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Why Do Guys Hold Hands While Driving? (13 Possible Reasons)

It suggests that he is grateful for you. Driving to someplace symbolizes a journey that you both are taking together. The guy does not want to miss any opportunity to show his affection for you. Holding hands while driving is a gesture common among couples. Featured Image of Why Do Guys Hold Hands While Driving

Holding hands is one of the first romantic gestures in a relationship. When you allow a guy to hold your hands, it shows that you trust them. While driving, if he is risking and holding your hands, it means he values you more than anything else. 

In this blog post, I’ll help you to figure out why guys hold hands while driving and what can you do about it. 

Reasons why guys hold hands while driving 

Guys love that sense of belongingness which instills in them when they hold your hand. By doing this, they are assuring that they are yours just as you are theirs. If your guy or your friend with whom you were driving to a friend’s place last night held your hand, worry not. I’ll help you to figure it out. Read below to find out more.

#1 He wants to show his affection for you 

One of the most gentle ways of showing affection for someone is by holding their hands, intertwining them, keeping their palms underneath yours, stroking or kissing them. Hence, if a guy does it to you, do not doubt that he has a soft corner for you. 

He has been looking forward to this moment for a long time now. He likes you and wants to share more such moments in cozy silence with you. It shows that the moment is permanently yours. He might feel that time has stopped and he is holding your hands to see if you feel the same way too. 

You will find yourself before guys who like to rub your hair off your face, hold the car door open for you, and pull out the chair when you sit. These are courteous moves that emphasize their gentle upbringing. They are perhaps interested in courting you and want to appear chivalrous to accomplish their intent.

To understand such gestures better, you can read the article on the link When a Guy Brushes Your Hair Out of Your Face.

#2 He is grateful 

Perhaps it is a gesture of gratitude to acknowledge your support when everyone else had stopped trusting him. Sometimes we are so carried away in our emotions that we don't understand how to express what we feel for the other person. 

He might think of you to be a great friend. He is affectionate towards you. He might indulge in more such moments by kissing your forehead, giving you side hugs, looking into your eyes, and nodding for reassurance. 

What you need to notice here is if he does it peculiarly with you or with others too. If he behaves in this cozy manner with everyone, he is not intending to send a message. If not, he is trying to imply that he considers you to be his special friend. 

#3 He is trying to guide your hand elsewhere (if he is horny) 

While driving, if a guy, who has been trying to hit on you for a while, holds your hand, without caring about the traffic rules, he might be a pervert. 

There are high chances that he is not in the right state of mind, or that he is fixated on you, and he wants to take advantage of the moment and you. 

As such, you need to understand the difference between grabbing and holding. Did he grab your hand without permission, or did he take your hand in his in the middle of a conversation? 

Moreover, did his touch make you feel uncomfortable? Is that the reason why you are browsing the web? Or, did it make you feel special? 

Only you know the answers, and only you can understand if his intentions were favorable for you. Accordingly, you will work on what reactions you might want to give and what kind of equation you would like to keep with him. 

Remember, you might have soft feelings for someone which might turn harsh on sudden encounters. Likewise, you might think the devil of a person but they might turn out to be the guiding angel in your life. 

#4 He is scared of losing you 

Perhaps the guy is terrified of losing you and the gesture of holding hands is a plea to you. It is a plea to give him another chance to make things right, or a request to not abandon him under those circumstances. 

If the guy is in a dire situation, he might be holding your hand and looking for emotional support. It depends on where you are driving. If you are driving to the hospital because someone close is sick, he is in fear that he might lose them. 

If you are driving to the hospital to get a pregnancy test or abortion done, he is trying to tell you that he is as scared as you, and he might be sorry that all this is happening in that way but he has your back and he expects the same from you. 

In such situations, you need to console him by leaning on his shoulders during the traffic and expressing your feelings about the whole situation. Tell him that whatever might be the situation, you both will manage it well and make it through together. 

#5 He is trying to gain your attention (if you are busy on the phone or on a call) 

If the guy has been driving for a long time and you have been sitting on the second wheel, doing nothing but chattering over someone on call or busy doing Instagram, the guy might get pissed and hold your hand in an attempt to make you realize that he is not your driver and the least you could do is give him some regard for it. 

