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She Calls Me Sir (Here's Exactly Why)

She calls you sir because she feels dominated by you. Perhaps try checking your tone when you talk to her. If you are being loud or posing as superior, put it to check. Featured Image of She Calls Me Sir

We don't always mean what we say. A woman might call you sir while having layers of submerged thoughts in her mind. While reading a woman's mind is difficult, it is not impossible. She might be intimidated or captivated by you. The trick is to find out which one. 

In this blog post, I will help you figure out what it means when she calls you sir and how you should curate your response to it. 

Reasons why she calls you sir 

The reason will vary with the speaker. If the speaker is your girlfriend, she might indicate that you are in control. If it is your junior, she is crushing on you and trying to flirt. Continue reading below to understand who and why might call you sir. 

#1 You are her boss (or boss's son) 

When you are the boss or boss’s son, it would be natural for an employee of yours to call you sir. But if she keeps on going, “ok sir,” “yes sir,” “certainly sir,” “of course, sir,” “on it, sir,” you might want to check her tone to understand if there is implied substance to it.

A girl, even if she is your employee, can procure feelings for you. It is natural to catch feelings in a formal setting since guys look dashing in suits. Moreover, if you find a tinge of blush on your face every time she calls you sir, she might think it boosts your ego and makes you feel superior. This will happen if the age gap between you and your employee is not much or if she is as qualified as you.

If you see that she is trying to make a point here, ask her about it. There is no reason to shy away from the question, “why do you keep calling me sir with every breath?” If she replies that you are her boss and if you like her, make eye contact and tell her to let the entitlement rest. Offer her a coffee to show that you are trying to make her more comfortable around you.

#2 You are a stranger 

A woman you met in a club, a metro, or a cafe might address you as sir. Besides being courteous, she is trying to indicate her interest in you. It can be a gesture of friendliness. She is interested in finding out more about you. 

When you come across an attractive stranger who addresses you as sir, you can use the opportunity to leverage your interest by flirting with her. Tell her something such as “With that sweet voice, and I would like to hear my name from your lips,” and tell her your name in the same breath by stretching your hand forward, “Hi! You can call me M– and let the ‘sir’ rest.”

The situation will make her chuckle, and she might further call you with your name and sir attached to it; that is where you ask her name and offer her a beverage or drink. Once you begin the conversation and get to know each other, create an emphasis of your interest in her by asking for her contact number or perhaps email address. A sense of humor will help to keep the situation in control.

#3 She is submissive (and trying to tell you that you are in control) 

If your girlfriend calls you sir while you have an intimate session together, it might be because she is trying to take control. Intimacy can become a power play at times, where one of the partners want the other to take the lead. 

Your girlfriend wants to be the submissive one here. It might be because she is at the mercy of her hormonal surge. She won't mind if you get nasty with her. She wants to be pleased and is ready to please. 

Please pick up the lead and carry on the conversation from her tone. If she is calling you sir, enact as one. Be the dominant one. Make it playful with the incorporation of dialogues. You can woo and foreplay using words too. Whatever turns your girl on should become your tool. 

#4 She is being sarcastic 

If a colleague addresses you as sir, it might be because you are rivaling or eyeing the same promotion. It is one way to head up and give a cheerful competitive vibe, which suggests that a change in the hierarchy shortly won't necessarily lead to a change in your informal conduct. 

There is always the possibility that this colleague happens to be fond of you. She sees that either of you might be jumping to the next level or switching departments. It imbibes the fear in her that you might become distant due to the change. 

You can get sarcastic here by addressing her as Madame. Chuckle together and perhaps hold her by the shoulder to show your support and fondness. By now, you might have become acquainted with each other's likes and dislikes. Don't mind preparing a present for her as a congratulation or showing your support. 

#5 She is a flirt 

Many guys find it slutty and instantly turn on when addressed as sir. If you come across your mate after a long time or are junior, and she likes you, she might address you as sir for pretending not to know your name. 

If you know her name but want to play along, tease her by not calling her name. Pretend that you don’t remember her face, either. You can pose a question such as, “Do I know you, madame?” she will be forced to introduce herself, and the ball will be in your court. You can use the opportunity to take the way you like. 

You can access the yearbook or use the opportunity to connect over Facebook. You will get mutuals, and that’s how you can lead the conversation. Invite her to your place or exchange a number and a follow-up meeting by making an interesting proposal. Eventually, she will learn to call you by your first name.

