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When A Man Says, “I Like You Better Without Makeup,” Does He Mean It?

Want to know whether it is true when a man says he likes you better without makeup? Then, take a look at this guide we’ve put together on the topic.  

When a man says, "I like you better without makeup," it's like a ripple on the surface of a deep, mysterious lake called human communication.

These six simple words can send a wave of thoughts and emotions crashing through the mind of the person they're directed at. Are they a genuine compliment, appreciating the natural beauty beneath the cosmetics?

Or perhaps it's a subtle suggestion that less is more? The truth lies somewhere in this enigmatic realm of expression. In this exploration, we'll dive into the subtleties of what men might truly mean when they say those six intriguing words.

Do Guys Really Prefer Girls With No-Makeup?

The question of whether guys genuinely prefer girls without makeup often leads to a fascinating discussion shaped by personal preferences and societal norms. Columnist Amy Alkon shares some interesting insights with excellent examples, shedding light on the subject.

Her friend, bioethicist Alice Dreger, once shared an intriguing anecdote about her appearance on Oprah. On the set, Oprah’s dedicated makeup artist focused on just her eyelashes, highlighting our sometimes contradictory views on makeup's significance.

Some men indeed appreciate the natural look, admiring features associated with health and fertility, such as a small jaw, full lips, clear skin, and big eyes. These and more neotenous features have been recognized by biological anthropologist Douglas Jones as having greater appeal for men.

In essence, these traits are like evolution's way of signaling prime genes for reproduction that ensure the best babies, acting like a street-corner sign spinner.

Nonetheless, makeup often serves as a tool for enhancing these desirable features. For instance, some men posted "no makeup" photos online of female celebrities, such as Jenna Jameson, allegedly before she underwent surgeries. However, the photo mentioned the hair and makeup she was wearing. These examples highlight how makeup can transform appearances, sometimes blurring the line between natural and enhanced beauty.

So, when a man claims to dislike makeup, it may not necessarily be the makeup itself but the potential for deception it carries. Some men genuinely prefer the "natural look," albeit one achieved with a subtle, less transformative use of makeup. What ultimately matters is open communication, mutual respect for individual choices, and a shared understanding of each other's perspectives within a relationship.

It's less about whether makeup is worn or not and more about the degree of transformation it brings, allowing individuals to express their unique identity authentically.

Reasons Your Partner Says You Look Better Without Makeup

1. Appreciation Of Natural Beauty

Many guys genuinely appreciate a natural look, finding it more appealing than when their partner is wearing makeup. For them, the allure lies in the authenticity of a bare face, where one's true features shine through without the cosmetic layer. They see beyond the artifice and embrace the inherent beauty of a person, unperturbed by the masks often created with foundation, eyeshadow, and lipsticks.

To them, a natural look signifies a degree of comfort and self-confidence that goes beyond conforming to societal beauty standards. It's like a breath of fresh air, a departure from the world of hair goo and contouring, where they can admire the genuine, unadorned essence of their loved one.

2. Preference For Simplicity

Many guys prefer their girlfriends to wear minimal makeup or even go completely without it. This preference often arises from a desire for simplicity in the relationship. They may find heavily applied makeup and hair goo to be somewhat excessive and time-consuming. Instead, they appreciate a more no-fuss approach.

Natural makeup, if worn, is often favored as it enhances one's features subtly without obscuring their true beauty. Most guys feel that their girlfriends are naturally attractive and don't need an extensive beauty routine to validate their allure. This preference for simplicity reflects a desire for a genuine, effortless connection where the focus is on the person, not the makeup.

3. Respect For Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

Some men express a preference for women without makeup because they value a low-maintenance lifestyle. They appreciate partners who are comfortable and confident without the need for elaborate beauty routines. These individuals may see makeup as time-consuming and prefer a more straightforward approach to self-care.

To them, this lifestyle choice is not only a reflection of authenticity but also a practical choice that aligns with their own lifestyle and values. This preference underscores the importance of understanding and respecting each other's choices, whether it's a preference for minimal makeup or a natural appearance.

