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He Stops Texting Mid-Conversation (Possible Reasons & What to Do)

If a guy stops texting you mid-conversation, wait for a night to see if he drops a text later. If he doesn't, give him a call and talk about it. Your words might have triggered his emotions, and he is trying to cope with it.A woman sitting in the floor looking at the phone

You were having a great time texting a guy. Both of you were vibing well together, but suddenly he stops texting in the middle out of nowhere and goes offline without giving you a red flag. Most probably, he got busy with something.

I suggest you give him some time before trying to conclude the matter. Don't make any hasty decisions. But before doing anything at all, let us take a look at the probable reasons as to why he might have cut off midway like that. Keep reading to know more!

Reasons why a guy stops texting midway into conversations

If a guy stops texting you mid-conversation, the most probable reason is that something came up and distracted him.

However, there can be a wide range of other possibilities as well. Were you not good enough to keep his attention absorbed? What are ways you can have unwavering attention from the man you like? Keep reading to find more!

#1 He got a call 

The reason why a guy stops texting you halfway into the conversation is that he got a call. It could be from his family or a friend in need. It could also be related to work. It will be an emergency call if the texting hours are late at night. 

I suggest you wait for at least 24 hours to be sure that texting midway into the conversation is deliberate or unintentional. If it's deliberate, the guy isn't worth your energy. If it's unintentional, wait longer to see how he makes amends.

Please do not reply to him instantly when he tries to bridge the gap. This will tell you more about the integrity of his character and help you make the right call.

#2 Something triggered him 

It might be that your words triggered him. While online dating has made the dating scene light and fast, it has completely messed up one's psychology. Be it a guy or a girl, and we tend to overthink. We notice patterns and try to relate behaviors. 

If the guy was in a relationship earlier and he didn't get closure, and if the way you talk matches with the way his ex used to talk, it would cause a disbalance in his life.

He would feel that life is playing a joke on him. He would naturally like to take some time off to understand the scheme of things.

Allow him that space and time. If he expresses it later to you, try not to talk to him about this over text or call. A sitting to clear the clouds and ease him down would be a generously empathic way to handle it.

#3 He met an accident 

It might be, I hope that it didn't, that he met with an accident if he was trying to be over smart and was texting you while driving.

It is understandable as one might get too excited and can't wait until they reach the destination to text you later. They instead choose to make you their destination, but life has a different destiny to offer.

No kidding! Always ask a guy about his what's and where's before engaging him in long conversations. 

Words can put life to risk too. And I would also recommend not to talk to such psychos who text you while they are driving a car or riding a bike. You are better off without such sportive people in your life.

#4 Your choice of words was not appropriate 

If you were into deep conversation with this guy and you got too carried away, so much so that you didn't think twice before making a personal comment or asking something that might touch a personal cord, that might be their reason for abandoning you mid-conversation.

It happened to me once. I was chatting with this guy who happened to be a bit lean. While he had a crush on me, I cluelessly treated him like a buddy.

In the middle of the conversation, having no intention or reason to hurt his sentiments, I commented on his physique. Boy, oh boy, that hurt him badly!

Not only did I become a badass birch in his books, but he also started avoiding me and treated himself as if I broke his heart too carelessly.

The point is, blow along with the wind but don't turn into a violent thunderstorm.

#5 You were beating about the bush 

If the guy has been trying to know you or about your past and has asked you direct questions about it, expressing his interest in you. Still, you kept beating about the bush, not giving him a concrete answer. It might make him feel that you are not serious about him and using him merely for humor.

This is a very bad impression to leave upon any person on earth. Never make them feel like you are mistreating them or using them.

Don't beat about the bush. You're better than that. Be straight with your answers if the other person is straight with his questions. Give short and crisp replies to clear any black clouds of doubt.

#6 He likes to confuse others 

A guy might stop texting mid-conversation to play with your mind. He wants you to think deeply and introspect on your words. It's a common tactic put into practice when you want to make a person feel guilty or restless.

It is also used to make one feel in need of you. You get addicted to them, and their silence can create an overwhelming effect on your mind. It's not a healthy sign. Don't let it happen. Cage out of the trap while there's still time.

#7 He wants to see your reaction 

He left you mid-conversation to see your reaction. If it makes you restless, I would suggest that you take him seriously. It would also mean that you are only talking to him, and he has your full attention.

If out of restlessness you call him up, that would mean that you prioritize his presence in your life. This would be a triumphant moment for him. 

However, it might not be one for you until and unless you are certain about his purpose. Try to play the same game with him and wait to see his reaction.

#8 He is taking his time to give a concrete reply 

If the point where the guy left the conversation was an interrogative moment or if you had expressed your feelings for him, he is taking time before attempting to give you a smooth reply. 

He is perhaps analyzing the entire situation and studying it in his mind. Let him take the time he needs. It's a good sign. It shows that he does not want to haste into something, and whatever decisions he will make would have a solid foundation.

#9 He wants to give you a surprise 

The guy you were vibing well with left you mid-conversation to give you a surprise. He is perhaps driving at your place to make all the dreamy vibes come true and wants to hold your hands and feel you close. 

