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She Stares at Me From Distance but Ignores Me: Reasons & How to React

When a girl stares at you from a distance but ignores you, it means that she is not a random someone. She knows you well and is present at the same locale with a purpose. You might want to try and conversation with her to get to know her better.A woman dancing in a club looking at you

It often happens that we are at a party or attending a gathering, but something keeps us distracted all the time. This something could be a pair of watchful eyes that never leaves your stare. You feel as if it is scrutinizing you inside out and wants to speak to you in order than words.

However, when you try to move in its direction, it turns away. Let's find the reason behind this curious behavior, and then we will figure out how you can handle it. Keep reading to know more.

Reasons why a girl stares at you from a distance

There might be a good number of possibilities for a girl to stare at you from a distance. It mostly is that she has a crush on you but ignores you because she is shy. However, worry not. I have not only discussed the probable reasons why a girl would stare at you like that but also the ways in which you can tackle it. Keep reading to know more!

#1 She likes you

If a girl stares at you from a distance but ignores you, it might be that she likes you but is too shy to take the first step. She perhaps wants you to court her in the knightly fashion and ask for her hand down on your knees. 

She is perhaps musing on the idea, thinking how it would feel. But as soon as her eyes meet yours, she breaks the contact and looks away as she might be embarrassed being caught up like that.

If you like her too, make your first move with caution. When you get a chance, excuse yourself from your company and approach her with a friendly smile.

#2 Her friend likes you 

It might be that her friend likes you. She is checking you out to give valuable input to your friend. She is making close observations and perhaps even taking mental notes to see if you seem to be a boyfriend material or not.

Look around here and see if you find any beautiful woman who might have been similarly looking at you but is more careful than the lady here. She might be that friend to whom this lady is doing a favor because that's what good friends are for. 

#3 You had sent her a friend request on Facebook

We have this habit of sending random friend requests to people on social media if we like their profile picture or have mutual friends. We even get connected with them if we m their feed is interesting or entertaining. 

Try to recall if you had sent her one. If you did, she might remember it well. Girls have a sharp memory. They dig all your details before accepting your request or before allowing you into their life. 

If you did, she hasn't accepted it yet, and she might do very soon if she found you likable. Whereas, if she didn't, she would reject the request, and you will know about it either way.

#4 You were in school together

You might have been her senior in school. Girls always eyed their seniors but mostly lacked the courage to approach them.

Depending on where the said incident is taking place, it might be that you are working for the same company or have mutual friends, one of whom is hosting the party. This has aroused her curiosity, and she has been eyeing you constantly to cross-check if you are the person she is taking you to be. 

She is ignoring you because she is still intimidated by you. I remember having a crush on the head boy of my school. Now, if he appears at a gathering suddenly, I'll enjoy looking at him while trying to recollect how he used to look back then but won't care to talk to him.

I mean, what will I tell him? That I was his junior and had a crush on him back then! But poor he! Was he busy dating someone not as pretty as me? Certainly not.

If you are a popular person, this might not come as a surprise to you. On the other hand, if you are infamous in your circle for some notorious deeds, that adds to ignoring you.

Estimate yourself and list down the qualities of why a girl wants to connect with you and why not. Do an introspection. It will help you in figuring out where you stand in the books of most of the girls and how you can work on it to get to a better station.

#6 She needs help 

A girl might be staring at you from a distance in the hope of some favor. She needs help and knows well that you are a person who can make a difference in the matter. Or, she might need some opinion on a matter and values your feedback.

However, she is hesitant in approaching you. This hesitancy could be for obvious reasons. For one, you are strangers to one another. For another, she is not certain how you would react to her request.

Girls don't readily approach guys for help, especially feminists. She is taking her time, but there's nothing to worry about. If she makes up her mind, she will find the means to reach out to you.

#7 You're the best looking guy out there 

A girl is staring at you, perhaps even blankly, because you are the best-looking guy out there, and she is attracted to you. It might be the way you look or the way you pay courtesy to everyone. 

