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Is Dancing With Someone Else Cheating? (No, Unless...)

No, unless you are lulled to make out with this someone after dancing, dancing with someone else cannot be regarded as cheating. You might be doing it for social etiquette. At a ball, you cannot keep a single partner.Featured Image of Is Dancing With Someone Else Cheating

Dancing is an intimate action. You are sharing the proximity, and the person you dance with is your partner. As such, if you are not dancing with your actual partner, you might imagine whether your dancing with someone else would be regarded as cheating.

In this blog post, I will help you to understand what dancing with someone else implies and what you should do about it. Happy reading!

Some cases when dancing with someone else could be considered cheating

Dancing with someone cannot always be regarded as cheating except in a few cases where your body comes in great contact and control of the other. Moreover, it depends on the objective of your dancing. 

To know more about the situations where it is considered cheating, continue reading.

#1 If they are your ex 

When you dance with your ex, your partner might feel you are cheating. This is because an innate sense of insecurity will immerse them and hold them back from trusting you. Your partner doesn’t fear anyone more than your ex because they feel that your ex has had a grasp on you, and they are never too certain that they can have or yet have the same hold on you. 

When your ex asks you to dance with them, and you don’t have feelings for them, you either politely turn down the proposal or take your partner’s approval. Moreover, don’t get so cozy while dancing that they can whisper secret messages in your ear. 

Your ex must have a reason to ask you to dance with them. They might be jealous of your partner or want to see how you feel for them. Some people use this for self-gratification. It boosts confidence that they can still exercise control over you. 

If you choose to submit to your ex voluntarily and yet believe that you don’t have a feeling for them, you are fooling yourself. Even if you take time to comprehend or confront your feelings, your partner and ex could pierce through them.

#2 If they have feelings for you 

If the person you are dancing with has a crush on you, and if you are aware of it, it is cheating not only with your partner but with both of them. By dancing with someone crushing on you, you give them hope to stick to you. However, you are not giving them a free pass because you are seeing someone else.

If this person knows that you are seeing someone else and still asks for your hand in dance, they are either overconfident or doesn’t mind being your sidekick. It will break your partner’s heart when they discover this. They will think you are not confident about them, and you might switch when you find someone better.

It is not merely for your partner or the one crushing on you but for your peace. Your head will be a mess if you keep too much on your plate to deal with. The level of satisfaction and happiness that you might yearn from a relationship will never be yours.

#3 If they are your crush 

It can be taken as cheating if you are crushing on your dance partner. It implies that you deliberately want to dance with them. You would allow them to lull you with their moves when you dance. Moreover, how you are dressed for the occasion also plays a function here. 

If you have dressed in the best of your garments, keeping them in your mind is cheating. Remember, even if you don’t make out with them in person, you have done it in your mind. The sins committed in thoughts are as bad as those committed in action. 

If there are hip movements, ass groping, and body rolling, and the music is scintillating, you won’t be able to resist the charm of the mesmerizing and wholesome opportunity to cheat on your partner. As is said, prevention is better than cure. Don’t create such an opportunity that you get to take the chance.

#4 If you go on to makeout 

There won’t be an iota of suspicion on the occasion that you are cheating with your partner if your dance movements don’t remain limited to it. You might get drunk, and one thing might lead to another. 

Slipping from dancing to getting cozy is not a big game. It can happen in the blink of a movement. Pulling closer, holding hard, registering smell, appreciating looks, dropping flirtatious hints, receiving the hints by getting closer, and sealing it all with a kiss is enough to end with the person in bed. 

Making out can happen anywhere. It could be at the party, in the car, on the staircase, in your home, virtually over text, and so on. The only way of not doing it is by not entertaining the thought or the person or spending all the time with your partner. 

If your partner is unavailable now, you may work on your hobby rather than indulging yourself in proms. Avoid going there if you feel you get out of control in proms. You can spend your time doing more productive things in many ways.

#5 If you meet them at every prom 

It is cheating when the dancing partner is consistent at all the proms or has become the reason for attending proms. If you know that this person frequently visits a particular club in the city, which is why you have also started frequenting the visits, it is no more a chance or rare thing. 

Whether you realize it or not, you are moving out of your partner’s zone and taking in someone else to establish a different zone. This is how not only adulteration but inconsistency in a relationship begins. 

Moreover, you are considered a playboy or a promiscuous woman when the word gets around. Dating another person seriously after this won’t be easy. The person would always doubt you are owing to your reputation, and you would always be tempted to break their trust owing to your habits.

#6 If you have become pen pals 

It is the spring of a new relationship when you exchange numbers after the dance and get connected over texts, calls, and social media. Try to recall how you started dating your partner. It was the same sequence. Similarly, unloving your current and loving your potential next will be the same. 

What you must figure out, either way, is the difference in the pattern. If you are attracted to the similar attributes, the conversation follows the same flow, and the result will be the same. You must see that the input has variants to procure a different outcome. 

