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When He Puts His Hand on Your Thigh While Driving? [EXPLAINED]

While driving, men tend to put their hands on women's thighs when they try to be more than just friends. But, if the person is your partner, he may touch your thigh to express his comfort or make this gesture as a romantic claim of your presence in his life.A couple sitting in a car looking at each other in a romantic way

Women always notice the small gestures of their partner or friend when they are together. A thousand body languages speak volumes about the person you are with. I am quite sure that you have noticed your male friend or boyfriend put their hand on your thigh while driving. 

Maybe you are sitting right beside him while he is driving, at a restaurant, or probably while you are watching a movie together; he puts his hand gently on your thigh. If that is the case with you, I assure you that you have landed on the right page.

Touches are very much a sensitive gesture and signal a man's interest in you. To be specific, it is not always necessary that it has to be a romantic relationship.

As per male psychology, they have different body language to express their honest feelings towards you. 

Whatever the reason may be, in this article, we will decode everything about when he puts his hands on your thigh while driving. 

Why does he put his hands on your thigh? 

Body language can be hard to decode sometimes. It varies from person to person, but there are a few universal signs that are easy to understand. However, if you do not properly understand his gestures, you may receive the wrong signals.

To make things easier for my readers, here are some of the common reasons why he puts his hand on your thigh while driving?

#1 He is attracted to you

A woman will always know when someone is attracted to her. The way a man looks and flirts with her will always show how interested he is.

Putting his hand on your thigh while he is driving you to your office, movies, or a date night may mean the person is attracted to you. 

Through the touch on your thigh, he is trying to put effort into keeping the spark alive in your connection or relationship.

To understand his reason, you must evaluate the nature of his touch.

In this context, romantic attraction towards you is a possible reason if the guy has touched you while talking romantically, planning about the future, or showing you some beautiful thing outside the window. 

The youthful energy of blooming romance in a relationship should remain ignited. Flirting with your partner even after a relationship, indicating with these small signals of love and romance, makes things better and spicy to continue a long-term relationship. 

#2 He is trying to be dominant

Well, to be very honest, it is not always that a man will put his hand on your thigh while driving out of a sweet gesture.

The same can be reflected as a sign of dominance as well. Having said that, I want my readers to understand that dominance is not a bad thing. 

Now try to remember how the person touched you in the first place. 

Did he touch your thigh firmly? Was it a so-called gentle touch or not? Did the guy touch your thigh while asking you to do something? Did his voice sound like a command? 

Try answering these questions yourself. Believe me; you're certainly gonna understand his reason for touching your thigh. 

He loves you, and sometimes his masculinity will try to dominate. 

He wants the world and you to know that you are his woman. He claims your devotion, love, respect, and trust towards him and this relationship. He loves it when you, as his woman, surrender yourself to his loving touches and care. 

#3 It is a comforting touch

While decoding the body language, it is also important for you to understand the situation and timing this person is trying to put his hand on your thigh.

At times when you are vulnerable and need support, your partner may put his hand on your thigh while driving to show their support for comforting you and calming you down. 

To understand whether this is his reason or not, you must evaluate 'how' and 'when' of touching you. 

In all comforting touches, people generally touch politely, keep their hands stable on your things, and try to make you feel the warmth of his presence. 

Did the guy touch you this way? If yes, then there is a high chance that the touch you're worried about was merely a comforting touch. 

These comforting touches are a beautiful sign that shows how committed, and responsible your partner feels for you. He makes an effort to "Be There" and make a positive change in your mood and life. 

#4 He wants to be more than "just friends"

Well, if he is still your friend, and you guys have not started "dating" yet, chances are he is signaling you the obvious.

This man likes spending time with you, your presence lifts him, and he is more than willing to make this connection to the next level.

Maybe he doesn't even want a proper date but is only sexually interested in you. In this scenario, putting his hand on your thigh while driving is a gesture that shows how he feels for you. 

How did he touch your thigh while driving? Was it quite random, and you faced it multiple times? Does the guy touch you on your thighs not only while driving but also during normal times? Did the person rub his hand on your thighs? 

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then surely the reason is the guy wants to lift the connection with you to the next level. 

However, it is important to consider what kind of friendship or closeness you share with this person. If you both do not share a close connection, and yet he puts his hand on your thigh, you can close off the situation by simply communicating it. 

#5 It feels like a support

While driving, if you are sitting next to him and he places his hands on your thigh, and this gesture is something he often does, it is more of a love language. 

You are more of a support to your partner that he appreciates and is proud of. They feel appreciated, loved, and supported, with you by your side. 

Most men love to feel a sense of strength and protectiveness for the women around them. In this case, if you are the love of his life, you can only expect him to be more protective, loving, possessive, and claiming.

Men will often not express how they feel with words but will make sure to be expressive with their actions. 

#6 The touch was accidental

The last chance he put his hand on your thigh while driving is that he accidentally did it.

Here you must understand that when you're sitting beside a guy while driving, his hand often stays on the gear. That's why the touch on your thigh can simply be an honest mistake that you don't need to be worried about. 

You will know if it was accidental, as he should have moved his hands away quickly or after a point of realization. 

It might not be as uncomfortable or awkward, but it will mostly have no meaning hidden that you need to decode. Often, the person may apologize to you for this accidental gesture as well.

#7 He is claiming you as a strong partner

Again decoding the body language of a man and keeping in mind how male psychology works, most men need a strong partner by their side. 

