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Why Hasn't My Ex Changed Her Relationship Status? [ANSWERED]

If your ex hasn't changed her relationship status, she is still taking time to absorb the reality. It all happened too fast, and she might be stuck in the past. Allow her some time, and once she has accepted the reality that you won't be seeing each other anymore, she will change her status too.A man sitting on a chair looking at his laptop and thinking about his ex

Changing relationship status means making your availability official. It's not only about making others know that you do not see each other anymore. It is also about showing them that you're ready for dating and starting it all over again.

In today's world, we are very well connected on social media platforms. We are connected with not only the ones we know but also the ones we don't know. 

Changing the relationship status is a big step. One must be sure when they do it. It is a declaration of your love life to the world.

If your ex hasn't changed her relationship status after you broke up yet while you have, she is taking her time to absorb the reality. Let us find out what might be some of the well-known causes for this hesitancy to show one's availability, or is it that she likes to remain associated with you? Keep reading to know more.

Possible reasons why your ex hasn't changed her relationship status

Your ex hasn't changed her relationship status because she is occupied elsewhere. It didn't occur to her that she should change her relationship status.

When we start seeing someone, we get very excited, and we want to declare our love to the world. On the contrary, when we stop seeing a person, we avoid getting into conversations about them.

However, there are many possibilities for this, and I've discussed it one by one below. Please read it to find out which one you think could be her reason.

#1 She needs time 

Your ex is taking her time to move along with the pace of life. It isn't easy, after all. She might be having flashbacks and might be feeling low. It might be that she hasn't yet moved on from you ahead in another direction. 

Don't be concerned with her relationship status. After all, the status doesn't display the guy's name she is dating. You might change yours if you want to show the world and the people in your mutual circle that you aren't dating anymore.

#2 She was serious about you 

It might be that she had invested herself strongly into the relationship. While you might have moved on, she is still stuck there. She was perhaps more serious than you in this relationship. 

If you are not as invested as her, don't think much. She will change her status when she feels like it. For now, she might still be looking at your photographs together and recalling all the moments spent together.

#3 She hasn't told her family yet 

Girls tend to share things with their families. If she was seriously into you, she must have taken her parents or someone from her family into confidence.

Now that you are no longer together, she might not have changed her status yet because she hasn't opened up to her family about it.

Involving families can make things complicated. Parents are emotional, and they might need more time than their children to move on with the pace of life. She may change the status once she has talked to her parents about it.

#4 She is busy 

There's no strong reason behind it. It might merely be that she was staying occupied with her work and didn't get time to change her relationship status. She might have more important things to focus on right now. 

She might be competitive and future-oriented. I suggest you be the same. Don't spend much time thinking about all this. If you care about whether she has changed her relationship status or not, it means that you haven't yet moved on.

#5 She is finding it difficult to move on 

Moving on isn't a cakewalk for all. Some people are so lonely that they never find it easy to let go of someone. They sink in and fall deeper. They spend hours crying and trying to understand why it had to happen the way it did. They try to reason and keep revisiting memories.

This might also be the case for your ex if she didn't like to keep herself surrounded by her friends. She might be finding it difficult to move on. This might be why she hasn't thought about changing her relationship status yet.

Maybe it's not about you. It is her nature. But I'm certain, and once she is over you, she will change her status for good.

#6 She is not ready to start again 

Changing the relationship status means showing the world that you're available to date again. She is not ready for that yet. She is taking her time off, keeping herself busy in other activities rather than sinking herself in your thoughts. 

She can't afford to think about you at this moment. Hence, she might also be avoiding looking at your pictures and keeping herself busy in a way that reality doesn't catch up with her in the form of sudden shocks.

#7 It did not occur to her 

It might simply be that it didn't occur to her that she should change her relationship status. She has become more mature and has realized that it's better to keep one's private life personal rather than making a great fuss about it and playing the role of one's journalist. 

She doesn't find it necessary to change the relationship status.

Moreover, if she is active on social media and if you have already changed your relationship status, then it is mighty clear to say at least the mutual friends that you aren't dating any longer.

