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Unblocked by Dumper: What to Do Next

They are curious to know how you are doing and are not as happy as they were when they were seeing you. The curiosity is killing them. Deep in their mind, they want you to feel the same longing for them that they feel for you. Featured Image of Unblocked by Dumper

Many times in life, we are so overwhelmed by the situations or we so overvalue a moment at the cost of an entire duration that the relationship stands compromised. As a result, we make rash decisions that we regret later. 

If everything in your relationship was going right but in the blink of an eye a misjudgment took place, you might have been judged too harshly and dumped instantly. People lack the courage to understand the fundamentals of human psychology and make decisions based on their impulses. As a result, their life runs in superfast mode until one day when they come to realize that they have been doing it all wrong. 

If such something happened to you where you were being dumped by your ex and they ghosted you thereafter but now they have suddenly unblocked you, you have landed on the right page. 

Today, we shall discuss, why we get unblocked by the dumpers after a lapse in time and what we should do about it. 

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Reasons why Dumper unblocked you 

The dumper has become curious to know how you might be doing in life. If they dumped you because they thought that you were up to no good but you proved otherwise, they might care to find out more and even apologize for their insensitive behavior. 

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#1 They are curious 

If you are thinking about what could make a dumper curious because they were always so full of themselves that they ever hardly cared or noticed another, you couldn’t have been more wrong. A dumper might come across as being less self-aware but they are always looking around and scrutinizing everyone with their cat’s eyes. 

They can play the dump card because they feel they are making the right call and advocating prudence. Most of the time, they might stand right. However, when they trample over a person’s heart and hurt their core feelings, that person will make it the motto of their life to show the dumper down. 

This might have been your case. Your dumper is still in shock that they missed seeing that potential in you. However, they won’t be utterly miserable and might not even come begging to you for another chance. They will take the credit for your victory. These people are passive-aggressive and they feel that the world happens around them and because of them. 

Your dumper will assume that had they not dumped you, you might have never been pushed to do something out of the box. This statement might hold. However, consciously or unconsciously, we often act as an agent or messiahs in the lives of other people even when we are not aware of it. 

This happens because those people have that latent greatness hidden inside them. At this point, your only agenda should be to move upward without looking backward. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled back into the past. 

In a way, it is our past that builds and designs our future but we are the immediate and ultimate architects. Hence, as the designer of your destiny, all your words and actions will have a forceful impact on how you take things further. Don’t mess around and grant the visiting cards to those who you feel are worth it. Others are by-passers and can speculate from a distance if they like.

#2 They realize their mistake 

Perhaps the dumper has realized that it was their fault and they had perhaps misinterpreted things. If your breakup happened because the dumper had made false assumptions and won’t give you a chance for explaining yourself, they will always live in a bubble till one day the bubble bursts. 

Understand here that realizing one's mistake does not necessitate a note of apology. Just because they might have stumbled upon the proof that you were innocent or not at fault, they won’t come running towards you to accept it. Their ego is grander than that. 

The lesson here is to not attach hopes, especially from the reminiscence of the past. Your dumper is a residue like ash dust and is not meant to be harbored. When you keep others free from yourself, you will taste a liberating quality that will bring you the true essence of freedom in its purest sense. 

You are not bonded down by any misconduct or miscommunication, you are your person in the fullest capacity, nothing that others say or do will be able to pierce inside you for you would have nestled the freedom in your heart. Giving second opportunities, though human, has more often proved to be foolish.

#3 They want to give you a closure 

Perhaps the dumper never got to explain their part or end of the story. You were too much absorbed in rage to lend your ears. They feel that now that it has been months since the entire fiasco took place, they might approach you and tell you that they were the victim of their situation and circumstances. 

This could be because they were sick and perhaps didn’t want to reveal it to you, or because they had to move out of town, or their ex had come back into their life. The reason might not feel grand to you but could be severe and meaningful to them. It could even be their domestic issues. 

