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My Girlfriend Doesn't Believe Me When I Say She's Beautiful [Here's Why]

Your girlfriend didn't believe you when you called her beautiful because you have not yet made her feel that beauty from within. Girls prefer action to words. Show her the beauty by either putting on a picture with her in your DP or kissing her in the right spot.Feature Image of My Girlfriend Doesn't Believe Me When I Say She's Beautiful

Women can be broadly classified into two categories. The first one is extremely confident and likes to take control of the situation. The other one, however, feels deeply insecure about their body.

They feel insecure or not at ease with their shape and size, thanks to the society for dividing women's bodies into so many subtypes. 

Don't be surprised when you tell your girlfriend that she's beautiful, but she doesn't buy your words at face value. If she belongs to the first type, she probably thinks you are trying to flatter her.

However, if she belongs to the second type, she is so insecure about her body that thinking beautiful is a big deal for her.

However, we are here to fix this for you. Worry not! We will figure out why your girlfriend cannot put her trust in you and what can be done to make her see you through your lenses.

Why doesn't your girlfriend believe that she's beautiful?

While your girlfriend might not buy your words when you compliment her beauty for a great many reasons, the most common one is that she is insecure about her body. However, a closer study of all the possible reasons will help us fix this properly.

#1 She thinks you have other motives 

Your girlfriend may be doubting your motives. She thinks that you are trying to please her for some different purpose. 

If she gets annoyed when you compliment her, stop praising her. Instead, spend more time with her and make her feel loved.

#2 She thinks you're merely trying to flatter her 

Your girlfriend might think that you're merely trying to flatter her with your words because boyfriends like to do that a lot. Notice how she compliments you or makes you feel her presence in your life. Try to use the same code of conduct for reciprocation.

#3 She doesn't trust you 

If it hasn't been long since you started seeing each other, there might be trust issues. This can be due to her experience. In such cases, you might want to slow down a bit and first work on the most important aspects of the relationship.

#4 You have passed comments about her body in her absence 

There might be some rumors that she came across. If you have ever spoken about her physique or looks in front of your friends, that's a habit you must stop immediately. Keep your relationship low-key until you begin to understand and trust each other completely.

#5 Your best friend is prettier 

If your best friend is prettier than your girlfriend, she might feel jealous or insecure. Give her some time to understand the depth of your relationship and the demarcation of other relationships. She will appreciate and understand better with time.

#6 Your sisters are hot 

If you have been brought up and surrounded by all-good-looking women, your girlfriend might feel intimidated in front of them. It's a very petty feeling, but she might have reasons to feel so. Making her spend more time not only with you but also with your close ones will take you a long way in this case.

#7 She is offended because you called her pretty 

Well, yes, you read that correctly. She is offended because you called her pretty and nothing more than that. You call your friends pretty, and your girlfriend is hot. Tell her that she is hot, and things might fall in place.

#8 She is body insecure 

I've been with guys who are either body insecure or face insecure. It works both ways. You need to convince your girlfriend to share your point of view. You need to tell her that you have never been with someone so lovely.

#9 She finds you ugly 

Your girlfriend doesn't accept your compliment because, in her eyes, you are not as charming or attractive as she might have wanted her boyfriend to be. She might have dated hotter guys in the past. It is, therefore, that she does not pay enough weightage to your words.

Well, this might be upsetting a bit. However, you know how you look and if you feel that you can improve on yourself, then first do that and level up enough to compliment her.

#10 She doesn't love you 

It might be that your girlfriend is not really into you. She is just trying you out and is not very serious about you. Hence she doesn't value your words enough to accept your compliment.

#11 She is too proud 

It is high time you accept that your girlfriend is a snob. She does not care how you feel about her looks. She estimates herself too highly. 

In such cases, you might have to wait for her to fall deeply for you. Until then, you can't continue to be with her, love and support her without spending too many words musing on her sense of style or her beauty.

#12 She doesn't care for looks 

Your girlfriend might be too modern in the sense that she does not care about looks; it is the personality that matters for her. You might want to work on the way you compliment her.

Instead of complimenting her on her looks on her style, you might want to appreciate her choices and decisions and her intellectual wavelength.

#13 She has noticed you observing other girls 

Your girlfriend doesn't heed your words because she has seen you observing other women. Girls get annoyed and feel insecure quickly in such cases. 

