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My Boyfriend Always Thinks I'm Talking to Other Guys [SOLVED]

It is because whenever he calls you up, your phone is busy, and you keep alluding to your guy friends in your conversations with your boyfriend. It makes him feel insecure. The guy loves you; spend more time with him to earn his trust instead of getting mad.A couple sitting at a table talking to each other

Relationships are built on trust. You must know where your priorities lie and where you would like to invest your faith.

At times, we get insecure and perplexed when we see, or we feel that our better half is spending time with others or enjoys the company of others.

If your boyfriend always thinks that you're talking to other guys, it is indicative of his low self-worth. By low self-worth, I mean he doesn't think highly of himself.

He feels that he isn't offering you enough, and given a chance; you might readily switch from him to someone else.

However, if you love him and want to be with him, we can fix this one for you. Read this blog to find out why your boyfriend feels this way and what you can do to fix it.

15 Reasons why your boyfriend always thinks that you are talking to other guys

If your boyfriend always feels that you are talking to other guys, it is primarily because you have many guy friends, and whenever he rings you up, your phone is busy.

However, in such a scenario, all you got to do is make him understand how you feel about these guys. Show him that girls are mostly mean and gossip mongers. Hence you prefer to keep yourself surrounded by guys more. 

Nevertheless, before attempting to make a conversation with him, let's find out and try to put ourselves in his shoes to see why he always feels that you are talking to other guys. Keep reading to know more.

#1 You've many guy friends 

If you have many guy friends, your boyfriend might feel insecure and make it an assumption that you talk to other guys a lot.

An extremely possessive boyfriend would have such a toxic trait. He is perhaps too narrow-minded, or his past experiences have been such that it triggers him to believe so. 

However, don't be disheartened; if you don't talk to other guys, there's no way he can prove you wrong.

Moreover, learn to take your stand because even if you talk to other guys, it's no crime. The subjects on which you make conversation with them isn't the same in which you make conversation with your boyfriend.

#2 Every other guy knows you 

If you are very well known among guys and every other guy is familiar with your name, your boyfriend might get a bit uncomfortable. He might think that it's no big deal to date you; it might turn him off. 

Guys have this tendency to take their partner as a prize possession. They want to be with someone whom nobody else can have. That's what makes a girl special in the eyes of a guy.

However, if in your case, guys feel comfortable around you (body language speaks), then your boyfriend might have cause to worry. Yet again, you need to remind him that he is your present and the other guys are a speck of dust for you. 

#3 You're popular 

If you are popular, that is to say, and you have many followers on Instagram, you are well connected and have good resources, your boyfriend might presume that you are well known among guys.

Well, such might as well be the case. It might be that you are not aware of it. They are a set of unknown people. You don't know them or have never met or gone out with them.

However, your boyfriend doesn't know this. In this case, all you got to do is talk to him. Let him know the facts. State it before him clearly, and matters might settle promptly.

#4 Your phone is always busy 

If your call is always engaged and your boyfriend knows you aren't friends with women, he would naturally jump to the conclusion that you're always talking to other guys.

In such a case, for a little while, you can try to keep your phone disengaged. A better alternative will be to use a spare phone with a different number if you have important calls.

If your job is such that you got to stay on-call round the clock with your clients or business partner, but your boyfriend takes it otherwise, then it's no crime to get hold of a new number and dissipate the unnecessary tension.

#5 You don't give much importance to your boyfriend 

If you have recently been negligent towards your boyfriend or are not one of the girls who like to nag their guy constantly, it might lead your boyfriend to assume unwanted things.

Start showing him love. Try to be a little more considerate. 

If you don't talk to him the entire day and ring him up at night, he might feel disheartened. While you don't have any ill will or purpose, he doesn't need that extra space you're so generously providing him. He is happy to stick with you. Spending more time with him might help in this case.

#6 He is insecure about you 

Your boyfriend might at times feel insecure about you or your relationship. Communication is the key to the maintenance of any relationship.

If he feels that there is a particular lack of some quality, it might cause him anxiety. You must talk your heart out with your boyfriend.

Every now and then, spend quality time with your boyfriend. Invite him over to your place. Introduce him to your guy friends. Ask them to go for games together. Once they become good buddies, his insecurity will vanish in thin air.

#7 He is possessive for you 

A possessive guy will have a difficult time standing his girl talking to another guy.

In such a case, even if there are only one or two guys who you talk with, your boyfriend shall make a fuss out of it.

It is quite difficult to maintain a good relationship with a possessive person. They suffocate you with their rules. They fail to give you the space you naturally desire. In such cases, relationship counseling is your best bet.

#8 He is serious about you 

Well, this might come as a surprise as generally, the annoying habits of our partners make us feel repulsive towards them.