They took their time to fix the problem and come around with a solution. Now they will take slow steps toward regenerating relationships which meant a great deal to them. Remember, breaking up with someone doesn’t mean unloving them. You can be exes or might have been ghosted but they might still harbor feelings for you as might you. 

Sometimes, it is better to listen to your heart. You have probably been heartbroken already so nothing worst can happen. If things don’t work out, it would only give you a lesson and would mean, been there, done that, tell us something more painstakingly delightful!

#4 They miss you 

The chances that the dumper misses you in their life are always high. If you never did anything wrong with them and treated them nicely, made them your preference, showed up whenever they needed you, understood their problems, and helped them in resolving their relations with others, and yet they dumped you, it might have been because they could see how strongly dependent they had become on you. 

As a result, they might want to give the relationship another try. You must ask yourself if you want to be treated unfairly again. Did they do the things in return for you which made it all worthwhile? Has their act of abandoning you made you fear commitment? Were you able to move on in your life? Where do you stand currently? Are you happy here? Is your life better than it was on this day in the last year? 

It might all get too overwhelming to answer all the questions at once but you must try to figure it out for yourself for no one will be able to hand over a readymade recipe as a fix to you. The greatest element in all these is what you feel, where you stand, where you want to be, and how you intend to do it. 

Your dumper might think that they will be able to secure more attention by such abrupt interjection but you should know better. Make your calls after understanding the situation properly. If you feel that decoding your dumper’s behavior and attitude is not worth it, don’t do it. To know more about this, click on the link - Ex Came Back After Months Of No Contact (Why & What to Do).

#5 Something reminded them of you 

Something might have happened, a similar incident, coming across someone with a similar accent or countenance, a photograph, a message, or something of the sort that reminded the dumper of you. 

They must not have thought that you would keep their contact saved or notice that they have unblocked you. If they could see your status after they unblocked you, and if your status is a comment on the social evils, the dumper might feel that you are still not over them. 

The clue that you might still be into them will get them the opportunity to take advantage. Therefore, even if you pertain feelings for people, you don’t necessarily need to show them on your face. Being bold is much better than being vulnerable. The sooner you realize this, the better it shall be.

#6 They have been recently dumped 

If your dumper has recently been dumped, they would be amazed by the amount of pain and disbelief that it might have caused them. They might have been too much in confident that the ball was in their court for everything was going well and they had never been dumped before. 

Hence, when it happened out of the blue, it might have reminded them of how difficult it would have been for you when they similarly treated you. They perhaps have thought of apologizing to you for they feel that they have done you much wrong. 

The only way to know what is there in their mind is by communicating with them, however, before initiating the conversation, you must estimate your profit and loss. The chances of obtaining a profit out of this are very less because even a disclosure or understanding of their feelings won’t alter the present situation and circumstances. 

The gravest loss shall be the repetitive nature of this unnamed relationship. It might turn out to take the form of a toxic relationship, where they would not care for you or your needs but have their way with you for they have mastered your weakness.

#7 They need their belongings 

If you have had the dumper’s belongings in the sense that you were living together or there are things that they had left with you, it might have occurred to them one fine day to ask it back from you. They might have thought of performing this act in the hope that you have moved ahead in your life and won’t mind giving them their possession.

If they do come up with such a request, you should be glad of disposing of all the garbage. Think of it as a favor. The unnecessary space that it was taking in your wardrobe and reminding you of them would be cleared. However, if you have already gotten rid of their possessions, there is no harm in asking them front, 

“What made you think that I will keep holding your possession when you treated me like garbage? I threw it all out of my window on that very day. Just like you deserve no love and respect from my end so do your things. Now, leave me alone!” 

This is as straightforward as it can get. There is no hide-and-seek here. You are being honest and blunt, if anything, they should appreciate it. Have the guts to acknowledge what you have done, at least, unlike them, you are not a coward who is too afraid to confront the situation. It will only display your integrity as a character. It is a noble thing. 

