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When He Cooks for You (Here What It Means)

It means that he cooks better than you. Don’t stereotype activities among gender roles because he surely is not. He is fond of cooking and he is fond of you. Hence, he thought what could be better than cooking for you? Relish your dish. And perhaps order ice cream. Featured Image of When He Cooks for You

Relationships are all about pampering each other. How do you tell genuine efforts from superficial ones? When a guy cooks for you, is he trying to send you a stronger message? Does it mean he cares for you? What are the possible things that will push a guy to cook for you? What is cooking in his mind? 

If all these questions are going about in your mind then will you be able to enjoy his cooked food? No, right? Hence, let me take care of the reasons while you satiate your taste buds. 

In this blog post, I will help you figure out what it means when a guy cooks for you and how you should respond to it. Keep reading to know more. 

Reasons why a guy cooks for you 

The simplest reason for a guy to cook specifically for you is that he cooks well. Had he been an awful cook, he would never have suggested that. The bonus is that you might find his cooking and culinary skills impressive. Girls often find guys hot if they can cook. 

To know more, read below.

#1 He likes cooking 

When we like to do something and it is therapeutic, we mostly do it because we have a knack for it. Doing it for someone else in that case becomes a bonus but not necessarily the primary reason. However, when we go out of our way to please someone, that is when the green flag waves at us. 

Hence, if in the initial conversations that you had with the guy, he had revealed to you that the favorite corner of his house is his kitchen and he likes to spend all his time there, you shouldn’t b too surprised if he cooks for you. However, if usually he cooked for himself but this time he took out time to cook for you, it would mean something different

He is trying to win your heart with his cooking. Pay attention to the food items that he has cooked. If these items are some things that you had mentioned you are fond of eating then it is certain that it has been done for you. 

#2 He likes you 

Guys tend to give you different gestures when they are attracted to you. How they convey the gestures would depend on the chances that they are getting to meet you. If, for instance, you met a guy on a dating app, and you guys bonded well. You decided after a while to connect on other platforms and three days into it, you see that the guy has deleted his dating profile and is well connected with you on other messaging apps, it would mean that he is trying to tell you that he loves you. 

Similarly, if the guy is your colleague and you take lunch together, but one fine day he decided to not buy food from the cafeteria but he fixed you a lavish treat, it means that he took that extra pain to make you feel loved and at home. If you appreciate the gesture and he tends to repeat the pattern, it means he has a heart of gold. 

In such cases, vibe along at different levels with the guy. Allow him to know you better if you can see in his eyes that he desires nothing more. You should not mess up the relationship for your work under the same roof and unnecessary complications will affect both of you at a professional level. Hence, make up your mind and if your heart longs for it, so be it. 

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#3 You are an awful cook 

If you are living under the same roof with the guy either as a flatmate or because he is your boyfriend, he might be doing it because he is tired of eating half-burnt porridge. If you are an awful cook but you give your best, he might not tell you how bad you cook. 

There is nothing to feel bad about it. There are no such stereotypical gender roles, and if anything, you should be glad that he is breaking them. What you can do here is learn to cook with the right method. 

You can use youtube videos, learn by watching, read recipes, work on ingredients, or ask your friend or boyfriend to teach you. It would be a great opportunity to bond together. You would get to spend quality time together. 

It will help you understand each other more. There will be moments that are adorable and some that are stressful. You will see how you can keep a balance between the two.

#4 He is pampering you 

The guy might be deliberately pampering you. This is an art that is named spoil your girl. If he is your boyfriend, he is doing it to make you happy. If he is a friend but you take turns pampering him then he might be doing the same. 

Notice if he does other things from time to time for you. If he does things that are selfless and wholly directed in your direction then these things are done out of love. What are the reasons that they might be having for loving you is a different topic altogether. 

Perhaps ask the guy why he cooked for you or simply say it feels like a birthday on a normal day and wait to see his reply. If he wants to make it obvious, he will say it out loud. You can always hold his hands to convey to him how lovely the surprise was.

#5 He wants to go long-term with you 

Perhaps the guy is portraying himself as a husband material before you. He wants to hold you and love you. He is giving you a glimpse of what life will be with him if you choose to wake up by his side every morning. 

Let him take the lead, while you taste the course and give your valuable feedback on the same. Use expressions such as “Umm…oh my god! This tastes incredible! I have never had something so full of flavors before. Thank you so much for this.” wait to see what he does next. If he waits excitedly to see your reaction to the next food item, he is more interested in getting compliments for his hard work. However, if he uses the opportunity to steal a kiss, or feed you directly, his center of interest is you. 

