to please you. He won't mind putting up guises and doing things your way because he wants to get into your pants. 

A guy of a noble character, on the other hand, will never cross his limits or the boundaries that the social norms or your behavior have impressed upon him. He will try to keep you comfortable and might layer his needs under the blanket. 

These guys are the real deal. They are heartstoppers. You might find them boring at first, but they are the ones who know how to take you ahead and make the real deal. Don't miss out on such a gem for some vague reasons. 

#4 Make another account to be sure if he has truly deleted his profile 

There is a probability that the guy deleted the profile merely to give you the impression that he thinks his life and soul belong to you and he wants nothing more than that. But let’s be realistic here. How can a guy you have just met be so certain about you?

It would imply that either the guy is extremely desperate and cannot keep his sweatpants on or he has always been chasing you and finally got lucky to find you on a dating website. Either way, it is not a piece of good news for you. 

Trust the guys who take their time to accommodate you in their life rather than the ones who make their world topsy turvy just to make you a part of it. The former will bring you stability and long-term commitment, the latter will fade as soon as he stops getting the thrill. 

You can further check the deal by making a different account or using your friend’s account to locate them online. They might have gone incognito, you cannot know unless you check their device and the hidden section on their device or their browsing history. 

If they give you the liberty to use their handheld freely, they fear nothing. In that case, you don’t quite need to check it because you will be bounded by the trust. You cannot expose your insecurities in that manner for there are better ways to do it such as having a meaningful conversation.

#5 Ask for his identification proof before sharing intimate details 

It is the ground rule to ask for the guy’s or the girl’s identification proof before leveling up with them. You cannot underestimate the large pool of catfishing that takes place on an average dating platform. People go to extents to give the impression that they are desirable and you don’t want to miss the chance of dating them.

You need to realize that with normal people, an average day will be dull. You might wonder why you need them at all in your life then. It is because they are the honest lot. Days with them will be peaceful and they will bring you solace at night. 

Such people turn out to be your silent companion. You can share your expectations with them without the fear of getting judged. They are with you because they don’t want to be somewhere else. There is growth in such a relationship. If you find yourself stagnant with a person, it is because you are with the wrong person.

#6 Don’t exchange confidential information or pictures 

Even if you are mighty certain that the guy is honest, don’t be too surprised that you shared your confidential pictures and information with them, they made a copy of it, deleted their profile, and made your information public. 

How they might do it? They can do it because they are the master players in the field of cybercrime. They might have been paid for this service by someone who is either jealous of you or wants to get back at them. 

Hence, until and unless you are mighty certain and have obtained a character certificate of the guy by making a general inquiry, running a web search, or meeting his friends, do not disclose the pieces of information which you might regret sharing later. 

Wait till the guy shares his information first. Always share private things in one-view mode. Many apps these days bring you the option to set a timer that deletes the conversation you have had with the person automatically after a while. Set that timer and make it prove useful to you. For all you know, the guy might be sitting with another device and capturing the shots, and generating an encrypted copy of your details. Such tactics are also used by rival businessmen who want to use you as a tool to get back at your family.

#7 Don’t get too personal 

It is not advisable to get too personal in conversations while on a dating website. The guy should not call you an investigating officer. There is a way of fetching out pieces of information but it must not be done in one go. 

The first step is to vibe. Once you vibe with them, they would be more eager to share the intrinsic part of their life. Why else will a person entertain answering all your questions? They must be able to find some part of them relatable to some part of you. There must be common experiences that you have shared. 

Hence, it is always advisable to take it slow and one step at a time. Once you can see that they have started opening up the reservoir and started sharing their family or official matters, that is when you can take advantage to pierce further. 

#8 You will find someone better 

Don't be too disheartened in any case. There are many handsome folks out there. All of them are waiting and longing for a companion. 

There has to be someone worthy of all your efforts and emotions. The last and first quality that you may seek is consistency. Don't settle for anything else. 

If someone passes on you, they are not worth your time. You will find someone better. Just don't give up trying.

#9 You kept giving mixed signals 

If the guy asked you out but you never gave him a green signal, and worse, if some days you treated him like he means the world to you and other days like he is nothing, you texted him as per your convenience, he will not tolerate it.

The worst gesture you can give a person is mixed signals. Many can get offended and take it as a form of disrespect. Hence, even if you don't like the person, don't make it too palpable for them. 

Summing up 

A guy might have many reasons for deleting the dating profile. You must focus on why he joined the dating site in the first place. When you begin to ask the right questions, you will find the right solutions. The principle by which you must run is to seize the day and make the most of the moment. Rest, everything is a matter of chance and mischance. Hence, as long as you can, carpe diem!

Suprity Acharyya


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