Avoid checking out other girls, at least in front of your girlfriend. You can do it if you share that comfort zone with her and have been really good friends before coming into a relationship with her.

#14 You follow many women on Instagram 

This is where it gets tricky. If she's your girlfriend, she is scrutinizing your every move. She might not express her disapproval for two reasons. First, I don't remember you seeking her approval. Second, she wants to give you your space of comfort.

However, all being said and stated deep inside it disturbs her. She spends hours digging for more information about you.

No, she is not a maniac. This is one of those initial phases where your beloved naked a world out of you. Her love knows no boundaries, and she becomes obsessed with you.

You might want to limit your circle to the closed ones who make an actual difference in your life. She will appreciate the gesture.

#15 You have many hot girlfriends 

If you have many female friends and most of them are good-looking, she knows that looking good comes to you easily. She wants to provide you with something that you are lacking in life. It is, therefore, that when you compliment her on her looks, she fails to give a proper reaction.

#16 She has put on weight 

Girls are very conscious of their physique. She might have put on some weight recently. If you're complimenting her after she has gained weight, she might not like it.

Instead, you might tell her to work out and come back in shape. That will be encouraging, and she will feel your genuine concern. 

#17 Her face is filled with pimples 

If she is experiencing a pimple breakout and you tell her that she's beautiful, it might piss her off. Instead, try giving her small pecks of kisses on those spots. Show her that you love her with all that she has to offer.

#18 You don't make out with her 

If you haven't leveled up your relationship yet, it might annoy her. It gets boring and can piss off your partner if you are with them, but you don't make out. Try to understand her needs and work in that direction.

#19 You are hot 

If you are hot and you are greatly liked by one and all, whereas she doesn't, it might bother her somehow. It is a concern that she might feel embarrassed to share with you or anybody else. 

You can try not to be the center of attraction all the time. Take a little break from social life and spend more time with your girl.

#20 You are cheating on her 

Well, if you were cheating on her, you might not have read this article this far. However, it might be that she feels you're cheating on her while you're innocent.

Your innocence won't help if your girl is not convinced of it. Start sharing things like your passwords and social media accounts if you're indeed very serious with her. This will keep things transparent and won't leave room for much doubt.

#21 You call everyone pretty

If you call everyone pretty, that might piss off your girlfriend. Never share your girlfriend's titles with anyone else. If you have called her something, spare using that for someone else. Otherwise, she will stop taking your words seriously.

#22 She has never been called beautiful before 

She is having a hard time believing you because she has never been called beautiful before. Try to observe how others treat her and note the moments when she resigns into absolute silence. 

There might be deeper reasons for these. Give her some time, and she might open up to you about her feelings.

#23 Somebody close to you mocked her 

If someone close to you commented rudely on her, she might be deeply hurt. If at that instant you also laughed along, you must immediately apologize to her and make amends.

#24 She is humble 

She is down to earth, and that is why she is not giving you a desirable reaction. That doesn't mean that she doesn't trust you. She is merely being humble in not accepting it.

#25 She doesn't trust you 

Your actions fail to keep up with your words. You call her beautiful but don't make her feel that way. This is why she doesn't trust you and does not believe it when you call her beautiful.

#26 She has low self-esteem

Your girlfriend might be different from other girls because she has low self-esteem. She is neither egoistic nor into throwing tantrums. However, this behavior might be new for you, and it might take some time for you to make sense of it.

How to make your girlfriend feel beautiful?

You need to put more effort into winning the love and confidence of your girlfriend in such a way that she begins to trust you and can see from your eyes more clearly. The best way of doing it is to spend much more time loving her. How that can be done, keep reading to understand.

#1 Make love with her 

The first step to making a girl feel beautiful and loved is to make love. So, if you haven't done it yet, don't wait any longer. Seek her approval, and if she feels the same way, get cozy together.

#2 Upload photos with her 

We cannot deny that we live in a world where social media plays a significant role in our lives. If you are into her and want to show your true concern to her, uploading photos on social media could keep you going. 

It will bring you close. She will start trusting and appreciating you more. Don't believe me? Do it and see for yourself. Girls love such things.

#3 Make your relationship official 

If your relationship isn't official, it might be a grave concern to her. She might think that you are merely trying her out. Making your relationship official can be a turning point in your relationship. However, do it only if you are completely sure you want it.

