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My Ex Checks My Whatsapp Status [6 Possible Reasons]

Your ex can check your WhatsApp status as they want to trick you into patching up again or they may seek attention from you. You should not bother about it at all.A woman sitting on a chair scrolling WhatsApp

Almost every person in their lifetime gets heartbroken. If you are reading this article, I am sure that you have got heartbroken too. The emotional and mental pain that a breakup brings is very difficult to deal with.

If you are still not over your ex and the beautiful memories of togetherness you have with this person are haunting you, one single like, view, or message can shatter your reality even after months of breakup. If your ex is checking your WhatsApp status already, I am quite sure your mind is already brimming with countless thoughts and what-ifs!

Before starting with the topic, I want my readers to understand that breakup is a very sensitive issue. The choice of leaving you that they made in the first place is final. However, one text from your ex, one view on your WhatsApp status, and one like even after months of the breakup is a red flag in most cases.

I understand the mental mess that one goes through while trying to clarify why their ex is checking their WhatsApp status? Well then, let's jump in to understand the reasons. 


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Reasons why your ex checks your WhatsApp status

Your ex can check on your WhatsApp status due to multiple reasons. Each reason has different kinda signs and carries different messages than the others. 

Depending on the meaning, the reason need to be dealt with in a specific way. That's why to think and do something about this phenomenon, first, you must know about your specific reason. 

Below, I will discuss some potential reasons and ways for you to identify the hidden messages. 

#1 They are trying to trick your mind

The most common reason why a person who has already left your life is viewing your WhatsApp status is that they are trying to trick you.

They are aware of the power they have over you. Your level of emotional engagement validates them and their presence. Your ex is hardly looking for commitment, forgiveness, or seeking an apology. But your validation, time, and emotions often make them feel powerful. 

The reason behind them tricking your mind is, the way you value them; no one else does. Chances are your ex feels understood, appreciated, loved, and most probably horny. They are simply checking your WhatsApp status cause they want to get some attention and sleep with you. That is all! 

So, if this is the reason for your ex behind checking your WhatsApp status, they won't just stop at only checking it. Rather your ex will ping you up on that status and try to engage you in a conversation by hiding their intention behind word puzzles. 

#2 They do that out of habit

Being in a long-term relationship is very different from just another relationship or friendship. You invest emotionally, mentally, and socially, develop intimacy over time, share financial goals, life goals, career goals, and have fun together.

Living life with your partner, dealing with little things, journeying through all ups and downs, the relationship is a journey you choose with the person you love. 

However, when two people decide to part ways, the age-old habits do not change overnight. The chances are that your ex still misses you even though you have decided to part ways. They view your WhatsApp status out of habit. 

You have chosen not to block one another, and it is completely fine if that works for you. However, if this situation throws your mind at all possible maybes and what-ifs, it is not worth it! 

If this is your reason, in that case, your ex would possibly stop by just to check your status out. It's true that whenever they check on your status, they miss you.

But at the same time, it's also true that checking on your status reminds them of the breakup as well. That's why, in such situations, they often stay silent.

#3 They want to stay updated about your life

Your ex may start texting you or checking your WhatsApp status, or following you on Instagram to have a look at your daily whereabouts. It's been quite some time that you are doing well without them, and the same is pricking them at the utmost. 

What are you doing these days, what is going on in your life, who are you now dating, or is anyone there who is ready to commit? Your ex is trying to figure out all possible questions that may come to your mind.

Whether you have moved on from them or not is the biggest curiosity they have at the latest. That is why it is very important to make a wise move when your ex texts you or starts viewing your status.

If you catch yourself giving in to this loophole, pause and make a conscious decision to move on with your life!

If your ex has checked on your WhatsApp status just out of curiosity about your present life, they won't just stop at WhatsApp. Rather, soon you will notice them on other social media platforms. They may even start texting you and asking you about your whatabouteries. 

#4 He wants to reconnect (just as friends sometimes)

If you both were good friends, even before you started dating, the chances are that they want to reignite the lost friendship with you.