However, your boyfriend is serious about you. He is perhaps dreaming of having a child with you. If you have been dating for long and he has always taken all your tantrums, he is perhaps planning to propose to you. 

This is why he exaggerates the situation, and while it might only be this one time he found you talking to another guy, he will put up a show to make you guilty.

He would show that you are always talking to other guys. That is his manner of displaying that he needs your attention and doesn't want you to spend your time with anyone else.

#9 He loves you 

The fact of the matter is that love is a complex emotion. It is perhaps the only feeling that gives birth to many other emotions.

Your boyfriend loves you so much that he gets disturbed when you are not with him or share the physical space with him, but mentally you are dwelling in a different zone. 

This, in turn, causes him to make abrupt assumptions and jump to absurd conclusions.

However, the enjoyable part of such a persona is that they love you with their all sand they are as easy to please as they are to displease. Shower some love and touch them with your honeyed verse. They will forget everything and shall long for your company more. 

#10 He feels you don't love him

Your boyfriend might lately feel less loved or perhaps unloved. With time, it is the default human nature to take others for granted, be it our parents or the love of our life.

However, the other person might not understand the easiness of this mode and get thoroughly shaken. They will feel that you don't love them any longer. Whereas, you have loved them so much that you are out of ways to express it anymore, or you feel that there must be a mutual understanding between both of you which does not need any further insistence.

You must remember that love is called limitless, love is unconditional for a reason. It knows no bounds. You must love at least that one person in your life, not only with your actions but also with your words.

Moreover, don't underestimate that guys are immature and lonely beings. They are more emotional than girls. And though they are not as expressive as us, they too overthink a lot and even undergo depression.

#11 Your call log is full of calls from guys 

It shall put you in quite a pickle if all your incoming and outgoing are from and to guys.

Even if you provide a reasonable explanation, your boyfriend might still be left with doubts.

In such cases, if you feel you want him to trust you completely, you might keep a recording of your calls and offer him to hear it if he doubts your motives.

If the guy has a bit of self-respect, he would never open up the recordings. However, if he does, you might not want to continue with a person who doesn't place his trust in you in the first place.

#12 You don't spend quality time with your boyfriend 

If for some reason, something has been preventing you from spending quality time with your boyfriend, he might feel that you are spending your time elsewhere with someone else.

A poisoned mind is difficult to heal. You will have to have a very high level of patience to deal with him. You can't lose your temper easily if you want this to work. 

#13 You haven't made your relationship official 

Making relationships official is a sort of validation. Just as we give a reception after marriage, consider it a mini version of reception.

You throw a reception or party with people to celebrate a cause.

In this case, you shall cherish the being. If you haven't made your relationship official yet, doing it now will create a better understanding between you and your boyfriend.

He would know that something in your mind has pricked you to take this step, and it will definitely dissipate the dark clouds hovering over your relationship.

#14 You're mysterious 

If you come out as an enigmatic person, that is to say, if your boyfriend doesn't know most of the time about your whereabouts, as to where you are or what you are doing or with whom you are spending your precious hours, it shall make him jump to conclusions.

If he tries to get to know you, give him his answer. Don't procrastinate any further. Let him know the person he is dating. He has the right to know you inside out.

#15 He is stalking you 

It is probable that your boyfriend is stalking you and hence knows the hours you don't away from him. He is aware that you are not taking his calls because you are busy talking to this other person at that time.

However, he doesn't know the cause. You might have a perfectly reasonable excuse to talk to other guys. 

It might be work-related or for the sake of helping your friend. In either case, sharing the details with your boyfriend will help both of you in the long run. In the process, you will learn how to open up to one another, and eventually, there shall be no need to hide things anymore.

What should you do if your boyfriend thinks that you're always talking to other guys?

It is natural for a guy to make assumptions if his girlfriend is not being able to give him as much time as she devotes to her guy friends.

This can create misunderstandings, plant the seeds of jealousy, and in the long run, can even cause animosity.

However, if it is timely controlled or kept in check, you can save your relationship. All you got to do is reverse the process and spend more time talking and understanding your boyfriend.

How to do it and what else you can do to bridge the unwarranted distance are discussed below; keep reading to know more.

#1 Show him your call log 

Displaying your call log before your boyfriend might be a start in gaining back his trust. Let him know the password to your device, state it clearly to him that he matters to you more than anything in the world.

Such declarations, along with proof, will make you trustworthy and might even instill some guilt in him.

#2 Talk more with him 

If your boyfriend feels that you always talk to other guys, all you have to do is talk more to him instead.

If you are always calling up or attempting to stay connected with your boyfriend round the clock, he will find no reasons to make unwarranted accusations.

