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My Girlfriend Gained Weight and I Like It (Here's Why)

You like it because you have never dated someone with a heavy body mass, and it is bringing you a new and delightful experience. There's no harm in it as long as you know how to love your girlfriend. Moreover, she would feel comfortable with you when you start to be devoted to her.Featured Image of My Girlfriend Gained Weight and I Like It

While the stereotypical way of society has spoon feed you the notion that the thinner, the better, it is certainly not true. The overhyped obsession with zero-figure and dressing up with minimal clothes on has made the scene worse. 

There is not much fun when it comes to dating skinny women. You miss out on a lot of things and flesh. Carbs pleases you doubly in such a case. 

If you have been wondering if something is seriously wrong with you because you are enjoying the increased weight of your girlfriend, let it be known that you are perfectly normal.

In this blog post, I'll help you understand why your girlfriend gaining weight is so pleasurable and how you should go about it further.

Reasons why you like it when your girlfriend gained weight

Perhaps you always had a thing for plumpy women but never got a chance to date one. You're fascinated by the idea that the outward body shape becomes more attractive with a little weight gain.

This is normal human behavior, and there is nothing to freak out about. Read below to find out an elaborate discussion on why it so happens.

#1 You can feel the flesh 

Dating a skinny woman is no fun. The curves are not libidinal enough. Hence, after dating your love for a prolonged period, when suddenly she puts on weight, it provides you more scope to explore.

It is a bonus because you won't go astray when you find your girlfriend to be a total bombshell. Perhaps this could also lead to an increase in her drive and needs. 

You can always help her shed the excess fat you want. But at the moment, you should take delight in the opportunity. 

#2 You enjoy giving her the control 

While your girlfriend was skinny, you liked to take control of her. Now that she is heavier, you might like it more when she becomes dominant.

Also, the reverse could be true. Either way, an exchange in the dom-sub equation makes your relationship more dynamic

It is like dating a new person without changing the inherent qualities of the old person, and who wouldn't like it?

#3 She looks more attractive than before 

Love not only begins with the eyes but sustains through them as well. While you were hitting puberty, you might have liked having someone more presentable and into fashion. 

Now, your priorities might change. You want to enjoy the companionship that comes along with dating your girl. You don't care for the stereotypes

And this is what has made it more special. She looks more attractive and makes you feel good, besides keeping you happy. 

#4 You are into role plays 

If you enjoy role plays, a weight change might widen your options of choices. Many people these days engage more in role-playing to keep boredom at bay

If you have long-term goals, this will help you to level up because it will buy you more confidence. Don't forget that reaching this intimacy level takes a great deal of understanding and trust. 

You must ensure that your partner likes it as much as you do. Don't get so taken up by your emotions that you forget to consider your partner's emotions. 

#5 She is more confident about her body now 

If you have noticed a change in your partner's attitude, it is because she is more confident in how she dresses. This confidence boost has made her happier, and you are basking in her light of newer affirmations.

Rather than questioning the phase, I'd suggest you enjoy the process and make it as fun as possible. She might also be securing more attention from people in her society. Look after her safety, and show that you have unwavering trust in her. 

#6 It feels wholesome 

A gain in weight could make things more wholesome for you. When you read these words and understand what I mean here, you have reached a level in your relationship where there's more than an obsession.

You feel complete with your partner. Also, understand that your partner is sharing this feeling because she has killed a beat, so she is not as conscious about her as she would have otherwise been. She has received the green flag from you, which tells her that her weight won't be a factor in sustaining the relationship.

#7 You look better together now 

If you are a man with broader shoulders and weigh on the upper side of the scale, she would become a perfect match for you now that she is plumpy too. 

Looking better together is the goal of all couples around the world. Moreover, your pictures are beautiful and more presentable. It would enhance your feelings all the moon if your friends been complementing about it. 

#8 She has weird fantasies and fetishes 

If she has weird fantasies and fetishes, you shall enjoy the process because it's very rare to find this combination where women tend to take the lead. 

However, if you feel that there are times when you feel dwarfed or uncomfortable about it, be vocal to her. Whereas, if you like it, then let yourself enjoy the process. 

#9 You're an introvert 

If you are an introvert, the thought of all this will excite you. You never voiced your opinions; deep inside, you wanted this to happen. You were shy about it or unsure how it was supposed to feel. It is now the moment of epiphany

Whereas, if your girlfriend is more extroverted or ambivert, she would sense the change in you, and it will become more fun for her.

