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My Girlfriend Gets a Lot of Attention From Guys [SOLVED]

She is overfriendly and easy to go with. Recall how and why she chose you to be her guy when she is already highly regarded among guys. It's because the two of you are special. Love her for all that she represents and learn to trust each other.At a party a woman is dancing and a group of men looking at her

Jealousy comes hand in hand with love. But it creates a lot of unnecessary differences in relationships. There are days when you feel down and frustrated. You try to imagine an ideal life where there's positivity blooming all around you, and you have a happy life with your partner.

However, if your girlfriend is popular or secures a great deal of attention from other guys, it might make you uncomfortable. However, worry not. We shall figure out why it is that your girlfriend comes up with a pleasing personality and what you should do about it.

Reasons why your girlfriend gets a lot of attention from guys

Your girlfriend secures a lot of attention from guys because she is friendly and kind. Her personality is such that she is highly regarded in everyone's good books.

However, there can be more than one reason for your girl to be so popular. Let's scan through the possible reasons one by one in order to arrive at a definite conclusion.

#1 She is attractive 

If you have an attractive girlfriend, she will naturally be the center of attraction wherever she goes. Guys would love to flirt with her and even try to chase her.

Some will pose as a generous lover, and some might flirt with her.

However, at moments such as these, you need to learn to laugh it off rather than take the matter seriously.

Remember, guys will come and go, the ones who matter are the ones who stay, and in your girlfriend's case, that guy is you.

#2 She is popular 

If your girlfriend has always been the popular one in high school or college, she is the one with resources. She will always have the passes to concerts or would know people who know where to get utilities at an odd hour.

Your girlfriend is not only a badass lady but also resourceful. Hence, it is likely that she shall get a lot of attention from guys.

However, remember this, she is a boss lady! You need not worry about it because she has sorted out her priorities, and you shall always top her list.

#3 She is kind 

If your girlfriend is a kind soul, she shall always attract both wicked and other kind people.

Wicked ones would try to use her for their benefit, and kind ones would love her for her kindness.

In the case of guys, wicked ones would use her to get acquainted with her friends. At the same time, the kind ones might like to stay in her company. 

You can always help your girlfriend in filtering the kind of people she keeps. Kind people are often not so clever. However, with your help, she might be done and stay secure at the same time.

#4 She is polite 

If you have a polite girlfriend, she is bound to be well known among boys.

Girls are mostly rude and short-tempered these days. To find a woman with a truly feminine voice is a bonus.

Any guy should like to stay in touch with her. However, there's not much cause of worry here as you will find that the guys are well mannered.

#5 She is a buddy of buddies 

If your girlfriend is a buddy's buddy, she knows well how to make friends out of her enemies. Such a person will be well-liked and much admired by one and all. Perhaps that's how you got to know her in the first place.

Try to understand how she maintains a gap between her guy friends and you. Does she present you as her prince charming? If yes, why are you fretting?

#6 She is cool 

If your girlfriend is a cool individual, she doesn't mind lewd jokes made by others. She is fairly open-minded, and mediocre things don't interest her. She finds herself swiftly moving with the sway of the wind and settling easily in places. 

Now think of this girl as your friend's girlfriend or even possibly as a stranger. Won't you have highly regarded or wished to have known her better? The fact that she is taken or single won't occur to you. You would want to be touched by the cooling breeze to soothe yourself.

#7 She is sympathetic 

If your girlfriend is sympathetic in nature, she is a sweetheart for many.

It's a tough call for any guy to avoid a girl who is sympathetic to them as well as to others. It's the goodness within which is charming.

However, if you feel insecure or are possessive about her, consider making your relationship official.

#8 She is naive 

If your girlfriend is naive, she can get attention from guys as they don't mind making jokes on her or using her help to approach other girls.

She is invited to every party because she turns up without failing. Guys know that she will do and behave as they want her to. She is, therefore, a good company to keep along. However, dating such a girl could take a toll on your mental health. 

You will always quite naturally be concerned about her well-being, and sometimes you might even end up being rude to her.

In situations such as this, you must work hard in sharpening the mind of your girl.

Teach her the difference between right and wrong. Help her in studying body language.

Act before her to help her understand how to make out when a guy is being genuine and when he is putting a guise. She will strongly appreciate your concern.

#9 She is hyperactive 

If you have a hyperactive girlfriend, she won't stay calm when you are not around.

She likes to hang out and meet people. Naturally, she will secure the attention of many. If she goes to the gym or plays sports, she will meet new guys there and make friends with them.

She might even be good friends with your friends. An active person doesn't deny helping others or simply doing their work for them. This might be a strong reason for her getting much attention from the guys.