Look for other gestures that he makes to win your heart. See if he waits for your consent or takes you by surprise. Try to understand how you feel when he holds you close. If you get uncomfortable, does he pull back and let you be or he holds you harder till you give up in his arms? 

#6 He is proposing live-in 

Perhaps the guy wants to propose a live-in to you if you have already been dating for years now. Given that both of you live in the same city and have an office nearby and you don’t live with your parents, there is no harm in moving in together. This will help you deal with each other’s shortcomings. 

None of us are perfect. When we see each other outdoors, we behave in our best selves. We ignore the slips and gaps, or overlook many faults because our focus is on the greater good. We leave our homes with the intent to have a great time together. Hence, when that does not turn out to be the way we had wanted or imagined, we push ourselves to make it better and give more. 

Then one day, we fall from the sky and start complaining that we have only been giving in this relationship. We wonder when the tables will turn and we will get to have a nice time together. Therefore, it is important to know how to balance things between yourself and your partner. You should not scold them or complain about their shortcomings. 

On the other hand, you should function in such a way that they can see how beautifully you have become the better half of them. This should be the equation and it should be in good proportion. Moving in together will bring you this opportunity in abundance where you will not be able to get mad at each other because you are more interested in working on it together. 

Wait to see if he proposes the idea. Make some ground rules that will help you to carry out the plan right. Tell him you want to use the period to fill your life with memories. Give him joy. Be his joy. When you give love, you get it back in return. Never think twice before loving someone. What is yours shall always come back to you. 

#7 He is planning a surprise for you 

If you have been dating for a long, perhaps the guy has made up his mind that he wants nothing more than you. He sees his perfect match in you. Therefore, cooking for you is a way to surprise you. Perhaps there is a ring in between the dish coming your way. You will get the vibe from his eyes. If he is into you, he won’t take his eyes off you even for a second. You might even see his eyes welling up at times. 

Hug him at the end of the meal to thank him for the beautiful company and the mouthwatering dish. Tell him that you can’t express in words how amazing you feel and add that nobody has ever made you feel this way before. 

With this gesture of fondness, you have done your bid. This should encourage him. If there is anything more that he has in his mind at that moment, he will perhaps carry it out abruptly, or if he is a perfectionist, he will let you sweat thinking about what he is up to while he makes his plan. 

#8 He wants to make you feel at home 

Perhaps the guy wants that you feel that you belong somewhere, that there is someone to look after you, it need not be romantic, it can be a friendly or even brotherly gesture. This would be done when you are on crossed terms with your parents or away from home or in a situation that has devoid you of domestic bliss. Don’t mistake kindness and sympathy for love and don’t mix gratitude with gratification. 

You don’t need to take him as a romantic partner because he makes you feel at home. You cannot do it because you feel that you owe it to him. Those are the wrong reasons. You will do it when your heart starts racing when you see him. You will do it because the thought of kissing him feels the best feeling ever. 

First, discover your right set of reasons and then go about doing things the way you might like. Love is magical and its beauty is enchanting. It will captivate all your senses and you will spend all your day and night thinking about him with open eyes. It is when you do that unconsciously when you are happy all the time that you know that you love him and you desire nothing less.  

#9 These are merely his good upbringing 

Gentility and good manners, that’s the first thing you get when you see a gentleman. Don’t date an ill-bred man or someone who is too childish in his ways. Being a child at heart should not be confused with someone who is petulant, irrational, and troublesome. 

An immature man will put up with random demands about his dietary needs. He will complain about what you cook and how you cook it. A sensible and lovable human will bring you all the laughter and light. A man who is worthy of your attention will never allow you to take any pressure. You will see the difference for yourself. 

Even if you didn’t think of this guy in that light before, you will perhaps begin to think now for it will bring you happiness. You will feel safe in his company. He won’t let societal gender roles exert pressure on you. With him, your priorities will be sorted easily. So perhaps, it is time that you consider him worthy of regard.

#10 It can be a possible excuse to invite you home 

Perhaps, the guy has been wanting to ask you out but he doesn’t want to take you out to some loud and noisy place, he wants to make it special and romantic instead. So he thought of planning something at a more personal level. 

That is when he thought that how about he fills up the table with delicate spreads of your favorite cuisine and invites you home for an enriching experience to dine while sipping chardonnay slowly.  Hence, the idea of cooking food might have occurred to him. 

Now that I have decoded this maths, it is for you to decide what you want as the final result. Your feelings are the variant here. His side of things is largely constant. He has perhaps made up his mind to take you as his woman. Now it is your turn to either lead him onward or put the proposal down. 

#11 He is trying hard to impress 

Perhaps the guy is crushing hard on you and has been giving signals but to no avail. Hence, he is going to put his chef skills to use. After all, the gateway to not only a man’s but also a woman’s heart is through her stomach. 