#8 She is waiting for you to change it first 

Well, if you haven't changed your relationship status yet, she might be waiting for you to do it first. That way, all the people who are always interested in other people's affairs and gossip might text you about it to quench their curiosity, and she will be able to make a narrow escape from addressing their questions.

If you haven't changed your relationship status for a similar reason, it's alright. Let it be. Use your time in doing things that will fuel up your energy rather than draining it.

#9 She wants to give it another try 

Your ex may want to give this relationship another try. She feels there's scope in it, and you haven't ended it on a discordant note. Or the reason why you have ended it isn't reason enough.

If you feel the same way, you might drop her a text and wait to see her response. If not, don't get in touch with her. Avoid her and ask the connections with her so that she doesn't get false hopes.

#10 She is not active on social media 

Well, you know your ex well. If she was always the last one to like your posts on social media and never took the initiative to make comments on it, she might not take one to change the status as well.

Try to remember the occasion when she had decided to make it official. Was it natural and her call, or was she influenced by you or her friend circle?

If it was natural, once everything sinks in, she will change it to single again. If it was influenced, she perhaps doesn't care about the status on display. The people in her life who matter and the ones she counts on must have the knowledge about this change in her life.

#11 She still has feelings for you 

She hasn't changed her relationship status because she is still in love with you. She thought you to be the love of her life, and she is perhaps still hoping that you will come back to her and fix things right.

She might consider it one of those mini breakups that keep happening now and then between couples. 

Breakups are hard, and moving on harder. Allow her time to process it. When you don't show up in her life for a long period, she will accept the reality and move on.

#12 She didn't get a closure 

If you guys had an abrupt breakup, she is still trying to process and figure out everything in the hope of closure. It's always good to end relationships on a friendly note. You can always choose to be friends if it occurs to you that you can't be soulmates. 

Discussing it and finding solid reasons for ending it is better than making hasty departures. When you talk, a lot of frustration flows out, and you achieve a relaxed state of mind which is healthy for both of you. You don't want to recall the past in bitterness.

#13 She wants to see if it bothers you 

Your ex hasn't changed her relationship status yet because she wants to see your reaction to it.

Does it bother you if she has or has not changed her status? If yes, why? Does it mean that you have been keeping an eye on all her activities? If yes, why so?

Girls like to take up the complexities of relationships and analyze them in fragments. They enjoy studying human nature and taking notes for the future. So, if your ex doesn't matter to you anymore, be at peace with your life and don't overthink a lot.

#14 She wants to dwell in her world of make-believe 

Your ex doesn't want to accept the reality. She is happy in her world of make-believe. She hasn't come to terms with the realization that you do not see each other anymore. She is carrying on her daily chores and subconsciously bearing in mind that you would make a return to her soon. 

It's as if you're out of town for some business purpose, and she is happily having her merry time till you return. She is too selfish to believe that you have gone your separate way, never to make a return.

#15 She likes to stay associated with you 

If you are well known or have maintained good connections with people, she naturally likes to give the world an impression that you are very close to her or that she is very dear to you.

This is the reason that she hasn't changed her relationship status yet. She wants to keep the breakup a secret, at least until she doesn't move on to someone as well known as you.

What to do if your ex doesn't change her relationship status?

If your ex hasn't changed her relationship status, don't be too concerned about it. Focus on greater aspects of life. Things that matter and will make a difference in your life. Let bygones be bygones. I've discussed several ways to cope with the present situation and come out happy.

#1 Prioritize your peace 

Your priority should be your peace. Don't let matters related to your ex come in the way. If you keep thinking about her and try to find reasons for her behavior, you will keep brainstorming and restless unnecessarily. It will keep you low and make you weary. 

List down your priorities in life rank yourself top in it. And from now on, all that you do or think, do to make this better and enhance your lifestyle.

#2 Talk it out 

If you feel that talking it out with your ex and reasoning as to why she hasn't changed her relationship status yet or to remind her to do it will not only take away your restlessness but also fetch you a definite response from her that will give you the key to move ahead in life once and for all, go on and do it.

You can drop a text with a hint of sarcasm, asking her if she isn't over you yet or has already started seeing someone else right after the breakup. The latter would suggest that she was cheating on you while you two were together.

