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When a Guy Asks About Your Weekend Plans [Perfect Answer]

He is perhaps planning a weekend getaway with you. This would mean that he likes to spend time with you. If you're single and find him attractive, you might want to use the opportunity to get to know him better.Featured Image of When a Guy Asks About Your Weekend Plans

Guys don't mostly engage in a random question session. Hehee, it becomes a subject of curiosity when a guy drops texts in your inbox which read something like, "Hey! What are your weekend plans?" or, "Free this weekend?" 

Before picking up the phone and making a hasty reply, girls might want to pause and process the question. Well, worry not! In this blog post, I'll help you to figure out the probable reasons for a guy to ask for your weekend plans and how you should reply to them.

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Reasons why a guy asks you about your weekend plans

He has something exciting in mind. While the range could vary, the highest chance is that he wants to ask you out. It will be easier to reflect on it when you consider certain factors, such as the duration of knowing each other, the setting, and the bond you shared. 

Too much to figure out? Worry not! This article will help you get clarity.

#1 He wants to spend the weekend with you 

The most probable reason for a guy to ask you about your weekend plans is that he wants to spend the weekend with you. It could be because he likes to hang out with you or because his girlfriend is out of town.

Either way, you can never know what's cooking in a guy's mind. Whether he genuinely likes you or is interested in hooking up, or if it's neither, it is always best to analyze your feelings and see what you want. 

#2 He wants to take you for a staycation 

Perhaps he has an extra traveling ticket. You should talk smart and make him reveal what he has in mind. If it is something exciting, you might want to go for it.

In any case, your answer should not be influenced by the offer alone. You will be experiencing it with the person in question. Unless you feel confident about it, don't commit. It is okay to take your time to figure things out.

#3 He is planning to propose you 

If you have been dating for some time now, he might have some serious plans in his mind. It is possible that he wasn't to go down on his knees and plan the journey with you.

It is important that you be on the same page. If you feel you need more time to think about it, you can make an excuse to buy yourself some time. Whereas, if this is the moment you have been waiting for a long time, make sure that this is the reason he wants you to be free on the weekends.

#4 He is cross-checking his girlfriend's story 

If you are a mutual friend with his girlfriend, he is perhaps trying to cross-check a story she might have fabricated in front of him. It would be better to drop a text to his girlfriend and inform her that her boyfriend wants to know about your whereabouts.

If she gives you an instant reply, you better make an excuse and withdraw yourself from his company. You don't want to be the reason for causing trouble in others' life.

#5 He wants to get laid 

Perhaps he is a playboy who is looking to get laid. When you ignore his question or don't give him a favorable answer, you might find him making the same inquiries as your friends. 

It is better to stay away from such people. They are either toxic, or they lack a conscience. They won't look back or ask you again because they don't care for you. 

In any case, if they do ask you again without asking your friends, you might be tempted to readjust your lenses. But don't haste. Make your decisions after thoughtful deliberations on the subject.

#6 He needs a favor 

Perhaps the guy needs a favor. He would like to have company while he completes an assignment. This will make the task at hand less dull. 

It is a good opportunity to get to know someone if you're mildly interested in them. You would get plenty of time to observe them. Such an opportunity must not go amiss easily if the interest is genuine. 

Many times it happens that you like something about someone, but you fail to vibe along. A weekend together is a great way to find it out.

#7 You're throwing a party 

The guy is asking you because he knows about your weekend plans. He either wants you to invite him to come along, or he wants to see if you would be comfortable sharing the whereabouts. 

It depends on your bond. If you have been good buddies, you can extend an invitation to him. If he is a random person, you are not obliged to share any details.

If it is an open house party, the chances are high that he might show up even if you don't invite him. Never let a stranger's inquiries trigger you. Your peace of mind worth more.

#8 He wants to see your reaction 

Perhaps the guy wants to confirm if you have a crush on him. It might be a rumor, or he might have felt that way. If you tell him that you're free and you'd like to spend time with him, he will take it that you are comfortable with him.

If you tell him you're busy, he will understand that you are not interested in him. In this case, even if you have plans for the weekend, but you like this guy, you should tell him that you could hang out next weekend. By doing this, he would understand that you are not dismissing his suggestion and won't be disheartened.

#9 His friends are out of town 

Perhaps the guy's friends are not in the city. Hence he is looking for a company. This usually happens in the session of festivities. He might have stayed back for his work, and it might be that your friends are out of town too.

In such a case, he felt it natural to hang out with someone as free as he is. If you have been looking for a company, too, there's no harm in planning to spend a crazy weekend together.

#10 He will be alone at home 

If the guy is a pervert, it is possible that when he asks you about your weekend plans, he is already cooking a plan in his mind. This can be when he is home alone. He wasn't to take advantage of the space available. 

While it could mean getting cozy with one another, it doesn't have to be so. You can enjoy a round of games and have a couple of drinks too. Getting cozy doesn't always come with the tag of making out.

#11 He is trying to make a conversation

It is possible that you are overthinking this. The guy is merely trying to make a conversation here. The way you ask a person about the weather, he asks you about your weekend plans.

Answer it honestly to see if he digs into the plan. If he doesn't, he doesn't have any latent interest. However, if he does, you might want to think twice before disclosing all the information.