He wants you to feel comfortable even if that means hogging on carbs. It is indicative of strong feelings that can be interpreted as love. He is hinting that he loves you for what you are and not for how you look like. 

The impression he is trying to give here is that he loves you for all good reasons. His love is selfish and it sees the attributes that go into your making. He is not interested in fooling around with you. He is a keeper. Perhaps ask him about his past dates and relationships to get an idea as to what makes the affair challenging. It will help in figuring out how and where to be careful if you decide on taking him as your partner.

#12 He is too specific about the ingredients 

Perhaps the guy has been wanting to ask you out but he doesn’t trust the restaurant food. He prefers to use organic ingredients and air-dry food rather than deep fry it. Hence, he decided that he will share his meal with you. 

This will also help him to know your dietary habits. For him, this could be a strong factor in deciding whether to go down on his knees before you or not. He is very health-conscious and perhaps a fitness freak. The chances are high that when you see him shirtless, you would want to feast on him, the offer would be too tempting to put down.

Hence, don’t freak out before taking the chance. Visit him and see how he treats you. A sensible person with dietary restrictions will ask you beforehand if you are allergic to some particular types of food. However, if it slipped his mind, perhaps you send him a note because you want to make the most of this opportunity rather than spoil the experience.  

#13 He wants to show you that he is not patriarchal in approach 

If you are well known for your views on feminism and if you are a staunch feminist, perhaps the guy wants to impress you by showing that he is on the same side of the table as you. This would at least make him available at the table with you in terms of discussing agendas and planning outlines in case you are an activist. 

If he can keep up with your line of thoughts, he will put his step forward in trying to ask you out. If not, he will sneak out of the boardroom as soon as he had sneaked in. if you are indeed a feminist by heart, you will get the vibe and it won’t take you a minute to tell the difference between shallow individuals and humans with depth. 

#14 He wants to surprise you 

Perhaps it is you who cook every day for him and today that you were out and busy, he thought to make good use of the opportunity and cook for you to give you a break from the relentless efforts of domesticity. If this man is your boyfriend or your husband, he is caring. 

Perhaps, for a reward, offer him a steamy session of romance. Use this moment to recreate memories and get closer again. Next time, you can perhaps surprise him by dressing up for him as his favorite character. 

#15 It is a token of apology 

If the person cooking is your husband then he is trying to make amends with you. Maybe he broke your heart or did something that he isn't supposed to do. There is a possibility that he has a guilty conscience. 

He wants you to remember if and when you learn about the mishap that he might have caused, that he loves you and you must be on his side, having his back. 

It could also be that rather than texting you what's cookin', good lookin', he thought that it was time he took the charge and reversed the roles. Forgive him rather than disrespect him by not sitting at the table. 

Such notes of unkindness cannot be undone. Hence, even if you are in a fit of anger, look at the beauty of what's being offered. 

#16 He thinks you don’t eat enough 

If you are underweight and you have been feeling dizzy, or if he met you on the street and brought you home in an unconscious state, he might have cooked food for you because you are in genuine need to eat. It is the code of hospitality. The guy is being hospitable because you might wake up in a state of emptiness. 

He does not want you to freak out. He might be a philanthropist or an activist and wants to understand if there is any way in which he can prove to be useful to you. He might also be resourceful, rich, and well-networked. So perhaps if you are downtrodden by something that can be regarded as a social issue, open up to him.

What to do when a guy cooks for you?

The first thing that will occur to you when a guy has put in the effort to fix you a bowl of the meal is to thank him. Everything else that includes the analyzing part of the taste and texture will come later. You need to show him that it means something to you. How to do that? Read below to find out.

#1 Appreciate the gesture 

Appreciating a gesture can be done in various ways, the simplest of them is a thank-you note. This could be verbal, or written. It could also be by doing a favor, hugging him, making him a card, or sharing your secret ingredient, say nutmeg, or your classy coffee recipe with him. 

Write him a letter describing your feelings when you had the first bite. How wonderfully it satiated your cravings. Call him the best cook or the best chef. 

Gift him a chef’s cap as a reward or sew him an apron for the same. You can buy him designer baking molds, or a spatula with his initials printed on it to make the gesture more thoughtful. It will show that you have put your efforts the right way. 

Since he has invited you to his home for the meal, you can carry a bottle of wine or a flower pot, depending on the impression you want to give him. The former is if you want to make it romantic, the latter if you want to put forward the gesture in a friendly manner. A bottle of wine will also help in enhancing the dining experience. However, don’t take it that he has not already made the arrangements. Therefore, ask him beforehand if he cares for Chardonnay or Chivas. 

