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When Your Crush Calls You Dude (13 Possible Reasons & How to React)

Your crush calls you a dude because they consider you their friend. They feel comfortable with you and like to hang out with you. If you want to take it a step further, express your feelings to him. He is already inclined towards you, and there's hope for the future.Man and woman looking at mobile in a park

We all have crushes in life. Sometimes we like to adore them from a distance; other times, we like to stick by them. We are more or less hopeful that they, too, will notice and appreciate our presence and smile at us in a way that would take us to heaven.

While dealing with the matters of crush, we tend to overthink things. With our crush, we stand on a threshold where we neither look up to them as a friend nor as a partner. It's like the no man's land. It can be comforting at times, but the heart wants what it wants.

You feel like getting closer to them so much so that nothing is keeping you apart. While you have been dreaming and creating fantasies, one sudden day, they call you 'dude,' and you are completely turned off. However, worry not. This might be a piece of good news. Keep reading to know more.

Why is your crush calling you dude?

First and foremost, let us figure out the reasons that pushed them to call you a dude. While it can be that they were not paying much attention and it's their general way of talking, there are other possible reasons that we must take into account too. Let's find out the most probable ones.

#1 They don't like you 

You will have to analyze their tone to be very sure about how they feel about you. If their pitch was high and you could sense anger or pride in their voice, it would suggest that they used it in a derogatory sense.

Now, why they would do it is something you must figure out. It can be because they consider you ugly or themselves too proud and beautiful.

Trust me, and you're better off without such people in your life. You don't have to be polite with them or wait for them to approve or accept you. If you're a nice person, they will realize their mistake eventually, and if they work on their manners, you can consider being their friend.

#2 You're only a friend to them 

Well, dude is mostly used to address one's friend. If they called you dude, they're perhaps unaware of your feelings for them. It's alright, though. 

There's nothing to feel disheartened. It's a positive sign that they take you to be their friend. Consider it to be baby steps. Future is hopeful, and there's the scope that they might feel the same way for you.

#3 They have recently discovered that you have got a crush on them 

They may have recently discovered that you have got a crush on them. It might be that they never thought of you in that light. This, in return, is making them act awkward around you. 

If you have watched The Flash, you will relate to the Berry- Iris Relationship. She first got to know that her childhood friend, who she thought to be more like a brother, had a crush on her. Everybody else knew about it but her. 

However, their relationship only got stronger after that. So worry not! Give it some time and you two will either end up dating or come to a better understanding as friends.

#4 Their partner doesn't like you 

Well, the partners are always possessive about their love. They might have noticed your behavior when you are around your crush. This might have made them do some talking.

As a result, your crush trying to defend their standpoint and having no actual clue about you having a crush on them might have decided to act casual and cool around you.

It gets awkward when your crush is already seeing someone. There was this guy. He had a crush on me. He would comment on all my posts and write poems and dedicate them to me. Well, my guy wasn't happy with this. He didn't tell me directly but would often taunt me about it.

To get me out of this mess, I replied to one of the comments by this guy and addressed him as "bro." Of course, that shook him a bit. My bet is he understood I was pushing him away. He took a break from social media for a while. But it made my bf happy. It was petty, I know. But that's how relationships can get at times, you know. Hang out there for a while, and you will find your way.

#5 They're not interested in dating 

It might be that your crush is not too much into dating. It's not about you, and they are not serious about dating in general. Either your crush is a nerd or busy pursuing their passion. I suggest you give them some time to understand you better and develop similar feelings.

#6 They're super comfortable with you 

It is highly possible that your crush finds themselves super comfortable around you. While it is also possible that they're not quite familiar with how you feel about them. Hence, they didn't think much before calling you, dude. If they keep repeating it and you don't like it, you may tell them politely.

#7 They don't know about your crush 

They're clueless about your feelings for them, which means that if they had known better, they would have been careful with their words around you. With time, they might understand better. As I said, the future is hopeful.

#8 They have a crush on your best friend 

If your crush has a crush on your friend, they definitely look up to you as a friend, so much so that they hope you would help them get closer with that friend of yours. A bit complex, yes, but very much realistic. 

#9 They're in a different world 

It is possible that when your crush called you dude, they were preoccupied with some thought and not quite thinking straight. Don't fret on this a lot until and unless it has become their recurring habit.

#10 You're friend-zoned 

Calling you dude is your crush's way to friend-zone you. They are pretty aware of your feelings for them, and they don't want to give you a push. They are dropping hints that you both are better off as friends. 

I suggest that you allow them that space. Be a good friend to them and keep the rest of the ideas for the future.