#6 She wants to keep it formal 

There is a possibility that she is getting overfriendly vibes from you but is not interested n leveling up. In this case, calling you sir is to keep you distant. If you don’t get friendly vibes from her, perhaps let her be for now.

You cannot run into a relationship even if you feel for them strongly. If they are not sharing the zone with you yet, you must wait for the right moment. First, sow the seeds of fondness. Give her reasons to take an interest in you. 

There are many ways to secure the attention of a person. It would help if you gave them a priority. Welcome them with a smile. Be eager to help them. Be kind, affectionate, and supportive. Give her enough reasons that she can't help not taking for you. 

#7 She wants no strings attached 

When you have made out with a person, but every time you meet, she prefers to greet you as sir rather than by your name, it could indicate that she wants to get hot with you in bed but doesn't want any more business than that. 

She wants a no strings attached relationship. This happens when she finds the idea of love elusive. You will find many people who have relationship phobia. They run from commitments. Hence, instead of telling you directly, she is dropping hints. 

If you have become attached to her, give her some time. Consistency can win you the favor of her heart. When she sees that you were persistent in your devotion, her heart will melt, and she will take you to be hers. 

#8 You are much older (her father's age, her relative, etc.) 

When you try to hit on a girl, but the age gap between you is too evident, and you are the older one, she might get pedo vibes from you. To prevent your different approach, she turns you down respectfully. 

Women fear men in society. It takes them a long time to accept their sexuality and come out of their shell. When you have grown fond of someone much younger than you, contain it. If she doesn't feel comfortable and takes your fondness as a threat to her safety, she might take legal steps. 

If you feel that age only numbers and you are genuine in your feelings for her, or if you are interested in becoming her sugar daddy, let her ask for it rather than the other way around. When she is in approval and affirmation, you can develop an understanding between yourselves.

#9 She is buying time (to understand what she feels about you) 

Perhaps she is trying to be aloof or treat you indifferently. She might be doing this because she is unclear about your feelings. Such a girl would have a serious temperament. She doesn't like to waste time. Hence she is trying not to invest her time in you.

She might be going to see if you are serious about her. If she gets the vibes that you are a Casanova or it's an infatuation, she will not regard you seriously nor give you a chance to win her heart. 

#10 You are rude (she is intimidated by you) 

If you come across as a rude or arrogant person in general, or you are rich, and that gives you a snobbish air, she might get intimidated by you and try to hide behind her true feelings. 

Girls are often attracted to guys who misbehave with them. They like to be tamed. Fantasies are always weird. It shouldn't matter whether the person you fantasize about is aware of it. However, don't assume you have a chance unless you work on your conduct.

What to do when she calls you sir?

Depending on whether you like it or not, make the call if you detect the flirtatious tone and, like her, wave the green flag. If you detect aloofness, step-back options, and deeper understanding, keep reading below. 

If you like her 

When you like someone, don't stop chasing them through your actions. Express your love without words. It can be the most romantic gesture. How to do it? Find out below.

#1 Flirt 

When you want to take the easy, accepted, and stereotypical way, you flirt with her. You might wonder how to flirt with a girl who already feels dominated by you. That is where it gets easy. You can pick your style by either being bossy or gratifying.

Women love it when someone superior woos them. Your extended words of appreciation and acknowledgment will delight her. Flirting need not be very direct. You can flirt with your eyes and gestures. 

Never leaving their side, finding reasons to spend more time with them, working on projects, or doing fieldwork together are a few ways to take time from the formal setting. You are designing a playlist, drawing their portrait, sending them flowers, or making something customizable that could be heart-winning. When you do something specific to win her heart, she appreciates your effort.

#2 Ask her out 

If you are interested in her and feel she is fond of you, why not ask her out? Being direct will prevent you from wasting effort and energy by beating about the bush. She won’t have much choice but to accept your proposal if she stands firm in her feelings for you. She won’t let the opportunity go for fear of taking the first step next time. 

The asking out could be done in many ways. Please pick up a beautiful location and send her an invitation. The important thing is to express your feelings right. You can choose any occasion. For instance, you can describe how you feel each time she calls you ‘sir,’ or you can estimate your feelings for her. 

#3 Give her a surprise 

A surprise could be showing up at her door early morning, dressing up as her favorite character, bringing her the autograph of her favorite sportsman, buying her the tickets of her favorite artist, gifting her a pet, and more. It has to be something grand. If you want to save on expenses, make it deeply meaningful. 

