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When a Guy Brushes Your Hair Out of Your Face (11 Possible Meanings)

When a guy brushes your hair out of your face, it means he is into you. A guy who has feelings for you will wish to touch you to show his affectionate side. However, sometimes it can be a casual gesture for the guy where he has not put any thoughts or meanings. Featured Image of When a Guy Brushes Your Hair Out of Your Face

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, isn't it? Love brings two people together; it merges two souls into one. And when we're in love, we love all the romantic gestures. Often we look at the big steps that our partner takes for us. But it's the small, romantic gestures that speak the volume of love. 

Being romantic is not at all cheesy. It is rather sweet, and honestly, girls love such gestures from their boyfriends. They feel more special and important to their partner. And there can be various ways to show your romantic side to your girlfriend. Popular romantic comedy movies have shown how girls are flattered when a guy brushes the hair out of her face. 

Physical touch is one of the love languages, and for many couples, it is an important one. Touching your partner affectionately is a way of expressing love. Girls are passionate about such gestures because this makes them girl feel special. She feels loved and wanted by her boyfriend. 

But when the guy is brushing the hair out of your face, what is he thinking? What's going on in his mind? Is he in love with you, or is he just playing with your feelings? There can be a ton of interpretations of that. 

So, let's not wrap our heads around it too much; rather, find out the possible meanings when a gu brushes your hair out of your face. 

11 Possible meanings when a guy brushes your hair out of your face

Guys are often thought to be less expressive and less emotional. So, when a guy does something out of his way, something unconventional, a girl tends to assume a thousand different things. 

#1 He is being flirty with you

When you meet a guy who develops feelings for you, he tries every means to make that obvious to you. It is only the initial stage where he has some feelings for you but is not thinking of getting serious with you. 

He is flirting with you. When he sees that you cannot understand his flirtatious tone through his words and conversations, he tries to show that to you through his gestures. 

So, when you notice that the guy is being a little bit touchy with you, he brushes your hair out of your face and later talks about these things over texts; it simply means he is flirting with you. 

You will never see him talking about relationships or love. Rather he will always keep the conversation very light and funny and make an effort to make you laugh. There is no point in taking his gestures seriously because he is only being flirty and has no genuine feelings for you to take this thing to the next level. 

#2 He has a crush on you

You might have a lot of guy friends, but not everyone will approach like that. When a guy has a crush on you, he will go the extra mile to make you feel special.

Brushing your hair out of your face is a sweet gesture but not intimidating. It doesn't make the guy look desperate, yet he is making a small effort to bring the girl's attention. 

So, when you have a guy friend who has a crush on you, you might encounter this situation. He will always behave with you sweetly and politely. He will accompany you to a movie or if you have to go anywhere alone. He will be there for you to support you because he has a crush on you. And he wishes to show his affection towards you through these little gestures. 

All these sweet manners hint to you that he has a crush on you. So, when he brushes your hair out of your face, he wants to make it even more obvious about his feelings for you. 

#3 He is trying to grab your attention

If a guy wants to have a friendship with you, he will try to get your attention in many ways. Maybe you two have been acquaintances and met at some parties or occasionally met. There is no solid friendship between you two. Only you have been introduced to this guy. 

But the guy wants to know you more. He wants to meet you and have proper conversations with you. However, it's usually a large gathering whenever you two meet, and the guy never gets a chance to talk to you properly. 

So, he has to do something to grab your attention and waits for an opportunity like that. When he brushes your hair, you will automatically notice him and may even say "Thanks" out of courtesy. And that would set the perfect moment for him to start a conversation. 

However, this can backfire on him, too, if you get irritated by his unwanted gesture and do not pay attention to him. 

#4 He takes care of you

If you have a very caring guy as your partner, you are more likely to be pampered. Your partner makes sure always that you are in comfort and there is nothing to distract you.

So, if you are busy cooking a sumptuous breakfast for your boyfriend in the morning, a strand of hair is constantly irritating you, and you might experience an out-of-movie scene in your real life. 

But what does it show about your partner? Evidently, he takes care of you a lot. He is a caring person in nature, and he wants you to have a relaxing time. So, whenever he is around you, he will try his best to look after you and care for your issues. 

Also, when he pays such attention to even small details like this, he is an understanding and mature guy. He will never make you feel unheard of or unwanted. Rather he will be there for you to listen to your problems or give you a shoulder when you have a long day. 

#5 He is being friendly with you

You might know many guys and only have a cordial relationship with them. They can be your work colleagues or seniors from your school. You hardly get a chance to talk to them. But you always greet them whenever you meet them. 

He is one of those guys trying to be friendly with you. Perhaps you two just met while ordering coffee, and you started talking about how the weekend went. And just then, he brushes your hair out of your face. He has no mal intention here. 

This is only a friendly gesture from his end. He feels that he knows you, and this is a simple way to show his friendliness. There are no romantic feelings attached to it. He did it only because he knows you. 

#6 He is your close friend

All girls have that one close male friend on whom they can rely completely. That one guy is always there for all kinds of needs. Be it a 3 a.m phone call just to rant out your feelings or hang out on a boring Tuesday evening, he is there for you just like Joey was to Rachel. 