Mind you, if you have their possessions but you don't want to return them because you want to hold onto every last bit of objects that could remind you of them and because you have attached an emotional value to them, this might not be a very wise thing to do. Giving away things will have a liberal quality. It will help you to move ahead in life. Don’t mess around with it for this is self-claimed, something like a gift that only you can give to yourself.

#8 They need a favor 

Perhaps the dumper is finding their way back into your life because as always they need your help. They are aware of the pool of networks that you maintain. They are either seeking information or want you to give positive feedback about them to the person in concern. 

Either the dumper is too foolish to risk their opportunity by fooling around with you and then gambling their success like that, or too confident about the righteousness of deeds that they have committed. 

Your dumper might be living in a delusional bubble according to which they might feel that they needed to dump you for your benefit. They might even come up with an irrational theory that will pose them as the victim for they gave your happiness and independence the priority. 

Either way, you are not to be as delusional as your dumper and work on things harder so that you get a fair outcome of all that is happening. Never trust the person again or buy their words at face value if they have disappointed you once. Always be prudent and judge better. You have beaten the storm once and survived, it does not mean that you will be able to do it again. Some risks are not worth taking.

#9 It is AI 

Perhaps you are overthinking this and the dumper has only recently changed their device and the system was synchronized and restored. They are perhaps not even aware that you have been unblocked. They don’t even care if they have taken notice of it. 

This happens when the other person is very happy and confident about the decision that they have taken. Their life has only gone upward since dumping you. They might blame you for their failures in previous endeavors. This would happen if you were a very attention-seeking, vulnerable, and draining partner who always stumbled on hyper negative thoughts in the blink of an eye. They will be glad that they dumped you and will have no regrets.

It is time that you learn that you are your biggest supporter and cheerleader. The world will help you in no way if you don’t restore your confidence first. You should show the courage of accepting that you were a toxic person who always sought validation but you are not so anymore. 

That will bring the change in your life that you truly desired and when it does, you won’t care who is on your phonebook list and who interprets or misinterprets what about you. Their faulty notions will do you no harm.

#10 They are jobless 

Perhaps you were dumped by a jobless person whose only work is to set the trap for another. Such people are often conmen who are out catfishing to find their way into the world’s pocket by unfair means and breaking their trust. Such people are great actors. 

They are good at fooling people. They don’t get attached. They will move in with you and make you think that they are ready to explore their world and devote their life to you. But they will exploit you in the process and will drain you of all your resources. 

You might turn into a misogynist who will face a hard time in approving, accepting, and trusting people. The whole notion of love will prove to be a scam for you. You would cut off yourself from any person for whom you might start harboring soft feelings. 

You would think of yourself as weak. It will shake your self-confidence. You would hold resentment against the opposite gender. You might find a balance in your life with the help of your family who will aid and support you during this period. You should think of this phase as something advantageous that is helping you to filter out the needed and wanted from the unneeded and unwanted. 

As such, the only reason for your dumper to unblock you is to have you believe that they want to repent for their wrongs but in reality, they are drunk, bored, and have nothing better to do. Hence, the thought of messing with their ex. Don’t let them ruin your inner peace. 

#11 They are jealous of your success 

If you have earned fame to your name by doing something awe-inspiring and it has brought you boisterous fame, your dumper must have realized the mistake that they have made. They didn’t trust your potential or dumped you for they always thought you to be over-ambitious. 

They didn’t love you for the right reasons and they needed you more than you needed yourself. They never supported you, inspired you, or pushed you forward but always found ways of letting you down. They were attention-seeking freaks who doubted their partners at the turn of every conversation. 

They were very skeptical and careful with their moves. Such someone would be a total waste of your time. They are a nuisance and you should be glad that they made the first call. Such someone would always try to put hurdles in your way even in their absence. The problem with them is that they are unhappy souls. 

