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Why Does My Ex Stare at Me but Won't Talk? [ANSWERED]

Your ex is trying to study your expression and make you uncomfortable. They aren't happy that you have moved on in your life so easily. Perhaps they are not at peace. Try to ignore them because they belong to the past, and you have a wonderful present to work on.A ex-couple sitting in front of firebox

Relationships can take sloppy turns and fail your expectations. You end up as randomly as you had started your relationship.

However, when you are forced to share the same space with your ex, that's when the tragedy begins.

Relationships these days are not as much about breakups and ending as it is about the post-breakup period.

If you have trouble dealing with your ex, who is eyeing you but won't talk, you have fortunately landed at the right place.

This article will help you figure out why your ex's odd behavior and take you through simple ways to overcome and handle the situation. Keep reading to know more.

Reasons why your ex stares at you but doesn't talk

Some birds like to pique objects without any objectives until someone or something creates an objection. Your ex might happen to be this annoying bird.

However, if they weren't always like this and this is not the reason why you ended up in the first place, keep scrolling to gather details why they are suddenly behaving so oddly.

#1 They are embarrassed 

Perhaps your ex is too embarrassed to talk. If you had caught them red-handed cheating on you, they have all the reasons in the world to be as embarrassed as a human with some decency would be.

However, they are looking at you, hoping you would like to give it another go. Perhaps, what you caught them doing was a one-night stand.

They thought that you would never discover it and what's life without some fun. They took it lightly until the discovery happened. 

Honestly, you can't be sure about their character. They might have had many such one-night stands with different people off and on.

If you don't feel like giving them another chance, don't look their way. However, if you have been pathetically suffering since you broke up and want to make amends, this might be the chance.

#2 They are shy 

Perhaps your ex was never a conversation opener. Although they have this deep desire to talk to you, perhaps, because seeing you suddenly came as a surprise, they don't know how to make a move.

They are staring at you from that awkward distance, possibly urging you with their eyes to come close and say something. They might be having a flashback. Every happy moment that you had spent together is coming back to them. 

While you perhaps remember the bitter ones, they cherish the delightful ones. They might be blankly staring at you. Not knowing that their eyes are on you, they get carried away in their thoughts.

Perhaps if you confront them or make some gesture, they will be dragged back to the present moment. However, if you are not interested in initiating a conversation, it's better to let it go. Forget, forgive, and be at peace.

#3 They want to apologize 

Perhaps your ex is trying to find out a way to make an apology for all the past mistakes. This apology was long due, and they know they have been guilty of breaking your heart.

However, they were never able to gather courage deep within, and they are aware that the apology won't make any difference or change anything. 

They are staring at you to see if your eyes are welcoming. If you had nodded in their direction or given them a melting look from your beaming eyes, they would have erased the distance and opened up to you without any hindrance.

#4 They are hurt 

Perhaps your ex still blames you for breaking their heart and is staring at you to see if your eyes give them a flinch, a notion that you are sorry for taking them so casually and making them fall in love.

They are wounded inside, and they feel that only you have the power to heal them. They are trying to gain some empathy from you. Hence, they have sealed their lips, but their eyes are stuck on you.

If you have something to offer them that might ease their pain, don't take too long to do it. 

#5 They are jealous 

Perhaps your ex is staring at you because you are not alone. You have brought a partner along with you, and envy is consuming their soul.

If the decision to break up was theirs, they are requesting it. They are perhaps wondering if they had stayed longer and shown a little bit more patience, wouldn't they be the ones by your side holding hands and at peace.

You can introduce them to your partner to find a way to know what's going on in their mind. Your partner will have some insights to add.

#6 They are angry 

Perhaps your ex is still mad at you for abandoning them without notice. A mere glance at you has filled them with rage.

This rage has made them dumbfounded because they know if they break the silence, they will make the equation worse. Either they didn't get closure, or you acted too carefree around them. 

While they find themselves helpless at withdrawing their eyes from you, they choose to let the silence prevail. 

It happens that we get so busy scrutinizing the other person's behavior that we forget to see our reflection. Were you doing something particularly nasty or something that you knew your ex never liked you to do that would make them look like an idiot? 

#7 They are scared you might insult them 

Perhaps you are a very haughty and aggressive person. You are rude and condescending. If you find a person faulty, you will show no mercy in exposing their faults. Hence your ex isn't taking their chance.

They are aware that you won't make amends. You are not the type who would let bygones be bygones. You merely are a lookout for a chance. If such is your impression on your ex, who knows you inside out, they might want to talk to you to clear things out, but they don't dare do it because of your temper.

If you indeed feel that this is not an exaggeration and can be the possible cause, you got to work on yourself a lot. 

#8 They feel estranged 

Perhaps your ex feels estranged from you. They feel they don't know you the way they used to. They haven't heard from you for a while. You have got a new look. You have changed your hairstyle. You switched to a new friend circle. You have become more verbal and expressive among strangers. 

