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When You Keep Bumping Into Your Crush (Meaning & What to Do)

It is not a coincidence to keep bumping into your crush. It means that your crush is stalking you. They are aware that you have a liking for them and they want to ask you out. However, they are awaiting for the right time or wish you to take the first step. Featured Image of When You Keep Bumping Into Your Crush

Crushing over someone is a crucial part of a relationship. It becomes more interesting when they crush back on you. You will be able to make it out from their body language, the way they meet your eyes, or steal glances at you. They won’t stick by you but won’t allow anyone else to hover about you. They are not asking you out because they want to relish this phase too. 

What to do when you bump into your crush? Read this article to find out.

Reasons why you keep bumping into your crush 

Perhaps you are so attracted to your crush that you keep ending up at places where they would visit. You can call it mere luck or a strong hand of destiny. Either way, the world is pushing you towards them and they must be noticing it all the same. Perhaps it is time to ask them out. 

To know more, read below.

#1 It is a coincidence 

They are your crush for a reason. You are bumping into them time and again because they are either your colleague or your classmate. You like them because you get to see them daily. They may have moved into your locality and joined your gym. Hence, if you go on to take a stroll, hit the gym, visit the groceries or even go to your terrace, you bump into them. For all you know, they might be your new neighbor. 

Perhaps rather than overthinking, you must introduce yourself to them. They can find you useful and who wouldn’t like a friend? One thing can lead to another and you might begin to go out with them. However, if in any care you are dreaming about them every night, you need to visit a psychologist or go for counseling. 

#2 They like you too 

Perhaps it is not a coincidence but a well-planned scheme by your crush. Think of the series You. The person might not be as insane as that though but is aware that you are hopelessly romantic and you won’t accept anything that is too conventional. 

Hence, if your crush would have sent you a friend request or dropped a text message, you wouldn’t have been amused. You are crushing on them not only because they are attractive but because you believe or want to believe in the romantic element at play here. 

The person, who is indeed going to this length to please you, is worth giving a shot after you have done a thorough background check on them. Don’t get too carried away by your emotion to lose sight of practicality. Life is hopeful and bright but you might get deluded too.

#3 They want you to take the first step 

Your crush might be stalking and following you but staying mummed because they want you to take the first step. This would mean that they are shy and introverted. They might also be afraid of getting rejected. They don’t want to feel like a fool in your eyes. Hence they are longing for a natural stimulation at play here. 

If you choose to take the first step, remember it need not be a big gesture. Even smiling at your crush is enough for starters. They would know that you feel comfortable with them and it will encourage them to pursue you further. Remember, rather than jumping into a relationship, it is always better, to begin with, a friendship. 

#4 You are always on their mind 

Your crush is aware of your liking and cannot take their mind off you. They keep wondering what it would feel like to woo you. They are into you. This could take the form of infatuation if they get fixated on you. It is also possible that they were always in the background but you never cared to notice them before. 

In this case, you need to focus on what it is that you found most striking about them and how you came across them in the first place. If you are their classmate, think if it is possible that you didn't notice them before. 

An infatuation has the potential to convert into a long relationship later if done right. There is nothing to be scared of. All you need to do is take your chances. Don’t try to capture love. Try to understand its nature. You are supposed to free the person through love. It has liberty known to no other. It gets ugly when you overcoat it with possessiveness. If it is meant to be, it will be. Que sera sera, right?

#5 You share their interest

If you bump into your crush at your favorite coffee shop, it is because they like to go there too. If you come across them at your yoga place, it is because they are into yoga too. The point is that perhaps you need not overanalyze things. If they are showing up at these places deliberately and not out of genuine interest, they will either ignore you completely or try to grab every opportunity to partner with you and be by your side. 

Such are the frivolities of love. It makes one commit desperate things. Your mind wants to believe certain notions and hence it will engage in a make-believe exercise even if there isn’t one. Notice if they look at you from the corner of their eyes. Notice if their eyes twitch when you talk to their friend but not them. They will understand that you are in for the game. 

#6 You ghosted them 

If everything was going alright and uphill between you and your crush but then you underwent a change of heart and ghosted them, they would be left perplexed by your behavior. After all, when you like them, why would you not approve of your liking for them? 