Friendship after a breakup is not always a good idea, especially if it is a bad heartbreak. He may view your status and try to text you or stay in your close circle of friends. The connection that you shared was rare, but there is no need to stay in touch even as friends as it has ended.

It is easy to act cool and try being friends with an ex. However, if any one of you has not healed from the breakup, it will turn into a mess. Your ex may try to seek closure, an explanation, or trigger your sensitive spots with harsh words. Friendship, in this case, will only drain your energy.

In this situation, your ex would often be vocal about their intention. They may check on your WhatsApp status and casually text you without any kinda emotional dilemma or hidden messages. They may ask you whether you want to continue a friendship or not. 

#5 They are mature enough to keep the communication channel open

One good thing that may happen is that your ex is possibly viewing your text and keeping you unblocked on social media platforms simply because it's been a long time after the breakup. 

By now, you both have moved on with your lives and come from a healed state of mind now. It is easy and healthy to communicate with you now without thinking otherwise.

If that is the case for you, chances are your ex is not up to something fishy. He/she is simply trying to keep the doors to communication open.

Your ex would be much more spontaneous in having conversations with you in such a situation. You're gonna have healthy conversations and no strings attached. 

#6 They already moved on, and it means nothing

Lastly, your ex is viewing your WhatsApp status because they have your number saved on their phone and whatever you post appears on their status bar. 

There is no communication, no fishy intention, no mind games, no chat, no hints, absolutely nothing. He is simply viewing your status as anyone else. 

Your ex has already moved on with their lives, and it is time for you to do the same. Do not react to the questions sprouting from your ego-mind. Let go and breathe in the new reality that you are living in. 

Ways you can react to this situation

No matter your external reality, your inner state of mind will always reflect what's inside. If you are still not over your ex, their checking your status on WhatsApp has the power to shake you up. 

But now, as you already know the reasons, it'll be easy for you to decide what you can and what you should do in your situation. Here are a few ways to help you react to the situation at best. 

#1 Do not itch your trigger points

You are thinking about why your ex keeps checking your WhatsApp status, which shows that you are still too invested in analyzing their action.

Especially if you had a very strong or long-term relationship with this person, chances are you are not over them yet. You keep thinking about their whereabouts and secretly hoping to receive a hint to connect back.

I hope that you are aware enough to understand what you are doing wrong! It's not a wise decision to itch your trigger points when you are not over your ex yet. 

You or the person decided to discontinue this relationship for a reason. No matter how heartbreaking the situation is, it is time to take the next step and sidetrack your mind from this person. 

No matter the reason why he is checking your WhatsApp status, stay focused on self-growth and move forward with your life. 

#2 Heal your emotional wounds

Healing from a bad breakup is not an easy thing. All the years of emotional engagement are what hurts the most.

In some cases of abusive and narcissistic relationships, it is sometimes hard to leave the toxic partner due to long-term habits. In such cases, when you are trying to move on, it is important to cut off all contact with your ex. Healing emotional wounds, physical abuses, and traumas are utterly important. 

If by any means your abusive partner checks your WhatsApp, chances are they will try to connect back and make things worse.

Cut them off from your life and make conscious choices without any fearful thoughts pondering in your mind. Heal from your emotional wounds, seek professional help, attend mental health workshops and get better at life. 

#3 Let the past go

The person is your ex for a reason. He is in the past, and all the memories that you guys made are unique, and you can cherish them. But holding onto something that does not serve you any further purpose can be hurting, tiring, and emotionally depressing. 

Loosen the grip on your past. Breakups are hard to deal with; it is tough to let go of someone with whom you were emotionally, physically, and spiritually(in some cases) invested.

But letting go of the past by accepting your present truth and disassociation with your ex will only help you heal faster, better and stronger.

Learn your part of the lessons from this relationship and gain all necessary wisdom. Grow stronger, better, and raise your vibe. The right person, your soul tribe, and your purpose will find you. Glow!