This is the age of digital media, you can always make a reel of him while he is cooking and share it in your story. This is not something that we do for everyone. When we are sharing them in our story, it means they are our people. Or, you can do some doodling if you are good at it and show him cooking for you. Give him creative name tags and make him feel good about himself.

#2 Make desserts for him 

Make assorted cookies, pies, pastries, or any dessert which is up to his liking. Ask him in a rapid-fire round about his favorite desserts and bake them for him in a sweet manner. The idea that you have partnered his skills by reciprocating, in the same manner, will be impressive. 

Here also you can introduce some creativity by using his favorite color for icing or placing everything that he likes at once on the cake. You can make a pull-out card or a small pinata cake with his favorite chocolates inside to give a good impression. It is about what you feel for him and how you want to make him feel. 

Perhaps get to know his preference for chocolate or fruits if you decide on baking dessert. Use dark chocolates if he is health conscious. Pineapples and blueberries always taste great in desserts. Decide it beforehand. It will be a recreational activity for you and you will show that you can match up with him on his list of hobbies.

#3 Keep him happy 

If your husband is cooking for you, all that you might want to do is keep him happy. How to keep him happy? By not cheating on him. Being his support system. Not to look down on him, and try to adjust with his family members rather than breaking into discords. 

Your husband can see that some days it might take a toll to put up with him. This gesture is for seeking forgiveness for those days. Use this moment to express your feelings, if you are hurt by something, he perhaps knows it already. Hence he will find ways to console you. 

#4 Be you 

Don’t try too hard, you don’t have to do anything, enjoy your meal, dance with him, kiss his cheek, and be happy. There is nothing superficial or surreal about the fact that the guy has cooked a meal for you. 

Hence, if your natural self wants you to jump in excitement, jump. If your normal self wants you to eat in content, do that mv if your normal self wants you to know the recipe, do that. The only thing that you should not do is pretend. 

There is no need to give a false impression here because the guy doesn't want to play it short-term. He has long-term goals with you. Therefore, sooner or later, the cat will be out of the cover. 

Don't hesitate in expressing a dislike either. If you didn't like it or found the food too oily or spicy, don't be upfront in your disapproval. What you can do is instead cook the same dish and bring it to him next time with some sides. That will show him how you like it. And if he feels for you, he will take notes. 

#5 Give him a chance 

If he has asked you out many times but you haven’t responded to him well or have been giving him mixed feelings to keep him hanging in between, this might be the reason that he is taking one final step to see if this will melt your stone heart. 

If his flavors and efforts won’t melt you, he will understand that he will be sweating unnecessarily and might be moved to wait for the right person to love. You won't come across as a snob, it might just mean that you have different likings than him, and he is better to put his efforts into someone who will be in a better disposition to appreciate it. 

#6 Give him a nickname 

If the guy has been able to touch a chord in you, consider giving him a nickname. It could be something cute. You can think of some characters that he reminds you of. You can think of something based on the food he cooked for you. Perhaps Mr. Perfectionist, My Favorite Chef, or something of the sort. 

It could also be something personal, a coded language that only you both understand. This will separate you from the crowd. You will begin to share an intimate relationship. It will be the beginning of a special friendship and if you do it right, it can take new colors and turn out to be much more rewarding.

You might wonder if giving nicknames are outdated but trust me, in the world of babes, baby, and dudes, a nomenclature encrypted between two is the most cherished of all the names. Even after years when you see them, you will call them by the nickname you had given them and they will be grateful. 

#7 Marry him if he cooks for you often 

When you are planning for settling down or starting a family and you have a guy in your friend list who cooks for you frequently and loves you ardently in the purest form possible without seeking favors in return, calling him husband material will be an understatement. 

If he hasn’t considered proposing to you but you want to be his wife, why don’t you break the gender rules too? Plan a date for him, make him feel special, make a video of all your memories together, let your heart sing out to him, and propose to him when you see his eyes sparkling.

Don’t think of the result. Don’t run ahead of yourself. Be patient. Do your bid. Luck has been favorable. Your stars must be in the right alignment. Give it a go without thinking of the results. You will be happy that you expressed your heart.

#8 Help him with the chores 

If the guy has been working on fixing the dish for you, you can help him with the dishes, chopping the veggies, or buying the ingredients. The idea is to work as a team. Don’t let him take all the pressure by himself. Be a companion and a friend. Even if you are neighbors, it is good manners to clean your plates. 

Summing up 

If a guy cooks for you, understand that some tender feelings have sprung in his heart for you. Water those feelings with the right proportion of kindness, affection, and care. Mold the three into a gesture that stands unabated. Give him what he deserves, respect, friendship, and perhaps a tinge of romance.

Suprity Acharyya


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