When you come across someone who turns green by your success, remember that they cannot be or belong to anyone in their life. A person who doesn’t know how to be happy in others’ happiness will neither be able to keep themselves happy nor you. They will get restless and fidgety when they see you smile and would brainstorm about the possible reasons that have made you smile. 

Such folks hustle for the wrong cause. They need a life-earning lesson that will change the way they think. This is something that only time can teach them. To know more, click on the link- When Do Dumpers Realize They Made A Mistake?

#12 You look hotter 

If you have worked on your body since the time you were dumped, and you look way hotter than you used to, the dumper might be awestruck by your beauty. One glance at you and they would want to rewind the time and stick by your side. 

Such a thing is very common and popular among young dates. They are also able to manipulate the dumped into thinking that now they have become so desirable, there is no chance that they will commit such a grave error again. 

Such people are not only shallow but also narcissists. They feel that they can use and discard a person the way they like. You will never prosper with them because they will always keep you in their shadow. 

You have come a long way and you know that you deserve better than them on any given day. Don’t hold grudges against yourself too strongly. Feeling worthless because someone treated you wrong is a sin. 

Think of this as rotational chairs. Just as you sit on various chairs and try their comfort before settling for a final buy, similarly you will be in various relationships before you find the right match and it is bound to happen when you have stopped expecting such wonders to be real.

What to do when dumpers unblock you?

It is time to make it even and since they have finally unblocked you, why not block them and make them feel what they did to you? Doing this will please your ego and bring you peace but this is not all of it. There are many other ways to wrap your head around this sudden change in events. It all depends on what and how you feel for them. 

Keep reading below to know more.

#1 Wait for their text 

If you feel that the dumper might text you because they got to know that you never cheated on them, don’t text first. If they want to see you are still warm for them, they will get restless. 

If they text you, don't open it at once. Don't show that you have been eager to text or call them. Even if you are jumping for joy, don't express it before them. Some things are better left untold. 

Listen to what they have to say. Try to see if they mean what they are saying. Don't assume things and repeat previous mistakes. Take it one step at a time and you might fix things right. 

Most importantly, don't keep expectations. When you keep your expectations high, the probability of getting hurt is very high. When your expectations are grounded, even little things will bring you great pleasure. Follow this method in every arena of your life and you will do great all together. 

#2 Put up a status to see if they view it 

If you feel that they are not aware that they have unblocked you, it might be a technical glitch or an upgrade of the model, then put up a status. 

Keep your read receipts on to see if they see your status. If they watch your story and still don't delete your number, the probability of it being a deliberate move increases. 

Wait to see their reaction. If they don't message you, they were merely curious to see if you would make the first move. While they shun their ego by unblocking you, they haven't shunned it enough to text you first. 

If you feel that you were at fault or if you still seek closure, confront them. They are perhaps waiting for it and you might get your answer after all. However, if you are done with them for good and you have no interest whatsoever in visiting the memory lane, don't jump here and there. Delete their number and stay in peace.

#3 Wait for them to text again 

Don’t reply at once even if your dumper texts you after unblocking you. Don't reply at all if you can see that they are getting mean and their text reads as if nothing ever happened between you. It just shows that they don't care about your feelings and they are extremely disrespectful. 

Hence, apply this filter in your mind so that you won’t reply to the texts of unworthy people unless they have texted you twice. Moreover, when the text is monosyllabic and reads ‘Hi!’ it is best to ignore it.

By the second text, they will either be begging you for a reply or calling you a snob. They might even talk their heart out on the text and block you back. It depends on what they are going through at that moment. It might even happen that they don’t send you the text a second time. It will make you think that they might have texted you for your benefit. Your mind will play games with you but you can silence the voices by recalling every time you were betrayed and disappointed in the relationship. 

The advantage of making a reply after two consecutive text messages is that you don’t come across as needy or desperate. It helps you hide your feelings even if a lot is going on at the back of your mind. 

