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When a Guy Sends a Girl a Song: Possible Reasons & How to Respond

When a guy sends or dedicates a song to you, in most cases, it means he probably likes you. You are special to him. The song becomes his way of telling how much he likes you and how much he would love to be a part of your life. Girl sitting on her desk writing and thinking of something

Sending a song to someone is a very personal thing and is surely one of the sweetest gestures a person can come up with. 

After all, not everyone can come up with the perfect words that depict how they feel. One often needs to take help from a renowned poet or songwriter. A good song can become a savior in situations like this. It can have all the right ingredients to bring out a person’s feelings.

An appropriate response to it must have the right amount of warmth and honesty. How much warmth and honesty? And what if you are not on the same page? What if you are a bit overwhelmed by the gesture? How to respond when you are confused? I have the answers to these raging questions.

Scroll down to find them. Read on.


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What does it mean when a guy dedicates a song to you?

A guy must really like you, to think of you when he listens to a certain song. A song is a great conversation starter. It helps the guy to arrest your attention. 

Therefore, dedicating one to you can open up a whole new path of discussions and long chats: chats that can have the potential to begin a new relationship. 

Most of these conversations are going to be romantically inclined. Therefore, you need to be ready with the perfect response. A lot will depend on how you react. 

So before your conversation begins, take a tour of his mind to know what is going on inside.

#1 He definitely likes you at some level

The guy clearly likes you. Otherwise, he wouldn't have spared the time to send a song. Such an act takes time and courage. 

If he listens to a certain song and thinks of you, he definitely has feelings for you. Dedicating a song means he wants to be a little cryptic with his proclamation of love. 

Maybe, he is a bit shy to approach you directly. Or, he can be in a dilemma about using the right words to proclaim his feelings for you. 

Understanding his intentions will be a bit easier if the song is a popular one, as you will know the song's context if you are familiar with it. 

If it is from a movie, it will have a better impact, with the plot and characters coming into play.

However, if you have known each other for a while, and he decides to send you a song one day, he is definitely into you. 

The song can be very special to him, and that is why he is sharing it with you. If you two are on the same page, the song can eventually become "your" song, a very personal and adorable aspect of your relationship. 

Time and again, the song will come back as a pleasant memory, a refuge, and a subtle yet sweet reminder of a great beginning to a beautiful love story.

#2 He wants to draw your attention towards him

He is trying to garner your attention towards him with the dedicated song. Music is a very personal thing. When someone chooses to share it with you, there has got to be a clear intention behind it. 

His choice of the song tells a lot about him and how he perceives you as a part of his life. He shares it with you with the hope that you might like it and eventually end up speaking to him as a result of your shared interests. 

He simply wants you to be interested in him.

Guys can seek your attention even if you are already in a relationship with them. The dedication of songs in a relationship often comes up when he has somehow been the reason for you being upset. 

Trying to apologize through a song is one of the sweetest gestures a guy can come up with. If he is a mushy person, he can just send you songs or play a song dedicated to you, just to be romantic for no apparent reason other than to attract your undivided attention towards him. 

The gesture is sweet, but too much of it can be overwhelming for the person at the receiving end, even bordering on irritating at times. It will totally depend on the kind of person you are. 

If you are the same amount of mushy as your boyfriend, gestures like this can very well be a part of your daily lives.

#3 He wants to start a conversation

A good relationship can only begin with a good conversation. A guy who is sending you a song is trying to initiate a conversation with you. 

A song is a great conversation starter. A song helps in knowing a person better. It tells you about their past, their likes, and dislikes. It will help you take your conversation in the right direction.

Even in long-term relationships, dedicating a song can add a new dimension to your life. A song can open up a gate for new possible conversations. It will help you discover your partner in new ways. 

It can even bring out the fun, romantic side of your partner that you may never have known about. You can end up talking for hours about the lyrics that define the feelings beautifully and the artist who can be an area of common interest for both of you. 

If it is from a movie, then there is a whole new range of conversational topics waiting for you. With a good conversation, you can explore each other's shared interests.

#4 He thinks of you when he listens to the song

You are the first person to pop up in his mind when he listens to the song. Probably that is why he decided to dedicate this song to you. This can happen when you are in a relationship, but you are staying apart for unavoidable reasons. 

The song brings back all the good memories and makes him miss you at the same time. He is trying to make you understand how much he misses you through a song he loves. 

This song can be a new one that you never knew about or the one that played in the restaurant on your first date, years ago. He wants to know if you miss him too; whether you remember the little things in your time together.

#5 He wants to convey his feelings for you through the song's lyrics

A song is made up of music and lyrics that help convey emotions in beautiful ways. Although written by someone else, a song's lyrics are very universal when it comes to conveying the feelings of one's heart. 

If he sends a song to you, it means he has found the perfect lyrics to show how much he likes you. If he is a new acquaintance, he is probably looking for a relationship; and what's better than a good song to say that?

If you guys are already in a relationship, he is probably trying to tell you how much you mean to him, with the dedicated song. The song's lyrics are special to him as he can depend on it to convey his feelings. 

A certain song can be a common area of interest for you and your partner. In that case, a particular memory can get attached to it. Whenever he plays that song, he tries to relive those memories and the moments with you. He tries to use nostalgia as a tool to show how happy he is with you in his life.

