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Should I Text My Girlfriend During A Break? [Answered]

No, it would be best not to text your girlfriend during a break unless you have decided that you don't want the break. If you feel like you're better off together than taking time to spend alone, make it clear to her. A man sitting on a bench outside his house surfing his mobile

Relationships can become overwhelming at times, and there are moments we feel that it's curbing our liberty or influencing us too much in making the decisions of our lives. We don't feel like a singular entity. Whatever we do, whatever decision we make, we do it bearing this person we hold closest to our heart. 

However, at times it can be that we feel this sudden need for a vacuum. We need space to think clearly. Hence, we decide to take a break from this constant someone. But the moment it is agreed upon and a night or two has gone, you feel empty. 

You thought that you would be Ross. You would have your time. But you realize that Ross is incomplete without Rachel. At those moments, you want to reach out, and you want to call them up or knock on their door. Worry not; we are here to understand your feelings better and help you in making the right call.

Reasons to text your gf during a break 

While there can be multiple reasons for texting up your girlfriend during a break, the most important one is that you have realized that you are better off without a break.

It's the epiphany that has dawned upon you at a beautiful time, and all the decisions you make from here on will make your relationship beautiful and take it to be heights.

However, all been said, there might be other reasons too that are pricking you and making you restless. Let's study them all one by one.

#1 You miss her 

You want to text your girlfriend while on break because you miss her. When we are in a relationship, the person becomes our habit. The first thing we think about when we get up is that person. The last thing we think about while inducing sleep is the thought of that person.

They become a part of us, and it is extremely difficult not to talk to them or ask them if they are doing well. There are things that happen with us during the day, and our first thought is we got to share them with them. But then you remember that you guys are not talking. 

It can be not easy, and it can even take a toll on your healthy mind. You are constantly thinking about them. When you see them online, you wonder who it is that they're talking to. You wonder if they have found someone else. One thought leads to another, and it breaks you. 

Remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. What does it all mean to you? Try to understand and control your emotions. Don't let your emotions control you. Being emotional or sensitive isn't wrong, but it can be harmful if another person doesn't feel the same for you.

#2 You love her 

Sometimes at moments like this, you realize your love for them. You realize how you have emerged into them, and you would love to be with them. There's this urge where you want nothing else but them. 

The whole world fades away, and you don't want to think rationally. All your heart desires are to hold them close and love them. And that's enough. This overwhelming feeling is all you need. 

Give her a call. Tell them about it. I know it is not that simple. There might be a chance that she might not feel the same way, but you got to take your chance. That's how you would know what she feels for you.

That's what I like to practice. I don't engage myself in mind games. I know it will drain my energy and ruin my day. It's not worth it. I usually end up texting them. Telling them about all I feel, no, I don't write an essay. I write a prompt to an essay.

If I'm encouraged from the front, and they want me to express it, it is then that I'd let it all flow in their direction. But not before that. Else, it might go unappreciated. They might think that she is ranting. Before you begin to express yourself wholeheartedly, you must know if they are in the same boat as you. 

Texting tips:

The prompt I referred to above, some such prompts are:

  • "Hey, how are you doing? I know we are on break, and I shouldn't have sent you this, but something weird happened today."
  • "I hope you're doing great, wasn't the break supposed to be a one-day thing? You know my memory sucks. Can you help me with a reminder?"

#3 You need to ask her something 

If you want to text her because you have come up with new doubts or discovered something that you want to know more about, I suggest you try to hold that urge.

If anything is displeasing or you're taken up by anger, it's not worth taking a call at this moment. Calm yourself down. 

Try to recollect the reasons why you are on this break. Try to remember who suggested it or how comfortable she was when it happened. If you are certain that she is guilty about something, you need to wait until she feels to confess it.

If she is into you, she wants this to continue, and she must be going through a hell lot too. Give her some time to make up her mind, and your questions can wait till the time she approaches you. Please don't jump into asking questions when she does so.

First, lend her your ears and see what she has to say. She might give you all the answers before you ask the questions.

#4 You've made a life-changing decision 

If you want to text your girlfriend during a break because you have made some crucial decision, it's better to call her up and tell her in person. Such decisions might be about a change of city or switching between jobs or something more personal.

If you recently got on a break and you have made your decision regarding something that might affect her in some way, it's okay to break the rules.

#5 You want to make it official 

Suppose you had taken the break because your girlfriend was becoming too demanding, and if you strongly feel you want to make your relationship official, it is okay to text, call, or even show up at her door.

She might lose her calm for once, but she will appreciate it sooner or later, and it can take on a new beginning from there.

Tip: If you plan to show up at her place, don't go empty-handed. Carry her favorite flowers that shall calm her down, and she will be patient with you.

#6 You want to call it off 

If you have made up your mind and you like your life better without her in it, you might not want to give her hopes that you will get along together again. The whole "on a break" would be pointless.

However, you can be good friends. Everything doesn't go as we plan. Try not to break up over a text; that isn't polite. You can text her and ask her to meet up with you.

Be gentle and polite in your manners if she agrees to meet you. If she didn't, it would mean that she had seen this coming.

