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Do Guys Care if You’re Fat? (Yes, they do, here's why)

Yes, they do. It might not be because they want their girlfriend to be skinny but they want her to be fit. Fitness has become a major concern globally, more so since the pandemic. Youngsters are dying due to heart attacks and as such if you are obese then to date you would mean to date someone with baggage. Featured Image of Do Guys Care if You are Fat

A hot guy would want to date a hot girl. That is one of the reasons why all attractive guys are committed. Moreover, since the pandemic, people have become much more figure-conscious. Since there are many fitness centers and gymnasiums at every nook and corner, not wanting to be fit is very unattractive. 

Guys want their girls to take interest in sports, be eye candy, compliment them on their looks and build, or be someone who can be a prized possession. Hence, if you are fat and you have been trying to figure out why your friends never ask you out, I am here to help you out. Read this article to find out more. 

Reasons why guys care if you are fat 

The ultimate of guys when they check you out or ask you out is to hook up with you. They care if you are fat because they feel that they won’t be able to enjoy themselves with you as much as they want to. It also depends on how the guy looks. If both of you are fat then having coitus would be more struggle than enjoyment. 

Continue reading below to find out more.

#1 They are fitness freaks 

If the guy is a fitness freak, his eyes will pierce out while scanning your body. They are counting everything, be it your inches, the pound of flesh on your skin, or your weight. They will be able to tell which habit of yours has resulted in the accumulation of fats. 

This, however, doesn’t means that they will be harsh with or rude to you. It only indicates that they will be after you till the point you are fit and fine and back in good shape. It is good to have such people in your life because they won’t mind going to lengths to help you stay fit. They don’t get uncomfortable by the sight of the extra mass because, at one time, they had had the same.

#2 They don't care for emotional stability 

If all that the guy is looking for is physical and not emotional, that is, if the guy wants to get pleased after he has had a heartbreaking break-up, he would avoid you if you are fat. Such guys would want a no-string-attached relationship where they call you merely when they need you. 

They would never share their problems with you and won’t even care to ask you for yours. You will be surprised to see that such guys don’t mind helping you out financially and playing the role of a sugar daddy in your life. All they want is for you to accompany them, be with them. 

They are scared to be alone and it amuses them to look at you even if you are not getting intimate. To look at you dance, and get ready is all they want. They love to provide you with a doll house if you are ready to be reduced to a doll, someone who looks glamorous but lacks her set of opinions on matters. 

#3 They want an eye candy 

If the guy is young and immature, new in the dating scene, he would want to date a girl who is the fittest and prettiest of them all. He would look for a cheerleader who cheers for him and his team when he is playing sports and to whom he can hold and kiss or send flying kisses before a large crowd because she is a woman who is desired by one and all. 

These guys might get too attached to such women and might fail to draw a boundary between themselves and their girls. As a result, the girl’s vulnerability will make the guy vulnerable and he will always be extra cautious to not hurt her feelings. 

In most cases, the girl might break the guy’s heart for someone more handsome than them. These are the titbits of high school romance, so if you are in one, you might have to wait longer but you shall perform better than the shallow creatures. The latter lot is mostly a bunch of hypocrites who care too much for the world to care for themselves.

#4 Making out is more fun 

One of the primary reasons why guys drool at skinny girls is because of the various experiments that they would be able to conduct while making love to them. They fail to differentiate between worthy and unworthy, fit and sick, and healthy and unhealthy. 

As such, they mostly try to sleep with their next-door neighbor if she can make them hot in her hot pants. They would love to take their girl to a beach so that she can run and come in their arms while flaunting her body in a bikini. 

Every guy has this fascination with making out with a woman in a swimsuit. That is just how their mind works. Hence, if you won’t look stunning in a bikini or swimsuit, they might not be as much interested in you. You can use this as a motivation factor to kill it in whichever way you dress.

#5 That's the trend 

Guys care if you are fat because that is the trend. Every guy is looking for an equivalent girl in terms of body shape and size. The idea of clicking and uploading photos is so much in trend that not doing it is not acceptable to them unless they find someone who is old school and cares more for how they blush rather than how they make others blush. 

An old-school guy will put more weight on how he feels when he is with his girl. He won’t care if you are too fat. He would care to know how happy you are with him and how happy he feels with you. He might get excited to see you in ethnic wear rather than short dresses. Such guys are truly romantic and have a vibe that might not go song with usual girls who don’t believe in love.

#6 They look underaged 

It is very difficult to guess the right age of a skinny woman. She looks so light and underaged that anyone will take her to be a charming personality. One advantage of being lean is that you are more lively than others. As such, you can walk to and fro and make every heartthrob for you. 