#11 It's their term of endearment 

It is perhaps that they like you too. They don't know how to express it well. Hence, they try not to make it obvious, and in the process, they end up making it awkward for both of you.

#12 They're fooling around with you 

They like the way it annoys you when they call you dude. They have noticed it, and therefore they deliberately do it. It is most likely possible that they will stop doing this once they get bored or see that you have got so used to it that now you don't react at all. Be indifferent for a while, and you would be good to go.

#13 They're being mischief 

They're just messing up with your brain. They know that you like them. They want you to confess it. Hence they are finding ways to get on your nerves.

My friend did something on a similar note once. So, she knew this guy liked her but would keep beating about the bush. I knew it too. He was our mutual friend.

I suggested that she stop replying to his texts for a while. The next thing that happens, the guy calls her up and shares all his feelings. They've been dating for eight months now. So, it's always best to express your feelings when you like a person.

How to react when they call you dude? 

Don't lose your cool if your crush calls you, dude. Keep it light and play it cool. An outburst of a sudden reaction is not advisable. Staying calm and giving one of the following reactions will keep the game on!

#1 Act cool 

If it's only happened once, there's absolutely nothing to freak out. If it has happened many times, your crush probably didn't realize that it makes you uncomfortable. Even if you don't want to express your feelings before them at this moment, you can at least tell them directly that you prefer to be called your name. Or, it is better if you give them an annoying nickname instead.

That way, you would keep it sportive and cool. In return, if it annoys them, they would express it before you. If they do tell you anything on those lines, you can tell them that you don't like the way they address you either. 

#2 Express your feelings 

If you strongly feel for your crush, you should tell them. Nobody can get offended because someone, right, adores them? You can express how you feel about them in some not so simple manner.

Be creative, write them a poem or sing them a song, or bake them a cake and put the crush tag on it. Send them a love letter or gift them a card. There are so many ways to make it special and make it count. 

#3 Call them dude too 

Well, treat them the way they treat you. Let them feel the taste of their medicine. Either it would stop them, or you both might end up as dude-mates. 

#4 Try to find out if they're seeing someone 

If they're secretive or introverted, knowing if they were dating someone would clear the clouds for you. 

#5 Make friends with their friends 

Knowing friends of the people you like or love is essential. It helps you in understanding the person better. How they behave around their friends and what kind of company they generally keep will give you a ton of insights into their character

In this case, say you realize that they call all their friends, dude, you wouldn't mind it as much as you did earlier.

#6 Ask them out 

If you like them, why not take your chance and ask them out? They will spend either day a yes or a no. They might be indirect in their rejection. But what if they accept you with open arms? Look at the brighter side here! It's worth taking a chance.

#7 Be flirtatious 

You must begin to flirt with your crush rather than behave awkwardly around them. Try to be comfortable with them. Don't get too overwhelmed. If you flirted with them, sooner or later, they would understand that you have a thing for them. If they find the idea of dating you agreeable, they don't hesitate to ask you out.

#8 Do something creative 

Be a creative head. Be unique in the ways you treat or behave with them. The reason why you are not comfortable if your crush calls you dude is because they are not giving you a specific treatment. We like to be separated and look for unique ways in which we are treated by those who adore us.

However, think it the other way round. They might have the same expectations from you. Do something unique to express your liking for them. Something that is out of the box will be appreciated. Write them a letter to explain your crush or sing them a song, and they're bound to respond.

#9 Don't be offended 

There's nothing to be offended if your crush calls you dude. As I have discussed above, they might have reasons to do so. Instead, try to get into their mind.

Try to understand them. Try to see if a pattern is emerging in their communication with you. Then try to analyze if that treatment is the same or different ways they treat others. Try to compare it with things you like about them. 

Quick tip: Make a list divide the sheet into two. On one side, write everything you like about them; on the other, pen down all your dislikes. You will surely get to know your heart better, and that shall help you in making the right decisions. 

#10 Laugh it off

Instead of taking their words or comments by heart, try to work on your sense of humor. You might think that it's the right opposite in practice.

I'll tell you why I'm saying this. But then that is the trouble, you see! We must have a sweet sense of humor that renders us the ability to see things in warm lights. A counter cold behavior can never be helpful. With time, they will learn to appreciate how you tackle situations and notice how you regard them differently. 

Summing Up 

If your crush calls you dude, you call them dear. If they tease you, you blink at them. Bear in mind that they are there to make your life happy. Don't take their actions by heart. Enjoy the moment and seize the day!

Suprity Acharyya


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