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He Called Me My Love [DECODED]

He is catching feelings for you. Whenever a guy uses 'love' in conversations, it indicates he is falling for you. It is good news if you feel the same way for him and a word of caution if it was a fling.Featured Image of He Called Me My Love

If you're sleeping with a guy, and one fine day he greets you as the love of his life, would you be happy or shocked? While it might please someone dying to hear the word from his mouth, it might be a turn-off for one who dreads the thought of commitment.

What would you do in this case, and can you take his word at face value? Let's find out.

Why did he call you his love?

His heart was filled with joy when he looked into your eyes. His mouth felt it natural to name you love. It brought him happiness. 

What you need to figure out is if this was a one-time thing, or does he mean it? If it were a one-time thing, he wouldn't repeat it. If he keeps insisting and begins to tag you on a couple's memes, he is serious.

There can be various other reasons why he called you to love. Keep reading to know more.

#1 He is catching feelings 

Perhaps the guy is catching feelings for you. It happens when you see someone. While you can keep the three magical words at bay for a long time to come, it doesn't happen so always. 

This is a significant moment in your life from the perspective of your relationship goals. You need to decide if you want to continue the pathway it is taking or if you want to change the course.

Either way, you will not be able to ignore the situation for long. You will have to say the same words or come up with an explanation. 

Remember, don't tell someone you love them to make them feel better. It is against the rules and a foolish step to take.

#2 It's a term of endearment 

Calling someone love is an often practiced term of endearment. In this case, the timing is of great significance. Did he call you his love out of the blue or after you had a fantastic makeout session?

If he called you his love after a makeout session, he might have said it casually. If he said so while you were flirting with him, he has a crush on you. If he said it out of the blue, he has been thinking about you, and your thoughts keep him up at night.

Smiling at him to see his reaction would be a wise thing to do. If he kisses you when you smile at him, it is flirtatious. If he smiles back, it is meaningful. If he laughs, he is teasing you.

#3 He wants to get laid 

Guys do all kinds of stuff when they want to get laid. They will scan the effect of their words and actions on you. If it makes you feel special, they will do it again.

If you are attracted to him and would share his intentions, go on and flirt back. If you want something more than a one-nighter or random hookup, let him put more effort. 

Whatever you do, don't do it because it's stereotypical. Always let your heart lead the matter.

#4 It was a momentary feeling 

This generally happens when you have a meaningful moment together. If you were sweet to him or stood by him when no one trusted his abilities, he would feel that you hold him in a special place in your heart. 

While he wanted to do something nice for you, he did not know what to do. It is important to note what he said while addressing you as his love. The context is significant. Recall the moment and try to ascertain what had happened.

#5 You are being romantic with him 

If you were romantic with him, he would utilize the moment to his benefit. Guys like to do it. They take extreme pleasure in being popular among girls. They treat everyone as a sweetheart. 

Notice his behavior with your friends and other girls. If he treats everyone the same, don't take his words seriously. If he treats you with special care, he means it.

#6 You are kind 

A person calls another person love when they bestow them with kindness. If you had done something significant for them, or if you can be useful to them, they would give you heads-over-heels treatment.

They would willingly show that you mean the world to them. They would bring you goodies and do small things to win your heart. They will do thorough research on your liking and dislikings and will present themselves aligned with your interests. 

Don't fall for anything that seems too eye-catching all at once. The high stake is that it has all been premeditative. It was meant to create a deep impression on you. Don't discuss him with your friends because if the word gets around, he will know that you have been thinking about him lately. He will use it to leverage his goal.

#7 He needs a favor 

Perhaps you're a geek, and the guy has an assignment due. All he needs is you to do it on his behalf. Moreover, you might have the reputation of being helpful. You don't deny favors unless it comes from someone mean. 

He is carefully covering the path to your heart with roses and myrtle. He might even bring you flowers. If what he seeks is easy for you, it could begin a nice friendship. If not, spend your time doing something useful.

#8 He was drunk 

Perhaps it was blurring in the dark while drunk. He might have as well called the city his love. Never take the words of a drunkard seriously. The next morning he might not even remember it. 

The most you can do is drop him home safely. Friendship with such men is harmless, but anything more might be calling trouble for yourself.

#9 You're his comfort zone 

Perhaps the guy feels comfortable with you. He is an introvert who hasn't opened up to this level with anyone else. You're his first, and he intends to secure the bond with a permanent seal. He feels insecure about you, and he is not willing to take any chance. 

Let him dwell in the zone if he is harmless. If someone treats you as the sun, allowing them to bask in the sunshine is the more generous. He is not demanding anything from you in return, is he? 

If it comes down to something serious, keep the ground rules and non-negotiation list clear. Tell him your priorities, and get to know his list. Never miss an opportunity to build something stronger when you get a chance.

#10 You make him feel special 

If he is your best friend or you treat him like one, he can call you his love because you're one of the most important people in his life. Best friends can be lovers. 

There's no doubt about that. It's one of the most special and cherished bonds on both sides. If you feel a flame of romance in this friendship, you might want to fuel it. It might become the best decision ever.