It becomes a proud moment for the guy when others appreciate his girl for maintaining her figure so well. They can easily switch between an innocent look and a naughty look without much difficulty. This swaying of looks and expressions is all that a guy can ask for. 

A tip here would be to practice facial exercises and have a well-defined jawline so that the moment his eyes fall on your face, his heart skips a beat and he takes your name. The way a guy calls out your name has a lot to do with what and how he feels for you. If there is a reverberation of passion in it, you will be moved.

#7 They worked hard on their body 

If the guy was a plump boy once who has made his journey towards fitness, he will care about the shape of a body. Your shape of body shows how fit, unfit, lazy, and active you are in your daily life. The boy might connect your figure with your goals and your work. 

If you are part of a multinational company or if you aim to rank high in the corporate world, you would understand the importance of being presentable. If the guy is ambitious, he would want to date someone as ambitious as him. 

He would want her to team up with him in every activity and might even have plans for a startup where he is looking for a motivated role model in his girlfriend who can be the face of all his endeavors. The girl will continue to work hard on herself because of the admirable results and desirable changes that will be taking place in her life. 

#8 They are scared of obesity-related diseases 

If the guy has lost someone close due to obesity, he might be scared of a person who is obese. A fat person in his eyes might be obese. With the uprising heart rates and body failure post-pandemic, health that had been under the veil or an ignorant factor for many has also become a strong concern. 

As such, the guy will want not only the girl he is dating but all his friends too to be body positive. Such guys are not trying to body shame a fat woman but to try to explain to her that what she is storing in that big tummy of hers is a resource of multiple life-threatening diseases.

#9 There is hormonal disbalance in fat people 

A fat woman will have excessive and quick growth of facial and body hair. She will always be horny and hungry. She will hesitate in taking the lead while in action and will have an overall laidback personality. In the eyes of a guy, she might be despondent and despicable. 

You will find such women being arrogant for all the wrong reasons, and always complaining and finding faults in others. She will run away from taking responsibility and will always try to play the blame game for any wrongs that she might have consciously committed. 

They are the powerhouse of everything that a person should not be. Many guys might fear such a woman and might believe that such women will spread negativity. 

Hence, they would ignore them and won’t put the slightest effort to befriend them unless you have proven that they couldn’t be more wrong and that you have a heart of gold. 

Show them that your body is agile and flexible. Show them that your clinical record is favorable and help them in breaking the stereotypes.

#10 They don't appear to be more feminine 

Guys don’t find themselves vibing easily with a fat woman. If in their mind they have thought her to be shameless, if such women are always taking large bites and gulping all the food at once, if they are loud and make vulgar jokes, a guy who is trying hard to act noble might find it extremely difficult to breathe in the company of such a woman.

You can help him in overcoming his fears by being kind. Let your smile do the magic. Show him that you are an excellent cook. Help him see the extended version of being a foodie. Show him that you practice meditation and yoga and understand the importance of being communal. 

Teach him the lesson of love and his heart will be all yours. It is all a matter of time till he begins to fall. Once he is there, he would help you in promoting a healthy lifestyle with a healthy body that might have been mistaken for obesity. Break the wrong notions and the rest will be a cakewalk. 

#11 If they are thinking of settling 

If the guy is thinking of settling down then he might have long-term plans with you. As such, your health and fitness would be a major concern for him. He might even be thinking along the lines of starting a family. 

If you are looking forward to tying knots together, you will have to take everything into account. In such a case, you can ask the guy directly what is the purpose of such serious scrutiny. 

If he has such things in mind, he might reveal them to you without a second thought. If you are interested in settling down with him then you might think along these lines, if not, you can let the matter rest at once without care.

#12 If your weight has increased suddenly 

If there has been a sudden and enormous spike in your weight, the guy might be concerned. This guy could be anyone from your friend, boyfriend, sucking, cousin, or doctor to a stranger or a pen pal. 

If you have made a mention of this to the guy, they might have thought it to be mandatory to keep asking you about it. 

You might want to undergo a thorough clinical checkup to be certain that it is nothing harmful or alarming. Such a sudden d change will be noticed by one and all who have known you for some time.

#13 They find it more pleasurable and might face a challenge in comprehending this 

It is not every day that a guy realizes that he likes to make out with a fat woman or that it is much more fun to dominate over a fat woman. While society dictates them to be around with skinny women who can be more playful, guys get their er*ction and the blood rush when they see those curves. The end word is that the woman must be agile, her body may be flexible. Guys love to take control and make them moan. They like to feel that weight upon their body when you sit on them. So don’t really care if you are fat, care if you are not fit or unhealthy. To know more, click on this link - My Girlfriend Gained Weight and I Like It.