When the drive is long and tedious, the least a person in the driver's seat can expect is to help them stay awake. You can do this by making hearty conversations with them, playing good songs, playing some games such as fire round or guessing the name of the movie round, you can gossip about your mutuals, you can talk about the thing that you are about to do next, you can share your experiences and ask their opinions. 

If you want to be helpful and if you know how to drive well then perhaps you can switch the role with them to give them a break. The guy, as such, might have held your hand because he is in a state of drowsiness. He is urging you to help him out. In such situations, you can ask him to stop the car, take a little walk nearby, and resume driving after some time. 

#6 He has naughty intentions (making out in the car) 

If the guy is your boyfriend or your crush, he might want to get naughty with you. He intends to do some mischief with you. If you like him and it has been a while since you met him, you are on the same page with him and you want to get naughty too, perhaps get closer to him to kiss him and make love. 

It is appreciable over here that the guy is waiting on you for your move. He is not taking it for granted that because you are his girlfriend, he can get bold with you. He is merely hinting at what he would like to do. Rest, he has left on you. If you will feel comfortable and if you guide him further, that is when he will take the lead and won’t let you go for good. 

Holding hands in a movie hall, while walking down the lane, while driving a car, and while taking a ride together adds romance to your relationship. It shows that they belong to you at all times and in all places. They won’t be anywhere but there with you, forever.

#7 He is trying to comfort/distract you (from something troubling you) 

If you are in a state of despair because you lost a competition, you lost someone, you had a breakup, you fought with your best friend, or any specific reason, the guy is perhaps trying to indicate you to stay calm and hold on for longer because everything is fixable. 

He is showing you emotional support and telling you that he has your back. If you had a breakup and the guy does this, it means that he has a soft corner for you. It also means that he believes in you and that all of this is not your fault, to begin with. He is perhaps trying to build trust here. 

This would normally happen when the guy likes you. He is crushing on you and he thinks that that precise moment is the best moment to display it. To know more, when a guy keeps asking you if you are okay or showing gestures that make you feel that he thinks that you are not okay, click on this link - When a Guy Keeps Asking If You Are Okay.

#8 He is trying to tell you that he won’t let you go (he is insecure and possessive) 

Perhaps the guy is too possessive about you. It might be that you are going to a party or to meet your best friend who is a male. Now, if the guy who is your boyfriend is not invited to the party, or if your relationship is a secret, or if you are friends with benefits with the guy because he has proposed to you but you have rejected him owing to commitment issues, the gesture of holding your hands would imply that he's trying to hold your back or to tell you that you will be on his mind even when you are away. 

These are adorable moves to convince you to be with him and not anywhere else. This is the zone between liking someone and loving them. You need to understand how to tell one from another. 

#9 He is telling that he will miss you (if he is driving you to the airport) 

If you are going out of town, the guy is perhaps trying to tell you that he will miss your company. This guy could be your next-door neighbor or your colleague or your best friend. Either way, it is a friendly gesture that has an extended indication asking you to stay in touch. 

Sometimes we don’t realize the bond that we so unconsciously make with people. We think that all that we were doing was gelling up and killing time, but in the meanwhile, we have secured a beautiful seat in their hearts. This is a nice thing because whenever and in whichever part of the world we meet them next, we know for a fact that we will recollect these memories, and have a great time together.

#10 He is trying to apologize (if you are mad at him) 

If you are not talking to the guy because you are angry with him for some reason, he is perhaps trying to apologize for it by giving significant gestures that do not involve a waste of words. Perhaps, he wants you to break the ice, shout and scream and let all the fervor out. 

He is not used to this withdrawal from your end and might be genuinely apologetic for his behavior. If you deem it right, allow him to fix it all well. Maybe stop at an ice cream parlor and bond over the ice cream by resolving the temporary difference. 

The fact that you are driving with him suggests that you are not so mad at him that he cannot be forgiven. He is trying to butter you here, seeking favor.

#11 He wants to see your reaction 

If you find it comfortable or you don't give a reaction to the guy holding your hand, it means that you don't mind his touch. He can misinterpret this gesture or the absence of a gesture as a green flag. The next thing you know, he might try to touch you elsewhere, at a more intimate spot. 

Hence, always give a reaction when someone makes body contact with you. The reaction could be both favorable and unfavorable but it should be something. The lack of reaction could be interpreted as an annoyance, a lack of interest, latent pleasure, desire, or a lost cause. If you want to keep the equation drama-free, perhaps react to it before it is too late.