He is very close to you, and you have a very satisfying and relaxing relationship with him. There is no inhibition between you two. So, when he brushes your hair, he does it as a friend. Just as any of your female friends would help you move that one irritating stray hair from your face, your guy friend is doing exactly the same. 

#7 He is a womanizer

There are plenty of playboys who adopt different tricks to woo women. They know exactly how to get one girl's attention. These guys are only trying to show their friends how popular they are among girls. 

He is that one popular guy in university who believes that girls flock around him only to have a glimpse of him. So, if you ever happen to know a guy like that and he plays this easy trick on you just to boast his playboy image, you should not pay attention to it all. 

He will do this and tell every other person how you are attracted to him. Moreover, he will exaggerate the entire episode and tell his friends how much you enjoyed it when he touched your hair. 

#8 He wants to make you feel special

You two might have been friends for a while. You are comfortable with each other and spend a considerable amount of time together. Both of you have a soft corner for each other. 

However, since you two are such good friends, you never dared to express your true feelings. Definitely, you feel that there is something more than this sweet, long-lasting friendship but cannot convey that. 

But your guy friend has waited long enough, and now it's his time to give you some real hints. As friends, you have had fun and did many adventures together, but you never got special treatment from your guy friend. So, your friend is trying to make you feel special. 

He will not brush hair out of any other girl's face, but he will only do that with you. You will also notice this behavior because this is something you are not used to.

You will get a hint that he is trying to show his romantic side to you. This will give you a chance to explore your heart's feelings, and you will be able to figure out how you actually for him. 

#9 He wants to date you

Sometimes guys can't express what's going on in their minds very clearly. And that's when they take resort to such tricks to show their feelings. So, when you know a guy for some time, and you two meet and talk, he probably likes you and wants to date you. 

However, perhaps because of your work relationship or the sort of equation you have with each other, he can't directly approach you for a date. It happens mostly when you two know each other formally, and it is a sort of awkward situation for him to ask you straight.

So, he will casually remove your hair from your face and subtly let you understand that he wants to know you more. He might drop a text on the same day and ask you out for a movie or a coffee date. 

#10 He is doing it casually

Girls love to put a lot of thought behind everything they do. Even if it is asking a simple question to their friend, they will think back and forth, analyze the situation and even anticipate the outcome before reaching out. 

But guys are generally quite chilled out, and they don't think a lot. Especially when it comes to small things like brushing the hair out of a girl's face, they will forget it the next moment. 

You are a regular friend of his, and he casually did it. There is no deep meaning attached to it. Even if you thank him for this gesture, he won't bother to say a "welcome" to you. He would do it for any other girl. 

#11 He wants to make your partner jealous

He likes you, but you have always liked him only as a friend. You have a healthy relationship with your partner. Since he is your friend, you also talk about your relationship with him. 

But he has feelings for you, and he is not comfortable with the idea of you having a boyfriend. He hopes that you will also like him one day. And that's why he wants to create a misunderstanding between you and your partner. 

He will intentionally do it repeatedly or in front of your boyfriend to show him how you two are very comfortable. He wants to show him that you have given him the liberty to touch her hair at any time. He is trying to make your partner jealous. 

As you can see, there can be several interpretations of this small gesture. But depending on the kind of relationship you have with the guy, or the time you have known each other, you can figure out what he is actually implying when he brushes your hair out of your face. 

What should you do when a guy brushes your hair out of your face?

If you are puzzled about how to react when a guy brushes your hair out of your face, here's what you should do. 

  • Take it lightly. If you two have been friends for a while and you even know that he has no feelings for you, you should take this gesture on a light note. 
  • Observe his behavior further. When you two have knowns each other casually and all of a sudden you come across such a behavior from him, you must follow his next actions. Try to figure out whether he is doing it repeatedly. 
  • Notice how he behaves with other girls. You are not the only girl he knows. So, look around and see his mannerisms with other girls. You are certainly not in his special book if he does that to pretty much every female friend he has. 
  • Ask him directly. You can grab this opportunity when you also like him secretly and never express your feelings to him. You can ask him via text or call and ask him if there is any special meaning attached to this gesture.
  • React carefully. You know that he has a crush on you, and unfortunately, you don't have one. You have told him that you are not into him, yet he indulges in such behavior. In the circumstances like this, you have to react very carefully to this. You can't be rude to him, as he is your friend. So be firm in your response.
  • Tell him you liked it. Be bold and candid about your feelings. If you have liked his gesture, tell him that to his face. He would appreciate it when he gets to know it from you directly.
  • Show him you are uncomfortable. You might not be comfortable with such sort of behavior. It's better you tell him that at the very first before he tries to do it once again. 

Let's wrap up

A simple thing like brushing your hair out of your face can have various meanings. However, whatever the meaning is, it is your responsibility to know how you feel for that guy.

Ask yourself: Is he just a friend? Do I like him? Is there more than a friendship, or is he only playing with my emotions? Follow his manners, and you will understand what he means by this simple gesture. 

Be clear about what you want and how you react to the situation. 

Ahiri Chakraborty

Senior Writer

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