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Why Is My Girlfriend Always Tired and Moody? [ANSWERED]

She is tired and moody all the time because of her extreme work pressure. She might also have a physical ailment, a sickness she may or may not be aware of.A woman sitting on a bed seems tired and her partner kept his hand on her shoulder

Being tired is a common human attribute. It can happen when you are overworked or when you are going through emotional turmoil.

You can get tired easily if and when you are sick. All these reasons for being tired directly affect your mood. If you are sick or distressed in any way, your body will show the signs, and so will your mind.

There can be a range of other reasons that trigger this kind of behavior.

Your girlfriend is always tired and moody, and you seem to wonder why. Does she get enough sleep? What about her immense work pressure? Is she sick? Is this an early sign of clinical depression? Or is she just trying to hide something?

The questions in your mind about her behavior brought you here, where I can attempt to answer a few of them.

Possible reasons why she is always tired and moody

For the last few months, your girlfriend has been behaving miserably with you. There are only a few nice conversations, and they are becoming fewer by the day. She gets angry even at your smallest mistakes. The little inconveniences annoy her a lot. Sometimes, apparently, “nothing” makes her mad.

Also, she is tired all the time. She falls asleep as soon as she comes home from work. Sometimes she even forgets dinner. Being tired makes her cranky most of the time. And all of this affects your relationship adversely.

Having a lot of questions about this condition is very normal when you care about your girlfriend. Your worries will lessen once you get to the root of her problems. I will help you in doing so. Read on.

#1 Work pressure

Having a healthy work-life balance is necessary for a person’s physical and mental well-being. Your girlfriend always seems tired and moody, possibly because of her unhealthy work life. 

She could be under too much pressure at her workplace. If you observe her closely, you might find her engulfed by work, even at home.

It is very normal for an overworked person to snap even at the little inconveniences. Nobody wants to work all the time unless the person is a workaholic.

She clearly isn’t one. If work makes her moody and tired all the time, then maybe she isn’t in love with her job. She is just doing it to pay her bills. Most people work like that. Finding a well-paying job that you love is rare.

#2 Emotional issues

Emotional issues can range from family problems to a lost key. Your girlfriend’s degrading mood might be the result of an unresolved emotional issue. 

She is tired of searching for mental peace. The lack of a proper solution is irritating her, and that is directly affecting her behavior.

She is tired of fighting with her own mind about the unresolved issue. Neither can she share it with you, nor can she deal with it on her own.

An emotional burden is tiring and sometimes headache-inducing. All she wants is a person who would understand what’s bothering her and help her come up with a solution.

#3 Depression

Depression is a very twenty-first-century problem. It has now become a common word in most households. 

Our secluded lives, unhealthy work hours, and a general lack of human contact are a few reasons for the sheer increase in cases of depression.

Your girlfriend is always tired and moody, maybe because she is depressed. 

Of course, you wouldn’t know that. At times even the person with depression fails to realize their problems. However, early identification can save your girlfriend from entering the clinical stage.

She desperately needs help, but she doesn’t know how to ask for it. She could even be unaware of the fact that she needs help.

Her depression is slowly taking over her personality, and that makes her tired. The mental fatigue of a person going through depression is immense and unimaginable. Not being able to share it is super annoying, and that is bound to make her moody most of the time.

#4 Health issues

A healthy mind needs a healthy body, and vice versa. If your mind is going through a stressful condition, your body will definitely reflect that.

If your physical health is not sound, your mind will react accordingly. Your girlfriend’s fluctuating mood and perennial tiredness point towards her questionable physical health.

She wants to live a happy life, but her body is not allowing her to do so. She might need help to recognize her problems and act accordingly.

Here, acting accordingly refers to a situation where she takes professional help to deal with her degrading health.

#5 Something you have done

Sometimes, unknowingly, you do things that you shouldn’t have done. Her unnatural behavior can be the result of something you have done. 

Whatever you have done might have caused her discomfort, and she is behaving accordingly to teach you a lesson.