However, if he keeps finding new excuses to play the blame game, take the hint. He is finding a way to call this off by showing you to be the guilty one. 

#3 Makeout 

Making out with your boyfriend might help in swaying away from his frustration. It will help him relax and give him more space to think.

He will become more confident about you and shall begin to trust you. Immersing him in your love is all that a guy yearns for. He will let go of all his worries and relish the time spent with you.

#4 Video call him 

Use technology to make your relationship progressive. Video calls shall give your boyfriend knowledge about your whereabouts and make him less insecure.

Video calls help you to make eye contact. This, in the process, deepens your trust in one another. It shall also help you keep a check on your boyfriend's whereabouts.

If he hesitates in answering it, you will be able to put the blame on him. It will allow you to make a similar assumption about him. Next time, you will be able to say that it's him talking to other girls and not the other way round. 

#5 Earn his trust 

Building up trust is vital to a relationship. You must structure your relationship on trust. Even if not blindly, the trust must be enough to help you resolve matters before you go off to sleep at night. You need not cry yourself to sleep because if you do it, the relationship is not worth it. 

Whenever your guy doubts your motives and intentions, ask him straight if he trusts you or not. Try to talk in these lines, "Tell me once and for all if you trust me or not? I've invested my love, time, energy in this relationship. I deserve to know that it's all for nothing! I love you and have never questioned your motives. Why is it that you're always so suspicious about me? What have I done to earn this?"

#6 Make your relationship official 

If your relationship isn't official while your boyfriend has insisted or mentioned it in the past, making your relationship official shall help waver off trust issues.

You will notice a change in your boyfriend's temperament and behavior. If he is totally into you, he will appreciate it and won't be able to stop loving you.

Whereas, if all the blaming game were directed to demotivate you, it would burn him to the core. However, hoping for the best, it's worth a go.

#7 Invite him to hang out with your friends 

By inviting your boyfriend to spend time with your friends, you value his presence. He shall see it clearly.

He would understand that you hold him significant in your life. He will feel guilty by putting the faults in you.

It will help him in realizing that he was the one to have a poisoned mind all along. All you ever did was love him. He shall never question your motives again.

#8 Give him his answers 

If your boyfriend is quenching for answers, don't keep him thirsty. Over a tete a tete, clarify all his doubts.

It's no use to keep him in mystery. He is dating you, and he might be curious to know more about you. You don't need to tell him everything over one sitting. But he deserves a start. Eventually, you will learn to unfold your thoughts before one another unhindered. 

#9 Spend more time with him 

If your boyfriend feels that you're always talking to other guys, it's a direct implication that you're spending your time away from him with someone else.

To resolve the matter and dissipate the issue, spend quality time with your boyfriend. Merely being together doing nothing will also be productive.

Don't give up on your relationship easily. Show him that you are a keeper, and his insecurities won't have the better of you.

#10 Go on a staycation 

Going on a staycation with your boyfriend will not only help you to discover more about the habits of one another, but also you will know about the people you talk to.

While on vacation, the ones who call you up to check on you are the ones who care for you. In either case, you will get a clear idea about the people who matter in your partner's life. 

#11 Tell him about the people in your life 

Make your boyfriend aware of the people you hang out with and like to keep around. Give him an idea about the kind of people you stay busy with when you are not with him.

Show him that they are ambitious and competitive. He should feel that you get inspired from them, and hence you spend your time with them.

#12 Talk about your past 

Talking about your past rather than being secretive about it might help clear away clouds. Both of you must know about each other's past relationships.

The kind of people you have dated, the ones that worked out for a long period of time, and the ones who failed quickly. All these exchanges shall help both of you in knowing your dating preferences.

#13 Discuss your future with him 

Planning your future with the guy you love shall be a great move to get close. He will be more confident and more willing to spend time with you.

He will invest himself in many ways once he begins to see a future with you. Instead of making complaints, he shall find ways to make amends and keep you happy.

#14 Dress up for him 

Dressing up for your boyfriend is a special gesture, one that will not go unappreciated. Wear something revealing. Don his favorite earrings. He was putting something that he had gifted you shall make the gesture obvious. Show him that you're trying to please him. 

#15 Take him on a date 

Planning a date shouldn't be a guy's task all the time.

This time you take the lead. Pick a romantic location for a restaurant that serves his favorite cuisine.

Make former arrangements overcall. Perfect music, delicious food, breathtaking view, and gorgeously dressed you shall create a moving impression.

Summing up 

If your boyfriend always feels that you talk to other guys, do yourself a favor and keep your boyfriend's phone engaged with your call.

Overwhelm him with your presence so much that he urges you to take a break and spend some time with other people. Don't unnecessarily get hyper. Deal with it tenderly, and it shall pass too.

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