Something meaningful would be doing things beyond her imagination which requires particular—fort—for instance, getting her favorite flowers, growing up her favorite herb and gifting it, making her favorite appetizers, and designing them beautifully on a plate. It has to be something only meant for her and only done by you. When you make it personal from both ends, it becomes precious.

#4 Befriend her 

If you like the way she behaves around you, but you don’t know her well, why not befriend her? Friendship is always harmless. It will allow you to know each other first before hasting into a relationship. You will also be able to make her comfortable and help her understand that you wish her well. 

Befriending someone doesn’t mean you go and ask them to be your friend. It means you try to share the same space and interests with them. The space would be shared by visiting their favorite haunts. The interest could be shared by understanding their hobby and working on them. 

We make friends with the ones we find common things with. When you have similar things to do, you get attracted to each other. We have common topics to discuss, and it becomes easy to empathize. Hence, when we look to share our life with someone, we look for compatibility. Compatibility comes with likeability. To read more on this, click on the link; she likes me but keeps pushing me away.

#5 Spend more time together 

When you spend more time together with someone, it makes them comfortable around you. Once they are comfortable, they would let go of all the formalities. Growing food you would come from the respect that you have treated them with love and care and by allowing them the time to read their environment and adapt accordingly.

You can be the ray of light in someone’s life. Human yearns to be understood. Sometimes breaking the enigma and being someone’s confidante is all it needs. When you share episodes from your past with someone, it shows you trust them. Ask her to share the special and dreadful moments of her life with you. Correlate with those episodes by showing that you have had a similar experience and you can feel her at that moment. It will help in nurturing the seeds of friendship.

#6 Tell her not to be formal 

When you know that both of you like each other, yet she is putting up the game to masquerade her true desires, you can get straightforward and tell her not to be formal with you. You can do this by taking her hand in yours, looking into her eyes, and telling her what she means to you. 

Opt for this option when you are certain that she likes you. The approach should be gentle. It should not freak her out. If she feels that she is not ready, you can offer her time. Just tell her to allow you to be with her in her time of need and otherwise. 

#7 Send her flowers 

Sending a woman flowers is never outdated. It stirs a feeling of excitement within her. She gets mystified if she hadn’t thought of you in that light. By the time she might realize that you are fond of her, her colleagues and friends might have uncoded the mystery. It will come to her as a surprise, for she might not have expected to share such an equation with you. 

Flowers could be something special and symbolic of your affections. You can send her traditional roses or gorgeous orchids. You can pick up a combination of flowers if you like. Don’t forget to attach a note of beauty with it. Some such statements, such as “flowers by the devotee,” could be outright flirty.

If you don't like her 

When you don’t like a person, and their tone creeps you out, staying distant rather than humoring them is the best way. Below are some of how you can express your dislike for a person.

#1 Stay aloof 

Staying aloof from someone being a bother to you is as easy as it gets. When you show a person that you can unhear their words or their voice and tone doesn’t impact you, the ball shall be in your court. 

You would want to use this card when the said person tries to invade your territory when you are already seeing someone happily. You have got the woman of your life, and you love her, and this other person is trying to ruin the settlement. 

If you are in a position of authority, you can move her to another department, give her more fieldwork, or make her chamber in the extreme other corners of the office. The more important thing here is not to keep things from your partner. She has the right to information, and if you feel that something might be troubling you, keep it away. 

#2 Avoid sharing the same space 

When you can see through the control of events, why not do it? If someone is after you, but you don’t want them to be, avoid inhabiting the same space as them. It can also act as a motivator for you to level up and get to a better place.

While you might think, why change the space to avoid the person? Trust me, a change in environment breeds positivity. Switch to a nature-friendly, friendly place that brings you the right vibes. It would help to surround yourself with people who matter and can create a difference. They should be as full of positivity and life as you. 

#3 Express your lack of interest 

You can express your lack of interest by not giving her much attention. It might be a desperate step for her to see how you react to her approach. When you choose to keep a straight face and not let her words impact your face, you win the game. An utter lack of interest in things you never wanted on your plate can bring you happiness.

#4 Call her Madame 

When she is cutting things short by making things bitingly sharp and formal, you return the favor by doing the same. Call her madame when she calls you, sir. Make the establishment formal. You can encourage her to make things go downhill if she ishes by showing that none of it matters or makes much difference. 

Summing up 

When someone addresses you as sir, take it as a compliment. You have come across as a dignified person who deserves to be respected and feared. There is no reason to freak out or give a reaction. Be courteous in your manner and let time dictate the events. All you need to do is be yourself and stay contended.

Suprity Acharyya


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