Maybe, she is tired of doing all the household chores while you do nothing to help. All she wants is a bit of help from you, as equals, to run the house effortlessly.

She wants you to be as involved as she is in household matters. Her moody behavior is to make you realize how insensitive it is to expect someone to do all the work while you sit around all day long.

#6 Insomnia

She is not getting enough sleep. Sleep is immensely important. The lack of it can wreak havoc on our lives. It is nature’s way of helping us recharge for a new day of work. Your girlfriend’s sheer lack of sleep has made her cranky, moody, and tired at the same time.

Insomnia is a major health issue faced by many around us. Her lack of sleep could have stemmed from extreme work pressure, relationship stress, or health issues.

Getting a good night’s sleep is like a treasure to insomniac people. Your girlfriend pines for a few hours of good sleep. She might need medical attention.

#7 Too much exercise

Staying fit is the need of the hour, and exercise helps us in this area.

There are two kinds of people who go for physical exercises: one kind loves doing it and looks forward to the next session, however, the other kind exercises because it needs to be done.

The second kind is not fond of losing a chunk of energy and time to exercise sessions every day. That causes physical and mental fatigue, resulting in being tired and moody all the time.

Your girlfriend falls into the second category. She wants to get fit but physical exercise is something she absolutely detests. 

She hates the fact that she has to go to the gym every day and spend at least an hour or two over there. Therefore, when she comes back from the gym, a place she doesn’t like, she is tired and moody, and she gets annoyed at little things.

#8 Fought with her best friend

The one most important person other than you and her family is her best friend. She shares everything with that person. When she fights with them, she is bound to be tired and moody.

She is tired because of the mental fatigue of overthinking about losing her best friend. When people fight, they often tend to intentionally hurt the person they are fighting with.

Not many think about the consequence of using something very personal and sensitive as ammunition during a verbal fight. Maybe she did that with her best friend, and now as a result, they are no longer on talking terms.

Her being moody and tired is not your fault. She had a fight with her best friend, she is frustrated, and you are bearing the brunt of it. Let her mull over it for a few days, and everything will hopefully be alright.

#9 Fought with her family

Similarly, a fight with her family can have an adverse effect on her mind. If she loves her family and is close to it, a fight will definitely be distressing for her. 

Almost everybody fights with their family at some point in their lives. Even you have fought with your folks. These fights are verbal and can turn nasty with personal attacks.

Nobody (not even you) knows your girlfriend better than her family. Nobody knows her family better than her.

She might have said hurtful things to her folks (and vice –versa), and that has left them estranged. This mental distance from her family makes her sad. 

Her distressed mind is dealing with the situation by being angry and moody all the time. You stay with her now. Therefore, you naturally come at the receiving end of all her wrath.

#10 Trying to hide something

Hiding things from the person you stay with is a particularly difficult job to do. There is always this lingering fear of one’s secret getting uncovered. 

In this world full of stress, keeping a secret is an added problem. She is moody and tired all the time, maybe because she has to keep something from you. She has got a secret that can change the dynamics of your relationship.

Her secrets could range from falling for another person to an eating disorder. She sticks to her phone all the time and answers your questions with a rough edge.

The first thing to come to your mind would have a cheating angle. If you look closely, you might find something that could have never crossed your mind. 

She might be hiding an addiction. She might even be fighting with eating disorders. The list is long. This is her fight, and she is alone in this. She has got nobody to share it with, and that makes her sad, tired, and moody.

However, she can also be cheating on you. In this case, she is probably tired of this relationship with you. She has found a replacement, but she is finding it difficult to disclose it to you.

She has to stay with you until the bitter confrontation. It is not her intention to be moody all the time, but she just can’t help it. Doing something she doesn’t want to do, is annoying her every day.

Steps you can take

If you think her behavior is not normal and that she has been like this for a few days or weeks, try to get to the root of the cause.

If you can’t decipher her problems, then just be at her side. Show her how much you care. Try to be the person of comfort she desperately needs in her distressing times. If she is not comfortable answering your questions, stay away from asking more. What else can you do? Read on.

