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Should I Ignore Her If She Ignores Me? [ANSWERED]

No. You shouldn't ignore a woman if she ignores you. Maybe she wants you to pay more attention to her, or perhaps she thinks that one of you is not ready and wants to take more time. In such scenarios, you should analyze her approach thoroughly and react accordingly. Featured Image of Should I Ignore Her If She Ignores Me

When you are interested in someone, every little thing that they do and don't do becomes important to you. You start noticing their mood, mood swings, and behavior, especially when they are with you or talking to you.

And sometimes, a change in their attitude towards you may leave you feeling confused. Not knowing what to do in such situations may stress you out or make you panic. And judging by the fact that you have landed on this post, you seem to be in a similar situation right now. 

You called her, and she didn't pick up. You texted her; she read it quite late and didn't reply back. Maybe you had met her in a club, and she had shown her interest in you. But now, she is ignoring your texts and calls.

Maybe you both share a pretty good bond and have known each other for quite some time, so you don't understand why she is ignoring you. Why is she ignoring you? Did you unintentionally offend her? Is she angry at you? Or is she playing hard to get? There are many reasons why girls tend to ignore someone who is interested in them. So, should you ignore her as well? Well, that depends on the reason why she is ignoring you. After all, maybe she likes you and is just shy! 

Possible reasons why she is ignoring you

To understand whether you should ignore her or not, you first know the reasons why she's ignoring you.

Unless you know the reasons, you won't be able to make a proper decision. Is she busy? Is she shy? Is she interested in you? Or is she annoyed? Let's look at the possible reasons why she may be ignoring you. Let's dive deep into understanding her so-called 'complex' phenomenon.

#1 She is busy

It is quite possible that she is just busy. Maybe she has multiple assignments to complete. Maybe she has exams coming up and is busy preparing for the same. Maybe her boss is quite strict, and she is under a lot of pressure. Or maybe some guests have come over to her place, and she is occupied taking care of them. 

When a person is busy, stressed, or under a lot of pressure, it is only normal that they wouldn't be much interested in talking to people. If the girl you are concerned about is in school or university and exams are coming up, or if she works in an office where the boss is very strict, her being busy may be the reason why she is ignoring you. 

#2 She likes you but shy

She likes you, but she is a shy girl. She doesn't know how to approach you. Maybe she is still quite confused about her own feelings. She feels shy talking to you, and so she ignores you. 

Many girls who are shy do not know how to express themselves in front of guys they like. They may feel nervous, and they may freeze or just start fumbling.

Hence, they try to avoid the guys they have a crush on in order to save themselves from embarrassment. If your person is pretty shy in general or acts shy around you, maybe this is the reason why she is ignoring you. 

#3 She likes you and wants you to notice her

Some girls love playing hard to get. Maybe she is interested in you and wants more of your attention. She thinks that you will think about her if she ignores your calls, texts, and SMSes. She thinks that if she is not very attentive to you when you both meet, it will make you notice her more. If she wants to meet you but still ignores you when you both are together, or if she picks up your call but doesn't show much interest in talking to you, this may be the reason. 

#4 She is testing you by avoiding you

Maybe she has had bad experiences with other guys. Maybe they played with her and toyed with her feelings. She has understood that you are interested in her and are trying to approach her. 

But she wants to see if you actually like her or are just trying to flirt casually. It may also be that she has developed feelings for you, so she is trying to be sure about your feelings before investing her time and emotions in you. 

If she has shared with you her doubts or if you have noticed her being very wary about men, then this may be the case. 

#5 She may be feeling insecure about you

Maybe you both have shared a good friendship until now. And suddenly, she seems distant and annoyed. She is still talking to you and taking your calls, but she often gets pissed over nothing, and you have no idea what is happening.

If this is the case, then maybe she likes you and has liked you for quite some time. And she has always felt that you like her too. But now, she is not so sure.

Have you made your feelings clear to her? Have you told her that you like her? Have you proposed to her? Maybe she has been waiting for a long time and has started to feel insecure now.

