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He Opened My Snapchat but Did Not Respond (Here's Why)

There might be some network issue due to which he could not reply at that moment. He might have been caught up in business after that, so he forgot about your snap. Featured Image of He Opened My Snapchat but Did Not Respond

Exchanges of snaps and images have become so recurrent that nothing extraordinary strikes us. Hence when you share a snap with someone and they forget to respond to it, don't be too surprised. 

In this blog post, I'll help you figure out why he opened your Snapchat but did not respond and what you must do about it. 

Reasons why he did not respond to your Snapchat 

While there can be several reasons for a guy to open your Snapchat but not respond, the most common factor is a technical glitch unless he attempts to send you a message. If nothing off happened between both of you, if there is nothing that you dislike about him and feel that he might dislike about you, there is no reason for you to sweat it out.

Keep reading below to find out more such possible reasons.

#1 There was a network error 

A technical glitch, a loss of network, phone running on a low battery are all technical issues that can happen to anyone at any time. To know if it is one such glitch, you can send him a text again. If he doesn’t open it instantly or if the text fails to get delivered, he is justified. 

Moreover, try to pertain your words and reasons around the vibes you get from someone. If the person is letting you down, then, of course, he is not your man. Hence, whatever you do, first bear in mind the frequency between him and you. 

When you share a great rapport with someone, there is no reason to be disheartened or to think otherwise. The need to analyze a situation arises when you feel you are failing to understand the thought train of the person. When you don’t know for certain whether they have ill intentions or positive intentions towards you, you will question all their steps and all their lack of steps every time you see one. 

Building trust is not an easy process. It takes time. Hence, to keep the network running smoothly between you, learn to open up candidly. Most people can tell it when you tell them a lie. We are all betrayed so many times in life that one can easily understand the pattern of it. 

#2 He was not in the right place 

Positioning and location can sometimes affect the way we handle the situation and make our replies. Technically, a Snapchat post must be responded to with another Snapchat post. If you have, from the beginning, been exchanging snaps with one another, he might not have hesitated to respond in text.

Moreover, when you exchange snaps with each other and don’t take it a step forward, the other person might not regard you that seriously. He might feel that you are sending snaps to more people on Snapchat. This idea might make him consider you a person with loose moral grounds. 

Our spaces dictate our behavior. If you haven’t met the guy in person, and everything is virtual between both of you, the guy might feel that the current status of a perhaps growing friendship is lukewarm. Hence, it is important to make a relationship or friendship dynamic. 

Since these are not our blood relations, we don’t prioritize them. We are always aware that we owe it to our family. But this is where we must remind ourselves that sometimes friends can become family if we make them feel good about life and give them importance. It is a dual practice that should come from both ends. 

While you can meet the person halfway, you will stumble when you have taken that extra mile walk, but the person does not even care to sigh to express his disappointment. In such cases, a network glitch or a wrong place makes up for a great excuse to escape the pettiness of things related to the poor connection that you share with them.

#3 He got a call 

There is a possibility that the guy received a call at the precise moment when he opened your Snapchat. If he answered the call, it must have been from someone he could not ignore. This someone could be his family or can mean business.

After keeping the call, the snap would have vanished, and he might have advanced to another place, due to which it slipped off his memory. Such things might be trivial for the guy because he is preoccupied with other arrangements. However, it hurts you because you took multiple shots and finally sent one only to him. 

You know that you are falling for him. And you might not like that he might not share the same dynamics with you—the thought of being vulnerable freaks you out and prevents you from engaging rationally.

#4 He was too stunned to respond 

Perhaps the picture you sent out-of-blue of blue context for the guy. If you shared something new and private, he might have been caught off-guard. He wasn't certain that your exchanges and conversation were heading in that direction. 

Hence, it is always better to practice things and express your thoughts on paper or via texts to see if the other person also desires you the way you desire them. 

In this case, if you weren't sure whether the guy was single or seeing someone, if you have never had talks or exchanges that are wild, your intended surprise might have taken the form of a shock for him. 

Hence, take one step at a time. Perhaps wait a while before sharing another snap with him. See if he texts you or shares something from his end. If he does and behaves as if the sharing of snippets from your end never took place, accept the sign. He either has someone in his life or does not share his feelings. 