However, if you feel this would only complicate the situation and make it worse than ever, delete her contact number and give cupid another chance.

#3 Give a closure 

If you feel that your ex is stuck with your thoughts in her past and the thought of it drains you, you wanted things to take a better turn, but unfortunately, it didn't happen the way you had hoped for, you can help her out.

If you had ended it hastily, give her closure. Make her understand why parting ways was the only option. She will appreciate it, and you can continue to be friends.

#4 Change your status 

If you haven't changed your relationship status yet, I strongly suggest doing it. Changing your relationship status might hurt her ego and push her to change her relationship status.

That way, the two of you will be even, and you would be free of sharing many commonalities with her that might brainstorm you later.

#5 Stop replying to her text 

If you are still connected to your ex and exchange text messages or continue to share forwards and memes, I suggest you stop doing it. Staying connected with your ex isn't bad or unhealthy.

But if either of you doesn't take a break, things won't alter between you two. It would be as if you are still in a relationship without sharing the tag.

When you stop yourself from replying to her texts, you will begin to distance yourself from her, and in the process, both of you will take different paths in life and eventually start dating someone else. When you start doing it, the status of the relationship on Facebook or elsewhere will stop mattering.

#6 Archive your photos on social media 

If you have photos with your ex on social media and haven't deleted them yet, it might give her some hope of sticking by you. She might think that you two still have a future together. 

Don't give her false hopes. If you don't want to delete the photographs, archive them. If she keeps a check, she would take the hint and begin to disconnect and disassociate with you. 

#7 Unfollow her 

If you are still following her on social media, you might want to reconsider it. Don't just think from your perspective. Try to understand the complexities that it might create underneath. 

As your ex hasn't changed her relationship status yet, it might be because you connected with her on social media platforms gave her false hope of belongingness. It wouldn't have mattered if her relationship status wouldn't have irked you, but since it does, it's better to unfollow her both in life and virtually.

#8 Start dating again 

If you are bothered about your ex's relationship status, it shows that you are still stuck with her in the frozen clock of bygone days. 

You might want to consider dating again. Seeing other people or going on blind dates will keep your mind off of your ex, and you never know. In the process, you might discover the one your heart truly wants.

#9 Know your heart 

Before checking your ex's status, try to understand the purpose behind it. Why do you want to know what's going on in her life? How will that make a change or be a difference in your life? What do you want from life? Do you still miss her? 

Know your heart inside out. It's not easy to understand the matters of the heart. We try to associate all the complex feelings with it. 

You need to deconstruct the process and simplify it by focusing on achievable goals and simple forms of joy. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Whatever makes you sad, keep your distance from it.

#10 Practise diary writing 

Practicing diary writing and making it a habit can be a form of introspection and meditation. It would not only calm your mind and channel your thoughts, but it would also help you in fetching deeper insights into your situation and of those related to you.

It would enable you to work in the right direction without wasting your energy and invest in the right proportion. 

Yes, writing a diary can help you understand yourself better and is a great way to end your day with all your thoughts put in one place. 

You would then know that relationship status and other tags would never make a greater difference in your life. It's what you think and how you perceive your thoughts that make all the difference in life.

#11 Divert yourself 

Disengage yourself from anything that brings you unhappiness or displeases your scheme of things. Divert your attention by working on the development of a new hobby.

Find new interests, discover new haunts, visit libraries, try new sports, do anything and everything that it takes to keep your mind off of unnecessary things.

#12 Stay future-oriented 

If your goals are clear to you, you will stay committed to them. Stay future-oriented and rechannel all your activities for proper functioning.

This will bring your life a renewed purpose and give you reasons to keep up with life and all the tantrums it throws at you.

Do not give up. Perseverance is the key to a happy life. If you maintain your relationship well with life, every other relation shall fall in place in a matter of my time for betterment.

Summing up

If your ex hasn't changed her relationship status yet, it's her botheration, not yours. Don't invest your energy in something that would not give you results.

Make it the purpose of your life that whatever you do, you do it for your betterment. Don't strive for something when you know that the fruits are already rotten. Love yourself right, and start by working on everything that makes your life peaceful.

Suprity Acharyya


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