Now they are running after you and chasing you to understand the reason which led to this change of heart. It might have been that they were too extrinsic about their feelings, needs, or expectations from you. Perhaps their bold moves or gestures scared you off. 

If you feel that you owe them an explanation, perhaps give them one. If you need some time to process things as everything is happening faster than you had hoped for, tell them so. They might help you with the process rather than leave you stranded and bare-hearted with your emotions unfolding.

#7 They are interested in you but they are seeing someone else 

Perhaps your crush is taking their time to process things because they are not single. They are also trying to figure out if you are aware that they are not single yet you long to date them. In an ideal scenario, they might want to develop a friendship with you first to understand if you will be the right partner for them before breaking up with their current partner. 

You need to be on the watch out here. After all, your crush doesn’t seem to be too faithful to their current partner. You need to figure out whether it is in the name of love that they claim to have found in you or do they get easily bored of people. If it is the latter, you need to understand that there will be times in the relationship when you will get monotonous or boredom might become a pattern. 

While you can plan a vacation and introduce a change in your routine by, perhaps, getting a pet, you must have the confidence that they will not abandon you for the sake of another newly found love which seems to them at the moment very promising. 

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#8 You share mutual friends 

If you came across your crush through a mutual friend and if you usually like to hang out with this mutual friend, your friend might be on good terms with your crush, and owing to the common pool of friends that you share, you might keep bumping into each other. 

It is possible that your crush has a crush on this mutual friend and therefore they don’t miss out on any opportunity of going out together. You need to observe their behavior when you are hanging out together. Are they interested in you or your friend is for you to figure out? If it is the latter, don’t be disheartened. You must accept the love that makes its way to you unconditionally.

#9 You are their junior and they like to dominate people 

If you are a sophomore, it is natural to crush on a senior. However, if the senior is regarding your crush seriously, it might be because they like to dominate their romantic partner. There is a common notion that dating a junior is packed with fun because they are full of mirth. They won’t get tired and won’t give into a monotonous routine. 

From the junior’s point of view, they like to nag the seniors. It gives them a powerful feeling to get the attention of someone senior. They connote the feeling of empowerment. The seniors are also very patient. Hence, they can have their way with them. To know more about what it feels like to date a sophomore and vice versa, click on this link - Can A Senior Date A Freshman?

What to do when you keep bumping into your crush?

Relish the moment. I mean, that is what you have been longing for, right? Why is fear bumping into your crush? Take it to be the helping hands of destiny to give you time to adjust yourself and present yourself before your crush. To know more, read below.

#1 Ask them out 

If you are weary of playing hide and seek with your crush, perhaps it is time to ask them out. It need not be as difficult as you might have wondered. You can simply ask them to catch a drink or a cup of coffee together. The intent of the reason need not be explained. 

To ask them out, you can put forward the question in either a direct or an indirect method. Some templates for you are: “I happen to have an extra movie ticket for tonight’s show, would you fancy watching a movie with me?” “I am new in town and don’t know many people yet. I was wondering what the coziest corner of the town looks like. Would you mind showing me around?”

You can articulate your question based on the situation and circumstances in which you met them. Don’t sweat it out. Just make the move and you will get the reply. If you overstress it, you might run the risk of making the other person uncomfortable as well. 

#2 State your feeling 

Perhaps write a letter to your crush. Go old school. Make it romantic and unconditional. Tell them it is fine if they cannot reciprocate your feelings. You just wanted to take the chance so that you don’t feel guilty later.

If anything, they will appreciate the gesture and might find you adorable. If they don't date you themselves, they might find you agreeable enough to be your friend and might try to set you up with their friend. 

Try not to be stereotypical in stating your feelings for them. Don’t keep yourself back. Make your expression creative. Take them on a verbal ride. You can articulate it in riddles. You can send them a note packed inside an edible shell. Use your creative energy here.

#3 Share your food  

The quickest way to bond with someone is to do it over a platter of food. No one ever denies that. The best thing about food is not that it satiates your hunger but that it brings you, new people, to have it with. 

You will get a kickstart to your conversation. You can talk about food-related topics such as cuisines, recipes, ingredients, allergies, and more. This will keep the conversation light and allow you to understand each other more. For starters, food and weather are among the safest options to talk about. 