I suggest you know your heart well before giving him a desirable reaction. If you have had the same thing in mind, don't be scared. If not, don't be too courteous to accept the proposal only to be dismissive about it later.

#10 He wants to call it off 

It might be that the guy doesn't want to get serious at this moment. He could sense that everything was happening too fast. 

He wants things to allow down a bit to catch the momentum and balance the frequency. It is alright to take things slow. That way, both of you will understand each other's feelings and appreciate them more.

#11 He dozed off 

If you were chatting late at night and he left off mid-conversation, it is perhaps because he dozed off. He didn't tell you that he was feeling sleepy because he enjoyed the conversation.

This might be a relatable feeling for you too. Wait till the morning to see if you receive a good morning text along with an apology note attached.

What to do now?

If a guy stopped texting you mid-conversation, do not get heartbroken. One of the easiest ways to know the reason would be to give him a call.

However, waiting and allowing him to muse on the thought is not a bad idea either. Keep reading to find the most appropriate way to handle this.

#1 Call him up 

You can call him up to know if he is alright or if something is bothering him. If he doesn't pick up the call, it might be that he is not near the phone or that his phone is on silent mode. If he disconnects the call, it would mean that something urgent has come up that needs his attention.

No matter what the reason might be, bear in mind that calling him up would indicate that whatever is going on between both of you is not casual. It means something to you, and your call acts as a green flag that you want more of it.

#2 Text him again 

If a guy leaves the conversation midway, you can text him again, asking him if everything is alright or if she is busy.

Hopefully, you will get a quick and desirable reply. He might tell you that he is busy and will catch you later. It is absolutely fine. 

Don't push him too hard or come out as if you are dying to have this conversation. If you were very enthusiastic about it and he failed to match up your energy, don't get too disheartened about it. 

Try it another time. We all deserve a second opportunity but never take it for the third time. That ruins arrangements.

#3 Show up at his place 

If both of you had vibes along too well and were talking things on a serious note, and if he doesn't pick up your call or text back, you might want to show up at his door to check on him. It shouldn't come up as a desperate measure. It would only mean that you were concerned about him. 

However, if you choose to go to his place, don't go alone. Take your friend or ask your roommate to join you. You three can later visit a nearby food joint to spend the time and keep it light and meaningful at the same time.

#4 Call his friend 

If a guy leaves you mid-conversation and doesn't answer your call, while you are genuinely concerned about him, you can call up one of his friends and ask them to check upon him.

It would be a desperate move if her friend would get to know you; however, it can be taken up as a cute gesture if he truly likes you.

#5 Gives him time 

Allowing him some time to reply is a safe measure in this case. In the process of allowing him some time, you would also get to know if you miss him enough to care about his whereabouts or not.

If it fades away in the given duration which he takes to make a reply, it's a bonus for you. If not, you can reach out to him with your heart up the sleeve. 

#6 Stay calm 

Do not lose your calm or get restless over a guy not texting you back mid-conversation. If he doesn't text you for a while now, it shows the lack of integrity in his character. If he couldn't keep up the guise while texting you, imagine how poorly he would perform over the call or in-person? 

He lacks interactive skills and is not good at maintaining momentum while making a conversation. He perhaps overthinks unnecessarily and might lead to toxicity if he fails to provide a solid reason for randomly making himself unavailable. 

#7 Read the texts again 

If a guy stops texting you in the middle of a conversation, I suggest you re-read the exchanges of messages to spot areas that hint at an off-putting behavior.

Suppose you can locate something such as mentioning a particular word or phrase that might upset him, avoid using those words in the future. If you get an opportunity in the future, you may want to ask him more about this.

#8 Take it slow 

Don't come to conclusions or make hasty decisions. Give time some time, and things might automatically turn out to be alright. Taking any form of relationship at a slower pace cannot harm. It will help you get a deeper insight into your desires and his. 

#9 Dig into his past 

Digging into his past can do you good. When you're talking to a person, you must have some idea about their past experiences. It provides explanations about their present and gives you clues about their future.

You can scroll through his profile on social media and study his friend circle. The comment section always offers delightful information. It displays the names of people he is or was close to.

#10 Send him a selfie 

If a guy stops texting you mid-conversation, send him a selfie. That might arouse his interest and make him talk again. 

With WhatsApp, sharing memes, gifs and images have made communication more effective and efficient. The moment you feel like words are not helping anymore, take a break from employing them and use these tools to hint at what is going on in your mind.

#11 Make it even 

If a guy abandons you midway into making conversation, the next time, you get an opportunity, okay, the same game with him.

It will make him realize how you felt at this moment when instead of matching up with your energy, he left you disappointed. It will also make him apologize for his wrong conduct.

Summing up 

If a guy abandons you midway into making conversation, wait until he comes up with a reply and does not reply until he realizes his mistakes and sends you a note of apology that you very rightfully deserve.

However, muddling up your mind and overthinking on this is not worth it. If he wants to convey something to you, let him supply you with the words for it. Never accept silence for an answer, especially when you have no idea what the question was in the first place.

Suprity Acharyya


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