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My Ex Has Gone Silent on Social Media [Explained]

Your ex is taking their time off to overcome the breakup before making a reappearance on social media. At this stage, they are not interested to engage with their friend circle on social media. You must not let it disturb your inner peace. Focus on your growth. Make yourself better.A visual of social media icons

Relationships are complicated these days. The social media platforms make it more hype than reality. You feel you ought to behave in a certain manner when dating a person. You try to keep up with certain prescribed relationship rules, which unnecessarily complicate things.

If your ex has gone off on social media, they have understood the facade that social media puts on us. They are perhaps in a dire need to detoxify themselves before they gather the courage to face the world with a new face.

They might get a new haircut or change their style. However, there can be a good reason for their sudden disappearance. Keep reading to find out more.

15 Reasons why your ex has gone silent on social media

Your ex has gone silent on social media because they are focusing on crucial things. They are planning their future and perhaps making love-changing decisions. You might want to do the same for the time being. Do things that matter and count. Social media life is a world of glamour and is most deceptive.

#1 They need to focus on their career 

Your ex is focusing on crucial things such as their career. They are perhaps not considering the dating scene right now.

They don't want to come under social media or peer pressure. They want to use their mind and follow their heart rather than following the world's way.

#2 They're spending time with family 

Perhaps your ex is taking some time off to spend meaningful time with their family. They're on a break from social and professional life.

They want to remember happy memories and be with people who love them. If your ex's family lives in another town, the highest chances are that they are visiting them.

#3 They're planning to settle down 

Perhaps your ex is done with the dating on and off the scene and is planning to seriously settle down with someone who wants them as much as they yearn for a soulmate.

If they have always talked about marriage or were recently obsessed with the idea of marriage that perhaps had caused you to split apart for you had different ambitions in life, the chances are high that this is it.

The next time when they make a reappearance on social media, it might be to upload their couple photos of happily ever after.

#4 They are detoxifying 

Your ex is not active on social media because they are undergoing detoxification. They understand the hazardous effects that social media creates in one's life. Perhaps looking at all the happy people and their happy posts isn't their cup of tea. 

You might consider taking such detoxification, too, if you feel that their absence is creating an emptiness in your life.

#5 It's a way to overcome you 

Your ex hasn't been over you yet. They are still fighting hard with their instinct to call or text you. When they see you active or online on social media, they are tempted to open your text window, and they battle with the idea of a text or not to text.

Caught in this dilemma, they might have got frustrated and decided to take a break from the virtual world, which constantly hammers them with your smile and those eyes they had fallen for in the first place.

#6 They're focused on important things 

The world of social media is fake. Its virtual reality lacks the realness and harshness of the world we inhabit. It lures one's imagination and, in the process, heightens one's expectations.

This, in turn, makes it difficult to overcome heartbreaks. Whenever your ex might come across sad quotes, they think about you and feel low. Your thoughts are the luxury they cannot afford anymore.

Hence, they're focusing on things that matter, that shall not abandon them, things and permanent people.

#7 They want to make their life low key 

Your ex has decided to change their lifestyle. If they used to keep everything updated on social media, they have decided to do it the other way round now.

They want to get low-key. They are not interested in letting people know about their whereabouts, at least not easily. 

They want people to maintain strong connections with them if they are interested to know what's happening in their life. Their doors are now only open for a selective group of people.

They don't want to make a fuss about every minor detail in their life. They are learning to live life again.

#8 They want to see your reaction 

Perhaps your ex is setting a trap. It's a baut to make you talk to them.

They want to see if what they do in their lives matters to you. If it makes you curious, it shall suggest that you're not over them yet.

They would, in turn, try to get back to you or make you feel guilty for breaking up with them in the first place. However, if you don't give them the desired reaction, they should know that there's no getting you back and will eventually move ahead.

#9 They know that you stalk them 

Your ex is aware that you stalk them on social media. They don't like it when you like or comment on their posts. Perhaps, they have moved on in their lives and break into arguments with their partners whenever your posts, likes, or comments appear.

They're trying to avoid you, which can be a strong reason to go silent on social media.

#10 They're changing cities 

Perhaps your ex is changing cities. They might have got some new opportunities, shifting to a new town. However, they are not interested in letting the outside world know about it.

They want to move as silently as possible. They will not reveal it, at least until they are well settled. If you are too curious, you may ask their colleagues about it. However, it is better to let them be a part of your past and move on.

#11 They're dating someone and want to keep it a secret 

Perhaps your ex has started dating someone and this type they don't want to make hype about it.

They are staying low-key and keeping it a secret for now. This might be so because their date is more of an introvert and don't like a global declaration of love or because it's a desperate attempt on their part to move on in life.

Either way, you should appreciate the courage and have good wishes for them.

#12 They're ill 

Perhaps your ex is ill or severely injured. They might have had an accident. It is unfortunate. They may be hospitalized or on bed rest.