How to find a date if you are fat?

Your fatness should not determine your dating scenario. It should be your character and what you bring to on table as a girlfriend. However, you can make your dating more fun by following the steps below.

#1 Loose weight 

Losing weight could be fun if you do your side of the research. You see, the stereotypical way of losing weight is dieting and gyming. However, that is not all. 

You will find that there are various fun ways to lose weight too. Aerobics, Zumba, dance, swimming, badminton, martial arts, and kickboxing are among them. 

You need to pick your time and if you are lucky enough, you will find a guy in one of these classes as well. There will already be a common topic to talk about. You can use it skillfully to ask the guy out and to have a perfect time together. Eventually, all your body insecurity will go away.

#2 Learn how to carry yourself 

Knowing how to carry yourself is important. You should feel comfortable in what you are wearing and that must radiate in your face. When you are confident enough in your skin before others, no one will mind your fatness. 

Try to make brilliant use of colors. Use different combinations of shades to go jazz. Develop a sense of fashion. 

You should know what looks good on you. How to do your hair, which trinkets to wear, all these will add to your gorgeousness. People don't wear black for nothing. It makes you look lean. Hence, take out time in figuring it out. 

If you can carry out yourself in stilettos, it will make you look taller and automatically leaner. Master the art of such tricks and you will ace the rounds.

#3 Be a social influencer 

Many accounts on social media work actively on curbing the whole idea of body shaming. They educate people by explaining to them how wrong it is to discriminate among people by commenting on their body size. 

Most of these people are plump and the way they dress up and carry out themselves is stunning. You can be one of those. When you create a page and begin to work actively for it, you will see changes in yourself. 

You will be clicking pictures, which will boost your confidence. Even standing before the mirror and looking at your reflection will help you a great deal. Admire your body and your curves, be your muse. If there is nothing to admire as such, you will be motivated to make it better. 

Learn to talk to yourself. Write a diary to journalize how each day is different and how you are adding up to every day with consistency and effort. You can later publish it to show the world how you kept the fire within ignited even when the world had given up on you. 

#4 Be more lively 

How you look doesn't state all about your personality. How you walk, sway, talk, interact with people, how to show your kindness to others, et cetera are the things that go into building your personality. 

If you work at a corporate then it is your work routine, your role as a leader or as a team player, your efficiency, and your productivity that takes your team to new heights that will prove your worth. 

Your team will look up to you. Of course, there are guys on your team, right? They will want to be like you. Hence, even if you come across as a fat person, don't let it object to your creativity, talents, and productivity. Make your goals, develop a smooth system that helps you achieve those goals, and be perseverant in your inputs. 

#5 Learn to voice your opinion 

If people are making passing comments on your body, don't just stand around to be their audience, shun their notions with your words. The importance of voicing your opinions, and having your back, cannot be underestimated. 

The moment you stand up for yourself and voice your opinion, people will stop treating you as garbage. A person with perspective is well-opined. You set a benchmark about how you want to be treated. 

#6 Consult a doctor 

If you feel you can use medical advice, if your fatness is the result of thyroid, diabetes, or any underlying disease, don't think twice before consulting a doctor. 

If you have overeating habits or midnight cravings, your doctor or nutritionist will help you to figure it out in a way that will keep you satiated. 

You can visit the doctor alone or ask someone to accompany you. Do not keep anything from your doctor. The underlying condition might result in polycystic ovary syndrome which will hamper your menstrual cycle, cause acne, and keep you hungry. Be wise, and follow the solution. 

#7 Ask the guy's opinion

If the guy is a good friend or if you don't mind getting the guy's opinion, ask him to say it to you out loud. If the guy is cooking stories at the back of his mind and wants to take you out or start a family with you, he will perhaps hesitate in stating his opinion.

 It will put you at ease as you learn what the guy thinks about you. The image that you have in a guy's mind will help you in deciding if the guy is worth your attention or not. Try to understand if he has a type and if he runs by it. To know more, click on this link - My Boyfriend Likes a Different Body Type - What to Do?

Summing up 

Not everyone is shallow but we all are entitled to have our perspectives. While some guys might judge you to be far, others might be more concerned about your fitness. Your comfortability must depend upon the equation that you share with the guy. Most of all, you should feel comfortable in what you wear. Dress properly, carry yourself appropriately, work hard on yourself, and the world will come around. 

Suprity Acharyya


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