How do you respond when he dedicates a song to you?

The fastest way to respond to that is by acknowledging his feelings for you with a few nice words. A sweet little "Thank you" can go a long way. 

If you are not on the same page, you can turn him down with your honest word about how much you liked the gesture and the possible reason for you not being on board. 

On the other hand, such a gesture can give you that fluttering-butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of feeling. You might even start liking him back and thank him for the sweet gesture.

However, there are a few other fun ways to respond to someone who dedicates a song to you, and let me tell you those.

#1 Tell the person how you feel, HONESTLY

If a guy sends you a song, he must have put some thought into the act. If you are not much familiar with him, something like this can be a bit overwhelming. 

You might have to give it a bit of thought. Even if you are not on the same page, your response should be diplomatic in nature. 

It would help if you were honest with your response and polite at the same time. However, if you are on the same page, this little song can be the beginning of a probable fairy tale.

If you are already in a relationship with this person, and he sends you a song, you can tell him how you felt about it. Sending a song is a very warm gesture in a relationship. It helps keep the spark alive.

#2 Dedicate a song in return

He sent you a song because he likes you, and if you like him back, you can respond to the gesture by dedicating a song to him as well. 

The song can be a romantic one, the one with lyrics that can perfectly convey how you feel for him or how you had felt when he sent you the song. 

In doing so, you may have to look for the perfect song for the situation, and it may take some time. But the smile on his face is worth it. Songs like this can be the most beautiful memories in a relationship. 

Years later, if you are together, these memories can bring in that warm fuzzy feeling that people in love often talk about.

#3 Keep the song as your caller tune

This one is a bit old-school, but the gesture has been tried and tested widely. Surprise him with a caller tune. 

If you have loved his gesture, you can surprise him back by keeping the song as your caller tune so that when he calls you, he will get know your feelings for him. 

When he sends you a song, the lyrics of that particular song must have meant something to him. He must have found it relatable enough to associate it with you. 

The song makes him remember you. When you set it as your caller tune, you put it in a position of importance that translates into how much you like him.

#4 Play it the next time you meet

You can play the song when you meet for your next date. It will surprise him, and you will be able to establish how much you are involved in the relationship. 

If it is an intimate date at your place, playing the song would be easier. However, when you are out for dinner at a restaurant, you can ask the authorities to include the song in their playlist. 

Once a guy sends you a song, and once you like it, it becomes an important part of the relationship. It becomes special; it turns into your song. You can make numerous memories around it. 

The song becomes a representative of all your good times. Playing the song on special occasions will show him how much you like being with him.

#5 Be creative; write a few lines dedicated to them

If you are confused about how to respond and also not very musically inclined, you can put the creative side of your brain at play. 

Write a few lines for him, even if it sounds a bit cheesy. It will be best if you write it down on paper, in the form of a letter. You may not be very good at creative writing, but that is not a crime. 

Your intentions are pure. The few lines can brighten up his face as it will show how much he means to you. Whatever you write may or may not be great in terms of its literary value, but it will always hold a special place in his heart. 

Writing something for your loved one is one of the cutest gestures that someone can come up with. In this digital age, handwritten words are very rare and therefore are valued. This way, your words are going to be etched in his memory forever.

#6 Make up your own song about them

You are immensely special to him if he dedicates a song to you. Your response needs to show how much it meant to you. You can take your creativity to the next level by making up an entire song for him. 

Poets of yesteryear have written great literature dedicated to their loved ones. Your creativity can attempt to come close to that. An entire song written just for him can instantly brighten up his mood. 

However, it can be a bit overwhelming for him, to be honest. It will be best to keep it between the both of you until he is comfortable sharing it with the world. 

You can even sing it to him. Even if you are not good at singing, an attempt to do so will melt his heart.

#7 Gift them a customized T-shirt with the song lyrics

This one is a little far-fetched, but it can be a less-traveled path to respond to someone who has dedicated a song to you. 

You can pick up a line or two from the song that has touched you the most and make a T-shirt out of it. The T-shirt can even be a great birthday gift. 

This way, he will know the impact this song has had on you. The lines you take up should be perfect in depicting how you feel and crisp at the same time to fit in the limited amount of space a T-shirt offers. 

He will definitely appreciate the gesture and may end up keeping it as a treasure for the rest of his life if you guys manage to stay together.

What to reply when someone sends you a song

When someone sends you a song, the appropriate response can vary depending on the context and your relationship with the sender.

However, it is generally polite to acknowledge the gesture and express appreciation for their thoughtfulness. A possible reply could be, In response to receiving a song, a suitable reply would be to thank the sender for sharing the music and express your gratitude.

You may also consider providing feedback on the song, mentioning specific elements you enjoyed or found interesting.

Additionally, if you have a close relationship with the sender, it could be appropriate to engage in a conversation about the lyrics, artist, or any personal connections you have with the song.

Summing up

Music is the language of love. If someone dedicates a song to you, you must be very important to him. If your partner sends you a song, he wants you to know how much he loves being with you. 

It is important to reciprocate or react appropriately, with respect for the person who likes you. Even if you two are not on the same page, it is important to let the other person know your honest feelings.

Nirajana Mukherjee

Senior Writer

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