#5 He had a flashback 

If the photo you sent him wasn't about you but about something else, such as the picture of a dish, a place, a memory, a scene, or anything related to aesthetics, it might have triggered him in a way that caused a flashback.

This might have made him upset. We often think we are over certain situations, and the memories stop haunting us, but one fine day, someone takes a name or makes a display, and we find ourselves back where we were at the beginning. We fear this because it makes us feel as if we never moved on in our life in the first place. We could sense that stagnation. It makes the immediate surroundings sink and stink. 

If the guy might be having such an impact of a flashback, he needs something far superior and intimate to the bond you currently share with him. He needs love. It will make him feel protected. He is overwhelmed by a sense of insecurity which is so great that he cannot feel the excitement that you might have been trying to cause through the picture. 

In such a case, what you can do is, make him see around his surrounding. Make him feel that the time and place have changed. He deserves something way better than what he has been through, and if you feel you can bring him that happiness, say it. To know more, click on the link - My Guy Friend Stopped Talking to Me.

#6 He is forgetful 

If the guy is forgetful, he will forget everything about the snap unless he takes a note. Hence, when you know that this guy forgets everything but remembers all about something specific in detail, that is the thing the guy is obsessed with. 

If some good sports are going on, for instance, Fifa Worl Cup, he might be so engaged in the game that even if you send him clicks of b**bs or n*des, he won’t be moved. Therefore, you must mind the timing of as and when you do things. For instance, if the guy shared a picture of live sports with you and you send him something personal, he will be puzzled or might think that since that wasn’t an appropriate moment, he will reply to it later.

Hence, it is important to learn and practice parallelism in life. It means to make conversation or exchanges with someone after understanding and analyzing what they are bringing to the table for you at that particular moment. Had you shared your picture at a time, say in the late hours, when you could tell he was alone, you would have received a spontaneous reply.

Let’s consider another instance too. It is not necessary that you might have shared your picture. Say you shared a picture of your pet dog or cat. Since there was no reply, you are wondering if you have offended him in some manner or if he is particularly not fond of pets. Now, it would be insensitive of a person not to share their fondness for something even if they don’t like it in person. One must practice the art of appreciating t and others, and it is a much-needed life skill. But at the same time, you need to practice emotion-sharing. 

You might wonder what that means. Let me explain.  I'm not asking you to grant different situations to a person to analyze their reaction and draw conclusions about their character. You are not to play the role of character police here. However, when you share some time, texts, and exchanges with a person to the extent that their response or lack of it to anything related to you is horrifying, you already share an emotional bandwidth with the person.

All you need to accept here is that not everyone has a broad bandwidth for emotions. Some people believe in the mantra of seize the day. They want to be carried on in their life smoothly. To such people, you don't share a random picture of anything to lead the Snapchat board by scoring more, or even if connecting will fail.

If they have shared a live sports screening, you can send them a picture of yours with thumbs up to wish their team luck, or you can share the picture of the same sport of you watching it on television. Later, you can tell him about the sports you enjoy playing by sharing the photos of you playing the sport in that sports uniform. That is how you learn to understand and appreciate each other’s choices. The timings of how you do things matter.

#7 He is trying to ignore you (because he was cheating on you, or you were his sidekick, and he got caught) 

It is rare when a guy would not react to certain situations. Such situations are when you extend an arm toward them voluntarily, and they don’t fetch the opportunity to pull you closer. What could be the particular reasons for this, you might wonder. 

In such cases, either the person is trying to ignore you, or he wants more from you and behaves offhand to secure all your attention. Don’t be surprised to realize he is not your cup of tea. 

If he is ignoring you or the photos sent to you, it might be because he is not interested in you. A lack of interest could be caused by an absence of an appeal or the strong presence of someone else who means a great deal to him. This could be his current girlfriend.

If he used to flirt with you till most recently, you might wonder where his girlfriend was then. Now, his girlfriend could have been anywhere, in another city, at her home, her friend’s place, but the moment he opened your snap, his girlfriend was close. 

