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Why Hasn't My Ex Deleted My Number? [ANSWERED]

Your ex hasn't deleted your number because they don't want to break all the connections with you. They hope to understand and continue on friendly terms without any unnecessary bitterness in between. It's the mature thing to do; deleting numbers won't help unlove them.a couple sitting on a sofa seems upset with each other

One fine day, while scrolling the WhatsApp chats, you discover the DP of your ex still visible to you. While you had kept the chat but deleted their number, they haven't deleted yours yet. This is something out of the ordinary.

What could be the cause of this unnatural behavior, let's find out in this article.

Possible reasons why your ex didn't delete your number

If your ex didn't delete your number, they're not over you yet. They are hoping to get to know you more in the future.

Moving on in life doesn't come easy to all. If anything, they don't bear the mentality that deleting your number can be a solution to get over this phase. However, every person is different, and your ex might have a different reason not to delete your number.

Keep reading to find more!

#1 They yearn for friendship 

Your ex might not have deleted your number after the breakup because they are introverts and don't have many people in their life.

Though they couldn't keep you as a partner, they would love to have you as their friend. They cherish friendship and hope to stay on good terms with you.

It's a healthy sign. Yearning for friendship doesn't essentially make a person needy. On the other hand, it shows that they understand life and the importance of having good relationships even after the breakup. 

#2 They like you 

Your ex hasn't deleted your number because they like you. They might be sorry that the two of you couldn't take it to a romantic level or make it long term, but they like you and want to be with you.

Such people are mostly pleasant and easygoing in life. They cannot do without people, and they don't want to be in anybody's bad books.

They want that even after all that the two of you might have been through, when you think about them, it brings a smile to your face. 

Mostly, such people are Sagittarians. However, this mode of conduct and carefree nature is catching up and is often termed as being "cool."

If you have a soft corner for them in your heart, don't make a fuss of this and treat it as a trivial matter. There's nothing to get hyper about it. Take it the way it comes and never make any decision in anger.

#3 They don't want any bitterness in between 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number after the breakup, they're more of visionaries and care for long-term things rather than being myopic in their understanding of schemes. 

They are well aware that a year from now, none of this would matter. You might even not notice their name on your contact list. 

So, you tell me, is it worthwhile to delete their number or pay much thought to the whys, and why not? It most certainly isn't.

All that matters at the end of the day is the peace of your mind.

You must be happy and content with your decisions. If breaking up with your ex has brought you happiness, all these trivial matters should make no difference to you.

Like them, you must also try to avoid any form of bitterness in any relationship.

#4 They want to get back to you 

It might be that your ex hasn't deleted your number because they are hoping to get back to you in the future.

If the breakup wasn't mutual, this is considered the normal mode of behavior. However, if you don't want them in your life, you can block them on your phone as well as social media to make it crystal clear. 

They want you to think about them and get upset about the decisions that you are making in your life.

This is exactly what you're doing. You don't have to think about what or why they are thinking.

If you don't want to be in a relationship with them and maintain no other form of relationship whatsoever, don't waste your time with such futile thoughts that shall do you no good. 

#5 They lack a conscience 

Your ex hasn't deleted your number because they lack a conscience. They don't care for breakups and patch-ups. It's a chore for them.

It didn't occur to them that because they have broken up with you or vice versa, you must give a reaction to make it obvious that you don't see each other any longer. 

They are free-minded people. They don't care much for the right choice of conduct—they stand out when it comes to following etiquette or continuing the accepted norms of behavior.

It would help if you did not react to this. If it doesn't matter to them, why should it matter to you? Remember, some questions are better left unanswered. 

#6 They're hoping to gain some benefits from you 

Your ex hasn't deleted your number after the breakup because they are hoping to use you as a resource in the future.

If you belong to the same field of work as them or if you happen to have a good source of network and contacts, if you are well-liked and highly regarded by people, they would love to stay associated with you even if that means by being your ex.

At least they could tell that they have dated you. 

Don't let it hurt your conscience. People are like that, you see. They don't care much about how you feel or what you might want them to do.