#4 Kiss her on the pimples 

A tiny little spot on a girl's face is enough to drive her crazy. If she happens to have a breakout or a sudden show of beauty spots, give her a soft kiss on the face. It will be a cute gesture and make her feel loved for you.

#5 Give her cute nicknames 

Well, that's a boyfriend-girlfriend practice. They like to give one another cute nicknames, something special or symbolic that no one knows or can understand. Try such sweet things if you haven't yet. 

It might bring some romantic touch to your life. Next time, don't just compliment her. Rather call her by that name, and that itself would act as a compliment. Pick something unique.

#6 Gift her a beautiful dress 

If your girlfriend is beautiful, gift her a dress to show her what you mean by it. Wearing a gifted garment brings a special feeling and unique touch to one's heart. See how she reciprocates this gesture. It will lead you forward.

#7 Gift her a card 

Don't utter the words for her. Try it some other way. Gift her a card. It can be customized or handmade. Though a bit old school, I'm certain she would appreciate the thought and effort. Remember, girls don't look for expensive presents, they like thoughtful gifts that speak aloud your feelings to them.

#8 Gift her a necklace 

A necklace is a mark of beauty. Choosing it and making her wear it is a lovely feeling. She will melt for you that very moment. I repeat it need not be anything expensive. Make it thoughtful.

#9 Take her out on a date 

You need to spend more time together. You can do it by going out on dates. Sometimes, a singular date doesn't make much difference. Consistency is the key to success in any relationship. 

It can be a movie date, a dinner date, or even something commonplace. The point should be to spend time with her and enjoy each other's company.

#10 Invite her to hang out with your other friends 

Inviting your girlfriend to hang out with your friends will draw her closer to you. It would make her know you better. One doesn't behave the same way in front of their girlfriend as they do in front of their friends. If you're ready to show her the other part of yours, she will start taking you seriously.

#11 Sing songs to her 

Well, music can do that which words fail to do in a general context. You can win her heart through music. Instead of calling her pretty, sing her a song that expresses her beauty. Woo her in a romantic way, and she will be all yours.

#12 Dedicate songs to her 

If you aren't that good at singing, don't worry. You can dedicate songs to her. Either get the song played when you're out on a date or simply send her the YouTube link. These small things can create a lot of difference.

#13 Plan a staycation 

Planning a staycation would allow you to spend long, unhindered hours together. That way, you will be allowed to share more than the physical space. The true meaning comes out when you reach a place to read each other's minds. Once you are in that comfort zone, nothing can keep you two away.

#14 Ask her hand for dance 

Dance can be very romantic. Take her to a club or at a beach, ask her hand to dance with you. While dancing, call her beautiful. She will feel all loved, and you will be able to read it in her eyes.

#15 Keep telling her till she learns to believe you 

Yes, if your girlfriend doesn't believe you when you call her beautiful, she might be testing you. Don't fail the test. Just because you're not getting a reaction doesn't mean you would stop calling her beautiful. Keep saying it till she accepts it and accepts your love with open arms.

Some quick tips

I'm sharing a few quickies that will help you easily shoot the trouble. These are to be used along with the suggestions made above for long-time rendering.

#1 Never pass a compliment on another girl 

Take this note by heart. Never compliment another woman, even if she's a celebrity, in front of your girlfriend. Always make her feel that your world begins and ends with her.

#2 Never make fun of her dressing sense 

No matter how trivial you take it to be, never make fun of your girlfriend's dressing sense. If you don't like it or want it to be another way, gift her an outfit. Tell her how you would love to see her in that dress. She will eventually understand and appreciate your efforts.

#3 Give her a better compliment 

Rather than calling her pretty, could you give her a not ordinary compliment? Tell her something which others won't say. Call her 'my girl' and enjoy the smile on her face.

#4 Tell her your kids will be beautiful 

When you tell your girlfriend that she will be a beautiful mother, that can win anybody's heart. Instead of calling her pretty, appreciating her qualities in a way that her offspring would be proud to have her as their mother will make it special and extremely romantic.

Summing up

If you call your girlfriend pretty and she doesn't believe you, your words lack conviction. You need to do it again but change the style. Try new ways of doing the same thing, and the manner of the recipient and her feelings for you is sure to change and become stronger.

Suprity Acharyya


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