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When Another Guy Compliments Your Girlfriend: Here's How You Should React 

Don't make a big fuss about it. Learn this skill from celebrities. If either of you is hot, people will compliment and make comments. Never allow that to strain your relationship. Learn to trust your girlfriend.Featured Image of When Another Guy Compliments Your Girlfriend

When we live in a society, we undergo various exchanges, some of which can make us uncomfortable. One such exchange is when another guy compliments your girlfriend. You might question his motive. It might disturb you and make you anxious.

This might happen more if your relationship has recently become monotonous or you are more occupied with work. However, does that mean you would let the guy take the better off of you?

In this blog post, I'll share some valuable tips on controlling the situation when a guy compliments your girlfriend. Use it as your leverage to make your relationship more romantic.

How to react when a guy compliments your girlfriend?

Accept the compliment enthusiastically as if it was naturally extended to you. There's no need to feel uncomfortable with it. Anything said or suggested to your girlfriend naturally applied to you as both of you are inseparable.

How to do this? Keep reading to know more!

#1 Give the guy a hug 

Hug the guy to show how you understand his feelings and express that she is taken. He must know not to hit on your girlfriend, and you'd treat him nicely and be his friend.

Use this opportunity to show the fun side of you. It will win the heart of one and all. Don't overthink things, and most importantly, remember, not everyone deserves to see the shallow side of you.

#2 Agree with him 

Nod your head in agreement with the compliment given to your girlfriend by a random guy.

This would demonstrate that rather than taking offense, you don't put a lot of weightage on someone else's words. You'd come across as a happy-go-pleasing personality.

#3 Tell your girlfriend that you always told her so 

It is a wonderful opportunity to show your girlfriend that you have always told her so!

When a random guy compliments your girlfriend in light of something that she has always liked to disagree with, show her that it's high time she would start receiving compliments and appreciate it.

#4 Kiss your girl in front of the guy 

Kissing your girlfriend in front of a stranger when you feel that the stranger might be trying to hit on her might be the best way to show him his right position. 

Let your girl deal with the replying aspect. You need not do much. Your girlfriend might thank him for being polite. But both of you would come up as a strong couple.

#5 Give a hearty laughter 

A burst of hearty laughter will keep things light. However, don't laugh out loud because your girlfriend might think you're mocking her.

So laugh and say, 'We know that bro; however, thanks for the reiteration, a reminder is harmless." 

This won't give your girlfriend the trouble to give a reaction. She could laugh along with you, and you could go about your business as usual.

#6 Don't create a scene 

The most important thing to remember here is not to create a scene. No matter your immediate feeling, it could be to punch the guy in the face for looking at your girlfriend; keep it under check.

You must behave gentlemanly. Be nice and courteous and let the moment pass.

#7 Crack a joke 

A joke could do you good. It would show that you have a good sense of humor and you're capable of taking these moments lightly.

It would offend no one and would create a good impression of yours. The guy would know why your girlfriend chose to date you rather than someone as creepy as him.

#8 Tell him that you're lucky 

Acknowledge the compliment with your affirmation about how fortunate you have been in matters of love and romance. This will also indicate that you have a better disposition than most of the guys, which makes such fortunes accessible to you. 

#9 Dance with your girl 

Take your girl's hand and dance through the compliment. Another guy's compliment to your girl is a matter to rejoice. There's nothing to get dull about it.

Use the opportunity to be romantic, and show your girlfriend how right she has been in selecting you among the lot.

#10 Whisper something arousing in her ear 

Give your girlfriend a shudder down her spine by giving her a fiery compliment softly in her ears.

Make her go wow with your words. Something that she couldn't have thought of. This would dispel the effect of the guy's compliment from her bearing and give you power beyond another guy's reach.

Tips to make your relationship more romantic 

There are certain ways in which you can prevent your relationship from being dull or monotonous. Even years after sticking together, you would see the spark of romance in one another that will make your bond everlasting and powerful. How to do that? I'm sharing some quick tips below with you.

  • Start your day with a kiss on your girlfriend's lips and tell her that you continue to pray for togetherness.
  • Occasionally take turns to pamper your girlfriend with your culinary skills.
  • Sing her songs with musical instruments to make the evening romantic.
  • Always remember to compliment her on her hairstyle, her dressing sense, her humanity, and her choice.
  • Take her out on romantic rooftop dinners with champagne and soft light.
  • Plan your future together.
  • Encourage her ambitions.
  • Plan a staycation with her.
  • Help her with chores.
  • Show up at her workplace with her favorite snack.
  • Always keep her favorite gelato stored in your refrigerator.
  • Take her to the movies.
  • Never end the night without hugging her tight.
  • Go lusty for her, make her feel wanted, admire her body.
  • Workout together, you must be a couple who wants to grow and thrive together.
  • Try new experiences together. Do yoga, meditation, cafe-hopping, explore secret gems, and read.

Summing up 

When a guy compliments your girlfriend, you must compliment that guy's judgment. Tell him that you appreciate his analyzing skills. This would keep the matter off-handed and light. It would show you to be the bigger man.

Suprity Acharyya


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