If the other person is interested in you, they will eventually direct the conversation to obtain your specifics. When they ask you about your favorite cuisine, recipe, or ingredient and come up with the suggestion to either take you out to their favorite food joint or cook you their favorite recipe, you would know that they have a soft corner for you.

#4 Invite them to your book club

If you are an avid reader and you have come across your crush at a library or a bookstore, there can be nothing better than to invite them to your book club and exchange your favorite hard copies with them. You will soon become the best pen pals and can use your favorite passages and poems to court each other. 

It will be as fancy and romantic as it can get. You will get the possible best match out there. There is nothing more beautiful than finding your soulmate in a person who shares your likings and respects your dislikings. You will always feel free with such a person. They will make you feel happy about life, and whenever you might feel low, they will open your favorite book and read out your favorite passage to you.

#5 Exchange numbers 

You can either make an excuse to ask for their number or ask them the digits directly. If you want to take the chance, you can also send them your number with a drink. You can give them a book and write your number and name on its title page. 

These are cute gestures and there is nothing worrisome about it. They might send you a thank you text in return. This is where you need to make sure that you don’t freak them out. Take it slow. Perhaps send them an emoji. Let the chat be open-ended. Allow them to decide how they want to take things further with you. Don’t manifest a reaction. Let it be a natural flow.

#6 Make meaningful conversations 

You can open an interesting subject by gauging their interest or their area of work. When you offer them a prompt from their field, they will take the lead and take the conversation forward. Making conversations meaningful will help you to check the depth of their character

If they keep on talking about things that don’t matter, they might be good to look at but shallow from the inside. You need a balanced mixture of someone who compliments your look, shares your interest, has interesting inputs and doesn’t bore you to death by looking blankly at you. 

#7 Invite them to a house party 

If you don’t want to keep your feelings bare before your crush, don’t do anything which would corner them with you. Instead, invite them over with a group of other people so that everything takes a natural flow. It will allow you to observe them in the presence of others. 

These moments will help you figure out your true personality. A person who likes you will behave differently in your company. They might not be disguising their real self deliberately, however, you will notice some changes in their behavior in the company of add-ons. 

They might either feel more comfortable or less with you. It will expose their nature and help you to figure out if they are shy or more outgoing in personality. 

If they are the latter and yet taking slow steps with you, it means they have a strong feeling for you. They respect your disposition and want to allow you time to accommodate them in your life. Such people are gems and you should try your best to hold onto them.

#8 Ask them if it is a coincidence 

If you suspect the bumping is a coincidence, perhaps ask them the same for confirmation. You can put it as, "Is it only me who feels that our chance meetings have become plentiful or do you feel the same?" 

This will open a topic for them to respond to. The way they articulate their views will help you to understand what they feel for you. If they express as much shock and zero delight, they are not ready yet to confess their feelings for you. If they don't hesitate in sliding away their feelings or putting them under the mat, it means that they are shamelessly or perhaps wholeheartedly chasing you. 

#9 Let them make the move 

Bearing patience is not that difficult if you come to think of it. In relationships, you will usually find one partner who likes to stay passive. They are laid-back and they don't mind being directed forward by their partner. 

If you don't want to actively participate in the game of pursuit, it is okay. If your crush understands your feelings, they won't let you go. It is also advantageous because they are getting to know you inside out. The ones we accept in the cozy zone of our life must accept our weaknesses as wholeheartedly as our strengths.

#10 Flirt with their friends

If you want to test your crush to see if they have a liking for you or not, the easiest way to find out is by hitting on their friends. If it makes them uncomfortable or if their friends tease and misbehave with you, it will give you clues about how they feel about you. 

If they laugh and try to either flirt with you or go about foolishly around others, they are not serious about you. You must not overindulge yourself if you feel that they don't deserve it. It is better to tread carefully in matters of the heart. Sometimes, you cannot be too careful and you regret it forever. 

Summing up 

Take it as a good sign if you find yourself bumping into your crush repeatedly. It means they have some business with you. Perhaps they need some help with encouragement to figure out how to approach you. They are not yet ready to give up on you. They like you, and you are special to them. What they might be judging is to see if you are as good in person as they have taken you to be. 

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