Now what does this mean, and what does this make you in his life? He is using you as “sides,” that is, something extra that we like to have with food to ensure our absolute satisfaction of appetite. Hence, even if he is in a fruitful relationship, various dimensions of a person’s needs might not be fulfilled by merely another person. At the same time, he was more interested in developing a friendship with certain sets of mutual interests that will foster “unsaid expressions” between you and help you to stay guilt-free while adulting simultaneously. 

However, the guy realized that you were getting the strings attached. He cannot help to take the risks of making a girl vulnerable, more so if he is trying to harbor a long-term relationship. Hence, he is cutting off ties without pronouncing it out for you or blocking your profile. To know more, click on the link - What Hurts More Blocking or Ignoring?

#8 He wants to keep the image secured (he doesn't understand why you Snapchat him when he shares all his images on WhatsApp) 

When you share a picture with a guy who hesitates to reply, it might be because he is pissed off. The cause of being upset might be that while he shares all his pictures with you on a mode, using a medium that allows you to keep the images safe and secure, you don’t similarly reverse his favor. 

In my opinion, you should not share certain sets of pictures with someone whom you don’t trust. Besides, it is also alright if you are dating them, yet you don’t want to take any chances regarding social media. Nobody’s profile is secured. We are all aware that all our private pieces of information can be leaked publicly and bring us shame or embarrassment, and humiliation. 

We can assure our present, but we can’t foretell our future. Planning it is a different thing altogether. You want to be with someone, and you are giving your best to that person, but that person might not change in the future, or your dreams not get altered cannot be assured. Anyone at any given point in time can change their heart. Life, as said by Shakespeare, is a tell-tale told by an idiot. So the narrative can be absurd. One must not be too surprised to find out one day that the love of their life is loyal and committed to another. 

Now, while you think that he will not misuse your information, you don’t know the influence they are in. cellphones can be stolen or misplaced. Vital pieces of information can get mishandled. Hence, being prudent is the tool of a wise man

If you feel that the guy is pissed at you for this, he is being silly. What he needs is a clear-cut explanation from you. Learn to practice what you preach. If you are uncomfortable sharing your media permanently, don’t expect the other person to do it, either. You don’t get to nag or complain, then. Accept and approve of the situation and its consequences.

#9 He suspects you (feels that he is not the only one receiving snaps from your end) 

Since media sharing has become so convenient that one might wonder when you send them something to how many other folks you might have been sharing it with. This fact or the possibility might have been an upsetting brief for him. 

Some people are so anxious that they make up situations in their minds and get mad over something even when it never happened. They are a coward since they can never come upfront and communicate their insecurities to you boldly. When they don’t like something, they expect you to understand it by yourself without causing them any inconvenience by revealing the facts. 

In cases like this, you be the gallant one and tell them that you are not a master of telepathic abilities and hence, cannot read minds or convey thoughts. When they want something from you, they must ask it from you. Be polite in your approach. They must not feel that your words bite. 

#10 He needs a break (from drugs, liquor, girls) 

Perhaps the guy has undergone a disastrous change in his life. He blames everything else but himself for it. When he was expecting a certain result but failed to get it, it might be because he was less focused on his objective. For him, this could be due to his excessive indulgence in screentime. For all you could know, he might have uninstalled the app from his phone without deleting the account. 

Hence, to better control situations in the future, learn to convey your needs, terms, and conditions beforehand. There is no harm in setting the rules from the beginning. Assure the person that if they need space, want to take a break, might feel that the situation is becoming overwhelming or getting out of hand, you would be accommodative. That will keep the bond of friendship intact even if you decide to resume your conversations after a long time. 

If you want to become a boon in his life, you don’t need Snapchat to come your way. Meet him in person and talk to him. Show him that what is between the two of you is meaningful. He wants to slow things down, and he doesn’t want to talk. You can be his silent partner and lend him your shoulders. Remember, in such equations, you should not keep any expectations from them. You are in the capacity of a selfless provider here. 

#11 He is not an active Snapchat user 

There can always be a possibility that you find his interactions elusive on Snapchat. This might be because he is not an active Snapchat user. While you might find this fact about him annoying, he is giving you a special treat for all you know, and he is coming online on Snapchat merely for your sake. 