5. Comfort And Confidence

For some guys, encouraging their partners to feel comfortable going au naturel—without feeling the need to wear makeup—stems from a desire to boost their confidence and comfort. They understand that societal pressures often make women feel compelled to emulate the flawless appearance of female celebs who are often seen wearing makeup.

By supporting a girl's choice to embrace her natural beauty, these guys aim to cultivate a space where their partner feels at ease and self-assured without relying on makeup. In doing so, they champion genuine confidence, promoting a relationship built on authenticity rather than societal expectations.

6. Health Concerns

Your boyfriend may genuinely care about your well-being and health. They might express a preference for you to go makeup-free due to concerns about potential skin issues and the health implications of heavy makeup use. They've heard about the possible adverse effects, such as clogged pores and skin irritation, and genuinely worry about the long-term impact.

In a world dominated by a huge makeup industry, they aim to promote a natural, healthy approach to beauty. Their preference, in this context, reflects a genuine concern for your overall well-being and the desire to protect your skin from the potential harm that extensive makeup use can entail.

7. Avoiding Misrepresentation

For some guys, encouraging their partner to avoid heavy makeup is rooted in the belief that makeup can sometimes misrepresent a person's appearance. They see the female eye, evolution's version of artistry, as uniquely beautiful without the need for enhancement.

These men believe that a person's genuine beauty should shine through, even on special occasions, without the mask of mascara, foundation, or a dozen products. To them, it's about embracing the natural essence of their partner, avoiding any misrepresentation or artificiality, and appreciating the uniqueness of the person they fell for in the first place.

8. Personal Taste

Personal taste varies widely among men when it comes to their preferences regarding makeup on their girls. Just as diverse as individuals themselves, so are their inclinations. Some men genuinely appreciate a natural look, believing that it accentuates their partner's true beauty, while others may adore the appearance of their partners when they wear makeup.

Personal taste can also be influenced by societal ideals and media portrayals, leading some to favor glamorous looks or even endorse cosmetic surgeries. Ultimately, the beauty of such diversity is that it mirrors the uniqueness of every individual and relationship. Personal taste, in this realm, is as individual as the person expressing it.

Should You Be Affected By Such A Statement?

A. Your Own Feelings

You should acknowledge your feelings when a guy makes this statement, especially if it's a true story like the experiences Amy Alkon has mentioned in her columns. Whether his comment aligns with your preference for a barefaced you or if you're a woman who prefers to wear makeup, your emotions matter. Ultimately, the preference for makeup or a sans maquillage look  depends on yourself.

B. Authenticity

Consider whether his statement aligns with your own values and your sense of individual identity. If makeup makes you feel confident and true to your special identity, don't let it affect your authenticity based on his preference for his male version of beauty.

C. Open Communication

When a guy comments that he likes you better without makeup, it's essential to communicate openly. Discuss your perspective on makeup, and ask him whether he’s one of those special dudes who hate all the surgeries or can accept some light war paint. Engage in a conversation to ensure mutual understanding.

D. Relationship Context

The impact of his statement should depend on the context of your relationship. Trust and mutual respect with a friend, or a partner can help you interpret such comments correctly and feel less affected.

E. Confidence And Self-Esteem

Your response should consider your confidence and self-esteem. Recognize that true beauty goes beyond makeup and that your confidence in your true self, whether barefaced or with cat-eye liquid eyeliner, should be unwavering. Don't let his preference make you doubt your worth or hate your choices.

Final Thoughts

When a guy says he prefers you without makeup, it can mean different things. He might genuinely like your natural look, appreciate simplicity, or value honesty. However, your response depends on how you feel.

It's important to talk openly and respect each other's choices. Remember, your worth isn't defined by makeup or someone else's opinion. What matters most is your self-confidence and how you both respect each other in the relationship. 

So, whether he means it or not, it's how you feel about yourself that counts the most.

Ahiri Chakraborty

Senior Writer

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