She may think that you do not care about her or that she has been deluding her all this while thinking you will propose to her. Or maybe she thinks you have someone new in your life, so she is ignoring you. 

#6 She is frustrated with you 

You have been friends and have known each other for a long time. Or maybe you both are actually together. Everything has been great all this while, but she seems to be ignoring you these days.

Maybe she isn't talking to you with much interest; maybe she doesn't pick up your calls or reply to your texts at once. Her overall demeanor seems to have changed.

If this is the case, it is possible that you may have offended her in some way. Maybe you didn't show up when she expected or asked you to. Maybe you didn't listen to her when she needed a friend to listen to her woes. Maybe you said something or did something that she didn't like. 

If you remember doing something similar, her frustration with you may be the reason why she is ignoring you. 

#7 You are being too clingy

Maybe she is not someone who enjoys chatting 24 x 7. Maybe she is introverted and doesn't like being pushed to talk or chat. Maybe you have been calling her every day, sending her multiple text messages, or trying hard to get her to talk to you. This may have made her feel uncomfortable. 

In her eyes, your actions may seem too clingy and needy. This may be frustrating for her, and she may be losing interest in you. If your person is an introvert and doesn't like to interact much with others, this may be why she is ignoring you. 

#8 She hasn't Noticed You yet, and You may be Overthinking

Maybe you are just another contact for her. It does sound harsh, but it hears me out! Maybe you met her in a club or at a bar and exchanged numbers. Maybe you met through mutual friends and felt like you both clicked. Maybe you both met a couple of times or chatted with each other.

To you, those meetings and chats meant something special. But maybe to her, they didn't mean anything much. Maybe she just likes to socialize and make new friends. Maybe she thinks of you as just another contact and doesn't care about the connection. 

If this is the case, she is not ignoring you. She just hasn't noticed you in that way. And so, you do not need to overthink her attitude. 

#9 She is not interested in you and wants you to get the hint

She is just not interested in you. If she had shown interest in you in the past, she is probably over you now. She may even be interested in someone else. Or maybe she is already dating some other guy. 

Whatever the case, she is not interested in you and is ignoring you to let you know. Maybe she doesn't want to tell you directly that she doesn't want to talk to you because she thinks it might hurt you. Or maybe she just doesn't know what to say and thinks that ignoring you is enough.

In any case, she may be ignoring you because she wants you to get her hint and stop pursuing her. 

#10 She is bored/annoyed with you trying to pursue her

Maybe she has no interest in you. Maybe she ignores you because she does not want to talk to or meet you. Maybe you do not excite her and she finds you boring. As you keep pursuing her or trying to talk to her, it makes her feel annoyed. Maybe she feels irritated as you keep texting her despite her ignoring you. If she has been rude to you lately or has asked you to stop texting her or calling her, or if she just looks bored and uninterested whenever you both are together, then she may just be bored with you. 

What Should You Do? 

By now, you probably have some idea about the reason why she is ignoring you. So, what should you do? Should you talk to her? Should you make it up to her? Should you pursue her, or should you ignore her in return? 

#1 Make it up to her

If you think you may have offended or hurt her somehow, it is time to make it up to her. 

If you have unintentionally ignored her or you didn't show up for her when she expected you to, then giving her a surprise may help you coax her.

You can plan a beautiful date for her, take her out for lunch, or give her a nice gift. If you ignored her, didn't listen to her, or fought with her over nothing, then directly apologizing to her may be the best way to show her your sincerity.

In any case, if you have offended your girl, you must make it up to her if you want her to stop ignoring you. 

#2 Be mindful of your behavior

Have you been acting too clingy or needy? Have you been calling, messaging, or trying to talk to her too often? Have you been rude to her? Have you gotten angry with her at times when she told you she doesn't want to talk? Be mindful of your behavior. 

Your desperation or rudeness may make her uncomfortable and push her away. Being kind, gentle and understanding is the way to go. 

If she chooses not to pick up your call or reply to you at a particular time, kindly do not get angry with her. Behave in a way that makes her feel comfortable and allows her to open up to you without any pressure. 

