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When a Guy Notices Your Perfume (What Does It Mean?)

You are wearing the same perfume that someone in their life used to wear. This someone could be their ex or someone they have lost. Your perfume acts as a reminder. They might feel interested in you for your choice. Featured Image of When a Guy Notices Your Perfume

Human beings are curious souls who like to cling to one another as long as time and their mental health permit them. When a guy notices your perfume, they may be familiar with the smell. Depending upon their happy and sad memories attached to the perfume, they will either be attracted to you or form an instant dislike towards you.

In this blog post, I will help you to figure out what it means when a guy takes notice of your perfume and what shall you do about it.

Reasons why a guy notices your perfume 

The sense of smell is one of the strongest senses that human registers and associates with certain people and characters. It could be an incident, food, or someone special. The smell can transport them to a different horizon into the memory lanes. 

Read below to find out the possible reasons that make a guy notice your perfume and to understand if he found it pleasant or unpleasant. 

#1 Token of reminder 

Your perfume brings back memories. The fondest of memories is associated with smell. The chances are high that you will find the guy getting emotional or feeling lost when he mentions your perfume. 

He is nostalgic. You might ask him to share the reminiscence of the gone days. It will make his eyes shine. It could be a moment of great affinity.

#2 Smells good 

Perhaps the guy wants to gift the perfume to one of the females in his life. It could be for his mother, friend, sister, or girlfriend. He likes your taste and the way you smell. Hence he is curious to learn about the product. 

In such a case, the guy is interested in the product and not you. Hence, don't keep your hopes high unnecessarily. Let him be straightforward with you in his demand and appeal if he is truly interested. 

#3 Attracted to you 

It could either be the perfume that is sensual and makes you attractive, or he finds you attractive. To compliment your smell can have sexual innuendos too. It doesn't necessarily need to mean your choice of perfume, and it could mean the way you smell. 

Try to understand what he intends. Does he blink at you? Does he gesture to show what he could mean when he says this? Has he smelled your hair? It could be a remark of genuine appreciation. Hence, paying attention to body language is crucial. The twitching of muscles, blinking of eyes, stroking of hair, smiling, and laughing tells the true intention.

#4 An excuse to make a conversation 

The liking and disliking of the perfume could be beside the point. The intention is to break the ice and initiate a conversation. This guy has probably been crushing on you for a long and didn't know how to approach you. 

His friends helped him gather the courage and suggested some ideas to initiate the conversation. Since appreciating your beauty or writing praises on your lock of hair would have been too direct, he thought to make it subtle and double-edged. 

We begin to smell of those with whom we share proximity. There is an indent suggestion that the guy wants you to absorb him in your odor. People like to suffocate in the weight of love. Such might be your effect of yours on the guy. He wants you to choke him in the essence of the beautiful aroma you carry everywhere.

#5 He is a pervert 

It could be an alarming sign. The guy might be following your smell everywhere, and like a wolf, he has chased you down. Look for the sign of a pervert. If he tries to get handsy with you, be on your guard. A gentleman would do nothing of the sort. 

Understand the difference between flirting and forcing oneself upon the other. Analyze his words and actions to see which one is he intending at. Flirting will be light-hearted and humorous. Forcing upon you would take up an aggressive tone. 

You will appreciate the former and won't be able to stand the latter. If you get a sense of claustrophobia merely from how the guy talks, his body language is too much to bear, immediately disengage yourself. 

#6 You bathed in perfume 

If you are on a date with the guy and you bathed yourself in perfume, he is obvious to comment. He would either feel that you did it to leave an aromatic impression on him or out of nervousness. 

Girls generally use soft perfumes. If you used body mist on your wrist and extended your hand to shake hands with him, and he took the opportunity to kiss your knuckles, he is sending you signs to get more intimate when the opportunity is right.

It is one of the sexiest ways of wooing someone. No verbal expression can beat the idea of bathing in another's odor. If you like him, give him a green signal by complementing the way he smells. 

What to do when a guy notices your perfume?

If you like him, you can use this as an opportunity to get flirtatious, whereas if you don't like him, you can change your perfume. 

If you like him 

When you have been crushing upon someone, and they notice small things about you, it is a positive sign. You must use more such accessories and try new styles to see what they like best about you.

#1 Acknowledge with a smile 

You like him but are unsure which way it will go or where it will lead. In that case, try not to be very friendly. In such a situation, passing a warm smile sends the right message. 

A smile can help you deal with all situations. When you acknowledge someone's words with your smile, you appreciate their comments. 

It is a friendly gesture wherein you invite them to share more such compliments if they will. You do this when saying thank you is too mainstream. 

#2 Appreciate his sense of smell 

When you compliment the way you smell, you can appreciate his olfactory sense. This would create a light-hearted situation where both of you can chuckle and have a peal of hearty laughter.

The idea is to make the situation light. It should not be anything serious. The tone should be such that you are being carefree and open to flirting. This would enable the beginning of a good friendship. 

When you appreciate the olfactory sense, you are accepting his comment wholeheartedly. You can flirt by making comments on your essence and the permanent impression that they create. 