#1 Ask her about her day

Communication is key, especially in relationships. She seems tired and moody all the time. If she is not comfortable with talking about her problems, you can just ask how her day was. 

It is a simple but effective question. It can pave your way for better conversational topics and can make her open up about her problems, problems that are the reason for her perennial foul mood.

All you need to do is have a mature conversation with her about what’s bothering her to this extent.

#2 Talk to her more often

You guys stay together, but you have stopped talking to each other. This time comes up in most long-term relationships. You don’t have much to talk about, and in the process, you stop talking about the things bothering you.

She is not being able to talk to you about her problems. She just doesn’t know how to approach you. You can be the bigger person here. 

Talk to her, rather, make her talk more. She needs your help but is too proud to ask for it. Help her get out of the distress without letting her know that you are helping.

#3 Take her out for dinner

If something is affecting her health and her mood, go for distraction. Distract her from her problems, if you can, even for a few hours.

In this case, what’s better than taking her out for dinner at her favorite place or the place where you had your first date?

Such a date might help in lifting her spirits. She might end up talking to you about things that are bothering her. If you are the reason for her bad mood, this date can try to amend your mistakes.

#4 Plan for a day out with her

If a dinner looks short, you can always go for a day out. Choose a day when both of you do not have to go to work, and plan elaborately. This plan can even come up at the weekend.

If she is into adventure sports, you can go for things like hiking. If you stay near a beach, go swimming. Gift her a fun day, and she might be able to keep her worries at bay even for those few hours.

She desperately needs a detox session. A day out with you, the person she loves, can help her in many ways. It will take off the stress from her shoulders for a considerable period of time.

#5 Watch her favorite movies together

Both of you have common interests; that’s what brought you together. If you have bonded over movies at the beginning of your relationship, this is the time to invoke it again. 

Watch the movies, you both love. You must have some movies that have attained a different meaning for you. Re-watch the first movie you watched together.

If you share a fandom, nothing can be better than it. You can even dress up as your favorite while watching the movies. 

Movies, for a limited amount of time, take you to an unfamiliar world, away from the one you wish to escape. These few hours of bliss are needed to survive the harsh realities of the twenty-first-century world.

#6 Start doing meditation together

Mental detoxification is necessary to deal with anger issues that come with the tiring life most of us have. You can try meditation. 

Doing something together is always recommended for a healthy relationship. An hour of conjugal quietness can bring new dimensions to your relationship. It will help her focus on all the positive things in life.

Meditation will bring forward all those things that do not irritate her. An hour of positivity can help her overcome the overwhelming feeling of being tired and moody all the time.

#7 Give her some space 

She needs to be on her own. Doing things together is necessary for a healthy relationship to prosper, but personal space is also needed. 

She needs some time to be alone with herself. It will help her think and put her thoughts in place. She is tired and moody because of the scattered thoughts that lay all over the place. 

With you around all the time, she is not being able to gather them up. She is moody but too polite to ask you to leave, and that is annoying her. Leave her with herself for a while and hope for her to recover.

#8 Take her to the doctor

Stress and mental health issues are serious problems in today’s world. Her foul mood and tiredness are a result of her degrading mental health.

She needs professional help. You can take her to a therapist, where she can talk about her problems without the fear of judgment. If she refuses to go, try to convince her by mentioning the merits of visiting a therapist regularly.

If her change in behavior is the result of a possible physical ailment, take her to the doctor for a routine check-up immediately. If she is suffering from a sickness, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid any kind of damage to her health.

Summing up

There can be more than one reason for your girlfriend being tired and moody. Sometimes the foul mood comes up as a chain reaction to something not even remotely related to the reaction. 

The hard part is to detect the root of her problems. Only then can you attempt to solve it or just be there by her side. Your reaction, in this case, needs to be on point.

You wouldn’t want to trigger her more. The right response to her problems can go a long way and can even establish you as a person she can trust.

Nirajana Mukherjee

Senior Writer

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