#10 You feel like you are dating another woman in the same person

The idea of dating another woman in the same person could fuel things up for you. It could be an interesting prospect, which could be why you like it so much.

Moreover, if there is a slight chance that you have undergone a weight change too, for instance, if you too have put on weight, or you used to cut off on your appetite for fear of gaining weight and losing your girlfriend, then looking at your newly plumpy girlfriend would be an absolute treat to your eyes as it would mean that you could devour food as much as you like!

What will be the next step?

Don't hesitate to show your affirmation of your girlfriend's change in weight. When you like something, it is better to let the other person know about it. Developing a cloud of mystery and making them nervous unnecessary is not the wisest option here. 

How do you open up about it to your girlfriend so that she doesn't take you to be creepy? Keep reading to find out.

#1 Don't encourage her 

It is unsound to encourage your girlfriend to keep gaining weight even if you like it because it will freak her out. Try to understand her mental stance here; she might be nervous, so you should calm her down and compliment her about setting new beauty standards. However, at the same time, you should stress the importance of fitness so that even if she doesn't lose weight, she neither gains it any further nor becomes less agile physically.

#2 Enjoy the process 

Before attempting to calm your girlfriend, you want to calm yourself down. It is okay to enjoy the process rather than freaking out about wanting to give an appropriate reaction. Let your action speak for you. Greet her with warmth in your smile, stroke her hair in public, and kiss her forehead to illustrate your love for her. Remember, a woman always pays attention to your gestures, and she registers your attempts to please her while appreciating it all the same.

#3 Discover new ways to enjoy each other 

If the increase in your girlfriend's weight is widening the scope of enjoying each other's company, then why not do it as well, right? Surf the internet as per your preferences, talk to each other and decide how you would like to take this onward and upward.

There's absolutely no reason to freak out. If there are couples in your friend circle who share the same proportion, don't mind talking to them in person about it. Taking advice could be a good thing here. If you feel that you might want to go for a few counseling sessions for further motivation and understanding, don't hesitate to do so.

#4 Give her reassurance 

Your girlfriend should not be alarmed by this sudden change in her physique. It might be that she won't become conscious of it all at once, but gradually when she stops fitting into clothes. That would be a great time for you to take her out shopping to reassure her that she is precious and everything explicit is uncountable.

#5 Dress for her 

Dress for her in cute ways to match up with the vibe. Put extra and thoughtful efforts here. Perhaps for fun, you can dress as couples across cultures. Remember, your ultimate objective is to boost each other's confidence and have fun together. And don't worry about sizes. These days anyone can look scintillating if they know how to carry out a style. 

You can help redesign her wardrobe by taking her to beauty pageants and seminars. Attending these couples could be fun as they could make you participate in certain games and quizzes, giving you a better idea of what the other person is thinking or expecting.

#6 Make her feel special 

Don't stop with your ritualistic outings or the way you used to plan your weekends out with her. Don't bring a sudden change in your conduct for her. However, at the same time, do whatever it takes to make her feel special and cozy around you.

Gift her chocolates to show that you are not afraid of carbs. Gift her flowers to show that her essence is spring to you. Take her out on staycations, and have extremely good times together. Click pictures like never before! Go for photo shooting. Do whatever it takes to make her feel alive and fresh.

#7 Experiment and implement 

Do new things together and see how it goes. Switch to newer ways of doing things that shall suit the new proportion. It could be taking cooking classes together or learning oil painting. Anything that could be designed to meet your tastes and make you less conscious about how much you weigh.

Try new activities, don't limit yourself. Make a bucket list of everything you would like to do. Plan it out, and set it up every weekend. It will make your bond stronger and enrich your experiences.

#8 Switch to a couple yoga 

If you are fitness conscious and scared that an increase in your girlfriend's weight might make her less agile and more prone to lethargy, switch to interesting physical activities such as a couple of yogas. 

Yogas will help you control your body focus, maintain balance, bring stability, get comfortable with each other's frame, and much more. It is a healthy life adaptation. Eventually, you would see yourselves motivating one another and coming up with new healthy recipes.

Summing up 

There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about if your girlfriend has put on weight. Thickness is always attractive. Accept it with confidence. Your ultimate goal in life should be to do things that bring you pleasure and happiness. If your girlfriend's addition in weight aligns with your goal, enjoy it.

Suprity Acharyya


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