#10 She makes the ideal girlfriend 

Your girlfriend is so nice to you that her role as a girlfriend is well esteemed among guys. She makes the ideal girlfriend and is much desired by other guys.

If they can't get her, they want someone like her to be in their life.

Occasional chats with your girlfriend make them feel good. They refer to your girlfriend before their girlfriend to express how they expect them to be. They might even talk to her to seek relationship advice. 

#11 She has many hot friends 

If your girlfriend is not only hot but keeps hot and glamorous ladies with her, she will be very popular among guys.

They would know where to look, who to call, and whom to invite if they want to try their luck hard at night. She must be a club-goer and might have friends who are party animals.

Figuring out what kind of people she is attracted to and what kind does she attracts herself to will give you a lead in understanding her better and in opening up your concerns before her.

#12 She is not a gossipmonger 

Your girlfriend, unlike other girls out there, is not a gossipmonger.

She knows how to keep secrets. Guys, trust her. Hence, she is naturally securing a lot of attention-seeking guys. She does not reveal it, perhaps even before you. That is a quality not easily found. It makes her unique and special not only for you but for all who know her.

#13 She is a tomboy 

Your girl gets so much attention from other guys because she behaves like one of them. She is a tomboy. She ridicules other people the way guys do.

She understands, appreciates, and engages herself in their humor. She enjoys watching sports playing it too and is more into watching anime than romcom. 

#14 She is sportive 

If your girlfriend is forever sportive and lacks the guts to accept challenges, she will secure a great deal of attention from guys.

However, you shall shine bright in her hall of fame simultaneously. You should be a supportive boyfriend and cheer her on every opportunity you get.

She will get many who might get uncomfortable by her fearless attitude. In that case, you should be the change. Don't be like other guys who can't overcome their shallow feelings. Make her feel loved for all that goes into her making.

#15 She is rich 

A rich girl is likely to secure a lot of attention from all types of guys. Rich boys like to keep her as their candy, and poor ones like to have her for her money.

In such a case, you need to find out your reason for staying with her. Your reason must be something besides her wealth.

If you have one, you don't need any other. And if you don't, you might want to question your journey with her so far.

What should you do if your girlfriend is popular among guys?

If your girl is popular among guys, try to understand why she chose you among them. There must be a strong reason for her to love you the way she does.

Knowing this reason and understanding it will automatically help you with steps to cope up and trust her.

However, to make it easier for you, continue reading below as I have discussed various ways in which you can fix this without coming up as a weirdo.

#1 Be proud of her 

If your girl is highly regarded among guys, you should be proud of her. Be her pillar of strength.

You must fill your relationship with optimism. She must feel loved and secure with you. However, do not fake your emotions. 

Don't pretend to be proud of her if it makes you uncomfortable. Try to ascertain the crux of the situation. Once you reach there, all the painful areas shall shallow down to nothingness.

#2 Trust her 

Relationships are founded on trust. I'm taking the liberty to assume that you trust your girlfriend. That is the reason that instead of hastily breaking up with her, you are trying to figure out why she gets so much attention from other guys and how you should react to it. You doubt if you should feel uncomfortable about it. 

Is it natural to worry about such trivialities when she is already dating you? Honestly, it is not. There's no such worry here. Trust her and have faith in your love.

The day you feel your faith in love is wavering, open up to your girlfriend about it. You shall arrive at a concrete decision together. 

#3 Make your relationship official 

Making your relationship official is a great way to turn things around and make it more favorable.

If your girl gets a lot of attention from other guys, they might be in the hope that they have a chance to date her.

By making your relationship official, you are closing their avenues. It will boost your confidence and take away all the trust issues.

#4 Try to understand why she chose you 

Remembering the cause as to why your girlfriend chose you in the first place might ease this process. You will neither be too harsh on her nor yourself.

 Always remember the beginnings. Why did you set on this journey in the first place? What did the first impulse of love feel?

Recalling these emotions and incidents will keep you closer to your girlfriend, and rest everything shall appear shallow and trivial.

#5 Ask her to introduce you to her friends 

You can politely request your girlfriend to introduce you to her friends. Don't be very straightforward about it. And never take an aggressive tone.

Instead, put it before her as a suggestion. Tell her something like, "Baby; I was wondering if I could get to hang out with your friends this weekend. It shall help us in planning group outings in the future. What do you think?" 

Such a tone will be receptive. She might not even understand that you are anxious to meet her friends. 

#6 Hangout together with your friends 

Inviting your girlfriend to hang out with your friends shall give you the opportunity to control the situation and circumstances.

You shall introduce her to the guys you trust. Your best buddies will be your support system.

If she is surrounded by your friends and finds good company in them, she will eventually detach herself from her older gang, and all your reasons to be worrisome shall go away.