You can try switching platforms and connecting elsewhere if that will make it more convenient for him. Take these extra measures only when you are certain that you want to take him seriously. Don’t harass anyone unnecessarily when at the back of your mind, you know it won’t be a long-term deal. 

Moreover, you might discover that he is not an active social media platform user. This could mean that either he is anti-social or an extremely low-key individual. As such, if it doesn’t match your personality, but both of you are attracted to one another, you will have a  great romantic life. 

As the saying goes, opposites attract. It is because they discover such new dynamics which either they had never imagined living or wasn’t very confident about pursuing. Now that it is a big deal, you will realize that an interchange of opinions takes place, modifying your personality to some extent. 

However, there are always major setbacks in the long run of such a relationship where the participants are much opposite. There is a lack of mutual understanding. They find difficulty in always looking for a midpoint to meet with each other. There is always the regret that no matter what they do and how they do it, there is no way that either of them can have it all their way for a moment. They will always feel guilty about depriving the other person of certain facilities. 

#12 He is testing you (waiting for your reaction to see if you seek validation and what it means, if you are an attention seeker, if you are fascinated with him, if you are a toxic person) 

There is a possibility that the guy didn’t respond to your Snapchat because he is testing you. He wants to see how you would react to his absence of reaction. Would it create much difference in the sequential events of your life? 

If you have watched the series “YOU,” you would know how dangerous a game getting obsessed or infatuated with another person can be. If he finds out you are unmoved by his lack of response, his ego will be hurt, and his confidence might waver. If you react and he finds you desperate, he might use it to leverage his stance. 

Such guys breed toxicity. They will poison your peace and try molding you into something you are not. Hence, when you understand that the guy is trying to act in a similar line, immediately distance yourself. They don't deserve a reason to convey that you have dumped them. 

#13 He is shy  

If the guy is an introvert, he must be too shy to express his feelings after looking at the snap sent difficulty having a difficult time figuring out what would look like an appropriate response in this case. If you want to make him comfortable or help him out here, perhaps give him a prompt as a caption along with the picture you shared. 

If the photo is of an experience, you can put it like, “So, the other day, my friend Berk invited me to a party, and I dressed up like this. The snap I am sharing above is taken an hour or two later. I look haywire, don’t you think?” 

This will bring you an immediate response as you have directed him toward something that you would want to know. He knows that you are looking for an opinion. Indulging in giving compliments to your look or not is his choice. 

Most introverts might find an image without a description off-putting. They take it as a gesture of vanity. When you forward a snap to someone out of context, they might find it vague and think of you as one of the desperate characters. At the same time, if you help them encode the image, they will think of you to be intelligent and will work hard on developing and maintaining your correspondence. 

This is how the world is. When you provide just an image, you make everything open-ended. It is less appealing to the eyes and the mind. However, when you embed the image with the right words, you stand triumphant.

What to do when he does not respond to your Snapchat?

Be interrogative when you are trying to seek a response from someone, and they are being obscure in their gestures. It is perfectly alright to ask someone why they would not give you a response since they have opened up your snap and left it on seen. You can explain that you are entitled to get a response. How to do it? Read below to discover.

#1 Remind him about it 

Setting a reminder is not that awful a deal. People get caught up in daily tasks, and the world moves quickly. Many times, we don’t quite intend to open the snap. It is just that we are operating our device, and a notification pops up on the screen, and our finger clicks it open before even realizing it. 

Hence, a reminder is a sweet thing. You can put the reminders in these words, “I was wondering what you think of the image I sent you before. Any comments you would like to make?” it is as simple as it gets. By doing this, you would get the comment and the explanation as to why he did not reply in the first place. 

#2 Wait before sending him another snap (have patience) 

It is in our nature to get restless when things don’t manipulate in the way we want them to be. However, not everything can happen the way we anticipate them. Moreover, when you drop something on someone out of context, they might take a little longer to process it. 

They might have misinterpreted your feelings earlier, and the snap you have shared cleared them of certain doubts. They might even be taking time to revisit old conversations to get a clear idea as to what had passed between you.