This new self of yours has made them dumbfounded. They don't know how to react. However, they cannot help but stare. They had been loyal to you, but you had different desires. 

#9 They are not getting an opportunity 

Perhaps your ex is on a watch out for an opportunity to seize the distance and talk. But you have been so surrounded by people all the time that they could not do it. You are so absorbed in avoiding them that you are not paying attention to their body language. 

They are trying to talk to you through their gestures. Try to recall if, at any moment, they had taken a step or two towards you. If you feel they did, they wanted to either catch up with you or give their good wishes to you.

#10 You moved on fast 

Perhaps your ex is still not over that you moved on so fast. They are wondering if everything that happened between you was nothing but threads of lies masterfully weaved by you.

They are trying to remember how you both had fallen in love. They are trying to judge you. It's a desperate attempt to understand everything you keep hidden beneath your face.

Overall, they are trying to estimate that after all these years, do they know you at all? If they frown while looking at you, this might be their train of thoughts.

#11 You blocked them 

Perhaps your ex is trying to understand the need to block them from your life in the first place. If you didn't maintain a friendly term with them, they are wondering, why not? Isn't that the right way to move on?

They want to befriend you once again. They would have come and given you their greetings had you not shut your account from them on social media pages.

#12 You didn't end well 

If you did not end things mutually, your ex still holds hard feelings for you. They are perhaps cursing you beneath their tongue. 

They want to erase your existence from the world. They are staring at you wildly because they want to attack you.

If you can sense anger in their eyes, it's better to stay in some company. Bring it to your companion's attention so that you would feel a sense of security.

#13 You told them never to show their face again 

If your ex had broken up with you and, in a fit of anger, you had told them never to show their face again, this might be the reason for blankly staring but not talking to you.

If you feel you can shed away the anger, if you are over them and even found someone better for yourself, let the past go.

If their stare irks you, go and talk to them. Tell them that you have forgiven them for their follies, and you are glad that it didn't turn out anyway. You have found true love after you left them, and you hope they find the right partner as well.

#14 They are dating your best friend 

If your ex, by any ill-luck, is seeing your best friend, they would not be able to talk to you if they have some shame. If your best friend behaves awkwardly around your ex, that's the catch. You will get signs if you pay attention to the details.

You can ask your best friend about their views on this case. They will blush if this is the case. If not, they would go and talk to your ex to teach them a lesson.

#15 They want you to break the ice 

Perhaps your ex is weirdly looking at you because they want you to break the silence and talk to them.

Since you were the one who broke up, they want you to take the initiative if you care. They are staring at you because they want you to care. 

You are reading this article because perhaps you still have some soft corners for them. If you do and neither of you has moved on in their lives, perhaps it's time to give the relationship another chance.

What to do when your ex looks at you from a distance?

If your ex stares at you from a distance but won't open their mouth, you have one of the two options. You may either choose to entertain and humor them or be cold and distant. If you want to humor them, stare back at them with the same intensity. If not, avoid making eye contact at all.

If you want to entertain 

Making direct eye contact is the best way to raise the temperature when you feel your ex is trying to get naughty with you by that stare. However, if you are not up to match the level, there are other hands to handle it smoothly. Scroll down to read more.

#1 Send them a text 

If you haven't deleted your ex's contact, don't hesitate in dropping a text, asking him straight away, "What is your problem? Why are you staring at me and making me uncomfortable? Do you want me to leave?" 

This will disclose this attention, and you will know what they have in mind. They would not ignore your text if they were staring at you deliberately.

Either way, your purpose will be served. If you get an apology as a reply and you would like to continue the conversation, talk to them in person. If not, don't give them a reaction.

#2 Smile at them

Greet your ex with a warm smile if you want to humor them. A smile is always welcoming and shall encourage them to break the ice.

Once they feel comfortable around you again, you can revisit old memories and grab a glass of drink to celebrate the golden days.

#3 Wave at them

Waving at your ex while he is staring at you will give them a signal that you have taken notice. If they were staring at you absent-mindedly, they would nod and turn away.

If they wanted to get your attention, they would move in your direction.

#4 Invite them over 

You have known your ex inside out. There is nothing to feel awkward about. You can ask them to come over to your place someday. If they are genuinely interested, you will receive a text or a call from them soon. 

#5 Unblock them 

If you had blocked your ex on social media out of fury, you might want to consider unblocking him now.

It would give them a hint that you are calm and composed now. They would try to talk and make amends in whichever way possible. 

#6 Give them a call 

If you want to be straight in your approach but keep it a secret from the world, talking to your ex over a call might be the way to do it. Call them up and tell them, "I noticed you eyeing me last night. I feel that you think about me the same way I do. Do you want to give this another try? Let's take it slowly this time." 

#7 Wish them on his birthday 

If your ex's birthday is around the corner, it might be the easiest way to initiate a conversation. Send him a wish with a bouquet or his favorite cake to touch their heart.