If your partner is putting his hand on your thigh while driving, it can be a gesture to show that you are his strong woman and he loves you as his strength. You are not someone who makes him feel weak, but instead, it is the opposite. 

To understand whether it was his phenomenon or not, you must recall what he said and how he reacted after touching you on your thigh while driving. 

Was he talking about some future plan with his career? Or you two were having a conversation about buying a new house or a new car, or maybe moving in together. 

In this scenario, the man may touch your thigh out of the claim on you as his strong partner. 

#8 It was a casual touch

Maybe he is a very dear friend of yours, and you share a close connection. In this situation, he may place his hand on your thigh out of an impulse. 

These kinda touches don't actually mean anything significant. As you two share a close connection, the guy didn't think deeply before touching your thigh. 

Maybe, you are overthinking that touch as your thighs were too sensitive to that touch. 

What to do when he puts his hand on your thigh?

By now, you know all the possible reasons why he puts his hand on your thigh while driving. The next question that one needs to be concerned about is how to react to your partner or boyfriend's touch on your thigh while driving? 

We need to understand that touches are very sensitive and personal, especially on thighs. It makes a woman feel a certain sensation that can be both great and cheap. Your feelings are important, no matter who is touching you and what type of connection you share with him. 

So, here are a few suggestions you may follow when he puts his hand on your thigh.

#1 Evaluate your relationship

If he is putting his hand on you while driving, and this is a very new gesture that you experience from his end, it is time to evaluate your relationship.

Are you already in a relationship with this person? Are you married? Or are you both just friends? Do you guys fight often? Or are you very conscious of your actions towards one- another? 

No matter what the situation is, sit and evaluate your relationship with this person. This gesture could be a positive indication that the other person is trying to move this connection one step ahead of your current status. You can communicate with your partner about his honest intentions as well.

#2 Evaluate the timing

As I mentioned previously, touches are sensitive and convey much more than words ever can. It is important to notice when the person is touching you.

Under which circumstances is he making this move, and how does the same make you feel? Is he touching your thigh while driving due to a conversation that triggers you, makes you vulnerable, or sober? Or is he placing his hand while saying something romantic? 

Notice the subtle things and the situations and try to understand his love language better. Being aware of the situation will help you gain more information on your next step towards the guy.

#3 Reciprocate back 

The best thing that you can do when your partner is trying these little gestures is to make him feel appreciated, loved, and respected. 

Smile back at him, hold his hand, or put your hand over his as he is driving, give him a look softly right into his eyes, appreciate him and tell him about the way you feel as he tries his new gestures towards you. 

Or maybe you two are just good friends. Still, he touched your thigh while driving, and you think that the person is only sexually interested in you.

In this situation, you can choose your action according to your feelings for that person. But always remember that one must always be ready to face the consequences of their previous actions. 

Communication is the most beautiful thing in a relationship. When you communicate using not just words but your love language, your relationship heightens to a step higher.

#4 Understand his love language

If he is speaking a love language by putting his hands on your thigh while driving, chances are this is a simple gesture that came out of his honest love for you.

What better thing can you do other than understanding his honest intentions! He is trying to show his love, appreciation, and respect towards you. He is trying to make you feel comfortable around him, making an effort to say that your presence is highly valued.

He may not be able to express himself through words or in other ways, but the way he plants a touch on your skin says it all. All you can do is appreciate him and love him a little more, maybe!

#5 Evaluate the situation

Evaluating the situations or places when he touches you or puts his hand on your thigh other than driving can also reveal a lot about the man he is.

If you both are in a social circle, public place, the way he places a touch can reveal that he is a proud man. He claims you to be his partner. He is not afraid to express his love towards you in front of his family, friends, and colleagues. 

Evaluating the situation can bring a lot of confidence in you about your relationship. It can bring you even closer and make your connection with your partner a rather blooming and conscious one. 

#6 Surrender if you want to 

If your man creates a safe space to be authentic and accept the person who you are with all the love and respect, it is a wise choice to surrender yourself. 

Enjoy the sweet intimacy, love, romance, playfulness, respect, and everything that your partner, boyfriend, or husband has to offer. Receive love in all forms and allow your relationship to bloom in all aspects.

#7 Speak up if you are not comfortable

Lastly, if you feel uncomfortable with the touch of his hand on your thigh, speak up.

Be courageous enough to take a stand and speak your truth. If you are in a relationship with this person, it is okay to take your own sweet time to open up and surrender yourself to your partner for a higher level of intimacy. In a friendship, do not be afraid to speak your honest feelings as well. 

If you are afraid that speaking your truth might make you lose this person, the connection is not worth it anyway! Be strong and graceful enough to speak your truth with love, respect yourself, and your partner will respect you as well. 

No matter who is touching you and how much you love this person, it is super important to stand your ground and speak about your comfort at once. 


So as a final note, I would like to repeat that touches mean a lot. They speak volumes about how the other person feels for you. Understanding your partner's love language and moving to a balanced ground where you both can understand each other is extremely important. 

Communicating with words is one task, but communicating without speaking a word is even more beautiful. It heightens the intensity of romance, love, respect, friendship, and overall connection among two individuals. Decode the way he touches you at certain places, around certain people, and ask yourself the right questions.

Like putting his hand on your thigh while driving, these little things can do much more than a simple touch. 

I hope this write-up helps you decode your boyfriend's or partner's love language a little better and make things better in your relationship. 

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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