#3 Be respectful of her time and space 

If she has a lot of pressure at work or things to do at home, it is obvious that she wouldn't have a lot of free time. If she says she is not free now, understand her.

If you both have made plans to meet, be punctual and don't make her wait. When you call or text her, ask her if it is a good time to talk to her. If she seems uncomfortable with a certain subject, do not keep bringing it up or pushing her to talk about it.

She may be ignoring you because you pushed some of her boundaries. It is very important for us to be respectful of another person's time and personal space. Show her that you respect her time and her boundaries, and she may stop ignoring you! 

#4 Do things that would make her notice you

In case she has not yet noticed you and you are just another person on her contact list, you can do certain things to grab her attention.

Maybe most of the guys she has met are pretty similar to you in demeanor and ways, and she sees nothing unique in you.

Most men try to get the attention of a girl they like by trying to talk to her all the time, being too attentive to her, and sometimes even acting clingy. If you have been doing the same, it may make her lose interest in you. 

Try to be unique, try to pay less attention to her and focus more on other things, and show interest in things other men are not interested in. These things may make her notice you. Sometimes, ignoring her just a little bit may also help! 

#5 Pursue her and make things interesting 

Maybe she actually likes you but is shy! Maybe she is just waiting for you to make your first move, but you are taking too long. Maybe she is just confused with her own feelings and thinks you may not have any interest in her.

If you think this could be the reason, it is time to go all out and pursue her! Approach her, show her that you are interested in her, show her you like her, be courteous and understanding, and make her feel comfortable.

Text her comforting things when stressed, listen to her when she wants to talk and make her feel she can trust you. If you can, make a list of things that she likes.

For example, her favorite flowers, an amusement park she wants to visit, her favorite snacks, and her all-time favorite movies. Surprise her with her favorites. These actions can make her interest in you grow exponentially. 

#6 Make her feel comfortable

Two people can open up to each other only when they feel comfortable with each other. Do you think that the girl you are concerned about feels comfortable with you? If your answer is no, then to make her stop ignoring you, you must at first make her feel comfortable with and around you. 

If you both are talking on call or via text, let her finish her sentences, share her thoughts, and do not try to oppose or give her any advice that she may not like. If you are meeting in person, be confident, courteous, and warm. Do not push her for things. Just make her feel comfortable and happy. 

#7 Propose her

If you both have been together for quite some time, or at least you like her and know that she reciprocates your feelings, then she may just be waiting for you to propose to her.

Maybe she has grown tired of waiting for you to confess to her formally and has now started to doubt if you like her at all. She might even be thinking that you may have another girl on your mind.

If you feel that this may be the reason why she is ignoring you, it is time for you to take the next step. 

Confess your feelings to her. If you both are comfortable with it, plan a surprise for her and grandly propose to her. But if you are not sure that she'd like it, then even a sincere text message can help you express yourself. 

#8 If she is not interested in you, respect her choice

If she has made herself very clear that she has no interest in you, or if you know that she likes someone else, you should respect her choice. 

Maybe she is ignoring you because she does not want to talk to you and does not want to give you any false hope. Maybe she just doesn't like you. Maybe she is already dating someone else.

In any case, if she seems to be uninterested in you and would be happier if you just stop trying, then it is better that you give up and let her be. After all, she has every right to decide for herself. And as a gentleman, you must respect her decisions. 

Sometimes it is okay to give up and move on…

Sometimes, no matter what we do and don't do, the person we like isn't going to feel the same about us. And it is okay. It is okay to give up in such situations and move on.

Even if it hurts, it is better to say goodbye and move forward with your life than stay stuck, trying to make them see you in a different light.

Who knows, maybe you will find the one who is truly meant for you as you move forward in your life! And then, you will be happy that you didn't stay stuck in the past! 

To sum it up…

I hope this blog provided you with the answers you were looking for. If a girl is ignoring you, it can mean many different things. She can be busy at the moment, or she may just be a shy person.

It can also be that she likes you and doesn't know how to react in front of you. If that is not the case, then maybe something you did offend her, and she is annoyed with you. Ignoring her just because she has been ignoring you may not help. Try to understand the situation and act accordingly. 

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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