You know it's one of those moments like love at first sight where you want to keep adoring the beauty e for or the gentlemanly manners of a person while keeping your distance.

The reason to maintain the distance might be because the moon does not look as pretty in close-ups as it does while reflecting light from far above. You're her moon, at least for that duration.

#8 You're well connected 

If you are a guy with good connections, you must be in the mouth of everyone out there. No matter the subject, they keep talking about your actions or decisions in understanding a particular situation. You might be the wise one and well respected by people. 

This girl, however, might be new in town, and while she has heard about you, this is the first time that she gets to watch you.

Yes, she is not seeing but watching you in an attempt to understand if your movements and gestures drop hints of what you have been thinking, or are you one of those saints who guiles things pretty well.

#9 She is single 

The reason why this girl is looking at you with much interest is that she is single, and everyone around her is in pairs while you are the only one to stand alone.

However, she chooses to ignore you simultaneously because she doesn't want to come up as needy or desperate. She wants you to make the first move but in such a way that it doesn't become obvious that she has wanted you to make a move. 

#10 You're staring at her 

It may be you staring at her, and she is returning your stare in a manner not to be rude. She doesn't know you and is herself thinking, why are you looking at her in that manner. She is as confused as you, and perhaps both of you are two loners who have nothing else to do.

Take a break from the thought. If nothing happens, wait for another such encounter with the same person before making the right move.

#11 You're the host 

If you're the host, don't be so surprised if girls or a particular girl stare at your but keep her distance from you. It might be that she wasn't invited to the party or is accompanying someone who was invited but doesn't know you directly.

She is trying to understand who or what you are and make a sense of purpose why she agreed to come there in the first place.

#12 It's a prank to secure your attention 

You should look around and see if other people are noticing the same thing as you. It is likely a prank to secure your attention. If you notice that other people have their eyes on you and her and are perhaps communicating through gestures, understand that it's merely a prank, and there's nothing serious about it.

#13 She likes your friend 

A girl might stare at you from a distance but ultimately chooses to ignore you because she is interested in the ones accompanying you. It's your friend on whom she has a crush.

But since the two of you stood together the entire time, you might even have blocked her way in getting a good view of your friend.

She wanted to talk to him, but you seemed to have an unfriendly disposition or an air of arrogance about you which wasn't much of an encouragement for her.

It's like the scene in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen where Mr. Darcy appeared to be the arrogant one, whereas his friend was polite and had a gentle bearing. But they never left reach other's company.

#14 She knows a secret about you 

There might be something about you that she has come to know. However, this detail isn't popularly known yet. For instance, say you dated her best friend secretly. She must have known about it whereas neither you know that she is her best friend nor anybody knows either of them.

She might be there at the party because she wants to confront you. But since you have been so crowded and occupied all the time, she couldn't gather the courage to get there and open the conversation on a discordant note. If this is indeed the case, you either get in touch with the girl you might have secretly dated.

#15 She is your competitor 

It may be that she is your competitor and has come there to witness the grand party that you are throwing after achieving great success.

She is there to either make an offer to you and discuss business or keep a close eye on the people close to you. She is noticing your partners and associates and trying to find out of there's someone out there who shares her feeling of rivalry for you.

#16 Your voice is familiar 

A girl might be staring at you but keeping her distance because you happen to have a similar voice or countenance to someone from her past.

You sound or look familiar to her. But since your presence at the given locale doesn't add up well, she is keeping her distance to figure out the what's and the whys.

How to react when a girl stares at you but ignores you?

If a girl has been eyeing you but hasn't initiated a conversation with you, there's something mysterious about her. While there are many ways to undo the mystery and break the spell, I suggest that you maintain your cool composure and readjust your stance so that it becomes difficult for her to stare at you straight.

#1 Send her a drink 

If you are at a party and the girl who has been staring at you from a distance but hasn't made a conversation with you yet has her hands empty, you might ask the waiter to take a glass of well-crafted cocktail for her.