If you're curious about it, you can try contacting their friends to learn more about it. If something unfortunate has taken place, don't hesitate to contact or visit them.

#13 They're on a deeper journey 

Perhaps your ex has undertaken a deeper journey than the hypocritical life that social media offers.

They are trying to make and do everything that counts or is meaningful. They are practicing the elimination of unwanted things from life.

People often do such things to overcome a loss or move ahead in life. It's a form of defense mechanism. Meditation and yoga also help one in achieving this. 

#14 They're on a secret mission 

Your ex might be on a secret mission. If you broke up because they were always mysterious around you or felt that they were constantly feeding you make-believe stories, they might have a strong reason for it.

It can be something dark or something desperate. Perhaps you are better off without knowing it.

However, if you feel that there might be such an engagement or involvement, it becomes more important not to see them and not be a part of their life.

#15 They will come back with a better version of themselves 

Your ex is working on their improvement. They have certain goals. They want to make a return after they have accomplished these goals.

It could be related to health and fitness, style, or their station in life. It is only natural that they have certain goals, and they are working hard to achieve them.

What to do if your ex has gone silent on social media?

If your ex has gone silent on social media, let them be. Remember, there is a significant reason why they are your ex. You chose to split apart because it was not working for either of you.

So why waste your precious hours worrying about them now? If it's merely out of curiosity, such curiosity will bring you no good. Let bygones be bygones and move on. I've suggested a few ways below choose the best pick that suits you the most.

#1 Check on them 

Checking on your ex might take away the restlessness. You can do so by visiting them or giving them a call.

That way, there won't be any reason for mind games. You will know the truth the way you see it. If they are happy or sat out of town, whatever it might be, you shall know it at once.

#2 Drop a text 

Dropping your ex a text to let them know that you're still available for talk if they would like so could help both of you.

Something in the lines of, "Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I'm available here if you want to talk. We are always friends; never forget that." If they indeed want to talk, you shall receive a prompt reply.

#3 Ask their friend 

An easy way to handle the situation without creating a lot of fuss or making direct contact with your ex is to contact a mutual friend.

They might know or find out what is going on in your ex's life and could update you on it. However, you must pick up someone sensible who wouldn't reveal that they are collecting information for you.

#4 Take a break from social media yourself 

Rather than thinking a lot in these lines, you might want to take a break from social media for a while. That shall help you in getting over your ex and investing your time doing something fruitful that counts.

You can make your future goals and create a plan about how you can achieve those goals. Work on productive things that are solitary or the ones you had wanted to do for a long time but couldn't. Remember, this time is yours, and you don't want to waste it.

#5 Do nothing 

If your ex has gone silent on social media, they might be longing to get a reaction from you. Your not giving them a desirable reaction shall be a moment of triumph.

You don't need to please their ego by showing them that you are still stuck in the past. You are better off without them. You can find more reasons and good reasons to make yourself happy. Look for those reasons.

#6 Read books 

Reading good books will not only keep you occupied and prevent your thoughts from wavering to unwanted places, but it might also help you in building a better you.

Books by Malcolm Gladwell or the Secret or Nietzsche can help you a great deal to work on a new way of thinking.

#7 Go on blind dates 

Going on blind dates can ease things for you. It will introduce an element of surprise, and you will know that there are better people in the big world than the one you had been with in the past.

It will help you to stay motivated and work on improving your conduct. It will help you to overcome the wrong notions if any, and you shall be able to move on to a better future smoothly.

#8 Take a vacation 

Going on a vacation, it can be a solo trip as well, might help you to take off your mind from all the unnecessary thoughts and invest yourself better in the present.

What's gone is gone; what's happened has happened. But the time you are living, this very moment is precious. It will not return. Please don't waste it on useless and meaningless things. You deserve happiness. Explore the unexplored world. See the sights that please you. 

#9 Visit your parents 

Our parents are our best mentors, even if we sometimes don't appreciate it. Visiting your parents spending time with them in the house you grew up in will bring back fond memories. This will bring positive vibes send help you focus on more important things.

Spending quality time with your parents, making them laugh, having home-cooked food is priceless. You will realize that there are people in the world who truly care for you and appreciate you.

It will remind you of all the blessings God has bestowed upon you. There is no greater feeling than feeling blessed.

#10 Talk to a friend 

Sometimes all we need is to vent out. In such cases, talking to a good friend, someone who has known you for many years now, helps.

They will not judge you. They will understand what is happening with you. They will hear you patiently to calm you down rather than taunt or make you feel miserable. They will be kind to you. Sometimes in life, all we need is kindness. 

Summing up

If your ex has gone on social media, they must have strong reasons for it. They might have changed their accounts or are on a temporary break. Either way, you must not let it disturb your inner peace. Focus on your growth. Make yourself better. Work on all the reasons why your relationship with your ex failed. And most of all, trust the process.

Suprity Acharyya


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