#4 Find your passion and reconnect with yourself

Let your ex keep checking your WhatsApp status; meantime, you keep checking up on your passion projects and reconnect with yourself.

Building a deep connection with yourself after a breakup is of great importance. Often, in a relationship, we lose our ground and put extra effort into making things work, even when there is no hope left otherwise. 

Relationships are two-way things. A partner easily exhausts themselves while pouring from their cup endlessly.

Engaging yourself in things and projects one is passionate about can help with mental clarity, self-worthiness, confidence, self-love, and productivity. 

All of these senses help while recovering from a hard breakup. You will have a lot more to do than sit and think about why your ex is checking your status. 

#5 Bring clarity and communicate if necessary

If the "why" behind your ex checking your WhatsApp status is constantly pricking you, it is not worth your attention anymore. 

Anything that drains you and disrupts your peace of mind needs to be solved at once. Bring clarity to the situation. If you want to talk to your ex about something (other than seeking closure of your past relationship), you can approach him with open communication, of course, with mutual consent. 

However, if it is not possible to reach a point of open communication with your ex about any matter, seek help from your friend and family.

Communicate clearly about the way you still feel about your ex or about him checking your WhatsApp status. Open communication with your dear friends and family can help you seek all the strength, clarity, and support that you need to cope with this situation. 

#6 Speak up about what you want

If your ex keeps checking your WhatsApp status and often texts you even late at night, I think it's time to speak up on behalf of yourself.

If their presence in your life is bothering you, let them know about it. Or, if you want a casual, friendly connection, let them know that as well. Speaking up on behalf of yourself will clear all confusion and bring self-confidence to you. 

#7 Simply block them and move on

It is more about you rather than your ex. You have tried your best efforts to make the relationship work; you have done all your part. But the relationship does not exist in the present situation anymore.

Your ex has moved on most probably and is busy creating their own life. No matter whatever his reason is for checking your WhatsApp status, you should remain unbothered about the same.

Heal your heart from the wounds or loss that you may feel in your ex's absence. But once you are ready, simply block this person and move on with your life. Let not these outer circumstances bother you any further. 

Understand that you feel that you are not ready to block your ex on WhatsApp or other social media platforms. But, all I can say is you will never be more ready than now to decide for yourself.

Psychology behind whatsapp status

WhatsApp statuses serve multiple psychological purposes. Firstly, they're a tool for self-expression, allowing users to convey feelings or thoughts.

They also offer a sense of social validation; when people view or resonate with a status, it can boost the poster's confidence. Sometimes, these statuses act as indirect messages aimed at certain individuals. They also help in constructing a digital identity, highlighting specific aspects of a person's life or interests. Moreover, updating a status can be a way to maintain presence in friends' lives.

Lastly, joining in on popular trends through statuses can be driven by a desire to fit in. In essence, WhatsApp statuses reflect our need for connection and self-presentation in today's digital world.

Ex checking my whatsapp last seen

The act of an ex-partner checking your WhatsApp "last seen" can be rooted in various psychological motivations. It might indicate lingering feelings, curiosity, or a desire to stay connected in some way. This behavior can be a way for them to gauge if you're active, possibly indicating how you're coping post-breakup or if you're moving on.

On the other hand, if an ex turns off their "last seen" after a breakup, it could be a protective measure. They might want to establish boundaries, avoid potential confrontations, or simply seek privacy as they navigate the post-relationship phase. Turning off "last seen" can also be a way to prevent themselves or their ex-partner from overanalyzing online activity, which can be a source of stress or misunderstanding.

In both scenarios, it's essential to prioritize personal well-being and consider if engaging in such behaviors is beneficial or if it hinders the healing process.

To Conclude…

So that is all you can do to shift your mindset from why your ex is checking your WhatsApp status to what more you can add up to your life. As you know now all the possible reasons why your ex checks your WhatsApp status, it is important to realize that the "why" is of least importance now.

Dust away the worry and wounds of your past relationship cause, after all, they are your EX for a reason. Pat yourself on the back and move ahead with what you got.

Adhideb Ghosh

Senior Writer

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