They try to make the best of moments and live happily. I suggest you be cautious of their move and think twice before heeding their request in the future.

#7 They like your friend 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number after the breakup and if their reason for the break up was never clear to you in the first place, it might be that they either cheated upon you or that they have their eyes upon someone close to you. It might be that they like your friend and want to date them. 

It might also be that your friend knew about it and had persuaded your ex to break up with you. 

Your ex is perhaps trying their best not to make it awkward between the two of you if they ever get to date your best friend. 

Keep your eyes open, and perhaps distance yourself from this friend who might have caused your breakup in the first place.

#8 You have their belongings 

If you have your ex's belongings, that might be why they have not deleted your number. They are looking for a way to ask for their possessions back.

This might be so if you have something that is precious to them. It can be so too if you used to live together and the break up was sudden and brisk that they did not get an opportunity to take back all their things.

#9 They have your belongings 

Your ex might not have deleted your number after the breakup because they have your belongings. They are finding an opportunity to either send it back to you or ask you what you would want them to do about it. 

If you remember about any such belonging that might be precious to you or that you might want to get back from them, drop a text and ask them to courier it to you. That way, you can avoid each other and prevent fire from reigniting itself.

#10 Your birthday is around the corner 

If your birthday or your ex's birthday is around the corner, that might be the reason why they haven't deleted your number.

They want to rush you one last time or want to see if you care enough to wish them one last time on their big day. 

If it's their birthday or your yearly anniversary, do not wish them. It doesn't make any sense. It will keep the pattern on and make it difficult for both of you to move on.

#11 They want a closure 

Your ex might not delete your number because they either need closure or want to offer you some final words.

Breakups are mostly emotional and happen fast. We don't communicate with each other. It's mostly that we are crying and so overwhelmed with feelings that words escape us.

However, there's a lot that we would have lived to convey. We think that sometime in the future, if we get a chance and when our words might be taken meaningfully by them.

#12 They want to be available if you need a helping hand 

If you used to share a close bond with your ex before you had started dating them, they might not have deleted your number because they don't intend to ghost you from their life.

On the other hand, they want to stay available for you whenever you might need them.

#13 They're emotional 

Your ex might be an emotional person, and it is not easy for them to move on briskly. They are still stuck in that zone and have difficulty overcoming all the flashbacks.

They might try to contact you again. You will have to deal with the entire situation delicately. Stay unattached while helping them out with this. You can try to contact their friend for help if such a need arises in the future.

#14 They need time 

Your ex is so busy with life that they have not paid much attention to the nitty-gritty. Allot them some time, and eventually, they will catch up with reality.

It might be that they haven't taken the breakup seriously. If you guys used to break up in every other matter frequently, they are hopeful that you might make a return to them when you're in the right state of mind.

What to do when your ex doesn't delete your number?

If your ex doesn't delete your number, but you would prefer if they had done so, keep posting beautiful pictures and things that would make them jealous or unconfirmed.

Get a new haircut or hair color, do everything that they never wanted you to do, and post long stories about it, burn them to the core by showing them how well you are doing in life without them in your life. 

I've shared many ways to handle this situation and come out of it with bright colors.

#1 Keep them as friends 

If you don't mind being friends with your ex, which is the mature thing to do anyway, keep them as one.

It's okay to see them once in a while or to send them birthday cards, or even call them up to share the great news with them.

You have spent a significant amount of time with your ex. You don't need to be estranged from them because you are not dating anymore. 

#2 Don't block them

Blocking your ex won't help you push them away; rather, it will haunt you and make you restless.

Now and then, you shall find yourself unblocking them to check their profile photo or to get any updates about them.

It will make you desperate. If you want to block them anywhere, block them from your heart. Stop feeling for them or taking their feelings into account. That way, you shall be truly free.

#3 Be indifferent 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number from their phone, the best way to tackle the situation is by doing nothing.

Be indifferent to them. You don't need to attempt to disguise yourself into something that you're not. If you are over them and don't want them in your life, their actions will not hurt you.