#7 Be honest with her 

Honesty is the best policy, yes, sir. Tell her candidly that you find her popularity among guys disturbing.

However, don't show it in a way that would make her feel that you don't trust her. Instead, show it in a way that would make her feel that you care for her. This needs to be done smartly. 

  • First of all, mind your tone and pitch.
  • Secondly, put it up as a suggestion.
  • Thirdly, seek her affirmation.

Putting a statement in the following way can take you a long way, "Love, with so many recent cases happening, the safety of women has become an alarming concern. Moreover, though at times I feel very proud about your popularity among folks, at times, it bothers me. I love you, and honestly, it scares me a bit. I feel you should start filtering your circle a bit. What do you think?"

You will find a kind receiver in your girlfriend, and she won't mind lending you her ears for the entire night.

#8 Upload your photos together 

Uploading your photos on social media while posing as couples shall boost your confidence and dispel the cloudy doubts away.

However, if your girl tries to find an excuse to prevent you from doing it and that excuse isn't reasonable, take the hint and understand that her inclination lies elsewhere.

Take your time in collecting evidence before coming out strongly before her. Remember, it's best to deal with matters of the heart delicately, even if it's only one side that shall suffer.

#9 Make love 

Making cozy and soft love will shop your passion for her. When you are soft in your moves, it is indicative of your desire to give pleasure to your partner. Rather than being selfish and seeking self-gratification, if you turn the table around, she will go wild and crazy for you.

She will appreciate and acknowledge your gesture as guys are more strongly inclined to find their way out rather than seeking the lady. She would be able to tell the difference. Eventually, she will have her own set of strong reasons to stick with you rather than to dump you for some buffoon. 

#10 Spend meaningful time together 

Practice the art of holding space while spending time together. That way, even if you spend fewer hours, it will be meaningful.

By holding space, I mean, when you are with your girlfriend, pay attention to every detail in order to understand her as your significant other.

Don't try to defend yourself or question her actions. Use the time to understand her thought process and try to appreciate it.

When she finds a patient and loving listener in you who is careful with his reactions and mindful of his manners, she will understand that you hold her special. Eventually, without your spending words, she will mend her ways and stick to you even if she gets all the attention from all the guys around the world.

#11 Ask her about her past relationships 

In the struggle to get your girlfriend away from all the attention she so mightily secures from the other gender, do not poison the well!

By not poisoning the well, I mean, don't say anything which raises or tends to raise a question on her character.

That's an absolute no and won't be tolerated by any dignified woman.

Instead, try to learn about her past relationships. It will help you to study, analyze and understand the patterns at work. You will know the flaws and the slips. You will know what to avoid and how to handle a similar situation gentlemanly.

#12 Check her social media 

Keeping a check on your girlfriend's social media accounts and a close observation of the guys who make comments on her posts will give you some lead.

It will tell you who are the ones she is close to. Doing a background check on these guys would give you an idea if she is surrounded by the right set of people or not.

Say she gets much attention from men, but it's in a friendly way, there's no scope of any harm being done, most of these men are committed then why sweat yourself on it unnecessarily, right?

#13 Check her phone 

If you are suspicious of the emotional investment of your girlfriend, checking her phone would be a good way to overcome her insecurities. If her phone is locked, you can ask her for the password.

Though it is absolutely normal for lovers to know each other's phone passwords (which implies that you must not hesitate in sharing yours with her, however, always be on guard and keep nothing on your phone that might have a slight bit of tendency to hurt your girl emotionally). 

If she hesitates in sharing her password or makes an excuse to defer it to another time, you might have reasons to be mad at her.

If not, feel free to scroll through her call log to see who keeps her busy.

A gentle reminder, don't be too harsh or aggressive when you are on it; show it all like something you are doing for fun or to merely tease her. She must not at any moment feel hostile or sense antipathy.

#14 Discuss your priorities 

Knowing the priorities of your girlfriend can help you a great deal. You would know who the people that count in her life, the people who make a difference to her, are.

This will help you in two ways.

  • Firstly, it shall help you to decide if her list is justified.
  • Secondly, you will know who to keep close for the sake of your girlfriend.

#15 Be more romantic

Be a more romantic and enticing person. By being someone unique in all that you have got to offer your girlfriend, you naturally wave off the thoughts of other guys from her mind.

Offer her that which nobody else can. Be the personified version of unconditional.

Show her that your love knows no bounds. Eventually, the guys who adore her shall know that you have raised the bar high and shall keep a check on their moves. 

Summing up 

If your girlfriend gets a lot of attention from guys, so shall you. You are dating a girl who is popular for plenty of reasons. Raise the bar and work on your personality in such a way that one would know why she chose you above others. Remember, no one call pulls you apart, apart from your insecurities.

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