If he is interested and wants to give it another try, they will invite you to celebrate the day together.

#8 Share some old pictures 

Sharing a few memories, such as the great captures of you two vacationing together, might trick. If he has wanted to share something with you, it will give them the strength to open up. You might end up making love.

#10 Apologize for ending up badly 

If you blame yourself for ending your relationship without any prior warning, it's time that you make an apology. This is the perfect opportunity. 

#11 Offer them friendship 

It's okay if you broke up on bad terms with your ex. Let bygones be bygones.

Don't hesitate in stretching an arm of friendship if you would like to keep them in your life. You have moved on, they might have too, but you always have plenty of memories to cherish.

#12 Introduce your current partner to them 

If you are dating and your ex is staring at you, but you don't find the stare awkward, don't hesitate in introducing him to your boyfriend.

It will show that you are not guilty of whatever happened in between, and you don't mind starting fresh on friendly terms.

If you don't want to entertain

If you don't want to humor your ex, you must not allow their acts to seep into your heart or crush your soul. Don't think or overthink. Some things aren't worth our energy. You are glamorous, and that's all that matters. Scroll down to read how not to allow your ex to steal your glam or the peace of your mind.

#1 Ignore their stare 

First things first! If they are staring at you and making you uncomfortable, ignore their stare and make them uncomfortable. 

You can ignore someone's start by not looking in their direction, giving them a blank look, looking in their direction while talking to someone, which would suggest that you are looking but not noticing their presence, or talking to someone with your back facing your ex. 

This should not only give them hints and turn down their motives but also put them off.

However, if they choose to annoy you further, they might continue with their stare from a new direction to get on your nerves. Remember, you are better than this, and you want to stay calm.

#2 Block them 

If they are stalking you on social media, or if you want to give an indirect hint that you are not going to fall for them this time, why not block them for once and all from your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, among all the other accounts?

Sooner or later, they would notice it. It would show them their perfect place, outside you and your world. If they try to connect with you again, drop them a message to stay away. If they continue to pester, report the account before blocking it.

#3 Bring it to the attention of your friend 

If your ex is bothering you, talk about it to your friend or, better still, to a mutual friend.

This would make you feel secure and confident about your move. You won't feel alone or off-guarded.

It often happens that when our past confronts us, we begin to question the entire process. It takes us back in time, and we feel lost. Don't let such a thing happen to you. Reach out for help when you need it. 

A mutual friend will help to give you better advice as they may have the right piece of information as to why your ex is behaving oddly. Even if they don't have the information, they will be in a position to go and talk to your ex and discourage them from their unfriendly conduct.

#4 Tell them to stop staring 

If you can see your ex staring at you and that is also drawing the attention of others towards you, confront them at once and tell them to mind their business.

Asking them to stop staring even though it's too straightforward might be the way to end it. Although there is a chance that they were doing it to poke you so that you talk to them, however, overthinking at the moment won't work.

You got to face the consequences. Remember, you have been through the worse with your ex. There can't be anything more embarrassing than everything between you two. Hence, without giving it another thought, gather the courage to confront them.

#5 Avoid the places they go 

If you and your ex have mutual friends and you visit and revisit the same places repeatedly, you might want to avoid those places or gatherings for a while.

Let the matter rest. Avoiding these places would be avoiding them. One of you has to step back. If you can do it, why not? Don't drag your ego in between.

Whatever this is between both of you doesn't seem very inviting. You want to break the thread for your good. Set your priorities and settle for your priorities.

#6 Travel to clear your mind 

Traveling can be peaceful, a mood booster, and shall help you connect the dots smoothly. 

Take out your two-wheeler and go to far-off remote places. Breathe in the fresh air. Adore the sun shining above. Let the waxing moon luminate you from within.

Remember, the lap of nature is the best therapy out there. It will motivate you in ways you couldn't imagine. You will stop complaining. Your inner strength would build up. You would be able to think from different perspectives and appreciate it. 

#7 Meditate 

Meditation can help you to relax your mind. It will boost your mental health. Meditation will help you to withdraw from the toxic world into your conscience.

There are times we don't know what we are looking for. What do we want, and why do we want it. We begin the journey, but the purpose is lost on us. If you feel this is your tale, it's time to start anew. Meditation and deep breathing exercises will pave the path for you.

#8 Change your friend circle 

Changing your friend circle will help you break free from your past. If you had had a mutual friend with your ex, you would be easily able to avoid the company.

If your existing friend circle keeps reminding you of your ex or referring to your past, they are not your well-wishers. You would thrive without them in your life.

Don't take a lot of time before throwing out an unwanted and toxic lot from your life.

Summing up

If your ex stares at you but does not talk, you are at peace. Savor it. However, if you would have liked it if they had made a conversation, don't hesitate to make one yourself.

Remember, life is short, and nobody wants to hold grudges for long. It's best to make amends and move on. Put that smile on your face, and whether your ex is staring at you or not, don't let the priceless smile face away.

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