There must be reasons why your current relationship has such gaps that there is enough space to accommodate another. Understand the cause of such gaps and work on them. The more difficult thing is to find your needs. Many times, we don’t know what we are looking for. That is what leads to all the confusion.

You direct your motives accordingly when you know what you want from a relationship. You can tolerate and let go of the errors because the bigger vision is before your eyes. A new set of things always look attractive. 

If your dance partner connects with you over texts and dedicates songs to you, they are trying to send a message. To understand more about such exchanges, click on the link: When a Guy Sends a Girl a Song: Possible Reasons & How to Respond.

#7 If you are hiding it from your partner 

Dancing with someone else is fine until you are not deliberately hiding it from your partner. However, if you hide it from your partner, it is because you feel you are doing something wrong. Why would you have such a feeling? It is because your intentions are not pure or because you find your dance partner more attractive than your partner. 

While you may think it is not cheating because you are not making out, it is wrong because, inside your mind, you are drawing comparisons between your partner and your dance partner. You might even get a sense of regret for doing this. 

You might feel like missing something. Remember the saying; all fingers are not the same. You will never find the perfect person in life. You need to see that the combination of imperfections suits you well. 

Think of how you would have felt had your partner done the same with you. There would have been an overwhelming sense of injustice and a fear that you might not be enough for your partner or that your partner doesn’t love you the way you do. 

#8 You are looking for a replacement for your current partner 

If you get fixated with your dance partner and are not quite happy with your current partner, it is not the rarest of possibilities that you are looking for a replacement for your partner. If your relationship is young and you feel that you made an error in judgment, or you feel that your partner has started taking you for granted, or your partner was keeping up behaviors before you. Still, now you have realized that they are a different person altogether, it might shake you off, and you might become desperate to get out of the relationship. 

You might even feel that cheating or showing your partner that you are forcefully in a relationship with them might discourage them from continuing the relationship with you. If your partner isn’t good at giving space in relationships and is firmly possessive, this tactic might work, and they might pull out of the relationship without you putting effort into breaking up.

#9 If you got too cozy while dancing 

If dancing was just an excuse for touching each other, it is cheating. If you both know at the back of your minds that you enjoy touching each other, it is cheating. This is similar to flirting; only it is wooing and flirting in action rather than with words.

The idea of being in a contaminated relationship while posing as a partner to someone else before the world is seductive to many. People are kinky and have weird fetishes. They like to read, indulge, and fantasize. 

In this case, if you intend to cheat on your partner in the long run but not break up with them, as is a common case seen in long-distance relationships, you might take the help of counseling to mend your ways. This quality of perverseness can get rid of, and you might surprise yourself by becoming a more honest person in words and actions.

#10 If you are finding a new partner every time 

You try to find a new partner whenever you want an extended no-string-attached relationship besides a permanent one. This need is aroused when you want to get nasty in bed. If there are things that your current partner is not comfortable practicing, you might have a blood rush at the thought of doing it with someone else. 

When you find someone who takes the initiative and loves getting nasty in bed, you don’t hinder their approach. The dance would get very dirty. It could be a lap dance, a strip tease, and more. You might get very sweaty performing it, and the hormones might take such a surge that your better self might kick out of you.

The idea of finding a new partner comes with the prospect of playing a con artist. You are going catfishing by putting up fictionalized names, modulated voices, and customized behavior to trap your target. Remember, it could put you in serious legal trouble if caught red-handed.

#11 When your partner is a bad dancer 

If dance is your life and your life partner is a bad dancer, it will bring you the most divorced and antiromantic relationship you could ever have imagined. While you might like many qualities in your partner, the thing that you love most in life and that brings you joy should also be a source of happiness for your partner.

It can do a lot of damage to find things happening otherwise. You will always find yourself fleeting in your relationship and elusive in your words and actions. As a dance enthusiast, you would be fond of liberty, and if your partner decides to tie you down in bondage or the name of commitment, you won’t be able to continue for long.

#12 When you are not satisfied with your relationship 

If your relationship is not fulfilling, you might not want to continue it or be on the lookout for ways to escape it. You might think of it as a curse. It would be the gravest error you have ever made, and you want to undo it. 

By dancing with someone else, you feel that you are rewinding time to the period when you were free. It expresses your desire not to be tangled in a relationship. It might even result in relationship phobia if you continue this for a long. To know more about how you can tell whether your partner feels fulfilled, click the link: I Feel Like I'm Not Good Enough for My Girlfriend.


When your dance partner is a good friend, a family member, or an office colleague with no ill intentions, it is not cheating. If your heart is pure, but your dance partner is attracted to you, it is not cheating. It is cheating only when you have the seeds of betraying your partner's trust at the back of your mind. In that case, who is your dance partner fails to matter or make much of a difference.

Suprity Acharyya


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