#4 Find yourself a new date

If your ex hasn't deleted your number and that is bothering you, it means that you haven't moved on from them yet. It would help if you started dating again. 

Find yourself a new date. Try dating apps, go on blind dates, ask your friends to find you, someone.

Once you are out there and start engaging yourself again, these petty things about your ex would stop to create a difference. You will be more optimistic, and you shall embrace the sunny side of life.

#5 Keep yourself busy 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number and you are keeping a check on that, it suggests that you have loads of free time in your hand while your ex is keeping too busy to care.

Focus on your work and on the people who never left. When your concentration is in the right place, these things shall stop worrying you anyway.

#6 Take a vacation 

If the decisions and actions of your ex still get you all worked up, you might need a change of setting and go on to take a vacation.

Taking a vacation will not only keep you away from all the negative thoughts, but when you upload the pictures of the beautiful sceneries, it will go on as a message to your ex that you are happy with your life and would appreciate it if they stayed out of it.

#7 Work on yourself 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number yet and if you want them back in your life or want them to feel sorry about breaking up with you, start working on yourself. Improve your physique, work hard professionally, change yourself for the better in a way that makes them regret calling it off.

#8 Return their possessions 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number yet and if you have their possessions that you think might be the reason for keeping your number or would give them an excuse to contact you in the future, it would be better to return all their belongings and that too via courier. 

Avoid making contacts or getting in touch with them for a long time after a breakup. If you meet them, then it shall bring your past back and will make it difficult for you to move on and away from it.

#9 Post happy quotes 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number and you have been posting sad quotes about heartbreaks and breakups, it is high time to reverse the pattern. 

Instead of posting quotes or captions about the dull part of life, celebrate it with enthusiasm and write songs about the greener side. If your ex is not your well-wisher, it will burn them down, and eventually, they will remove you from their contact list.

#10 Be future-oriented 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number yet, don't be too concerned about it. Focus on the right things. Plan your future and work to make it better.

If you had initially planned your future with your ex, it's time to begin from scratch and go on this journey alone, bring the captain of your life and make all the crucial decisions yourself.

#11 Work on your hobby 

Develop a hobby to get over your ex and their concerns. Find yourself a new field of interest and interest all your love and passion for it. It could be a hobby or a new shop, or a book.

You will learn more about yourself from the one you pick. Go out alone, go to bookstores and pick a classic or a contemporary, and set to complete it.

Spend less time on your phone. Keep your device on Zen mode. You need to detoxify yourself of your ex. 

#12 Introspect and be your friend 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number, ask yourself this, 'Why does it matter to you?' 'What difference can it make in your life?'

The answer to these questions shall take you a long way ahead. Know your heart well. Practice meditation and introspection. Learn to make concrete decisions and learn to stick by them for life. 

When you start taking yourself seriously and stop being easygoing, everybody around you shall start valuing your presence too.

#13 Spend more time with your family 

If you are having difficulty keeping your mind off your ex, you might want to spend more time with people who matter in your life.

Spending quality time with family is always delightful and helps take away stress from life.

Recalling old memories and sharing your feelings with them will guide you to the right path and keep you close to your dreams.

#14 Offer them a closure 

If you didn't offer closure or shared heart-melting words with your ex at the time of the breakup, now is the time to do it.

Talk to them properly for perhaps one last time to clear any doubts that they might have had regarding you. Don't make them feel abandoned or as if it all meant nothing to you. You want to end it, do it right.

#15 Change your relationship status 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number, you can try changing your relationship status on Facebook. This will dawn the reality upon them that you two are not together any longer, and it will help both of you to move on in life towards better things and people who are meant to be yours.

Summing up 

If your ex hasn't deleted your number, it is perhaps a matter of time before they do. However, even if they don't, remember the reason why you made this call in the first place.

Note it down on a piece of paper, and stick it on your refrigerator. Read it now and then till it gets etched into your memory, and you will stop caring for anything else.

Suprity Acharyya


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