#4 Give them what they want 

If the text from a dumper is a genuine request regarding something and you have no interest in humoring them, there are either of the two things that can be done. The first and ready choice is to ignore the text as if that never happened and the second is to do that favor if it appears to be a one-time task so that they don’t come after you.

However, things are not that simple. Their one-time text might turn out to be a mere pretext for further exchanges. Don’t be surprised to see another text coming in immediately after that reads, “There is just one more thing that I need.” 

Now, this will get you curious, and hair-picking. You will wonder what that next task will be. If you make reply to it, you are participating in the conversation actively. The guy, for all you know, could be a nuisance with a filthy mind.  He might ask you to do something personal. This will either make you curse him or you will break into a quick laughter. Either way, the mood is set and you are not doing a favor anymore but perhaps replying to his flirtatious remarks. 

It is only a matter of time before they ask you out again or send you your favorite flowers and snack. You know that they know you well and you will be sad that the relationship didn’t turn out well. 

This is where they will ask you for another opportunity, making you believe that they regret their choice. You might fall into the trap for you wouldn’t have continued the chat for so long had you no intention to such a convenient by-road. The only flaw is that the entire thing was scripted and the favor was a mere excuse to initiate the conversation with you. You fell for the trap and you fell bad. 

The fundamentals of a human does not change. Even if they want to give you fair treatment, the chances of repeating their behavior and seeing it all shaping into a pattern will be higher unless they have always taken feedback seriously and never repeated their mistake twice out of habit.

#5 Hear them out 

If they are seeking forgiveness, you will be the greater person when you grant it to them. Hearing them out is not a problem. Making replies is the real bid. If you are genuinely moved by their words and find it hard to listen without responding, you are in trouble. 

You need to realize that most people in this world, especially the ones who are manipulative predators are sweet talkers. Every word from their mouth is like a honey drop. It makes you recollect why you had fallen for them in the first place. That is their weapon. 

Hence, promise yourself that this time you will not buy the words at face value. Even if they perform the deeds, it is not of any advantage to you. They are not bringing you stars and moon that you can treasure forever. 

Granting forgiveness is great and liberal but granting it freely takes away the essence. Accept their apology only when it comes from something selfless and solely meant for you. That is when you are making them strive for doing it right. They might lose the enthusiasm to stay along with you after that even if you find yourself in amusement. They will understand that it is happening at their cost and if they don’t love you, they won’t have the capacity to bear with it.

#6 Play natural 

The dumper has merely unblocked you. That is not as great a favor as it may sound. Why bother at all? You don’t have to consider them to be a part of your life. Try to decode human psychology here. They might have unblocked you with the expectation that you will send them a text immediately after realizing this because you were always on a chase for them. 

Such is the pettiness of humans. They like to feel that they are the most cherished possession even after they have wounded your heart. Sometimes it is better to not play along with people. Just acknowledge it when you get the chance that their area of work is dirty and you don’t have gloves. They will understand what you mean.

#7  Block them 

If you don’t want to give them another chance and you stand happy and corrected in your life, block them. Remember that you owe them nothing and it is only a sad affair that they used to be a part of your past which you would readily undo if given the chance. 

Blocking them in return will be a bold move as it will ascertain that you don’t care for them much and would be grateful if they leave you alone. If they try to contact you even after that, make your points strongly before them with strong convictions and even cut the call off before they get to say their part.

It might be that they are dying and want to apologize or spend the final days with you. Even if that is the case, they should write it to you in the first text itself instead of making it an overworked play. Not all people are meant to be regarded soundly, some things are better taken one at a time.

Summing up 

To sum up, even if your dumper unblocks you or reblocks you on any messenger, it should fail to impact you. You should have moved ahead in your life since then. You don’t have to respond to every stroke of life, it is okay to give things a nullifying effect on you. You belong to this moment and this time. The things of the past might have gone to shape you but don’t necessarily play a part in it. Some things are better loved untouched like the chat window of your dumper.

Suprity Acharyya


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