The world is moving fast. People come and go. Nobody keeps the tabs open for the ones who have left. If, however, you were chatting with the guy and it was during the chat that you sent him a snap, and he did not reply, something sudden and awful must have taken place. 

You can never tell what might trigger a person. Hence, always be more patient when it comes to trivial matters. While you might be wasting your energy overthinking things, they might have just left it on, seen with the thought that the picture is worth a million appraisals, and an immediate response made hastily will not do it justice.

#3 Sort your priorities 

Be clear in your priorities. Why is it bothering you so much if he didn’t reply to your Snapchat? Would that mean you have feelings for him that you haven’t confessed? Do you think it is wise to keep your true feelings logged in? He might have sensed it.

People are always trying to interpret, reinterpret and decode our gestures. When we speak something, they notice our tone and emphasize our body movement. Communication has become more complex with awareness. Moreover, what they might be feeling for you at a certain point in time will reflect on how they interpret your words to be. Sometimes, it won't matter what you want to convey. People remember, buy, and respond to only that which they want to take or think is beneficial or in favor of them. As such, your true intentions, whether noble or covered in skepticism, won't matter. 

#4 Gather yourself  

Practicing self-engagement to push yourself in monologue will remind you that you matter and that such trivial things must not matter. Your self-respect and faith top the list. Don't be easily unmotivated by people around you. 

Gathering yourself is not an easy step. It requires persistent efforts to stand up for yourself and have your back. Don't be all over the place because someone isn't treating you right. Cut themselves off as and when needed. Be even in your way with others. 

#5 Remove them from your list (after waiting for a day or two) 

If you feel that he has ghosted you, don't hesitate to remove him from your list permanently. Don't allow people to treat you as per their comfort. 

Nothing is worse than getting mixed feelings from someone or feeling taken for granted by someone you value. When the connection is lukewarm, and you can feel it, get disconnected.

#6 Express your feeling (you feel neglected, hurt, broken, depressed, uncomfortable) 

If your sentiments are hurt, why not express them? You can't expect a person to play God. However, you can convince them to help you overcome a difficult situation with a better understanding. 

That is kindness and humanity. Whatever it is that he is making you feel, express it. One way of expressing it is to say, 

"I've been feeling neglected and ignored by your off-putting treatment. It is beyond me to bear such conduct. While I have a good place in my heart for you, if we cannot keep the connection stable, I'll like to disconnect from it. I'm no God, and I won't know your reasons for this behavior. However, I believe the reasons must be strong on your end." 

By writing a paragraph, you allow him to either continue the conversation and engage with you by providing a thorough explanation or think of it as a closure and let the matter rest. Either way, you will feel better because you have expressed all that had been killing you from inside for so long. 

#7 Send another snap after two days (to see if he responds this time before making a firm decision) 

It is not an awful choice to send a snap after some time to check on him. Since you can not be sure about the reason for such a pass, if they repeat it the second time, you will understand that they are trying to make a point. 

If the reaction is the same, block him. If he does not even open the snap this time, but you can see a change in their scoreboard, they are active and ignoring you. However, if the scoreboard remains unchanged, too, he is either not active or busy somewhere else. 

#8 Change your circle  

Keep those close or give special access to those who value you and do the same for you. Don't give a free pass to everyone. It will help if you always keep the vibe in check. 

If the person doesn't match your vibe, you are better without them. Not everyone needs to be accommodated in your life. If you have tried adjusting deliberately adjusted the frequency, it won't be long-lasting. 

Sooner or later, you will get tired of being burdened that you must put up and keep up with their tantrums. A strong bond is the result of continuous efforts from both ends. 

#9 Forgive and forget  

It is your peace that matters. Don't hold anyone back in your life so strongly. Don't be stubborn in your gesture if they don't want to stay. Learn to understand and let go. 

Letting go is a process of evolving. You don't only let the person and memories go, but you also allow the process to dispel the negativity and feel better immediately. 

Summing up 

One fine day, a person might wake up to virtual reality has garbed him. In a desperate attempt to live life freely again, he might let go of the magical internet properties. When a guy does not respond to your Snapchat, take him to be such a guy. Even if you don't decode the reason, you can sleep peacefully at night.

Suprity Acharyya


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