If you want to spend the weekend with him

If you have a crush on the guy and find the idea of spending a weekend together mesmerizing, you could choose to answer bluntly and ask him about his plans. 

How to do it? Read below to find out.

#1 Tell him you're free 

Your response can be simple and engaging. Say something such as, "I don't have plans yet; what about you?" 

This would keep the ball in his court. If he wants to hangout out with you, he would say so. If it was merely asked to make a conversation, he might switch the subject. Either way, you would know what's in his mind.

#2 Suggest a staycation 

If you want a nice and cozy weekend, don't hesitate to suggest a staycation. Tell something like, "I've wanted to backpack and spend the weekend in a luxurious hotel that offers spa and other indulgences. Would you care to join?"

If he is a guy who likes the idea of a staycation or wants to have one with you, he would readily agree and step forward to make arrangements.

#3 Invite over to your place 

You can extend an invitation to your place if it is clear that both of you like each other. Don't fear, and it won't be awkward. You can put it casually, "I'll be home this weekend. You can join me if you are an indoor person."

This would be simple. If he wants to join you, he will either give you a yes, or he will say that he will let you know. The latter would indicate that he doesn't want to come across as a desperate person. 

#4 Go on a movie date 

If you like the idea of going on a movie date with the guy, you can tell him that you have an extra movie pass. You can ask him if he would like to go on a movie date with you.

Spending time watching movies is relaxing. It comes with a bonus as you get time to know each other. You get familiar with one another's choices. It gives you time to observe, adjust, and relax as the eyes are not always on you.

#5 Tell him you are going to a show 

If you like the guy and you know he is fond of a particular artist, you can tell him that you have passes to a show that he is performing. While this can be a long shot because if he agrees to go along with you, you will have to arrange for the passes, it might be worth it. 

The chances are high that if he is fond of that artist, he might already have the passes. Besides, he would be glad to discover that your tastes match. It could prove to be a good start to a relationship.

#6 Take time to dig in 

If you like to play safe, you might not want to agree to go with him all at once. Instead, you can take some time to dig in. if you have mutual friends, you can get to know about his whereabouts, his likings, and dislikings, his passion. 

This is preferred only if you don't like surprises. It is always better to let a person introduce himself and his likings to you, but if you like to stalk and stay ahead, buying time will give you that advantage.

#7 Tell him your plans 

You can be honest with a man you'd like to date. If he asks you about your weekend plans, offer him honesty. The thinking and analyzing process shall begin after what he offers to you when he listens to your plan. 

This step can save time and energy as you might not be on the same page with the guy. He might not be thinking along the same lines as you. If he comes up with a twisted reply, tell him you like transparency. There is no reason to engage in wordplay if there is no necessity to do it. 

#8 Ask him his plans 

A smart way to deal with questions is to cross-question. When someone asks you about your weekend, you ask them what they have in mind. This is a witty and sarcastic way to reply.

The person will laugh and give you hints about what they were thinking and why they asked you the question in the first place. You can play the game accordingly after that.

If you don't want to spend the weekend together

If you don't like a guy and he asks you about your weekend plans, you might not want to humor him. While ignoring his question could be an option, it would be rude too. It is better to make an excuse and say something like your friend is coming over. 

Read below to discover more suggestions.

#1 Tell him you're visiting a relative 

The most convenient excuse when you want to ignore someone's company is to either tell them you have guests coming over or say you have an invitation. 

This is a conclusive move, and the person will not be able to do much about it. They would either have to postpone the plan or take your hint and try their shot on someone else.

#2 Tell him that you will take your mother for a checkup 

There's no better excuse than spending a day with your mother by taking her for a checkup. Even if her appointment is not due, you can go for a regular checkup or take her out shopping

Spending time with your mother is a great way to spend the weekend. Moreover, it will show your priorities. What you want, Ecom you like to keep around yourself, and how you don't like things that are not a rewarding experience.

#3 Tell him you've planned with your boyfriend 

When a guy asks you about weekend plans and this guy is not someone from your friend circle, you can tell him straight that you have plans with your boyfriend to avoid any awkwardness or embarrassment of refusing him if he asks you out.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have a boyfriend. It's alright to make a fictional one. You don't always have to be honest with people unless you get to see them at your workplace, say they are your colleague, then some time or the other they will discover that you lied to them. 

Don't do anything to avoid an embarrassing situation that can make it more embarrassing in the future. Play smart, and take your time to answer questions.

#4 Tell him you are unreachable at weekends 

Tell him you're not a weekend person and prefer not to be bothered. Trust me, and it's not rude! Many adults prefer to rest on weekends. It shows that you have your goals straight.

It also implies a difference in personality. It shows that you're not a people pleaser or a party animal. When you can see the difference, and it's palpable, sometimes it is better to draw it rather than hide it.

#5 Ask him the reason 

An easy way to avoid answering a question is to question the purpose of the question. It will give you a direct understanding of the cause. It will also save time and mind play.

Although this is something, you can't do with everyone. You have to be as good as strangers to be this direct without making any offense. 

Summing up 

When you are asked about your weekend plans by a random guy, give a funny answer. Sometimes the answer has not much to do with the purpose. It is about how you play along with people and let them reach out to you. If you shut the door at once, they might not gather the courage to ask you out again. Always know your heart before being definitive in your response.

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