#12 He is scared of driving 

Perhaps the guy has not been at the steering for a while now and he is scared of driving. This is ironic because a scared person would have both his hands on the steering, not letting go of it. Perhaps point this out to boost his confidence or exchange seat, call for a driver, park the car, and take a cab if you feel that you are risking an accident. 

#13 He is drunk 

He might be in a drunken state to take the chance of getting cozy while driving. Perhaps pinch him hard to bring him back to reality from his world of fantasy, and tell him to follow the traffic rules for everything else can be done in a better setting. 

If the guy is too drunk, it is better to exchange seats or wait at a bylane for him to get sober. If he claims to be drunk in love, perhaps suggest to makeout upon reaching the destination to give him the motivation to reach the spot faster. 

What to do when a guy holds your hand while driving?

This is a very appropriate time to explore before the guy what you feel for him. If you like him, you hold his hand tightly. If you don't like him, you remove his hand from yours. To know more, continue reading below.

#1 Show your affection in words (tell him that you love him) 

If he is your crush, your boyfriend, your lover, and things have been running slow, he might have been trying to rejuvenate love. Therefore, show him your affection in words and tell him something that would make him feel special. 

It could be as simple as "I love you," "I'm fond of you," "I can't afford to lose you," "My hand is yours to keep," or "I've never felt like this for someone before," "I've never fallen so deep nor did I think that I was capable of loving someone so much," "I love the touch of your skin," "I can't wait to hold you close," et cetera. 

It will be synonymous with waving the green flag at him. It will make him more confident and positive about you. He will devote himself to you with all his mind and heart. Moreover, your impromptu reply will encourage him to take this further.

#2 Take his hand in yours 

If you want to engage him in romance, take his hand in yours. When you do this, he would know you like his company. You will feel the release of a tension that might have been building up between you for so long. 

He might use this opportunity to talk his heart out. Sometimes all we need is to talk openly to people to make ourselves feel better. If you are a good listener, you will be a friend’s keeper.

#3 Kiss his hands 

If you feel for the guy, pull his hands gently towards your lips and plant a million kisses on his knuckles and palms so much so that it gets drenched in your saliva. Make him breathless with your moves and keep him wanting for more. 

This will get him excited and encourage him to get naughtier with you. The moment you are off the road, in your house, you will find yourself all excited and warm up to make out. The moment will be all yours, and the night will be splendid.

#4 Ask him if he wants to say something 

If you feel that he is hesitating and that there is something that he wants to share with you, tell him so. Assure him that you won't judge him. Tell him that his secret is safe with you, and stick by your words. 

#5 Express your gratitude 

Perhaps use the opportunity to express your gratitude to him for his company, for having your back, for driving you home, for understanding you, and for being such a nice friend. Sometimes, these little things are more than enough. You don't need to do anything else but appreciate what you have in life.

#6 Suggest he stay the night 

If you don't want to let him go, suggest he spend the day or the night with you. It could be very happening. You can do whatever you like and make lifetime memories together. 

#7 Lean forward and kiss his cheek 

Perhaps kiss him on the cheek if you want to send an ambiguous message. Just as holding hands could be interpreted differently, similarly, a kiss on the cheek can have multiple meanings. You are confusing him by being cute at the same time. 

#8 Get naughty 

If you are equally interested in getting into mischief with the guy, there are many ways in which you can do it. Some such ways are to put your leg on his thighs, squeeze his thighs, whisper naughty things softly in his ears, and by showing him that you desire him. 

#9 Capture the moment 

If you feel cute about the moment, you can show it by capturing it. By capturing the moment, you will show that you value it and you want to mark it permanent. You will remember this moment for a long time even when it has been a long time. 

#10 Kiss his forehead 

If the guy is younger than you, or if the equation is more of a caring one than anything else, you can reciprocate the feelings by kissing his forehead. 

#11 Tell him to mind the road and obey the traffic 

You might want to tell the guy to mind the road and the traffic rules before he gets himself or you in any trouble. The romantic element can be kept reserved for later when you get the privacy and when it can be practiced safely.

Summing up 

If a guy holds your hand while driving, it means that he doesn't want to drive but to spend all his time admiring you. He has a special place in his heart for you. You can reciprocate his feelings if you are on the same page with him with fondness. 

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