#3 Pass a compliment 

When someone compliments you, the natural thing to do is to compliment them in return. It could be how he looks, dresses, hairstyle, and eyes. 

The body part you choose to compliment will show the interest that you are willing to take in them. The strongest would be to compliment their eyes. When you compliment someone's eyes, you tell them indirectly that they have a stunning effect on you. 

When you compliment someone's look, you send the message that you are awed by their beauty. Whereas, if you compliment their dressing sense, you show that you are fashionable or brand conscious and like how they carry themselves. 

It would also mean that you are materialistic and value the outer look perhaps more than the time you take to look within the soul.

#4 Ask him if it reminds him of someone 

If you think they have a story to tell, the memories that your smell has stirred within them have brought about the reminiscence of something lost, and you can tell them that you are all ears if they want to share the episode.

This could be an invitation to share something personal and intimate. It can be a gesture of friendship and kindness. You are willing to give them the time to recall the moments spent with someone special and share them with you. 

The guy would certainly appreciate this. However, if he chooses not to share or hesitates to share, you can tell that you are a keen listener, and if in the future they want to talk or share it with someone, they can come to you. 

This will allow you to exchange numbers and leave a stark impression on them. It would be humane and friendly and will create room for something more beautiful. If you feel lonely, staying with them in silence also helps.

#5 Draw him closer 

If the vibe matches and you want to flirt, it is an opportunity that has come in handy if you are drunk, in a nightclub, at a friend's place, or in a convenient location where the light and scene are such that you can get mushy with each other. 

Sometimes there is no need to speak. You vibe naturally. That is when you forget your surroundings, draw the other person closer, and kiss them relentlessly. You feel hot for each other, and you don't mind anything else.

#6 Try another perfume the next day 

See if he notices it when you change your perfume. If he does, he is interested in you. If he doesn't, he is interested in the memory that comes along with the perfume.

It will give you clarity as to what interests the man and why. Accordingly, you will be able to take your steps. If he is interested in the product, perhaps give him one. If he is interested in you, plan for a date night.

#7 Try a new hairstyle 

Change your hairstyle and see if he notices and compliments that too. If he does, he adores you. He likes everything about you because he has a study corner in his heart for you.

When you like him too, don't let anything else come in between. Rather than wasting time pondering and overanalyzing the situation, make the most of the moment.

If you don't like him 

When you dislike someone, you won't even readily accept their compliment. If you feel this is a rare occurrence when the guy shows the guts to compliment your sensual taste in fragrance, you can let it rest without showing any affectation. However, if the guy has been relentlessly pursuing you with showers of compliments, take the liberty to be rude.

#1 Don't give a reaction 

You need not react to something which means nothing to you. When you don't like someone, and they compliment you, you might behave as if you didn't hear it.

If the person understands what you are doing, they will not bother you again. Remember, if you resort to this step, there is no going back from here. It will create a knot that will take painstaking effort to undo. 

Even when you dislike a person, learn to be indifferent rather than rude. Hence, if the person makes the compliment or shows interest again, you might choose to do one of the other options below.

#2 Give a plastic smile 

Nothing is more convenient than passing a false smile at people when they make you feel uncomfortable in the hope of flattering you. The earlier you learn the trick, the better you will be able to handle the world.

If they can see through your fake smile, it acts as a bonus. If they don't, you continue to smile like that rather than giving any reply to hit the nail on the head.

#3 Tell him to appreciate it with a distance 

When you don't like someone, and they compliment you, ask them to adore you as much as they like but from a distance. Show them the necessity of keeping their distance. 

It is fine to spell it out to them if such is needed. I'm hoping that your dislike has a sound ground rather than being based upon discrimination. If you are treating a person unfairly because of their physical attributes or their background, it reflects poorly on your character and shows how shallow you are as a person. 

#4 Change your perfume for good 

When you hate someone, and they like something about you, your first action would be to change that thing about yourself. Similarly, if someone you don't like compliments you, you might want to alter the quality. 

Hence, changing your perfume here would be a choice unless you love it more than you hate this person. Of course, someone else's likes or dislikes shouldn't affect your choice of things because that would mean you are a hypocrite. Hence, staying confident is for the best. However, changing your perfume for a while to get rid of the person or make the message clear to them is not a bad idea. 

#5 Stick with your boyfriend

When a guy is trying to hit on you, you can stick with your boyfriend. The guy must know that you are not interested in him. He must also know that you have someone who means everything to you.

If you are single, you can take the help of your friend to pose as a couple before the guy runs wild after you. This could take the form of a funny prank, which will assure you that you are rid of the nuisance for good. 

#6 Don't give friendly vibes 

When you don't like someone, don't give them friendly vibes. They should not begin to feel so comfortable around you that they forget to stay within their limits.

Hence, the last thing you would want to do is to be friendly with someone you find hostile. Being aggressive, distant, rude, and ignorant are the alternatives here.

Summing up 

When a man notices your perfume, he takes special notice of you. This also suggests that he has been interested in you for a while now. If you like him, this is good news for you. The equation comes with a lot of space for developing a strong relationship.

Suprity Acharyya


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