#11 He wants to see your reaction 

Sometimes we do things to watch the reaction. It is mostly done when the does isn't certain about the situation. If thought is meddling with a guy's mind, he will try to seek answers

In this case, if the guy is not certain about what you might think about him but finds himself irresistibly attracted to you, he would not take his eyes off you.

Currently, notice where he looks when he calls you his love. If he tells you so while keeping his eyes on you, he is generously into you. If he looks at you from the corner of his eyes, he is mildly interested in you. If he doesn't look at you, he is either shy, or it was a passing remark of no value.

#12 He is a pervert 

While you might wonder why a pervert would call you something more sensual and extrinsic, this guy could be a pervert and clever. He is aware that calling you hot might not be a big deal.

A general exclamation would be public, but addressing with a personal tag is creating a mark upon the skin. He is posing as if you have known each other intimately. This might bring him into the limelight if he calls it out loud. People would talk, and you might become the gossip of the town.

 #13 He knows you're an attention seeker 

Perhaps the guy understands your nature well. He is aware that you seek attention and approval at large. He is using it to be flirtatious with you. It is possible that he might be bored and is looking to have fun. 

If you have a popularity to be a fun-going person, he might take his chance to bet on the proposal. It is fundamental to consider your feelings at this instant. Whether you want to encourage this and fabricate something out of it or dismiss the incident as a regular occurrence is on you.

What to do when you're called the love of someone's life?

Be honest about your feelings. Don't let the words of someone delude you into believing something unless you feel it yourself.

How to know more? Keep reading!

#1 Don't take his words at face value 

When someone calls you their love, wait and see what else comes with it. Do they pamper you? Are they expecting you to pamper them? Do they make you feel like sunshine? 

Judge him on his actions rather than the mere face value of his words. Let him put in the effort. Give him time. Invest your time and energy if you will, but don't make haste. If it is slow, you will absorb every minute of it.

#2 Follow your heart 

Let your heart lead you. Follow the path it takes. It need not necessarily means hugging him at once or snapping the door on his face.

Try to understand what you want. Knowing one's feelings can be tricky too. Do you like to look at him? What do you think about him? Do you talk about him?

If yes, he has certainly created an impression on you. If not, he has a long way to go. 

#3 Don't give an immediate reply 

If someone calls you their love, it doesn't mean you must reply immediately.

The person might be doing it at the spur of the moment, and you might feel obliged to give a satisfactory reply to encourage the person further.

However, it is better to stay quiet than to mislead. You must not do anything that might create a false impression on him or you. Know your mind. Think hard and do the calculations before weighing them against your words.

#4 Dig in his past 

Getting to know about the guy's previous relationship will give you leads on his he behaves socially when seeing someone. Does he often get into fights with his partner, or do they shine as a perfect couple? 

This will help you in making your call, as you would want to avoid getting seen by someone who doesn't hold a good social ranking. Little things matter and can go a long way. While public opinions might not always be true and should not dictate your choice, it is worth knowing.

#5 Know his goals 

The future goals would show you how ambitious he is. Most men are vain. They depend on their parents first and then become a burden on their girlfriends. You don't want to date such. 

Knowing the goals will also help you in imagining the bigger picture. Do your goals align with his, or are they complementary? Do you feel it would make up a nice pair? Find answers to these questions before making a firm decision.

#6 Ask him how he imagines his life ten years down the line 

If he is serious about you, then ten years later, he would imagine himself starting a family with you. When you ask him this, and if you get a satisfactory answer which is also realistic, he is your guy to take home. 

It would show that he is thoughtful and serious about you. You don't need vague proposals. Keep the kind of people who act as assets for you. Learn to filter from the lot. 

#7 Look into his eyes 

Eyes never lie. If he means what he says, he won't take his eyes off you. Look into his eyes. What do they express? Do they show tenderness for what they behold? Do they smile at you?

Does the gaze make you feel comfortable? Is there warmth in their look? If you get the answers in the affirmative, he is your man. Show the same respect and love that you are delivered. 

#8 Check his inbox 

A glance at the guy's inbox will tell you a lot. You would be able to find out about the people he likes to talk to. You would be able to understand what kind of conversations he maintains.

It is important to note that most guys don't know how to talk. While girls are blamed as a chatterbox, guys don't know how to keep the conversation running. They would give one-word replies which are dull and upsetting.

You can't merely fall for the looks of a person. The person must be compatible to share a bond of significance with you. 

#9 Check his bank statement 

While this might be an overstep, looking at the bank statement will give you a vague idea about his habits, income, and expenses. If you are a minimalist, an extravagant person might not work out for you. 

Whereas, if you live to eat, dance, and enjoy life, someone who is not into partying, and is more homely, might not at once attract you. However, remember that these qualities are complimentary and known to make great pairs together.

#10 Does he pose publicly with you 

If he poses publicly with you, it suggests he is proud to have you. It can be because of your striking looks or achievements, or perhaps he is heads-over-heels love in you! 

Either way, it will boost your confidence. It is significant when a person doesn't hesitate to appear with you publicly. This shows a mark of respect and fondness. Such people hardly disappoint.

Summing up 

If a guy calls you his love, he has shared proximity with you which makes your bond special. You're not a mere someone for him. You must put your efforts into nourishing the bond and making it strong. This guy is showing his emotional side before you, and for guys, it is a big deal.

Suprity Acharyya


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