#7 You need answers 

If you need answers and your questions are taking a toll on your mental health, you may text your girlfriend during a break. However, I'm not certain if this will go smoothly. Neither is there a certainty that you will get all your answers nor do you know if the answers will help you move on in any way.

It's best to work on yourself first. Practise meditation read the right books. You must be strong enough, and you should know your priorities well.

Be clear about the ways you want things to happen. Don't go haywire. You will get your answers in time. Making haste might not help you in arriving at the right station.

#8 Resolve matters 

If the reason you want to text your girlfriend during a break is to resolve matters, I strongly suggest you do it this instant. There's no point in draining energy and staying absorbed in worries if you have the key to troubleshooting all the problems at once.

If it's for the best of both of you, and if she feels the same way too, discuss it and resolve it once and for all. 

#9 Clear her doubts 

If you want to text her because it has occurred to you that she has been kept in doubts for too long and you realize that it's better to clear the doubts and the misunderstandings, don't take too long in picking up your phone and sending her brief explanations to all that has been bothering her and keeping both of you apart.

Trust me, and she will appreciate nothing more than this. Women are habituated to overthinking and stressing themselves unnecessarily, and you will save her a lot of trouble by speaking up and guiding her in the right direction.

#10 Propose to her again 

If the romantic knight in you has been disturbed from his sleep and you want to rescue your damsel in distress by committing her for life, don't let any thought or any person hold you back. 

This is the most positive and best thing that you could do. It's a sweet gesture, and you must do it right away and do it right. Make proper arrangements, select the right flowers, write a poetic message and text her to meet you up.

Reasons to not text your gf during a break 

The prime reason not to text your girlfriend while on a break is that you have taken a break for a reason. If it has been a short period, it might be better not to make hasty decisions. Let's find more on this below.

#1 You're on a break 

Well, the first and foremost reason not to text your girlfriend during a break is that you're on a break. You've opted to be on a break for a reason.

Remind yourself of that reason. And then ask yourself this, "If I Text her now, would it be meaningful?" If your heart tells you yes if you are certain you can make a difference from here on, go ahead and text her.

However, if your mind is still closed with doubts and if you still don't know what it is that your heart wants, do not text her. Instead, work on keeping yourself busy. 

Tips on staying busy:

  • Binge-watch a show that might interest you and deviate your thoughts in a different direction.
  • I know that during the day, you might keep yourself occupied; it's the night hours that put one in trouble. Listen to audiobooks. Pick Up from the self-help genre. My current read is "I Know What To Do, So Why Don't I Do It?" By Nick Hall. It is helping me to generalize human behavior at large. I get less affected by the way people respond or fail to respond. Reading at late hours can be eye-straining, and if you are not a reader, you won't be able to focus. Hence, I suggest you use an audiobook that will not only bring you new insights but also help in inducing sleep in the process.
  • Play sports: swim, cricket, basketball, football. Choose your pick and invest yourself in one. It will be a great way of rechanneling your anger and your energy.
  • Work on your physique. Start gyming if you aren't already and learn boxing. 

#2 Respect her decision 

Respecting her decision is essential. If the reason you are on this break is that it was her wish, wait till the time she feels she has had enough of it.

This doesn't mean that you should get restless and start going out with other girls to keep your mind off her. That isn't healthy. Try meditation instead. Focus on the right things. On things that really matter and will take you a long way in your life ahead.

#3 Give her space 

If space is what she needs, give her that without hesitation. Bear in mind that if she is yours and if she loves you, she will find her way back. Do not get insecure or mad if she chooses to meet her guy friends. 

Learn to trust her and trust the process. Have some faith in your love for her. There's a reason for both of you to select one another over everybody else.

#4 Try to introspect 

Dive within and travel back in time. Traceback your steps to the time when you first met her. There is this immense lack and intense need of someone you would like to share your night with, tell them about your day, hold them close to you and feel their hearts beating for you. 

At these moments, you melt and regret. You forget why you took this decision in the first place. You start wondering if you are indeed well off without them. You start breaking down and curse yourself for coming up or approving such a suggestion of taking a break.

However, think deeper try to understand what you really want. It might be difficult, and your mind will keep playing its game. You have to learn to understand and control it. If the only thing it tells you is her name, don't hold yourself back.

But if it comes along with its share of darkness, take some more time until you know what you want.

#5 Plan your future 

Take a pen and paper and jot down points about the things that matter. Plan your future. Write it in a hierarchical order. See where you place her. This will tell you what she means to you.

It will give you a clear idea about your priorities. Whatever you choose to do next, do it while bearing this list in mind.

#6 Visit back all the moments spent with her 

A recollection of memories can be overwhelming. However, while posting a revisitation, you need to understand how you feel about it. Do you want to rush through it, or do you wish to stay there? 

If you wish to stay there, be with her, don't keep yourself back. But if it makes you uncomfortable and you want to shake yourself back into the present, you can make use of this break.

Summing Up 

It is absolutely alright to text your girlfriend during a break because she is "your" girlfriend. If you are dedicated and devoted towards her, there's no harm in texting her up. Be polite in your expression. Tell her about the ways you tried hard to keep yourself away and failed. Let her know how this break has brought you closer, and you would never take such a break again.

Suprity Acharyya


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