Send her your signature drink, the one you enjoy or the one you feel girls enjoy, and tell the waiter to let her know that it's from you. If she accepts it, it's an open gesture for you to walk to her and start a conversation; however, if the drink comes back rejected with an excuse such as she is not into alcohol, it would mean that her presence over there has an unnamed purpose to it.

#2 Ask her hand for a dance 

If it's a ball party and everyone around you is on the dance floor but you and her, I suggest you approach her with an extended hand to suggest a dancing invitation.

A well-mannered lady would never reject a dancing invitation. Once you are on the floor, you can get her talking. Also, how would you tell me a lot about the unsaid words? Try to understand the gesture and do not break due to contact.

If a girl stares at you but keeps her distance, give her a blink. It will result in either of the two things.

It shall either motivate her to move ahead and start the conversation, or it will make her conscious of her stare.

If she had placed her eyes on you unconsciously, she would give you a nod as a token of apology and change her bearing. If she doesn't, she is a woman with a wicked and determined purpose.

#4 Send her your number 

If a girl stares at you but keeps her distance, you can send her your number on tissue paper or hand over your business card to her in person.

If she is indeed interested in you or might need your help or feedback regarding something, she will appreciate it and might give you a call or send you a text message that same night.

#5 Break from the crowd 

Secure yourself in a peaceful corner away from the crowd. If the girl who has been staring at you cares to communicate a message to you or wants to start a conversation, this will give her the initiative with the right location.

If you would be free, or at most appear to be busy with your phone, she would approach you and break the silence.

While you are reading this, I'm guessing you didn't Google the topic right at the spot, which if you did and come across my article, it may prove fruitful to you; however, if you are reading this after everything has taken place, better luck for next time!

#6 Ask her out 

If you are at a party where everyone around you is in pairs and if the girl staring at you appeals to your senses, you might want to ask her out.

Give it a try. What worse could happen anyway? At most, she will reject you, right? But the way she is staring at you must be an inviting gesture. I bet it's worth a try. You have nothing to lose in a situation such as this.

#7 Approach her friend 

If you want to play smart, approach her friend or the person accompanying her rather than her directly. Be flirtatious with her friend.

If it makes the girl staring at you jealous, she might want to give it a bite the moment she gets to. Keep playing cool, and eventually, she will find a way to join in mid-conversation, that is, if her friend is a sport.

#8 Change your stance 

When a girl stares at you from a distance but doesn't take much interest in you otherwise, consider repositioning yourself.

Changing your stance would hint that you got conscious of her stare and didn't find it likable. She will either drop her looks and find a different prey for herself or will approach you with a smiling face this time.

#9 Talk about the weather 

If a girl is staring at you but keeping her distance and you are too bored and would like to have someone to talk to but don't quite know how to initiate the conversation, talking about the weather is always a safe option.

It's neutral and engaging at the same time. It will give her something to contribute to, and one thing can lead to another. That's how life happens, after all!

#10 Introduce yourself with an extended hand 

Rather than observing her stare in return and standing there making observations, it would be manly of you to approach her with an extended hand.

This would show a willingness to get to know her and would also act as a friendly gesture. Don't extend your smile a lot; else, she might look at you as over-friendly and take you to be a creep. Keep a balance, and you shall be good to go.

#11 Send her request on Facebook 

If you know her name, try searching on Facebook and send her a friend requestIt will open up a venue for you to communicate. Once set, if you vibe great together, you can take it further. If you don't match each other energy, then you can avoid the hustle to meet and communicate further.

Summing up 

If a girl stares at you from a distance but ignores you, don't let it be a worrisome cause. Take things as they come, one at a time. A smile has been called magical for a great many reasons. Smile at her, and if she smiles back at you, it's the green flag. However, if she doesn't, it means she was looking at you blankly while dwelling in another world.

Suprity Acharyya


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